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My Husband Hits Me

What do I do if my husband hits me just because he is anger, but I can't leave him because I love him very much.

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 ---erika on 1/18/06
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We do not know the full story. However, we are in a time that can be very stressful. GOD Almighty said in the multitude of counsellors, there is safety. GOD Almighty hates divorce, and if this is a GOD ordained marriage, find a Spirit filled Pastor and get in a Spirit filled fellowship with other couples who are sold out to GOD Almighty so that you can be supported, loved, and mentored.
---dorothy_sanders on 11/13/12

Pat, you just a person after god'!s own heart...that 's why I am alone because ELENA don't play that! I am not letting nobody ever again put their hands on me. That why I said the truth. As long about 2 yrs. Been on here always some.poor.soul. oh,and you got. Abusive women.
As well. I was long time help.out. d.v. very serious. It is a disease violence doesn't solve nothing. JESUS has in.his word everyhing we should apply to our lives. I believe if a couple reallylove.with godliness not just love they will not resort fighting.they will talk and pray together. Amen.
---ELENA on 11/12/12

Lets touch on this love thing. Beat on me, and I believe love would fly out the window. Are you sure it's love? He might KILL you. RUN, RUN, RUN.
---pat on 11/12/12

I would leave it in GODS hands. I would not break it off officially yet cause I do see love but tell him you need a break and pray about it with him and when you are not around him pray about it. All I have to say is whatever happens it was ment to happen because that is GODS plan for you. Now I will pray for you and I do not have an husband yet but when I do i'll try to remeber you. Now you got some little bitty babies or kids at all you really need a break because if you have a son and he see daddy hitting on you he gone think that is how he supposed to treat a lady. Now don't only do this for your safety and the childrens safety but do it for all ya'll well being.
---Kennadi on 11/11/12

Hello,Sister, first let me say I have volunteer for Dom.Vio. you may or may not know people get beat women like you or men also, yes gethurt stab, etc. By women who become violent, instead of, like from experience. NOT PROUD trying to tell you get away! Before it too late! Go to a.womans shelter they will help you.If you go to danger. Pray & .get out.It is not love got to may feel you do not want to be alone. Leave God got for you. You can go to a church. Talk to a pastor.or a sister in church. You trust. God be with you
---ELENA on 11/9/12

Your husband needs to seek anger management classes, if he truly loved you he would not lay a hand on you. Dear this is the time for you to leave, don't wait till the next time as it will probably be worse. Don't let him control you, just love you...
---PastorORafferty on 11/9/12

Hi ihubbard, I am soooo very sorry about your brother, mine died too less than 7 months ago. I am also sorry for the hell you went through with your ex, glad you are out of it now, may God bless you.
---Mary on 3/20/12

hitting isnt love im 20 and went thru it for 4 years with a guy i recently got the courage to end it, you cant keep letting it happen, my brother just passed away and i have learned that its not worth putting your hands in life of someone who is going to do that to you.. you could end up dead and do you really want to do that to your loved ones? no. you need to put your foot down before it gets worse i loved this guy i thought he was the answer of my prays to help me in life... he only gave me heart ache and pain. you have to have the self esteem to say no more. love isnt hitting remember that.. he doesnt love you if he's going to do that just wants to control you
---jhubbard on 3/20/12

Moderator,I know you leave things on here that were written long ago but this personal one is six years old. Please take the "Reply To This Blog" off of it. People are writing to a ghost and wasting their time. It would really be nice if you block the reply for all of the pesonal questions like that after a year is gone by. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 3/20/12

Erika, and all women who are been abuse. Leave while you are still in one piece. Do not go back right away. It take time for God to do a work in a persons life. If you go back right away, nothing has changed. No one changes their conduct in a day or a week. Just because you love him does not mean you should stay with him. If you really love him, you should be able to love him even when you are away from him.
---Mark_V. on 3/20/12

Hi Claudia,
please flee to a shelter. This type of behavior only get's worse. I experienced this type of lifestyle from my boyfriend for 10 years. It never gets better only worse. Please let me know what I can do to help. You nor your children deserve this. It will be hard, but you you have got to take a stand. You will make it.
---Gloria on 3/20/12

Claudia, yes you should leave with your children. Get them away from him. Go to a shelter. Protect yourself and the kids.
---Trish on 3/3/12

