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Is Morris Cerullo A Man Of God

Is Morris Cerullo a man of God?

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 ---Daniel on 1/30/06
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I believe Morris Cerullo is a man of God.
---Cosette on 2/4/08

Maybe not a man of God, but as to his salvation I can say I believe he is saved. Misled and misleading in other areas perhaps but whether or not he knows Jesus Christ as his personal savior I would say yes.
---mima on 6/23/07

No he is a False Prophet.
---Yves on 7/15/06

My only comment is if my memory serves me right, he preaches the prosperty gospel.
---Thomas on 3/16/06

Yes.....Dr. Cerullo is a man of God. I have traveled and worked with this Prophet since the age of 17 years old. I have personaly sat with him and his wife. I do security for the ministry and believe me in private Dr. Cerullo is the same as he is on his platform in the World Conferences and Labor Day Patners Siminars. I have been part of His ministry since 9 years old and worked Security since the age 17 years old and Now I am 29 years old and still faithfully believe in "Dr. Morris Cerullo".
---Joey on 3/1/06

Does he obey matthew 25 ? Is he goat or sheep?
---j on 2/11/06

Absolutely he is...with an incredible call of God on his life. That seems to happen when God gives you a true glimpse of hell, as he did with Morris when he started. The power and the glory are all over his meetings. I've seen more people healed and delivered through the power of God in some of his conferences than anywhere else in my life put together.
---Nicole on 2/10/06

Yes Morris Cerullo is aman of God,The bible encourages us to test every spirit and ihave done that to brother morris cerullo he is a Man of God.
---PATRICK on 1/31/06

Why is this question asked? What's the basis of the question? Would anyone other than our Father in heaven knows the contents of MC's heart? I am wondering why the question is raised, as stated.
---Fel_F. on 1/31/06

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