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Church And State As One

I have heard some here say church and state should be one, and that the American goverment should be a Christian theocracy, a 'slave to Christ.' Your thoughts?

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 ---SLCGuy on 1/16/06
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Nicole, I don't know a lot about Muslims, so I won't pretend I do. I am glad you know that there are some very nice ones. I also met a very aggressive one. He gave me a lift in a car once. I will never forget how unpleasant he was. Later he became the complete opposite and wanted to get my address. I did not give it. I suppose having a false religion is an open door to demons entering your body. (Not 'your' I mean anyone.) He asked me how many times a day Christians prayed.
---frances008 on 4/24/08

This unpleasant Muslim asked how many times we prayed per day. I said, after considerable thought, 'We don't have times, but we can pray all the time, or at any time, while walking along the road etc.' He did not reply. I think he was impressed by this kind of ever-available Godhead.
---frances008 on 4/24/08

A 'slave to Christ'. You know, in all of the years that you've blogged, I've yet to see you even mention Jesus Christ in a favorable light. It always made me wonder if you even believe in Jesus Christ. It appears that all of your hopes and dreams rest upon your faith in Jefferson.
---earl_mcknight on 4/23/08

People somehow Has their thinking messed up believing that if God is running this country that all their evil fun will cease. God will always give you a choice. Hell or Heaven. But, if God is left out of any country, that country is headed for RUINED. This is BIBLE. I know it to be true. God is real, God is alive. So is evil, Satan. Choices. Ultimately, all of man's plans will come to naught. Ruin. distruction.>>> BIBLE.
---catherine on 4/23/08

I dated a Muslim,Frances008, You couldn't stayovernite without yourhusband in strict right wing Muslims households. My ex-boyfriend is kind,smart and respected others. He spoke of Muslims trying to convert everyone byforce. True Muslims are also afraid of these Strict Muslims. They are not few & they are growingfast.Strict right wing Muslims kill other Muslims who don't follow their rules.I work-hospital withmany hardworking nice Muslim doctors, nurses and other professions.
---Nicole on 4/23/08

There is of course the Church of Scientology, but apart from that, I do not know any "church" except those which are, or beleive themselves to be Christin.
---alan_of_UK on 4/23/08

If a country becomes a theocracy, it imposes its own interpretation of religion on everyone.

Many Christians would love a Christian nation, but whose "version" of Christianity would you want ot be the "official religion"? How would you feel if somebody else's version won, and your own form of worship was declared heretical and illegal?

I trust God to make rules for me, but not fallible men, whether they are charismatic politicians, or charismatic preachers.
---StrongAxe on 4/23/08

Mima & Nicole. Mima says Obama says all churches sould get on with & tolerate each other.
Then Mima bangs on about Islamist, and Nicole about all religions.

Do neither of yuo realise that the word "church" relates solely to Christians organisations?

So what you say has nothing to do with with what Obama said (assuming you report him corerectl).
---a on 4/22/08

Just as Bush does not represent all Christians when he bombs Muslim children and families, (which kind of is the same as forcing people into the 'Light' of your religion), so too, those Muslims who shout a lot of threats are not representative of even a small minority of Muslims. They are just actors on the world stage.
---frances008 on 4/22/08

I arrived in a Muslim country and was invited to stay with a Muslim family. They lived in a small house. The woman I knew got up at 6 in the morning, dressed in her long clothes looking like an old fashioned nun, and went to pray. They allowed me to sleep in till as long as I wanted. They insisted I stop two nights with them to get over jet lag. The kindest people I have ever met in my life. The brother was getting married to a second wife. Strict Muslims in the family were totally against that.
---frances008 on 4/22/08

Obama is wrong about all religions tolerating each other. Mima is right. He just doesn't understand or maybe he does. Most all religions leave you alone to worship as you choose and they want you to leave them alone. This can work. But the Far right Islamic people have said and keep repeating that if they take over the world, everyone must worship as they do or die. May God give me the Grace to Die for my Faith if I am face with that choice!
---Nicole on 4/22/08

That's funny, Most of the School houses in Early America, were Churches.
You should read the 100's of Books written by Pres., How IF we ever took the Word of God from our Goverment IT would FALL!
DUH,that should go without saying!
Take a look around, This is the Product of the Division of God & States!
When it comes to God, It's HIS way or the HWY!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/22/08

The State is out with its own agenda to disprove God. Any unity of Church and State will destroy the Church as we know it. I would question the meaning of 'Christ' on the lips of most New Agers, because they do not refer to Jesus Christ of the gospels but probably the Antichrist, or some imitation spirit guide, or some god-self.
---frances008 on 4/21/08

Mima_ B. Graham gave me a copy of that when i was 18, I still have it...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/21/08