I'm so sorry Claudia. I would advise you to at least separate for a time--go someplace safe, like with good friends or family. Love ain't worth being hit over!
---Mary on 3/3/12

My Name is claudia. ive been married for 6 months and last night we went out to dinner. he got mad at me because he said i was flirting with the waiter so when we got home he hit me. i don't know if i should leave him or not. i mean i love him so much. plus we have 2 ids. what shouls i do?
---Claudia_Arnolds on 3/2/12

Mu husband grabbed me from my hair, i tried to escape he pushed me and i fell on my back.. he was watching me never helped.. he says it my fault he didin't hit me never pushedme it all in my mined and he put all the blame on me.. Is it my fault?
---its_not_important on 1/8/12

Take pictures of your bruises everytime with your face and forward the pictures to your email to keep a copy. You can also email ur husband those pictures and just tell him that if he won't stop you'll show those pictures to police. Just to make him scared. U can also videotape or record his voice as an evidence. If you don't want to leave him the first thing is to get independent if you are not working. It's very important to make some money and get out of home to make ur importance. Also you need to respect him and be good to him but never tolerate violence. You should watch that movie 'Enough'.
---Xyz on 1/1/12

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We don't know what happen to Erika but people answering are making a mistake when they answer. She said "I can't leave him" That settles that answer. Why advice her to leave, when she says she cannot? So I don't know what she wants from us. Does she want us to recommand a baseball bat as someone said? Talk him to death? argue with him? tell his mom or dad? make fun of him in public?
I say, call the police and have him jailed. Make a record of it every time this happens. You will still love him, but teach him a lesson. But I warn you, this beating could lead to your death one day.
---Mark_V. on 12/31/11

My husband used to beat me at lot.So I found a solution. One day he hit me really hard, that day I got really angry. I always used to cry after he used to hit me but this time I gather all my strength and started hitting him hard with both my hands. I didn't stop. I got mad. I continued hitting him. He tried to grab my hands but I din't stop. I told him that if he'll hit me again then I'll hit him with anything which will get in my way be it iron rod. I showed a kind of madness on my face and started shouting and hitting him until he got really tired and until he got scared. After that incident my husband always avoids to hit me because he knows I have more strength to hit him back and he's also scared. By the way, we both love each other a lot.
---xyz on 12/27/11

You stay there and let him continue to batter you. Undoubtedly you like it. Or you wake up,come to your right mind and hit back,leave him . If you stay, someone will die. Probably you. You do have choices in life. Love is no reason to stay and let someone batter you like that. Your self-esteem is very low. So sad. You and he need Jesus very badly. When someone lay their hands on you they have stepped way across the line. How can you love someone who treats you this way?
---Robyn on 9/12/11

You been there 3 years to long. I can not see how love can cover a black eye, a broken arm, are anything else
that may happen to you. With 24 years of police work I have seen and reard about the one who ended up DEAD becouse of LOve. Don't hang out . get out before something eles happens to you. We are to turn our cheek
when we are hit on one side.
But that is for the love of the Lord Jesus. Don't wait leave now. the life you save may be your own
---sam on 9/12/11

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hello my name is heather ,i am with this guy name dre that i been with 3 yrs. the first time dre hit me was in nc i thought because i had a miscarriage he hated me but as time gone on he came to me and say he got a baby on the way and i am mentally torn apart i mean i jjust dont what to do i love him but i dont think he loves me it's now 2 30 in the am i text him to bring me some cigarettes and no respond he comes in when he get ready man i am so tired what should i do
---heather_hhubbard on 9/12/11

Erika, please leave him now, especially if you have children. I was once in relationship where my boyfriend was abusive to me. I thought I was "in love" and we had two children together, and I figured it was worth the abuse to be with him. Until the day he went to attack me and instead fractured our 1 month olds skull because he happened to be in my arms. You will lose everything, and believe, he is not worth it. I know it is hard to leave, but you must. And get him locked up, because if he is anything like my ex, he will not leave you alone until he is behind bars.
---Aimee on 1/5/11

I gree with catherine.. Are you not better than that? He has NO right to hit you at all. You should let him know to shape up or ship out..Really!!!
---a_friend on 5/3/10

Honey, this is what I did when my hub whacked me on the head oneday...I gave it straight back to him and much more..I bit him hard and gave it to him till he begged me to stop...He was taller than me. Now I told him if he ever try again, I will do worse so leave me alone unless he has love for me lol...He never touched me again. I will not let any man handle me like that ..we women deserve some respect also. we work hard all day and go to bed when everyone is to.
---star on 5/3/10

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What can you do? Go out and buy yourself a nice big baseball bat and beat him over the head with it.

