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Under A Generational Curse

"Many people are under generational curses that need to be broken by the blood of Jesus". My question is: how do I know that I am under a generational curse?

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 ---Dawn on 1/23/06
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What is your family's history with respect to certain sins. Check your family tree.
---Madison on 1/3/08

Because the same negative incidents that had occured to your grandprents,is still in operation to your parents and now you
---fredde6437 on 4/19/07

Would you by chance be reading one of Larry Huch's books? His ministry is all about breaking generational curses off of Christians. Rejection, abandonment, anger, alcoholism, etc.
---Raine on 8/13/06

2/... I recently finally asked someone who teaches this false gospel if the people get prayed for like that until they grow up in the Lord -- the answer was "yes Helen". Oh boy, that is nowhere in Scripture. The dangerous thing about it for me was that I believed that I was victorious only if the pastor had prayed for me. The Lord brought me out of it and showed me that my victory is in Jesus' finished work on the Cross. I am now trusting in Jesus and Him alone for my daily victory.
---Helen_5378 on 8/13/06

The "generational curses" thing is a false teaching. It is taken from Deuteronomy 5:9 where it says "..visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me". Once you are born-again you no longer hate God. I came under this false teaching as a baby Christian. It was a deliverance ministry and the people were prayed for and things cast out of them and so-called curses broken at every service.
---Helen_5378 on 8/13/06

Ezekiel 18: 17-20, Jeremiah 31:29-30. Please read these scriptures. NO ONE IS UNDER A GENERATIONAL CURSE. Every man is responsible for his own sin. These kinds of lies are taught on TV to extract money from those who have guilt and unrepentant sin. Stop listening to the lies of man. Open your bible and search the scriptures yourself. Jeremiah 17:5 says we are "CURSED" if we put our trust in man. God wants us to thrust Him and His Word. Do you trust God? He will never lie to you...
---Robert on 8/13/06

I was browsing through some of the blogs and a sentence about generational curse (that's why I put it into parenthesis)caught my attention. However, I did exmined my family tree and I found some "sins" that might fall under the definition of generational curse. I do need to spend more time with it. Yet I think, I am not under generational curse since I haven't found any sin (ot the same one)that keeps on reoccuring in the successive generations.
---Dawn on 1/26/06

Bruce, That's what's called a typo. Should have been a "?" and the end of sentence.
---Fred_S. on 1/25/06

"The New Test. teaches us that God does not remember your sins, but He remembers the sins of your ancestors and they are applied to you." Where is that? and (presuming you can in fact refer to such a passage) how does it reconcile with Ezek 18?
---Bruce5656 on 1/25/06

Both sides of the argument have validity. Through Jesus' atoning work on the cross we are completely forgiven, yet there still seems to be pathways in our lives - sins that so easily beset us. Though the ultimate consequence of death has been removed, there are still experientially some ties and earthly consequences. Because of Jesus' complete work we have victory, but still there is the battle until we see Him face to face.
---daphn8897 on 1/24/06

Part 2: The judgment due to us for our sin is removed when we believe in Christ. Do we teach that God forgives us of our own sin, but not the sins of our ancestors, Gods curse comes on you because of their failure. The New Test. teaches us that God does not remember your sins, but He remembers the sins of your ancestors and they are applied to you. So then what significance does the cross actually have? The curses that are from of your ancestors sins are active and affect damage to your life today.
---Fred_S. on 1/24/06

I retract and agree with Phil. We have a "NEW COVENANT" with God thru Jesus's death on the cross which delivered us from the "curse" of the Law (Old Test.) by faith and grace. Those who "choose" to live or teach by the (old) Law's requirements of blessings of curses. We cannot hold the position that we are justified by faith in Christ, not by the works of the law, and then teach that the law and its curse still apply today to New Testament believers that are under grace.
---Fred_S. on 1/24/06

Buchanon and Pueblo,
The prayers you refer to are prayers of national repentence. They are confessing the sin of previous generations who left the worship of the One God for false gods. Nothing here about a generational curse. Consequences yes, curse no. Notice that they took responsibility for their own sins just as much as that of previous generations.
---Bruce5656 on 1/23/06

Read Ezekiel 18 and tell us what you think is being said there. If you believe that God continues to deal with men as he did in Moses' generation, you must be able to reconcile Ezekiel 18 with that. How do you do that?
---Bruce5656 on 1/23/06

People who are talking about a "generational curse" are not refering to original sin.
---Bruce5656 on 1/23/06

one question pops up! do you understand what a genetational curse is and please explian why you think you may be under one.
---Mikewillow on 1/23/06

