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Flying In Your Dreams

What does it mean to learn to fly in your dreams?

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 ---Dorothy_Martin on 1/23/06
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I'm backslidin and I've had at least 6 or 7 dreams where I fly up in the air just by spreading my arms. It's usually when I'm in some kind of danger or not. I fly above the trees or off the ground into the air. This is just recently. Sometimes I really feel my body is up in the air.
---Rita_Jean on 5/23/18

i dreamt i could fly, sothe next day my boss sent me a flyer.
---andy3996 on 11/13/11

i dream of flying all the time some i dont remember but there is one that has never left my mind.. i dreamd that i was flying with angels 100ds of them one part of my dreams we were in a fight with demons so we lift our hands up and bright balls of lights came out of our hands and hit the demons... i dont know what this means but if you do plz write back or if you have any saying about this dream
---jose_rodriguez on 11/12/11

I googled this very subject. I typed in -astro projection-- it is not something i want to mess with.
---carol on 12/25/07

I googled this very subject. I typed in -astro projection-- it is not something i want to mess with.
---carol on 12/25/07

I dream that all the time! Boy, I'm glad to know that others out there do too, I was beginning to worry about myself! :)
---Molly on 12/24/07

You should be careful. In the Bible it says that our soul is connected to a silver thread which runs from your naval. Astral travel? Other religions (pagan)meditate, use this to travel, as the demons do too. Your body could be occupied while you are "away". Yet, it could be a feeling of wanting to be free. Ask Jesus to give clarity and if not His will, that it will stop.
---Junia on 5/3/07

I have reoccuring dreams of flying. Some I am flying by myself, I just start to run, spread my arms wide and just take off! Others, I will be in a plane. The other night I was in a big plane, my kids were little again and the plane was dangerous and the kids kept flying out the plane! Very stressful dream. Also dream that I can breath under water, I love those dreams.
---sue on 4/30/07

I am having these flying dreams, at the same time that my little girl is also having them. Rejoice, your redemption is drawing nigh. This means that God is taking you higher and to new levels, something new is about to happen as God is taking you to HIGHER levels in Him God created the birds to fly, and the seraphim angels to fly, and in Psalm 91 we see that God covers us with His feathers and under his wings, I am made in His image, so if our Father can fly? Than so can I. Amen
---Cynthia_1 on 4/29/07

OOO YES! I dream of flying all the time. I like it so much that when im going to sleep, I tell myself if I begin to dream, to try to stop myself in my dream and make myself fly. And most of the time, I can make myself fly. I also liked it so much that I took up sky diving. Though your falling like a rock, when you jump with other people you get the sensation of fly because of the person flying with you. OOO its a blast. Made 96 jumps and figured I better quite before I Break my big toe, LOL. Bod bless
---Billy on 4/29/07

You just want to learn to fly I guess! or do you mean in a plane? If you dream that you are flying I know from experience that it just means you are in a situation that if you could get out of it you would fly if you had wings. but learning to fly?
---Carla5754 on 4/29/07

The only one who can interpret dreams is the Almighty God. Daniel trusted God in all His requests and there4 blessed with interpretations to the kings dream..I dream a lot about flying yet seem hard to get higher. Am guessing, perhpas its telling me that no matter how hard I try in most things, it dont turn out well as I expected.
---jana on 4/29/07

That's an excellent question! I'm not quite sure, but it may have something to do with what's going on in your life. For instance, my husband was going through some problems with my side of the family, and on night he had a dream he was flying. He said in the dream he felt free of worries and problems.
---Melissa on 4/28/07

descase your Jesuse name.
---Tsehay on 11/22/06

(II.) Many have dreamed that they were flying, But "Astral Travel"/"soul travel" is different, once again it is demonically controlled , and those that are "in to it" deliberately seek that experience, thinking they are "in control of it". People should keep away from ALL forms of the occult. I hope this helps. God Bless!
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/21/06

"Astral Travel" aka "soul travel" is a demonically controlled "new age" experience. Anyone involved in this is dabbling in the occult.
---Mrs._Morgan on 11/21/06

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Cliff, I even like flying in storms and upside down.
My favorite plane is the F-16. Old but true. It's a 35,000 lb aircraft that has an engine that generates 25,000 horse power.
There are only two kinds of airplanes.....Fighters and Targets.
First rule of flight, Stick forward houses get bigger, stick backward houses get smaller.
But you and I know dreams are just dreams.
---Elder on 11/21/06

If you fly in your dreams you are undergoing a journey called 'Astral Travel'...some can Astral Travel w/out needing to be asleep. It is more common to Astral Travel in sleep b/c the Subconscious is at work.

---Reiter on 11/21/06

Flying dreams mean having a sense of freedom. Many times I've had dreams where I was flying over my home town. Only I wasn't in a plane but was flying as if I had wings. Its always an awesome feeling.
---craig on 1/24/06

My dreams of flying are different than others have described. I dream that I am a passenger in a large plane. The plane takes off at a sharp angle and comes down the same way. It is terrifying to me. I HATE to fly so that might be why it is so scary. The plane will also fly too low and hit houses/buildings and then shoot up to be above the clouds.

Would a good interpretation be that my life is in turmoil right now?
---Debbie on 1/24/06

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I too use to dream that I was flying, and it sounds so simular too what some of you said about your flying dreams. I was younger when I use to dream about it, and it seem to always happen when something or someone was after me. I would be trying to run so fast, and hard, but it seems I couldn't move fast, and then I would start flapping my arms and just soar up. And like Barbara said she would fly over her neighborhood, that's the same way I would fly. It seemed so real after I awoke.
---Barbara on 1/23/06

As a 30year pilot, there's few endeavors in life to equal the sensation of being in control of an aircraft at altitude,nothing so tranquil and unwinding in a hurly-burly world! especially if you're alone and at night! Looking down on the world as God sees it! I dreamed about it as a child and realized my dream. "I'd rather be flying" Just ask Elder.
---1st_cliff on 1/23/06

Flying in dreams is a symbol of self-confidence and self-esteem. I had a recurring dream about flying thru wires and always made it out. Interpretation means that I'm overcoming obstacles in my life. Flying was one of my favorite dreams.
---Nellah on 1/23/06

It has nothing to do with sleeping or dreaming in your sleep. Flying in your dreams would mean soar to meet the challenge of your dreams/ambitions in life .Fly in those hopes and dreams to make them become reality,never let go but rise above all obstacles to make those dreams come true. Elevate oneself above all the roadblocks and keep those dreams alive,always working to see them become no longer dreams, but fact.
---Darlene_1 on 1/23/06

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I dream I'm flying on occasion. Its usually over the neighborhood where I grew up. I recognize the yards and houses.
One though I dreamed that the Rapture happened and I was airborn FAST, passing stars and planets, it was great!
---NVBarbara on 1/23/06

I used to dream that I could fly, but only when I was a child. The experience was so real that I was sure that if I took off from the top of the staircase I could fly to the bottom unharmed. Many times I got ready to do so (when awake I mean) but something stopped every time - I'm glad to say. I don't think I had that dream after being about 10 or 11. I've never understood why I had them or why they stopped when they did.
---emg on 1/23/06

Interesting question. I'd like to know if anyone has a good answer. I dream about flying a lot - always feel good after when I wake up - it's exhilarating. I also fly when I get physically cornered in a dream by a bad guy - just flap my arms real hard and I escape. Sometimes I just fly for the sheer enjoyment of it.
---marya4598 on 1/23/06

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