If I had to venture to guess, he is hitting you because he thinks your love is a false love.

You stated that he hits you when he is angery. This indicates that he does not love you in fact. Only that he loves to hit you.

You may also want to consider going to the police, perhaps.

---David on 4/7/10

i am sorry to hear this..
i think he is too short something whenever he his angry just go and give him a warm hug and tell him that u love him a lot and wont ever leave him...hopefully it should work!
---tashika on 4/7/10

i know how u feel. i have been friends with my ex scince we split and thats been almost a year now he beat me and he would always try and blame me for it, i dont have any family i dont feel i can tell my friends whats been going on i have been trying to get my own house but i have still not been able to get one so i have been living with my ex scince we split and he has hit me said some realy bad things to me talks every1 in to beliving thats it was all my fault i feel traped and i am also at college i dont know how i am manageing at the moment as i feel so low to a point i dont care about myself, so i would say to u if its realy thats bad and u have some were u can go then go because what u are feeling now it will only get worse
---michelle on 4/3/10

I don't know about you, But, I could quit loving him in a heart-beat. I don't think it's love, anyways.
---catherine on 4/1/10

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I personally know a woman who was abused by her husband. He broke her nose,left her bleeding profusely while having two miscarriages, and this is just a sample of his usual behavior. She had 4 kids with him. When he wasn't out with one of his girlfriends he was assaulting her. The children are all adults with families of their own now but have NEVER forgotten the things they saw when they were between the ages of 5 years and 12 months. He never helped her to raise the children by paying any child support. She did it alone with God's help. This woman was my mother. She made it and so can you.
---Melissa on 4/1/10

---Legends on 3/29/10

The first time my husband reached out to strike me, I fended off the blows and stayed. The next time he got physical with me, he pushed me down the steps.
The third time, he attacked me in the middle of the night, after waking up out of a dream. I ran, and managed to hide in a spare room under a bed for 12 hours before a friend of mine came over and found me and took me out of there. But I went back because "I loved him". The last time I saw him alive, I was running out the door to save my life. He killed himself with the bullet intended for me.
Love him, but get out of there. I know it is the scariest thing you've ever considered, but your life is in the balance. The devil's agent is present there, and comes to destroy.
---Elaine on 3/25/10

It is a hard thing to decide . people outside the situation can always tell you to leave and it is the best thing to do. However when you are in a abusive relationship we sometime get so use to the abuse it becomes the new norm. There is a book that helped me call Betrayal Bond by Patrick Carnes I suggest you at least read the first few chapters it is here that i beacme able to point out to myself . I desirved better.Its not easy and you will feel all kinds of emotions but in time you will heal. Do not give up. Again do not give up. Your breakthrough is about to come. Now i look at it as if God rescued me again.
---paula on 3/25/10

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Erika, you are saying you love someone who hurts you by hitting you? You say you can't, what does that mean? "Can't." No one who loves someone hits that someone. He does not love you, much less respect you. You didn't mention if you had a lot of kids and could not afford to move out only that you don't because you love him. You don't love him, you just don't want to let him go. Blind love. Maybe you are insecure that you cannot find another man.
---mary on 3/24/10

If your husband is angry on you then try to find out what things makes him to become angry... talk to him politely about the matters.. Angry person always requires someone to understand him.. Dont make an arguments against him which will make the situation so worse.. encourage your husband about the positive things, tell him you really love him so much & it's not good to hit to your own wife.. if you really love your husband then you should better know what you have to do..I wish i can speak to your husband directly and explain him your love towards him.. I was also behaving like this before but my wife made lot of changes in me..
---Chetan on 3/22/10

A woman loves a man who loves her. Your husband does not love you. He loves the power and control he has over you. He is probably very weak in his relationships outside the house, at work, etc., so it makes him feel like a big man to knock you around. This is sick! Take the emotion out of it and get out now. Immediately go to a Women's shelter. The number is in your phone book or online. File a police report and get a Personal Protection Order (PPO) against him. Borrow money from family, get an apartment and get a job - any job. Get an attorney, file for child support and file for divorce. Only you can save your life, and your children's lives. Don't think you can't. YOU MUST protect them and yourself. God will be with you, dear.
---Elle on 6/1/09

You are not in love with your husband, you are in love with your own romantic fantasy dream (you are ignoring reality). If you have children, then you have NO CHOICE but to get them out of harms way.

