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Can Ladies Wear Pants

What do you ladies think about not being allowed to wear pants in church? My wife refuses to attend our church any longer because she wants the freedom to wear slacks.

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 ---clark on 1/26/06
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I think women should wear pants IF they please. I mean come on its a FREE country and no one should ever tell you what to wear unless they are your mama or daddy so no I don't think its right that women should ONLY wear dresses in church DUH
---Tiffany on 1/25/10

your wife needs to be obediant.If the pastor says no pants then No pants! Most of the churches that preach that you can wear pants also preach that you can listen to R & B.dress code isn't in the Bible neither is Smoking. Somethings your have to be spirit led. If you don't have the spirit then I suggest you seek. If all church let women wear pants then how are we different from the world. If we allow pants now,then in 25 year my kids will be teaching it's okay to wear tube tops and shorts to church. About 25 years ago we couldnt wear nails. Now all the first ladies got on their Freddy cougars! lol I mean the Bible says if your eyes are causing you to sin then pluck them out...So if pants are causing sin in the church then take them out.
---Kiannah on 12/27/08

In the Greek Orthodox church boys and men sometimes wear a "fustanella." I won't blow your mind by articulating what it is. See examples on E-Bay under Greek dolls. Choice works for and can work for men. Whatever you believe, don't support double standards. (Pants on women OK skirts on men "sin.") Facial hair is the identifying mark of men---not suits and pants. The Centurion in Luke 7 wore a skirt. Jesus said he had the greatest faith of anyone. See a painting of the Archangel Michael wearing a skirt? That's REALITY.
---Charles on 11/30/08

I do not see anything wrong with women wearing slacks to church or anywhere. Did these critics ever think that maybe besides feeling comfortable they might have some type of medical problem that they do not feel right wearing dresses or skirts. Maybe these people should evaluate why they are at church, and its not to look at what everyone else is wearing.
---Susan on 11/17/08

I have heard this argument before coming from MY church. How ridiculous people are.
They go to extremes to try and read something into the fact that most ladies in our church wear dresses. It is by our choice and never demanded from any pastor or deacon or member for that matter. It is
just a way some people have of making excuses to attend a different church. Please know modest apparel should be worn always. Not just to church. The Bible does state a woman should not present herself like a man. That's all. Period.
---Chris on 11/16/08

What's the big deal?

Generally service is 1-2 hours or is this "anti-pant church" an all day event? ...women sound like little children whining a few hours is like a day ...oh the constraints boo hoo

church focusing on MINOR points???

no no no ...these women decided to make issue over a MINOR point

168 hours in a week ONLY 1-2 hours a women is asked to wear a dress in Gods house

164 other hours you can where pants or nothing at all and women making a stink about 2 hours???

should be questioning why you attend church not what youre asked to wear to Gods house ....funny how people forget church is about God not them
---Rhonda on 11/16/08

Wow, I am shocked at this question. Seriously why would a woman not be able to wear pants?
---Melanie on 11/16/08

remember that christian men didnt wear pants but dresses of sorts during the Bible days. historically breeches were invented in the 16th century.

women didnt wear dresses above the ankle until the mid or late nineteenth century. as far as showing skin is concerned dresses that have a hem at the knee are less modest than slacks which cover the legs entirely.

if your church men cant handle women in modest slacks, then you've got more problems than conforming to a dress code.
---opalgal on 11/15/08

I'd be like your wife! ( Though I wear a dress most Sundays, it's by choice. I'm free to wear slacks...many women in my church do). There's really no substantial Biblical reason for a church to prohibit something like this.

There are so many IMPORTANT truths to teach from the Word of God.
Sounds like they are majoring in the minors.
---Donna66 on 11/15/08

This is one of the issues that i personally have had to deal with. I am a woman that is married but i don't wear dresses, skirts unless I'm at church or very seldom. This is a man made law, In the word Ex. it says woman should not wear clothing pertaining to men, but in those time men wore long robes and woman wore pants. They make pants for woman so we are not wearing men pants. Bottom line, pants will not get you to heaven or keep you out, but if your church requires it like mine does, wear them, so you won't be out of place or offend anyone. Then when you get home put those pants on.
---Addie on 11/15/08

Karen ... Why are pants immodest?

They tend to hide one (actually two!) of the attractive parts of a woman's body.