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Daniel recognized and repented for sins of his father
DANIEL 9:16 O LORD, according to all thy righteousness, I beseech thee, let thine anger and thy fury be turned away from thy city Jerusalem, thy holy mountain: because for our sins, and for the iniquities of our fathers, Jerusalem and thy people are become a reproach to all that are about us.
---Buchanon on 1/23/06

Ex of repenting for father's sins...
And the seed of Israel separated themselves from all strangers, and stood and confessed their sins, and the iniquities of their fathers. JEREMIAH 14:20 (KJV) We acknowledge, O LORD, our wickedness, and the iniquity of our fathers: for we have sinned against thee.
---Pueblo on 1/23/06

Part IV:
Leviticus 26:39-42

"Those of you who are left will waste away in the lands of their enemies because of their sins; also because of their fathers' sin they will waste away. But if they will confess their sins and the sins of their fathers ... then when their uncircumcised hearts are humbled and they pay for their sin, I will remember my covenant with Jacob and my covenant with Isaac and my covenant with Abraham, and I will remember the land."
---Manny on 1/23/06

Part III:
Moses addressed this issue when the Israelites were preparing to enter the promised land. He told the new generation that was preparing to enter in that they would not enter unless the dealt with their own personal sins and also the sins of their fathers. The account can be found in Leviticus 26:39-42
---Manny on 1/23/06

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Part II:
Deuteronomy 11:26-28 - "See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse - the blessing if you obey the commands of the Lord your God that I am giving you today; the curse if you disobey the commands of the Lord your God and turn from the way that I command you today by following other gods, which you have not known."
---Manny on 1/23/06

Part I: They exist....Exodus 34:6-7 - "And He [the Lord] passed in front of Moses, proclaiming, 'The Lord, the Lord, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin. Yet He does not leave the guilty unpunished; He punishes the children and their children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation.' "
---Manny on 1/23/06


a servant, Dan, Fred, et al

Read Ezek 18
Here is the short version:

Ezekiel 18:2,3 What mean ye, that ye use this proverb concerning the land of Israel, saying, The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge? shall not have occasion any more to use this proverb in Israel."
---Bruce5656 on 1/23/06

18:20 "The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son SHALL NOT bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him."
---Bruce5656 on 1/23/06

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Hey Bruce!
How do you think we are all born into sin. Romans 5:12. The curse started with Adam and Eve.
---Lee on 1/23/06

Phil...Even the world recognizes generational curses. When you go to the doctor, they ask you about family illness in your history.
---Emmaus on 1/23/06

Ex 20:5 . . . visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me

Ex 34:7 . . . visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children . . .

Num 14:18 . . . visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children . . .

God does not lie. These are not considering repentance, where Jesus is made the curse. Note, the curse is shifted to Jesus, not erased.
---a_servant on 1/23/06

Sin causes a curse.
A. 1. Adam and Eve started curse.
2. They disobeyed God.
3. Someone in a family tree starts the curse through disobedience.
B. The iniquities of the fathers are visited unto the children unto the
third and fourth generationExodus 20:5.
1. We find ourselves doing the same things we didn't like our parents
2. Abuse, incest, and alcoholism start with a weakness in one
---Dan on 1/23/06

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General Curses do not really exist. They are just feeble reason people use for poor conduct, trying to blame something else for their actions or why something happened to them or family members. It is just probability expectation and outcome.
---Phil_the_Elder on 1/23/06

In some cases, you do not know. Generational curses can go back a lot farther than just grandparents, great grand...etc. Ask God to break any generational curses that you might not be aware of. You can also curse yourself and family with your own words. Example: I am sick and tired of never having any money, I will die if I don't get that raise, My kid will never amount to anything.etc.
(Prov 18:21) "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit".
---Fred_S. on 1/23/06

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal them to you and then break them in the name of Jesus.
---wes on 1/23/06

The concept of a "generational curse", popular as it may be, is not scriptural. Please refer to the following passage which explains in detail how God does NOT hold children responsible for the sins of their parents. Ezekiel 18. Also see Jeremiah 31:29,30
---Bruce5656 on 1/23/06

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There is no such thing as a Generational Curse. Ezekiel 18:19-20 plainly shows the sins of the father aren't passed to the children,that each person answers for their sins. Curses came because of sin before then so it no longer happens. God did away with passing down curses on families. There can be learned behavior which is passed on and it can be harmful,but it's not spiritual,but carnal. Simply put it is learned behavior which can be unlearned with the help of Jesus by a Christian walk.
---Darlene_1 on 1/23/06

I would go back in your family history and find out how many generations had things like divorce, pregnacy before marriage, etc. If it is an ongoing thing throughout many generations, it may very well be a generational curse.
---Melissa on 1/23/06

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