There is an ORGanization called "WOMEN IN NEED" (due to posting rules, I can't list the URL, but just put the name in to your search browser). The organization started in New York, but now is in many states (in some states, it's only for single mothers).

Your husband broke the marriage covenant by hitting you (spiritually, the marriage no longer exists, you are free and OBLIGATED to flee for your safety, do not hesitate to do so). You now belong to God only and MUST keep yourself safe.
---more_excellent_way on 6/1/09

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Don't try to understand No One who uses violence to show they are angry thats (ABSURD), you may not live long enough to get that kind of mental understanding , GET Out to a SAFE SECURE PLACE if it is possible and as SOON AS POSSIBLE before he ends up killing you both physically and mentally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
---Carla3939 on 6/1/09


you are not in love with this man

it is IMPOSSIBLE to be "in love" with anyone if you do not LOVE YOURSELF first

when you allow someone to physically abuse you it is never about love

it is usually about convenience complacency and a past filled with abuse whether parents siblings or other children during school years

you are unaware there is anything else out there for you

go to a womens shelter for safety ...unless he is willing to seek therapy unless you divorce his violence will escalate and you will become his personal punching bag ...he is not capable of loving you unless he seeks to change his violent nature
---Rhonda on 5/31/09

Mat 10:12 And when ye come into an house, salute it.
Mat 10:13 And if the house be worthy, let your peace come upon it: but if it be not worthy, let your peace return to you.
Mat 10:14 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.
---TheSeg on 5/31/09

Erika, Sara and anyone else who is being abused:

Call the police. Press charges. File a restraining order and let the Most High God decide what the court does with the abuser.

As for yourself, find a place where you will be physically safe and seek our Father's refuge and guidance.

If you don't report your abuser for breaking the law, you are enabling him to repeat his offense. He will never get help and you may not survive. If you love him, that's fine, but DO put him in jail and DO proceed with prosecuting. It's for your own good and his that you do. Be strong, be faithful and be encouraged that our Father is with you even in this valley.
---AlwaysOn on 5/30/09

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my husband beat me very cruel even my nose is bleeding.i decide to myself that i leave him.what should i do please if someone have a solution send me on my mailing address please
---sara on 5/30/09

I understand how it feels. I got hit 5 times before I finally realised that i should do something, and its not healthy to think that you deserve these violence from your own husband. Husband is someone who would protect his woman. you really need to seek help as he might not be aware of what he has done. Im trying to seek help too, am currently seeking for one place for counselling. I hav thought of running away, but do not have the courage to do so. It has been very torturing and too much hurt.
---melissa on 5/19/08

First of all I am sorry, I know what you are going through. My husband hits me when he is mad too,makes it seem it is my fault. Then I forgive him.IT IS NOT OK. Look at your bruises, The bible said a woman is like a Fragile Vase. He needs help,you need to leave until he gets it. You may love him but you arent happy.With God all things are possible.
---Dina on 4/26/08

If someone was beating up on me I could stop loving him real quick like. Leave Him. NOW! He may end up killing you. GO. Now.
---catherine on 3/26/08

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If you really love your husband, pray for him & encourage him to see a pastor or christian counsellor for help. You may even need to move away for a while.

He really needs to know how to manage his anger. The Bible says be angry but do not sin.

Blessings for you my sister. I'm praying for you. I've been there & I know what you're going through.
---Tjay on 3/26/08

NEVER should a man hit a women!God dose not expect you to stay in a relationship like that it will destroy you.Pray and really seek help,christian counseling should be a must.Cling on God and fast,and pray.God will answer.
---Ann on 8/6/07

Realize that you can not control his anger and that you are not the source of his anger. Do not make the mistake of keeping this abuse a secret, but expose his behavior to GODLY men who can hold him accountable, while you surround yourself with GODLY women who can comfort you. Not exposing this, will only allow matters to get worse, before they get better. There are several examples in the Bible where Paul had to expose difficult issues for the glory of God -- 1 Corinthians 5 is one example.
---Bucket on 8/6/07