How then can they be immodest?
---alan_of_UK on 11/15/08

I believe that Women should never wear pants, at home, or at church. It is not Modest at all.
---Karen on 11/14/08

The Bible says we should do all things decent and in order. If it is adopted of your church that women aught not wear pants than so be it. If we dishonor the church rules we dishonor Christ. I no longer wear pants. It was a process. I began just not wearing them to church. Then not wearing them in public. Now not wearing them at all. Christ spoke to my heart.I have not worn them for several years. If we love God we will obey his word. Hence - doing all things decent and in order. All churches have a set of rules and standards that they go by. As christians we must follow those rules. In addition " Wife be submissive to your husband" Beleieve me God will bless you abundantly for doing so.
---Yvonne on 11/2/08

Your wife made an excellent decision. I would not argue the point or try to justify my decision with anyone. Just leave! And she did!Good for her! God looks upon our hearts. What is the condition of the heart of the person who wants to impose these ridiculous rules?This is what he/she should be concerned with. I live by grace and not by rules. I am a Christian! To the bone! I will not be put back under bondage and guilt!
---Robyn on 9/20/08

Good for your wife for taking a stand!
---Deb on 8/12/08

OLD testimate we don't live by the OLD testimate.
---Jennifer on 8/10/08

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I have always thought that God did not want ladies wearing men's garments and men wearing ladies garments so that people were able to tell women and men apart. Haven't you ever seen someone who you thought " hmmm wonder which are they?" I think in bible times a lot of their clothing looked almost the same, whether they were men or women,so I assumed God meant undergarments in Deut. 22:5 . But that is just my opinion. Dress decently and try not to confuse anyone about whether you are a man or a woman. Make sense?
---char on 8/3/08

Ah... Patie, good thought.
But, how can a young man cleanse his way? Only by giving heed to God's word.
Where the Bible is silent on an issue we cannot force or feelings as Bible doctrine.
The Bible DOES NOT say a woman cannot wear slacks.
Even Jack Hyles knows that now.
---Elder on 8/1/08

''Humm..... that would all depend upon the size of the pants in reference to the size of the lady''.

I don't know that size in relation to women wearing slacks, pants or trousers is the issue?

size is a lil too up and personal.
---Carla5754 on 8/1/08


I think that may be a lil trivial to leave the church over. Worshiping together makes good sense to me. Leaving over wearing trousers reminds me of some leaving cos the church disagrees to marry divorcees, there may be other underlying problems in your marriage.

You can't leave to go where you want personally regardless of biblical education on whole subject without understanding clothes doctrine is not only one part. God is the same everywhere he changes not.
---Carla5754 on 8/1/08

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well.... there is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof is death

all things are permissible but not all things are beneficial

lets ask this question..... what is our testimony to the world?

if your appearance sets you apart as a child of God that's fine

the next thing is... do we want to keep the unity of the \spirit? at what cost?

choose the church that helps you move closest to God Amen
---patie3447 on 8/1/08

Humm..... that would all depend upon the size of the pants in reference to the size of the lady.
We cannot go any futher in church dress code than the Bible does. The Bible does not say a woman cannot wear slacks.
Church staff/school members can be required to dress different based upon the fact they are staff members. That is based upon the desire of the Church leadership and not the Scripture.
Which would you rather have, a modest lady in slacks or an unmodest lady in a dress?
---Elder on 7/31/08

Think if Jesus came into most churches today he would be forbidden to enter. A church which denies a female to come to church all because of her desire to wear pants does not understand Jesus wanted people to come as they are not as the church wanted them to be. That is what the Pharasees did to the people and look what it got them. No temple No people and No worship service.
---Dr._David_M._Ward on 7/31/08

A woman should dress with all sobriety her main focus to dress without fashion and vanity in mind, decent and without offending anyone. If pant/trousers offend anyone she should be above herself and be able to dress without speculation adhering to Holiness and meekness If it means wearing a long skirt why not there a lots of very decent long skirts around this year .

We have a long way to go if we are dressing to please ourselves and not care if we offend others.

If people dislike you wearing pants and some churches do( SIMPLE) DON'T ANNOY ANYONE. Be bigger than them and so heap coals on their heads if you used to, by adopting a little change.
---Carla5754 on 7/31/08

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Reference to how men and women should dress is primarily under the Mosaic Law. Galatians 2:16 Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified. Jesus said in Matthew 5:17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. My suggestion: pray, find a great concordance and research it. Believing Christians are justified by their faith in Jesus Christ not by the law.
---Heather on 7/31/08

I have been in a church for 12 years that have preached dresses at all times. Many portray to be wearing dresses at all times but are seen outside the church in pants. What I have seen is the women who wear dresses become self-righteous. Duet.22:5 is often taken out of context. One should read the entire chapter. I believe too much emphasis is placed on works, rather than glorying in the cross in which Jesus fulfilled the law.
---Debra on 7/30/08

