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I Am Angry All The Time

I am a angry person and it shows all the time. How do I control myself?

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 ---Nita on 1/31/06
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Honey I am sorry for you. This should be a terrible thing for you to deal with. Anger is a demon that is dogging you everyday.What has you so angry?
Also think of your health. Your b/pressure and heart can be affected really bad by this anger,also.
Pray and ask the Lord to deliver you from this "evil"
thing. But you are going to have to learn what you need to do also. Please read scriptures in your bible concerning anger and how to deal with it. Please read Phillipians chapter 4 over and over, until you understand it and can master what it suggests to you. You are going to lose jobs,friends and turn people away from you if you dont learn how to control this demon. God bless you
---Robyn on 11/6/09

Please ask the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer to help you overcome that "ungodly gift". It is another spirit that is influencing you to be angry, it is clear that you are not happy with it. The power to deliver from such is not in medications but in having the Lord Jesus as the Lord of your life OR the driver of the vehicle that YOU ARE. Read Acts 2: 21 & Romans 10:13. Everyone that truly calls on the Lord shall be saved.
---Adetunji on 8/22/09

Pray to the Lord daily and let Him live His life thru you, it's a daily walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. Ask the Lord to maybe connect you with a nice group of Christian people you can share with and don't feel to bad if you slip up. I think it's a daily thing of turning to the Lord when you feel anger.
---Tony on 8/22/09

Solid words Raquel, we should be angry at sin, anything else is inexcuseable and often used as an excuse to judge.
I would avoid the term righteous anger because man is often pious but not righteous. That is a priviledge better left for the creator.
The most fatal fallacy of anger is the person often believes its justified and forgets that God cannot use angry people to build his kingdom (see Moses at the rock). Most of our anger is because we don't like the situation God put us in and we have a better idea.
Most people in prison have anger and self-esteem issues-proof positive of anger's potential and record for destruction of the soul, personal lives and families.
---larry on 8/21/09

Consistent anger, whatever the cause, is being less than our best, especially for the Believer. And although, everyone gets angry from time to time, part of the Believer's Divine endowment are peace and sound mind. Moreover, we have the added promise that whatever happens is used for our good. In essence, the Believer is preserved from all evil. That includes those things that could cause us to become angry.

Isaiah 54:10, Romans 8:28, Psalms 121:7-8 and 2 Timothy 1:7
---Janze on 8/21/09

Now a days we have a lot to be angry about. There is righteous anger. In that, so few people has no regard for God and therefore, no regard for man. Righteous anger, more Christians should have it. Any other kind of anger is a sin...Speaking of Christians>>>Jesus is the Old and the New Testament. So few people really knows what true Christianity is. Jesus has emotions. So do we. Being Christ-like, means much more than smiling like Jesus all day long. I really believe that Jesus did not have a whole lot to smile about when He was here. Strive to please God and not man.
---catherine on 8/21/09

Some of your comments seem self-righteous. Someone could be angry at a molester, murderer or whatever. Be tender with your comments. Out of control anger can cause u 2 sin The cause maybe a circumstance that isn't changing. The best response would be to teach people how to deal with anger when it has caused tremendous hurt. They need to know how to release it slowly because its a process. And not to do any harm because of it To get sudden changes you have to take small steps. Not told that they need to experience Love. Anger is a natual emotion. Prolonged anger is unhealthy. Take small steps to get big changes. Tell God daily and right down what hurts you. Pray until something happens. God know and will see you through your pain.
---Raquel on 8/15/09

go and pray to God for a long time. Anger could be a problem if the root is control, or beyond that have a problem w/ God being the controler and not you. You cant do anything about it, only jesus can.
---mark_B. on 11/27/07

Mickey :: What are the side effects of Paxil and Prosac consult Your doc or Pharmacist or Google.What induces anger,are you saying its a sickness?Then why is it a commandment "Thou shalt not kill".This is the root of self induced anger.Anger can be controlled only if the person requires to control,their original "temper tantrums" IMHO.
---Emcee on 11/26/07

Paxil, Prozac, many other meds can help.
See your doctor, be thankful for the science. Been there, done that.
---Mickey on 11/26/07

Well, in the first place you wouldn't be if you got together with God and rumple with Him. Let God teach you how to laugh and pretty soon you will be angry no more.
---catherine on 11/26/07

Constant anger is not normal. Maybe you've opened up a door to a tormenting spirit that has never been shut and it's still influencing you.

