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Land Of The Free

If we live in the land of the free, then why do we have so many rules. (No parking, No Smoking, No spitting on the sidewalk, ECT)

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 ---Rev_Herb on 1/16/06
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America is called the land of the free because people are free to question the leadership like THIS without being executed for it. People in Iraq WISH all they had to worry about is the fact that they were restricted from parking where they want, smoking where they want, or spitting where they want. I do SO hope this was a tongue-in-cheek question
---Molly on 12/12/07

Herb; Imagine "no rules?" people allowed to park in front of your driveway,dogs allowed to poop on your lawn or sidewalk,neighbors on both sides of you having "sterio fights" You can come up with better blogs than this (I've seen them) besides the KJV is full of rules!
---1st_cliff on 3/31/07

I read yesterday in the paper that our planning laws regard a cross on the outside of a church as being an advertisement, and a fee is required to be paid to the local authority to allow it to be displayed.
---alan_of_uK on 3/9/06

I see what you are trying to say Herb.
to quote a president two days before he was asassinated " it has come to my attention the the Govt of the US is trying to take the basic freedom from WE THE PEOPLE and I will fight this with my dying breath" that president was JFK. I love this country with everthing I have,but romans 1 shows that a rebellious country will fall unless she returns to GOD.
---willow on 1/30/06

Two reasons: 1. Freedom itself involves law. God designed that it be in the heart and then no need of "enforcement" methods. 2. The law with enforcement methods was made for transgressors--those who refuse to have it in their hearts. Because the love of many waxes cold, we try to have salvation by legislation. Yet no law can give life.
---Wayne87 on 1/19/06

I love America to, but we are quickly loosing our freedoms. It is quickly becomming a crime to preach against Homosexuality. They teach this stuff to are kids in school and try to make us wrong to say anything against it. Christians are loosing there freedoms and the devil is getting more.
---Rev_Herb on 1/18/06

If you don't believe America is land of the free, try living in a country where you can't even be caught with a bible or question authority or dress wrong and look wrong and you will understand. I am free to do anything decent folks do. I can worship, pray in public, carry my bible anywhere I want, go to church, spend my money the way I please. I love America.
---shira on 1/17/06

I agree that rules are good, but isn't the government going to far in some thing? The bible says we are to spank our child to correct him. Have you ever spanked your child in Wal-Mart and seen what happens? The government even tells us how to raise our children. Ever wondered why our children disobey and talk back to the parents?
---Rev_Herb on 1/17/06

If only you people would study, First your Bible, then the founding documents of this once great country..Shame on you all.
---Lynn on 1/17/06

Simply because, Herb, those rules are to protect the rights of all of us. I have the right to not inhale someone else's carcinogenic smoke. I have the right to get my car out of the drive without first having to find the owner of the car who has obstructed me. I have the right to not catch germs from the disgusting person who spreads them by spitting. All the 'thou shalt nots' in the 10 commandments are to protect our rights.
---M.P. on 1/17/06

We are not free. Our government can storm your home anytime, take you prisoner and smash all your belongings. Our government can condem your land in the name of common good and remove you from it. YET, what we have here is wonderous compared to most of the world, even the "free" world. We have freedoms but there is always a catch until the Lord comes.
---mikefl on 1/16/06

It's the land of the free, not the land of chaos, and that's what you would have without laws and rules.
---WIVV on 1/16/06

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