It is a spiritual and a practical matter. Why should women be cold in the winter and wear skirst instead of warmer trousers? Surely we are free under Christ, from such stupid rules as this church pastor is bringing in. CONT
---frances008 on 6/14/08

Kellu, in Jesus' day men wore what we would now call a dress, not trousers, shirt and tie. Men's and women's clothing was not vastly different in those days but the shape of the garment would accommodate the different gender. Women were not to wear what was made for a man. Just as 'dresses' were for both men and women then, now trousers are made for both men and women but they are shaped differently to accommodate the male and female form. Women can wear trousers but not men's trousers.
---RitaH on 6/14/08

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Kelly ... I help in a charity shop.
On one occasion I wanted to buy some jeans for myself. I tried on this pair and they were most uncomfortable ... and I found someone had put a pair of ladies jeans on the men's rack!
A woman does not wear men's jeans either as it will make her look like a man.
A Scot will wear the kilt, but it is not a women's item, and does not make him look like a woman.
You miss the point.
---alan_of_UK on 6/14/08

tell me why if a woman can wear mens clothes why cant a man wear womens clothing
---kellu on 6/14/08

MODESTY is the key to our appearance. Dresses can be worn in a provocative way also. I would suggest that your wife is unfulfilled with the worship, or this wouldn't be a deciding factor to her.
We must practice balance in everything we do.
---RICHARD on 6/7/08

I Guess it would be the "Length of a Skirt" that Would be a Problem,
Not, that it's a Skirt...
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/7/08

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It's not about what you wear to church, it's the fact that you are there to learn about god.. Why can't she wear what she wants?
---mary9746 on 6/6/08

NOT ALLOWED to wear pants?? Now that's strange.But that's some of the false churchs for you.Would God turn someone away because they had pants on?? I think not,it is so sad that people would turn away someone in God's house because she had pants on.Or what would they do if a Scottish Lad came in with a Skirt on??? I think you should go to God for that answer Gabby
---Gabby on 6/6/08

Alan - I don't wear skirts to be attractive to men, I do so because I think that's what's appropriate and right for women
---alison on 6/6/08

If you look at the scriptures quoted about the argument of pants they are from the Old Testament which Christian are not holding too. The law given to the Israelites was given to show that they were sinners. Modesty is what is important and showing ourselfs respectively to God. Another point that Paul was making in reference to this is because the woman temple prostitutes would cut they hair and the men prostitutes had long hair
---Ed on 6/5/08

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Strange that you think ladies should wear skirts.
Women do look more attractive in feminine clothing.
Is it right that women should make themselves attractive to men in church?
So why wear skirts?
---alan_of_UK on 6/5/08

i don't think its unreasonable to expect us to wear skirts to church, or at work either. I feel much more feminine that way and femininity is something i think we should value
---alison on 6/5/08

I like Tammy's answer. I'd say wearing some nice pants made for women would be fine. In my church almost all of the women wear dresses and it's kinda controversial for a woman to wear pants. Like Tammy, I think it depends on the societal norms.
---Todd1 on 5/21/08

Vanessa ""that which pertaineth unto a man" actually is referring to armor that a man would wear in battle, meaning women shouldn't be soldiers." from where did you learn that this is what the verse means? I have never heard this before but find it very interesting.
---RitaH on 5/20/08

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Deu. 22:5 "woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment" There are plenty of pants that are made for women. It means we shouldn't dress in clothes made for men, or men dress in women's clothes. bible times they all dressed in robes. Today everyone wears jeans. Women dress in women's clothes. Don't decide not to go to church, find another church.
---Tammy on 5/20/08

I have seen a lot of replies that are using the Dueteronomy 22:5 verse incorrectly. The phrase "that which pertaineth unto a man" actually is referring to armor that a man would wear in battle, meaning women shouldn't be soldiers. It actually has nothing to do with whether a woman wears pants around her normal duties. You can do your own study by using a concordance to learn the Hebrew for those words, or just take the verse in context of the chapter.
---Vanessa on 5/19/08

Just a thought for everyone...think back to the days when Jesus was here in the flesh, walking the earth. Men wore (what we call today) dresses!! Not pants! Actually...I don't think pants were even invented yet back then.
---Holly4jc on 3/24/08

Jesus has given us grace...
The BIble also says to eat only clean animals and not to mix your fabrics? Dont you think if Jesus said all things are pure that includes this as well?
---nellie on 3/24/08