It may take a deliverance to be delivered of temper, anger.
The joy of the Lord is our strength and it has nothing to do with any human attribute.
There isn't any attribute of a human that removes ungodly, unnatural anger. Especially if it's with you all the time. Only God can do that.
---Larry on 11/26/07

Anger is a reaction to something you do not approve of AT THE TIME.It is the absence of the love of God in your life AT THE TIME.The emotion to control anger is love, the will to serve only Him.
---Emcee on 11/26/07

Being angry all the time is so easy. Anybody can be angry all the time.

It takes somebody with a lot of creativity, intellegence, humor, love, patience, understanding, imagination and prayer to be happy.
---sue on 11/26/07

Blessings to all, anger is normal, but if you do not let it go, it can be very destructive. The best thing that I have found to deal with anger, is the Word of God. When I get angry, I start reading the Bible. The Psalms are very peaceful. Read and meditate on God's word. Soon the anger will disappear. God Bless friends!
---Cynthia on 11/26/07

I have been living with anger all my life. I have been on meds for depression off and on for the past 7 or 8 years. The meds don't work and I don't think the depression has anything to do with it. If you find anything that works for you, let me know.
---William on 11/25/07

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Ephesians 4:26 says:
"Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath"

Basically, being angry ITSELF is not a sin - Jesus got angry plenty of times (at Peter, at the fig tree, at the money changers in the temple, at the Pharisees). Does this mean he sinned?

It's OK to be angry without sinning. If you get angry quickly, make sure you stop being angry quickly as well. If you dwell on it, and let it get cold, it becomes malevolent and festers. Very bad.
---Mark on 8/21/07

The problem with just controlling anger is that it tends to come out "sideways' and then we don't understand its source.

God already knows you are angry - so give it to Him. Find a solitary spot and let Him have it - remembering that He has already read your heart and still chooses you.

When i got saved God took 90% of my anger but I managed to do a lot of harm with that remaining 10% so I suggest some real honest Christian counseling.
PS: stay honest
---Andrea on 8/21/07

Most importantly, pray continually for God's help. Also read the Bible regularly - it teaches you, plus helps fill your mind with good and pure things. Also make sure you are fully surrendered to God. On the other hand, realize that there will be struggles with the flesh. Read the book of Romans.
---Debby3588 on 8/21/07

Learn to Love yourself, do some soul searching, find out what you like and don't like. Find out your strengths and your weaknesses and then accept them. Then draw close to God in prayer and praise. Start thanking him for the little things in life. Find SOUL CONTENTMENT. Let go of all grudges and resentements. Be free in Christ beloved, that is my prayer for u.
---Marcia on 8/21/07

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There is anger which is sin.

My mother used to perfectly mess with things I liked, and I could get very upset at her and self-righteously criticize her. THIS was not loving her like Jesus wants, so it was sin. Plus, while I was prayerful, I could see that the things I could get angry about, because of her messing with them, WERE selfish interests. So, my angry reacting was selfish and therefore sinful.
---Bill_bila5659 on 8/20/07

I feel for you my friend. Anger is very dangerous to yourself and others. It will effect your health also, in the long run. Your blood pressure can go up, you are at risk for cancer and many other type illnesses. Please find help today and root out the causes of your anger.
---Robyn on 8/20/07

Are you trying to keep the Law? The law works wrath and the wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God. Know that you can have a perfectly wonderful relationship with God through Jesus Christ alone. That means He loves you as His own apart from your behavior. Really, that is all you need. A revelation of His great love for you.
---Linda on 8/20/07

