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Religion Is The Root Of Evil

Has anyone seen Richard Dawkins? He is a militant atheist scientist at Oxford University. He says plausibly that religion is the root of all evil.

Moderator - He is probably close. That is why we need Christianity instead of religion.

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 ---alan8869_of_UK on 2/1/06
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A lie requires both a false statement and the intent to deceive. By "incoherent nonsense", are you referring to that you despise wisdom and instruction, hate knowledge, profess yourself to be wise, but became a fool, are a natural man, your knowledge puffeth up, resist the truth, are unlearned and unstable, are a hypocrite, and a false prophet. Since you insist on using a prophetic form (as if you were speaking under a divine inflatus), and don't speak the word of the Lord, you are a false prophet*. The blog "Your Favorite Bible Verses", Shawn_M.T. on 4/24/09. "That's 'Hilarious."
*Deuteronomy 13:1-3, 18:20-22, Jeremiah 14:4, 23:31-32, 37, Ezekiel 13:2-7, Micah 3:5, 2Peter 1:20-21.
---Glenn on 4/24/09

This statement by Don Koennig,
"Religion is basically satanic.
All religion contains methods, rituals and practices for man to become righteous enough to ascend or evolve to God. All religion thus believes in the need for one to become self righteous. True Christianity is the complete opposite. True Christianity believes in God's righteousness. Because of His righteousness, Jesus the creator, died for our sins and breached the gap between God and man. True Christianity believes God provides a free gift of eternal life to anyone who trusts in Him (has faith) that God is graceful and sent His Son to save those who believe in His righteousness. Is very descriptive! Clearly drawn the line between religion and Christianity!!!!
---mima on 4/25/09

To Whosoever Has An Ear To Hear?

Glenn, That's 'Hilarious'!!! The deception of your first 'Lie' was when you posted underneath another name, after questioning me about having & using a second name(sound like you were asking me out of a Guilty Conscious).

...and Your Malicious intent, once again is your fruitless and futile point of trying to piece together this incoherent nonsense just to slander a fellow Brother in the Lord, all of which to make yourself feel justified in your 'Personal' problem with me stating To Whosoever Has...

Brother, I Pray & Hope that you'll learn that discussion in the Name of the Lord, are done for Christ sake, and not for your own malicious intents derived from your guilty conscious.
---Shawn_M.T. on 4/24/09

G: The blog of 4/23 should have said Glenn, rather than G. There was no malintent, but I apologize to you.

Shawn_M.T.: To be slanderous, it would have to either be a lie, or to be done with malicious intent. Though, I did make a judgment. Your illustration (4/21) concerning 'insanity' was expanded to include [or attempting to correct you].
Based on the the following blog replies, you are also a hypocrite. (4/23) "Has God Predestined Us": Anne, "Religion Is The Root Of Evil": DDM, and (4/22) "Does Science Lack Faith": To Whosoever..., "Once Saved Always Saved" & "Can God's Seal Be Broken": Anne, "Bad Fruit Is Not A Christian": Debbie.
James 3. -Glenn
---Glenn on 4/24/09

Dawkins fits the biblical definition of a fool.
Starting with Lucifer its rebellion that is the root of all evil.
Silly goose.
Actually its more serious than that noting that if Dawkins does not come to salvation he will find that he was made in God's image and is a spiritual being that will live hell.
---larry on 4/24/09

Unfortunately, non-believers include the body of Christ in with all other religious groups. We have heard that religion was the reason Christ was crucified. We know the media has a field day every time a church representative is caught committing a sin and/or crime. We know a lot of people don't attend church because they observe so called Christians living sinful lifestyles. Most important the enemy is out there trying his best to delay his down fall. Selective groups are trying to completely remove God's laws and words from all government documents. They took prayer out of our schools and our family morals and values have deteriorated. The body of Christ is Christianity not religion.
---Bob on 4/23/09


That Posting to Debbie was posted on the wrong Blog.

<<< "Your query of 4/21 "despise wisdom and instruction"/Proverbs 1:7, "hated knowledge"/Proverbs 1:21-(29)-33, fit "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools"/Romans 1:21-22, are a "natural man"/1Corinthians 2:1-(14)-16, (your) "knowledge puffeth up"/1Corinthians 8:1-2, "resist the truth"/2Timothy 3:7-8, are "unlearned and unstable"/2Peter 3:16.!
---G on 4/23/09" >>>

When Talking about Making No Sense At All : What Is All This Incoherent Baal? To Pieces Together Whatever Sounds Pleasing, Just To Suite A Slanderous Agenda, Is A Very Clear Sign Of Your Un-Godly Doctrine!!
---Shawn_M.T. on 4/23/09


The key word is 'CLAIM' TO BE CHRISTIANS!! The Lord Himself says, He Knows Not EVERYONE Who Claims & Says Lord Lord, for out of the many('Your majority' 79% of Americans CLAIMING Christianity) that are called, few are chosen.