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referring to our sister about breeches in the Exodus. When you look at that text we see that God did not want any part exposed to him. So if that is the case pants are more exceptable to us today than ever before.
---charles on 3/11/08

Read Colossians 2:20-22 >What is the difference between a skirt and a pair of pants? Another stitch!
No make up, no pants...that is all man made doctrines..not biblical at all.It is all Bondage! read the rest of colosians 2. It all looks good to the eye but it does not honor God at all. All these doctrine made up by man are just another way that man can have some sort of control. Not all pants are made skin tight. And if a man can't handle a woman in pants He needs to Hit the altar for real.
---Stacy on 1/29/08

I put the wrong scripture before. Its actually Exodus 28:42-43. Here is the correction:

I disagree with the majority of you. It is actually against the BIBLE to wear pants. Read Exodus 28:42-43. Then look up the definition of breeches in any dictionary. THEN read Deuteronomy 22:5. Its very plain actually.
---Debo on 1/9/08

our God is holly,so if you want to fallow our God you will stay holly also even physical appearance,our God is thesame yesterday today and forever,and let me answer also w/ scripture guide in Exxodus 21 or Deutronomy 22:5
---me on 1/7/08

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I disagree with the majority of you. It is actually against the BIBLE to wear pants. Read Exodus 29:42-43. Then look up ever definition of breeches in any dictionary. THEN read Deuteronomy 22:5. Its very plain actually.
---Debo on 1/7/08

honestly I agree with ur wife, I love pants and my church lets u do so and My pastor only cares about ppl getting to know Jesus Christ and being saved than the clothing, and im not knocking ur church they have the right to have a dress code, but I rather have the right to wear pants if I wanted too.
---ANN on 8/22/07

Did Eve wear a dress and Adam trousers and a shirt? Did Jesus and His disciples wear trousers? Actually the men of the bible would have worn a very similar outfit to the women of those days. The biggest difference would have been what they wore on their heads, not their bodies. Tradition plus the part of the world decides what 'pertaineth to a man' and what pertaineth now is different from what did pertain then.
---RitaH on 8/22/07

So if wearing pants makes you feel like a man, then does a man wearing a kilt feel like a woman? I disagree with your reasoning Angela---I HATE wearing dresses & always wear pants and have no problem feeling like a woman or being feminine. It is a matter of personal taste.
---TT on 8/21/07

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Why would you want to wear pants and look like a man or any other non caring woman. Women look so much more feminine when they wear a dress. I never wear pants, never, always a dress and I feel so much better about myself. God created me to be a woman and I want to look like one.
---Angela on 8/21/07

I do not see anything wrong with a woman wearing pants to church as long as they are not skin tight. It is not about a woman wearing pants, but about the persons heart, because that is what God is looking at. Not the outside, but what is in the heart. Only God sees the heart of us all.
---Cynthia on 8/18/07

I agree with those of who say it is ok for women to wear pants. I know that there are still churches which have lists of rules like "no pants, etc" but it still shocks me to hear this. According to the Bible, the issues are DON'T WEAR MEN'S CLOTHING and DRESS MODESTLY. 1st, those are words to believers, not church leaders making lists of rules. I don't recall any mandates for church leaders to create lists of rules for attenders.
---steve on 8/18/07

2nd, pants are not men's clothing. To come up with that application of these scriptural principles indicates people who want a set of rules to live by and that is not Christianity. Christianity is not a set of rules, it is a relationship with the one and only Living God through His Son, Jesus Christ. If we are walking in relationship with Him, we will choose appropriate clothing and we won't need others telling us how to dress.
---steve on 8/18/07

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Wearing pants to church is not the problem. If a man is going to lust after a woman, he's going to do it no matter what she is wearing. Its how the woman conducts herself that is more important.
---TT on 8/16/07

I believe that women can wear pants to church. But the pants that are for women nowadays are so tight, and they can make a brother stumble. Men have a really big problem with sexual sin, and if you are aware of that, we shouldn't make them stumble by allowing them to lust after us. We shouldn't be a stumbling block to anyone. Women should dress modestly (no cleavage, no tight pants, no skirts above the knees, etc.). That's just my opinion...
---dee on 8/15/07

Robyn I believe he would.
The question is about wearing pants in church. At one time it would have been indecent to wear a dress above the ankle - and at that time it would have been.
Today pants on a woman are not a sign of disrespect.
---Andrea on 8/14/07

Andrea: Would your spouse have a fit if you tried to get him into one of your dresses?
Clothes has nothing to do with salvation and the state of ones' heart.
---Robyn on 8/14/07

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yes, we put them on one leg at a time.
Its really hard if you try to jump into them.