Love can be dangerous sometimes. It is wonderful thing but in the hands of the wrong person/people it is dynamite. Why in the world do you want to continue on with someone who hits you? When you answer that question you can be set free. When you get tired of the cuts,bruises, black eyes received at his hands, you will leave. Believe me, you will. You can stop this behavior by getting away from him today before a tragedy takes place. My prayers to you.
---Robyn on 8/6/07

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Husbands are suppose to love their wives as the Lord loves the church. When did Christ ever abuse us? NEVER it's not God's will for you to be in an abusive relationship. You can pray for understanding of his anger, but his anger shouldn't be taken out on you.
---Canda8484 on 8/6/07

First try to understand why he is angry.
---alan8869_of_UK on 8/3/07

Love him from afar, I once read the book by Dr. Dobson, called ''Love must be tough''It changed my way of thinking. You may love the guy now, but if this husband is hitting you he has no respect for you, and the more you tolerate him, the worse it will be. It starts as hitting, then after he sees that you take it he will try even worse bully methods
---Cynthia_1 on 3/1/07

I must confess that it is very hard for me to understand the love one has for a person who hurts them continually. But it is real, and people actually love people who hit them. Why? I'm sorry I cant answer the question. My simple answer would be: what do you love more, the man who hits you, or peace in your life? Also, my advice would be to pray.
---sue on 3/1/07

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Erika, I lived 16 years in an abusive relationship, not knowing if I was going to live from one moment to the next. My spine was injured & for years I had spinal taps to drain the fluid from my brian taking the risk of being paralyzed from them. I thought I loved him, I was afraid not to love him. I was advised by a pastor NOT to leave him because I would be sinning. When he beat up my son, I left. I should have left and stayed gone after the first beating. Please leave and protect yourself.
---Phylls on 2/28/07

Hi Linda; I'm soooo sorry about your son--that is sooo sad!! :( My grandma was abused by my late uncle too; I am sorry for anyone that goes through that. God bless and hope you're safe now.
---Mary on 2/28/07

I once heard a doctor on Oprah say a very vital thing. She said love does not hurt and it doesn't. When women stay in abusive relationships, it is because their self esteem, self confidence, self worth have been destroyed by the abuser and fear has replaced love in the relationship. you have two options, anger management for him or divorce and leave him. women are daughters of God and should be cherished, loved, cared for and protected.
---Dave on 2/18/07

I have never been hit by my husband. But my son made it a daily practice of beating the heck out of me for 2 years and 9 months. From the time his father was listed as Glioblastoma Muliforme which lasted 9 months before he passed and 2 years after. Do you know what has happened I have a total of one disc left in my neck and other discs damaged as well.
---Linda on 2/18/07

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Seperate, tell him he MUST get help for his abusive anger. Statistics show that abuse gets worse over time and you can be in physical danger. God does not want a woman to be hit. He would need to go to a recovery group or counselling, you need to apply "tough love" and he must be confronted to change, seperate physically until he heals the rage. Women have been killed by angry husbands all over the world. You should be safe and he needs to face his sin and heal it.
---Maxine on 1/21/06

That is good Alan. but I just see, hear alot because my husband is a Police Officer and I hear alot of what goes on with couples. Maybe I am skeptical. :(
---Rebecca_D on 1/20/06

Rebecca ... I'm not sure you are right. I know of a couple, not Christians, where the husband's violence was solved by counselling.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/20/06

I'd leave him. God did not put any of us on this earth to go through hell. You have a choice, either you leave him and live a good life or stay with him and Lord only knows what will happen. He needs Jesus, then and only then will he change. With him going to theropy or talking with someone without getting saved, won't do any good. Because he can't change on his own, he needs a higher power. He needs to get saved.
---Rebecca_D on 1/19/06

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I suspect Erika has two husbands. The one she loves is loving and kind, the other is a monster that rises up on occasion. Erika, I've never experienced what you're going through but my understanding is that these types of men will not seek help unless they reach the end of their rope. You are not doing him a favor (and certainly not yourself either) but allowing this behavior to continue. Get yourself in a safe setting and pray that he comes to his senses and seeks (and finds) the help he needs.
---DoryLory on 1/19/06

Alex, it's called "battered wife syndrom". I know this because I went through it. It is where no matter how much the husband abuses his wife, he always apologizes, brainwashes her into thinking she still loves him, he's the only one for her, and she will never be loved by any other man. It is a very sad, controlling situation.
---Melissa on 1/19/06

