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Asked Boyfriend To Marry Me

I'm 23 and my boyfriend is 28 and I want to marry him. I have asked him 3 times and each time he say's we will see what happens. Should I stay with him and see what happens or should I leave?

Moderator - If he is not asking you, it's time to leave.

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 ---leanne on 1/22/06
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If you really love him, I think you should wait til he is ready. Marriage is something big to guys these days. Im 24 and my boyfriend will be 28, he was ready and ive been with him for almost 2 years and he finally hinted something to me. Dont pressure him, guys are weird. If you love him then wait, but if you guys been together for a long long time then you should tell him how you feel.
---Melissa on 4/21/08

Just a thought, but maybe wait until he asks you?
---Melissa on 4/12/08

Well i'm just an 17 yr African American female, but I suggest that you bring up the topic and asked him to tell you truthfully if your marraige material. If you think he won't ever marry you or if he says he will never marry you then, you do what you feel is best.
---Bianca on 2/19/06

I think that it is time that you left your boyfriend because he probably doesn't want to marry you.
---Lynn on 1/25/06

23 and want marriage? You ready, mature enough for the road ahead of you if you do marry. So much glitz and glamour, but don't have a clue what it involves, the sacrifices and giving of one's self. He who finds a wife, not she who asks for a man. Not worth it. See what happens? I think you having to ask him tells you. Establish yourself with a job, a good career, go back to school. Marriage is hard enough, why the rush? And always consult G-d.
---anon on 1/24/06

It is obvious that you don't really want him, you just want to be married to somebody. He has probably figured this out for himself and is making a wise decision to put it off. If you are considering leaving him now because he won't do what you ask, imagine what would await him in the future.
---ralph7477 on 1/24/06

He says he wants to be able to take care of me when we do get married. I am getting curious though,by the way he says things when he talks about it.So,either he may be planning to ask this year or he could be planning on how he is going to do it. Talk to him about your future together,and see how he feels about marrying you.It could be that he planning it out on how he is going to ask you.Pray and ask God to show you if he is the one. If it is the Lord's will then it will happen.
---angea on 1/23/06

My boyfriend told from the start that if things worked out for us that maybe in a couple years we could get married.We have talked about it in year or two on getting married,but that was last year. Everyone always tells me not to rush into marriage. But we are not rushing it. He says that he wants to get a good job,so he could get a house or be looking for one,and get things prepared and ready for when we do get married.
---angea on 1/23/06

Maybe,he wants to be sure that you are the one,before he asks you. Or he could be waiting for the right time to ask you. Or he could be planning to ask you and is working on it. He may want to surprise you. Why are you pushing it,he may feel like you are rushing him into it. You don't need to rush it. I am 25,and my boyfriend is 35. We have been together a little over two years now. He is the first i guy i dated and first boyfriend.And he says i am his first real serious girlfiend.
---angea on 1/23/06

Sorry, but most men don't like women who come on too strong and try to run the relationship. That is the quickest/best way there is to run a man off. He is 28 and it seems he has been dodging the marriage bullet a long time. Have some pride and respect yourself ,stop asking and get out of the relationship. If he has real feelings for you he will try to get you back,if not you at least have shown a little selfrespect for yourself. Why would you want a man you have to beg to marry you? Bad Tactics!
---Darlene_1 on 1/23/06

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