Look for the root of your anger and let God heal it. If you need help finding it, get help from a licensed therapist. Usually, if someone is angry all the time, there is something deeper than just circumstances in the present.
---Madison on 8/20/07

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Madison. Anger is an emotion and as long as you control it you have not sinned? Then you would also have to say lust is an emotion, and as long as you don't act upon it then you have not sinned? But Jesus says lust is adultery of the heart. That's sin. Anger is sin. It's a sinful emotion just like hate, lust, and unforgiveness.
---john on 2/2/06

Madison, No, I am not saying all anger is sin. Somethings we should get angry about. I understand there are times other factors enter in. It might be bitterness,unforgiveness, and resentments. It could be hormones, or a chemical imbalance (I have such a problem). That did not mean I did not have to get right with God, concerning my attitude, and all other problems I listed.
Here is what Jesus said about anger. Matthew 5:22
---Ulrika on 2/2/06

The Bible says be angry and sin not,let not the sun go down upon your wrath,read Ephesians4:22-32. This plainly shows anger can be a sin if we don't repent of it and make things right, ask for forgiveness, of those we hurt with our anger. It is up to us to find the cause,anger is born of repeated frustration with something or someone,could even be yourself. Search your self to find the root of that anger. Anything we allow to become an action or to cultivate in our mind and hearts becomes sin.
---Darlene_1 on 2/2/06

I believe anger is a sin only if acted upon. IMHO
---NV_Barbara on 2/2/06

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Dear Nita, Sometimes, anger can be a symptom of something else. Before I was diagnosed with depression, I felt anger at almost everyrthing. Nothing was right in my life, and I was angry. Since seeking treatment, I have recovered from my depression, thank the Lord, and I am no longer angry. My husband is so pleased to get his wife back. Perhaps you need to seek out the cause of your anger. Love
---Margaret on 2/2/06

John: Anger is an emotion. Our behavior is sin, not our emotions. If, in my anger, I hurt someone, or say something inappropriate, then I have sinned. If I become angry, and pray about it and work through it without hurting anyone and without saying something inappropriate, then I have not sinned.
---Madison on 2/2/06

Madison. Ulrika is correct. Anger is a sin. I think the only anger that is not a sin is righteous anger. That is what Jesus had. He had anger and did not sin. I don't think He walked around all day in anger did He?
---john on 2/2/06

Anger is a work of the flesh. We all get angry from time to time, but the bible says not to sin while your angry. It isn't a sin to be angry it is how you react from your anger. Anger brings it's own punishment Job 5:2, Pr 19;19, 25:28. Anger is an emotion of instant displeasure on account of something evil that presents itself to our view, ask God why you stay angry, ask him to search your heart to see what is causing all this anger. Then when you find the cause, then you can work on it, with God's help.
---Rebecca_D on 2/1/06

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Ulrika: Are you saying that anger is sin? If so, why does scripture say "In your anger, sin not." Also, Jesus had anger toward the money changers, and He was without sin.
---Madison on 2/1/06

As with any habitual sin, pray. Confess and repent of your sin to God. Read scripture.
1Corinthians 10:13, Ephesians 6:11-18
---Ulrika on 2/1/06

John is right-on!! Start being thankful. Make lists if you have to and anger will disapate. It's impossible to be thankful and angry and complaining at the same time.
---eec on 2/1/06

release you bitterness and let the HOLY Spirit ministerto you
---willow on 2/1/06

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The fact that you are aware of your anger is already a big step to overcome it. The Bible refers to anger as a spirit. We are told to overcome evil with good, right? Then you being thankful would expel anger. I doubt very much that if you were thankful for everything the Lord has given you that you would still be angry. Ask Him to help you to be thankful. Do it now and see what happens.
---john on 2/1/06

Pray, pray, pray! The Lord will help you with this. I was the same way.
---Melissa on 1/31/06

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