My Dad was an abuser. I am a counselor. What is truly keeping you dependent on this man? Unless your husband admits that he has a serious problem and gets the help he needs to change his behavior patterns, you are an enabler in the abuse. Focus on "loving yourself" instead of a man who could end up killing you in a violent rage? Find the strength to face some serious realities here, and make the appropriate decisions to get out of this abusive environment.
---Vel on 1/19/06

My wife says if anything like domestic violence happens, That I will eventually have to go to sleep!...Do I take her seriously? ABSOLUTELY!!!!
---Fred_S. on 1/19/06

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Can anyone explain this to me: How can a woman still love a person that hits and abuses her? I just don't get it!
And I have seen that everywhere! So I guess that is a normal reaction of women towards their men. Sad... so sad!!
---Alex on 1/19/06

Do you know the true meaning of love? Or are you CO-DEPENDENT on him or just fear him? In my state, you get locked up for Domestic Violence. It is also court ordered that you attend a 26 week Anger Management Course and if you miss 2 classes, you start over (no excuses). If drinking is involved more courses, if kids are in the house, more courses, and 2 years probation. Plus a restraining order. And sometime phsyc. counceling. Here they make sure you would think twice about abusing a spouse.
---Fred_S. on 1/19/06

The bible specifically states that your husband should love YOU like Jesus loves the Church. Please seek immediately counciling for yourself, and your husband should also, as to why you would stay and/or love someone who hurts you. There are many FREE counciling services for abused women. I pray that you have the strength to seek wisdom.
---Bev on 1/19/06

Assaultive behavior is about power and control. You'll have to pray and decide what's best for you. If children are in the home, this behavior could become a blueprint for their future. His abuse, and your acceptance of it.
Seek the guidance of a professional. I've seen so much, the domestic violence statistics speak for themselves.
If he admit's he has a problem, there are classes for him also.
But, he must decide on his own. doing it for someone else never helped anyone,
God Bless,
---Sharon on 1/18/06

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As a Domestic Violence Counselor with the police department of a major city I encourage you to seek help from the police department in your city. Whether you choose to press chaarges is a personal matter, but every incident needs to be documented. If you feel you're in danger, leave the house, seek temporary housing in a Domestic Violence shelter. You may call 1-800-A shelter. It's a nation wide hotline that will assist you in finding a shelter placement for you and your children if necessary.
---Sharon on 1/18/06

This is assault and needs to be reported to authorities, at least to your pastor, priest, Reverand or Chaplain - somebody. If there are kids in the family, that's even more serious. Any of the authorities I mention will advize on what your next move should be.
---Rudy on 1/18/06

erika ,how can you love anyone who hits you ? Many women in your place convince themselves they love their abuser , because no matter how horrible their situation ,it is familiar , and they are afraid of change/unknown . Get away before he kills you . God doesn't expect you to be a punching bag . Bible says ,know not to company (be around) with an angry man lest you learn his ways . Pray God for strength to protect yourself , turn him into Police .
---Darlene_1 on 1/18/06

I understand exactly what you are going through. I was hit all the time just because my ex was angry. I also loved him very much. It took me getting beat up so badly that my whole face was swollen before I chose to leave, this was after 8 years of marriage. I feel that if I stayed with him much longer, I would have eventually been killed. Please keep that in mind, you don't want to be another statistic in the morge.
---Melissa on 1/18/06

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Anger is not an excuse for violence. There can only be one answer to your question. Leave. Although retired now, after 40 years of professional counseling as a psychologist, I feel qualified to say this.

You may want to define what love really is. I had a sign in my office that said over and over: Love is not abuse is not love is not abuse is not love, etc.! See if you can find anyone with common sense, who will disagree with that.
---Mat on 1/18/06

It is possible to love someone, but leave protect yourself from physical danger. You aren't getting a divorce if you leave to protect yourself. You are seeking safety.

Contact your pastor and ask for help from him.
---Madison on 1/18/06

Your husband SHOULD NOT BE HITTING YOU NO MATTER HOW ANGRY HE IS (and despite anything you might have done, no matter how "serious" the offense is)!!!!!!!!!!!!! He needs to get counseling to learn how to manage his anger in a healthier way, and you should get help so that you can stay safe. Ask someone you trust for help. I will be praying for you.
---Beth on 1/18/06

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