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Explain 2 John 10

After reading 2nd John verse 10 can you then invitied JW into your house. Interestingly notice how they always ask you if they can come in? What do you think?

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 ---mima on 1/19/06
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No that isn't what that means. This chapter means for non-believers who teach false doctrines. The JW (some) believe in God and our differences aren't that far apart.
---Rebecca_D on 8/2/07

Do you allow members of a born again or catholic church to enter your home. they have been teaching their own doctrines for years and not the entire bible. They constantly ignor or disregard scriptures, if it does not agree with their belief's. men wrote many new bibles in their own words and changed the meaning. I enjoy sharing the KJV of the bible with others. I show respect for them when I listen to what they believe. Make up your own mind. You know if they follow Jesus Christ or not.
---Dave on 3/16/07 would have to remind me of that.Bought one in the mid 80's,except he didn't dump dirt,he came in and shampooed the carpet.Thanks for bringing that skeleton out of the i have to go back to the therapist...LOL :-)
---JIM on 3/16/07

Do you remember the old Kirby vacuum cleaner pitch? (You don't see them anymore, it was a lousy vacuum with an outrageous price tag, all hype). OK, they wanted inside of your house, then they dumped a pile of dirt on your rug, to vacuum it all back up. Lovely, wasn't it. If you were taken in, (like me), you bought that heavy piece of junk that weighed 9000 lbs. to cart around.
It's the same with cults, do not invite them inside of your house. The Bible says so.
---Hoover on 3/15/07

This verse is as clear as the JW in front of your nose at the time. It applies to other cults as well.
---Elder on 3/15/07

This passage includes anyone, not just JWs, who don't teach scripture as written. Adding to or taking away from ... so many who do this.
---Nellah on 1/20/06

It would be in error to invite anyone into your house that presents a false gospel. If they wanted to talk in more detail,other than what they say at the door, I'd simply say, "If you let me explain to you the true gospel, than you can explain to me your beliefs. I've never been taken up on this offer. You want to be nice, but firm. They have a "pitch", get them off that memorized script, and they are lost. Asking to come into your house is just part of the "pitch".
---WIVV on 1/20/06

I invite them in, get out my Bible and tell them about the Holy Ghost. They leave very quickly as the Joy of the Lord over takes me...
---Lynn on 1/19/06

I am an unbaptized Jehovahs witness, we still are chrisitans , we accept Jesus as our saviour & only salvation to God. it is speaking about those not bringing Jesus' message the way the apostels & Jesus taught it according to scripture, it goes along with gal 1:8 so please donot "catagorize" jw's, our manuscript of the NWT came from the same people Westcott& hort whom also helped with other translations as well.
---canda3996 on 1/19/06

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