I don't go to any church that encourages dress up. I'm a serious worshiper and I don't want to worry about a dress. Nor do I want to have to worry about dressing up - its so shallow - and what about the people who can't afford to play dress up.

somehow I know there is a scripture for this bc Jesus didn't encourage dresses.
---Andrea on 8/13/07

We don't wear men's clothing - my husband would have a fit if I tried to get him into my slacks.
---Andrea on 8/13/07

Me and a friend (fellow church member) had this conversation not long ago...her argument was that the Bible tells us to wear our best in God's house. That has NOTHING to do with pants. It's our BEST not our pants. And I argued back that "I don't believe that God is only watching me at church...but I always dress appropriately when I leave my house".
---Melissa on 8/13/07

(continuing my post above)There are so many caught up in things to do "while you are in God's house"...well...I also said, and always body is God's house, too.

Therefore, I am ALWAYS mindful of His presence, not just when I am at church. I'd also like to add...that I DO RESPECT her decision, and her conviction, to wear the pants...
---Melissa on 8/13/07

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I'll always be a believer of "if you have the conviction, don't let ANYONE tell you differently"....Because God tells us in the Bible to (in so many words) not cause another to feel guilty or wrong about their feelings about eating meat...that if he feels like it's wrong, then he shouldn't do it, nor should we make him feel bad about it, nor should be try to trick or sway, or lure him into do the opposite.........
---Melissa on 8/13/07

Can't remember where I left off.....Because God tells us in the Bible to (in so many words) not cause another to feel guilty or wrong about their feelings about eating meat...that if he feels like it's wrong, then he shouldn't do it, nor should we make him feel bad about it, nor should be try to trick or sway, or lure him into do the opposite.
---Melissa on 8/13/07

continued from previous posts....I feel strongly that God doesn't care that I wear pants, a dress, whatever, so long as I act like a lady, act like a Christian, while I wear whatever it is. That includes very revealing clothes...that is tempting, so that, I feel, God doesn't want me to appear that way. So, if all else fails, pray about it, consult the man upstairs, and whatever the feeling you get after doing so....go with that...and let nothing else affect you!
---Melissa on 8/13/07

You know it's like every 6 months I have to address this issue. I have never found the word pants in the Bible. If someone else has, please let me know. Please keep in mind the time and place for Deuteronomy 22:5 (wearing what pertain to a man). This was during a time, when there were no men to lead. You should visit the website ActsEighteen.
---Vernon on 7/30/07

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It says women are not to wear mens clothing..Are womens slacks mens clothing? It didnt say women are not to wear clothes similar to men..but mens clothing..ones made for men..In days of Christ everyone wore caftans..caftans for men, caftans for women.Just as women n mens pants today..Goodness, this pastor is out of tune
---jana on 7/27/07

I think the preachers should preach about the bible instead of womens clothes. Jesus wore a robe. Is that so bad.
Go to church and wear what you want to and ignore what people say. They are not the judge.
---Sally on 7/25/07

Wow, I know the feeling- I love slacks I can't imagine myself wearing a dress every day. However if I went to a church that required me to wear one I would in order to keep unity in the body. However I don't go to a church that is that Carnal. I go to a church that focuses more on the inner appearance then on the outer.
---Marcia on 7/12/07

Where does it say in the Bible that she can't?
---Janine on 7/12/07

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Some argue that based on Deuteronomy 22:5, women shouldn't wear "a man's garment". I didn't think Deuteronomy applied to those of us living by the Spirit rather than under the law "if we are led by the Spirit we are not under the law" - in Galatians 5. To those who think this verse is applicable today, do you also follow the commands in deut 22:9,11,12,22?

11 Do not wear clothes of wool and linen woven together.
12 Make tassels on the four corners of the cloak you wear.
---Ben on 5/15/07

What do think about pastors wearing vestments(gowns) in the pulpit. These gowns are designed according to the style of female apparel. Oh well.I have seen many things going on in the church that will raise eyebrows but we do not have to fight every battle. Give it to the Lord. He will take care of it better than we can. Pastors and leaders can be in error. We are to follow godly leaders and pastors not cultist or butchers. Everybody saying Lord, Lord is not going to heaven.
---Robyn on 5/15/07

Heather said, "It shouldn't matter if we wear pants or skirts as long as it is modest." I agree wholeheartedly! Allow me to add, women should wear ladies pants & men should obviously wear only male pants. I believe the "modest apparel" verse (1 Tim 2:9) could also apply to men as well as women, i.e., tight & revealing is too tight!
---Leon on 5/15/07

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