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Predestined To Heaven Or Hell

Does 2 Thessalonians 2:13 speak to the subject of predestination? If so, does this verse in fact support predestination and/or once saved always saved.

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 ---mima on 1/31/06
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There are some good articles on the Internet from a Reformed prospective on Double Predestination and Election try doing some searches on Google or using the search engine of your choice.

Remember putting strings in quotes make them literals and drastically reduces the responses in you hit list.
---Phil_the_Elder on 9/24/07

I would like to know about some people that beleive that they are predestin to go to heaven and that they do not have to witness to anyone or not try to lead them to christ.Where in the bible does it say that
---christopher_b_menard on 2/26/06

hit a wrong # it is 8474
---douglas on 2/1/06

my email at the net is doug8424 for SERIOUS discussion, NOT arguing if anyone is intersted
---douglas on 2/1/06

Tommy, Gods foreknowledge includes both knowledge of the person as well as the choices. That is why it is omniscience/all knowing. We still have a choice to make.
---douglas on 2/1/06

I'm not going to get into this any deeper than to challenge Douglas concerning his remarks. If you will re-read the passages you refer to about God foreknowing, you will see it says " for 'WHOM' he did foreknow," not what He did foreknow, that means that He had a personal knowledge of the people, not what they would or would not do.
---tommy3007 on 2/1/06

This is one of the toughest doctrinal issues to get in to. I believe we are formed, as in Jeremiah, with a purpose in mind. God knows each of us, before we are even conceived. This is also a good pro-life truth. However, I think we still have free will, to fulfill His purpose to some extent or turn our back completely.
-- blessed by the Best, in georgia --
---mike on 2/1/06

I do not believe that we are predestined TO BE SAVED. If we were, everyone else would be predestined TO GO TO HELL. Scripture says - to the saved - that we are 'predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son'. There would be no point in verses about God not being willing for any to be lost etc. if He had predestined some for heaven and some for hell. God does not allow people to be born deliberately for the purpose of handing them over to the devil.
---M.P. on 2/1/06

pt 3 Once saved always saved, EMPHATICALLY, YES. Anyone who comes to the Son will not be turned away, He will raise him up at the last day Eph 1:13 "You, too, have heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you BELIEVED in him YOU WERE SEALED with the promised Holy Spirit." In 1Cor it says we are bought/purchased, God now owns, us if we could lose our salvation, then what about His omnipotence? He wouldn't have any and He wouldn't be God
---douglas on 2/1/06

pt 2. I truly think that there is a loss in the understanding of election and predestination in todays church. Jesus said many are called few are chosen and that is where i think people have gotten confused, we have to remember God has forknowledge/omniscience.
People are not 'specifically' chosen to go to heaven or hell, no one is even chosen to go to hell. Hell is for the devill and his angels, unfortunately by denying the Lord many choose for themselves to go to hell
---douglas on 2/1/06

No, I believe that Paul was writing to encourage the thess. church as they thought the second coming had already happened and they missed it
Peter says 'the Lord is not willing that any should perish' Jesus said that He came to seek and save that which is lost. Predestination as far as I can figure is for those who've already given their lives to the Lord. In His omniscience He knew who would or would'nt accept Him so in that forknowledge He predestined them to be conformed to the image of the Son.
---douglas on 2/1/06

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