I believe Herb is right. And as concerning deception last night Obama said, that he believed all churches could get along tolerate one another. This statement shows his total ignorance of the Bible, reality, and the horrendous slaughter being brought on by the Islamic people. Years ago, Billy Graham wrote a tract called," the sin of tolerance" and any pursuit of tolerance is a blatant denial of God's Word. Islam is a religion from the pits of hell!!! Inspired by Satan himself!!!
---Mima on 4/21/08

the world will first see government merge with a religious system when many countries unite in europe ...this will not be of Christ will be of men be a slave to Christ before Christ returns indicates you are a slave to Satan ...babylon is mentioned as the world ruling religious system at the end of age in Revelation

The government of God will be established on earth WHEN Christ returns and only then ...all attempts by men will be to deceive and destroy
---Rhonda on 4/20/08

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God bless you, Rev Herb. You speak the truth. Perhaps that is why the world hates you as it hated Jesus. If you belonged to the world you would be part of the conspiracy. But you are not, so you are hated.
---frances008 on 4/20/08

A governmant under the headship of Jesus comes latter. We are headed for the anti-christ to appear, any time now..Beware of deception.
---Lynn on 4/20/08

To the mature christian church and state is one. The mature christain carries Christ where ever he or she goes. To Jesus church and state was one. It doesn't matter what others may say. If your a mature Christian there is no separation between church and state.
---Marcia on 7/8/07

The government does not follow it's own laws. The Constitution says the government will not establish any one religion, but it also says the government will not forbid the free excerise of any religion; they obey the 1st part but break the 2nd part in forbidding the public expression of Christianity. The government should be sued every time they forbid Christianity. I would sue the teachers, schools, public offices, employers, and everyone whom would wrongly and illegally censor the light of Christianity.
---Eloy on 7/8/07

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I am looking for and are very close to a one world religion. That is where all religions come together in the name of religion, no mater what god they believe. I have seen evidence of that here. That is why you are so hard on me when I make a stand against a false religion, You want all to get along no mater what god we worship. There will be a church state religion, and anti-Christ will be its leader.
---Rev_Herb on 7/8/07

what are the core beliefs of the Two Seed in the Spirit Double Predestinatarian Seventh-Day Baptists it sounds intreging =)

I don't want a government run by church. I don't was a government run without church either. But most of all I don't want a government run chruch. And yes seperation of chruch and state does mean that we CAN'T EXCLUED ANY experession of religion from public. But it does not mean that there can't be display.
---Jared on 12/6/06

The question is which church: Methodist, Continuing Anglican (and which group), Bulgarian Orthodox, or Two Seed in the Spirit Double Predestinatarian Seventh-Day Baptists?

**this has been taught by those who would like to see God and the Constitution done away with.**

Actually, it was Madison, one of the Founding Fathers, who used the expression "separation of church and state" in his writings.
---Jack on 12/5/06

i find it disturbing that no one has stated that the term 'separation of church and state' is nowhere to be found in the Constitution. this has been taught by those who would like to see God and the Constitution done away with.
---r.w. on 12/5/06

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I am opposed to the church and the state being one. People who differ in beliefs would be considered criminal and we would have the insanity of persecution that occurred in Europe with the Crusades all over again.
---Madison on 1/17/06

Herb ... we should guard against false religions, and warn and argue against them.
But I feel that in some instances you regard as a false religion a Christian denomination that does not have the same detail belief as you. I think there is a difference between a false religion, and faulty teaching. There is plenty of the latter here, but it does not mean those people are excluded from the Christian church (which is not a denom,. but the body of Christians)
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/17/06

When being tested as to his knowledge and authority about headship Jesus took a coin and asked whose head is that ? (on the coin) Ceasar was the reply. Jeasus then replied, Render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasars and unto God that which is Gods.. Implying a distinction between earthly powers and the Almighty power by whom they exist.
---David on 1/17/06

First, "separation of church & state" so often shouted by anti-Christians is a distortion. Our USA fathers meant that our government was never to declare a religion for the nation (as many countries do). It does NOT mean religion is to be excluded from common places. That's where our legal leaders have gone wrong. As for forcing any nation to be Christian or any religion, it would be deadly before our Lord returns to mete out true justice. Humans are too easily swayed by power, even in His name.
---mikefl on 1/16/06

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actually the seperation of church and state states that the Government shall not dictate or interfere with anyreligious system.
---willow on 1/16/06

On this same line of thought, does it bother anyone else that Paul Crouch is so 'friendly' with Muslims? Now, don't get me wrong- I am NOT a TBN basher (not a 100% devoted fan either, but...) I'm not attacking Paul or whatever, and I know we need to try and reach people of false religions with the truth, but he just seems WAY TOO accepting of them and a little too 'respectful' of thier beliefs. It's like he doesn't want to offend them by calling their belief what it is- WRONG
---Molly on 1/16/06

The Church is a bride not a slave. I am also son not a slave. I'm a friend of Jesus, not a slave. I serve Him from a heart of love not because he has enslaved me. The law makes slaves the spirit makes sons. Church and state being one has always caused great bloodshed. Church being one with Christ is correct.
---john on 1/16/06

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