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God Out Of My Husband

Someone told me that I had made a god out of my husband because I say things like "I can't imagine my life without him" or that I'm terrified of him dying. I think she may be just jealous because I am still so happily married and in love after 24 yrs. Any advice?

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 ---MH on 1/24/06
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You only make a God out of your husband ..if you spend more time with your husband and NEGLECT GOD completely ! If you spend less time talking , praying ,serving ,and worshiping GOD...Then YES you are making a God out of your husband !! No one comes before God not even a spouse.But if you put God first in everything you do,then tell that person to mind their own bisness,but do it in a Christian way!
---benna5383 on 3/4/08

Honoring and loving your husband is right, that is not the same thing as worshipping him, which you are not doing. You are obeying God in repecting your husband, and the she who told you that you are wrong is misguided. She may not be jealous, but just selfish and not respecting her own husband.
---Eloy on 3/28/06

I just happend to run accross this and wanted to say yes we can make idols out of men. I can't speak for you because i don't know your relationship with God but I did it and never realized it until it was too late. God is a jealous God. He wants to be first always so if he's not removed him from your life then you must be doing something right....Your blessed...
---lynn on 3/28/06

When my husband left me, I realized that I had put him before Christ. I honestly was so devastated, I could not see life without him being anything but dismal.

I had to confess to the Lord that He had been pushed aside. God has shown me that He is my true husband, and that I do not need a man in my life.

Yesterday would have been my 30th wedding anniversary, and God gave me a wonderful time in the Word at a Ladies Bible study instead.
---Madison on 1/26/06

Alan, that was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me concerning her death- thank you. Even though it has been 19 years, I still grieve for her sometimes. I never had any children, but she only knew my first two nieces and nephews- now we have 8 altogether. I miss her so much every time one of them has a milestone in thier life, wishing she could have known them and watched them grow up. We tell them stories all the time about her, AND my dad, who died 2 yrs after her.
---MH on 1/26/06

MH ... it is Christian theory that they are in a better place now, and free from suffering ... that is true also. ut we grieve not only for the death (and our loss of a loved one) but also for the terrible shortness of your mother's life, the enjoyment here that she missed out on, the things she could have done for others, and for you.
Yes the silent hugs were better than the Christian platitudes
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/26/06

pt 3: That is the most horrible thing you can say to grieving people, it doesn't help at ALL, and only adds to the confusion their going through at the moment! There. That's my 2 cents worth! So sorry for your loss Alan my friend
---MH on 1/26/06

pt 2: When I lost my precious mother to cancer when I was only 22, the people who gave me the most comfort at her funeral were the ones who said NOTHING, just cried with me and held me. I was apalled at the people from our church who told me (some even in a scolding voice) that I should NOT be crying or upset, because my mothers suffering was over, and oh yes, the classic line -"She's in a much better place, and she's not hurting anymore!" WELL?!!! I'M hurting!
---MH on 1/26/06

Alan, that is horrible! (what that woman said) Vearing off track a bit from my blog question, on the subject of death and grieving- Christians say some of the most rude and unfeeling things to people who have just lost someone to death. NO ONE can tell you how to grieve, it is a very private thing, and different with each person.
---MH on 1/26/06

MA # 2 But you will find those Christians who will chide you for feeling like that, as I had one criticise me for being distraught after she died. "Just think, she said brightly, "you will now to be free to do so much more for God"
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/26/06

MA # 1 I tell you, you are right. You cannot imagine your life without your spouse. When I knew my wife was dying, I thought I could see forward to waht it would be like without her. But you cannot imagine ... it is so lonely, and there is no-one to do things form even doing things for the children is not the same. I reckon your frind must either be jealous, or so firmly cemented to her relationship with Christ, that her husband means little to her
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/26/06

I say things like that about my husband. Although I don't have a fear of him dying, cause I know that I will be in the arms of God for comfort. I can't imagine my life without my husband. God has blessed me so much with my family. There is nothing wrong with showing love toward your spouse. Maybe this other woman is jealous because she don't have a love such as what you and your husband share. If a marriage has God and they keep God in their marriage, they will be happy, and they will show it.
---Rebecca_D on 1/26/06

Glad to see there are other happily married people still out there. And Bruce, I'm glad you clarified that last part, heehee! :)
---MH on 1/25/06

I say things like if anything happened to my husband I wouldn't marry again because no one else would be as good to me as he is. He is a good man. I think this is just the way we happily married women are,so much in love we can't conceive of life without them. My husband and I are still in love after 50 years together. Thats the way it should be. Tell your "friend" to keep her unwelcome opinions to herself. She's trying to stir trouble.
---Darlene_1 on 1/25/06

There is a song that has the refrain: "I don't want a man I can live with, I want a man I can't live without." That is how I feel (except for the man part).
---Bruce5656 on 1/25/06

Coming from Never Being Married, I want a wife that will be be in love and still happily married after 24 years.
---PAUL on 1/25/06

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She's wrong. God said man and woman were to be one flesh. When one part is missing, it only stands to reason you would not have that complete relationship without him. You are correct in having that attitude. What her motives are for saying it, I don't know. I've been married 42 years, and we have worked together as missionary's for 33 of those 42 years. Our mission work could not have been done by just one of us. We are a team and there is everything right about it.
---WIVV on 1/24/06

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