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Time To Propose

What's the average time it takes a man to propose to his gilrfriend?

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 ---chris on 1/17/06
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18 is young to commit yourself to someone FOREVER. Marriage is serious. Anything joined by God cannot be separated. At that age, people DO change. The prefrontal cortex (part of the brain that allows logical decisions) is not fully developed until at least early - mid 20s. So it's not really about how long you've been together but where you are in your life right now & if you've completely created yourself. Know yourself and form your own plans before you consider marrying someone. Once you're married, she's your priority. I'm 23 and have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. We want to get married but we're finishing up grad school and setting up finances before we dive in. The #1 reason for divorce is financial difficulties.Good luck. :)
---Tina on 8/8/10

I've dated my girlfriend for just over a year now. I've worried about if it's acceptable to do it now or plain stupid etc. as I'm 21 and she is 18. With the age at that, I have no worries she is going to steal all my money, house etc haha.

I see it as if your with someone for this amount of time you got to plan on marrying them or your just using them. Being engaged doesn't mean you have to marry them straight away which I don't plan on doing until a few years.
---Paul on 12/12/07

I agree with you, Ralph--marriage is way too risky anymore! I am happily single and will panic if I ever allow myself to fall in love; I would truly be the RUNAWAY BRIDE! :D
---Mary on 5/22/07

One year to 18 months that's it! Tops! If one cannot make their mind up in that length of time. Move on. This is why I commented the way I did on the question concerning ,Should men or women propose? After one year to 18 months, I don't have time to babysit any longer. I am off to the hunting grounds. Looking for a man who means business. Not a boy looking for a toy. If we love each other, lets make a move to the altar. Jesus in the middle, of course.
---Robyn on 5/21/07

Christ, I have a better notion for you. If you are seeking a successful marriage, date for no longer than 18 months. If by that time you believe that you have someone which whom you can see a future with - get married. If not, break up. After that time you are just getting into a bad habit that is only going to get harder to break. And even if you eventually marry, the problems that kept you from deciding at 18 months will not really have gone away.
---lorra8574 on 5/21/07

I do not know of any public sources that track that type of data. You would want a statistics sample by age group, Christian, non-christian, country, and likely other factors to provide any meaningful statistics. Some of the computer matching services might collect such data, the real data would be proprietary and public disseminated data would be bias to promote their service.
Peoples openions are basically worthless to answer this question.
---Phil_the_Elder on 5/21/07

Alan, I'll just say that I have a wealth of experience from which I speak. I just want this fellow to hear all sides and make an educated decision before he plunges into marriage. I doubt he will hear this anywhere else. Even stock brokers must disclose that you could lose all or part of your investment. Marriage is a risky proposition today. A man can potentially lose over half his assets, in addition to his kids and his emotional well being.
---ralph7477 on 1/20/06

Ralph ... have you been hurt by woman?
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/19/06

Before you even think of proposing, spend some time reading all the blogs on this site where women want to divorce their husbands for any and all reasons, biblical or otherwise. Attend divorce court proceedings, understanding that statistically you have a better than 50/50 chance of being there yourself one day. Lastly, pay a lawyer for an hour of his time so he can explain what your girlfriend/wife could potentially do to you should she eventually decide that you are no longer her cup of tea.
---ralph7477 on 1/19/06

One year or 1 1/2 should be enough time for the real you for both of you to shine through. My spouse and I dated 2 1/2 before we married. We were engaged five months before the 2 1/2 before we married. When you first start courtship you are both trying so hard to impress each other. After a year then you start letting your guard down. It's a investment of time that is well worth waiting to see if you are compatiable and how you each handle the stresses of life and each others' families.
---EJ on 1/18/06

It all depends on what you are proposing.
---Lynn on 1/17/06

Depends. the question is not "when", but "Am I ready for a commited relationship" because once you say "I do" you are not only making a covenant/bond with your future spouse& thier family, but also with Jehovah.
---canda3996 on 1/17/06

My husband (boyfriend then) proposed to me while I was pregant with his child. We were sinners then, we knew better but didn't care. We were dating for about 11 months before we got married. Our son was 2 months old. My family is the best gift from God.
---Rebecca_D on 1/17/06

Chris, your answer is right in front of you. Look at it! Study it! look at it again! Your answer is the old cleque: what you what you get. What you see, love, or dislike about her, will be brought in to a marrage. And the same for you. People DO NOT change, NOR can they be changed after married. So, the question should not be about "time", It should be addressed: Do I and (can I) want to spend the rest of my life with her til death do us part?
---Fred_S. on 1/17/06

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