Brother, You've only proved your earlier ranting against President Obama as being nothing but 'Judgmental' and Un-Godly!!

As I stated earlier, We see now that you clearly live in denial of the Truth....and the Truth is this Country isn't just made up of Christians, Jews or Muslims?---Shawn_M.T. on 4/21/09

Serve the Lord, by tending to all things according to His Word as we're Commanded to follow & abide in the Truth, with Humility & Patience and you'll find your Life Richly Bless.
---Shawn_M.T. on 4/23/09

Shawn M.T.:
I'm not sure what the blog etiquette is concerning going off topic, but will assume it is usually correct to answer comments addressed to oneself.
Your query of 4/21 has its' logic since you: "despise wisdom and instruction" / Proverbs 1:7, "hated knowledge" / Proverbs 1:21-(29)-33, fit "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools" / Romans 1:21-22, are a "natural man" / 1Corinthians 2:1-(14)-16, (your) "knowledge puffeth up" / 1Corinthians 8:1-2, "resist the truth" / 2Timothy 3:7-8, are "unlearned and unstable" / 2Peter 3:16.
Your response to Duane, third paragraph, on 4/21 makes no sense!
---G on 4/23/09

This Country was/is founded/grounded on the pricipalities of Christianity and Judaism,
No Duh we arn't that way any longer, take a look around, Godlessness everywhere,
79% of Americans CLAIM to be Christian,
YOU were saying!

No, we've just become a country with a form of Godliness and we deny him everyday by our actions!

What happened to majority rules(?), we are changing(taking God outta everything) for the sake of a couple people(Minority).
---Duane_Dudley_Martin_Jr. on 4/23/09

--DDM: "He just said the other day, That America IS NOT a country of Christian, Judaism or Islam, BUT a nation of Citizens
---Duane_Dudley_Martin_Jr. on 4/21/09"

The thing about the Truth of the Lord is, it calls for us to not Live in denial of the Truth.....and the Truth is this Country isn't just made up of Christians, Jews or Muslims?

DDM, We see now that you clearly live in denial, so it's obvious why you view President Obama as supporting a botched abortion, instead of seeing the Truth of the Humanity of Mercy.

I Pray & Hope God touches your heart and open your eyes!!!

Peace Unto You & God Bless
---Shawn_M.T. on 4/21/09

To Whosoever Has An Ear To Hear?

A definition of "Insanity' is "To continuously ask the same question, expecting a different answer or response.

1)Stop saying "To Whosoever Has An Ear To Hear", since you are neither Jesus, nor prophesying in his name.---Glenn on 4/18/09

2)Please, don't speak ex cathedra.---Glenn on 4/21/09

Good Day & God Bless You
---Shawn_M.T. on 4/21/09

To gain the Wisdom of why President Obama DOESN'T support abortion but isn't up rooting it either, Read Matt.13:24:30. The tares of abortion aren't to be planted in our personal Lives and President Obama doesn't in his own BUT we're also to realize the Wisdom that the evil tares that are already in the world, won't be root up until the Harvest.
---Shawn_M.T. on 4/20/09

Are you KIDDING me?
Obama, "supports" the murder of a botched abortion, to actually kill the baby that didn't die during an abortion attempt.

He just said the other day, That America IS NOT a country of Christian, Judaism or Islam, BUT a nation of Citizens...

I heard that come out of his own mouth, Live and in another country to boot..
---Duane_Dudley_Martin_Jr. on 4/21/09

While believing that it was implied, please insert "the love of" in the seventh sentence previously written (Glenn on 4/18/09). Job 20:15, 1Timothy 6:5-10 and Titus 1:11 concern avarice, especially to those who would use ministry for their own aim, and not God's purpose(s). Verse 11 addresses 1-10. Yes, the love of money is the root of covetousness. Other roots are Deuteronomy 29:18, Isaiah 5:24, Matthew 3:10 / Luke 3:9, Hebrew 12:15.

p.s. I was referring to your sharing with Miche3754 a too similar style of writing, a theological quirk, and in your mutual approbation.
p.s.2 Letters have a numerical value in Greek, Hebrew, and Latin. Otherwise, no.
p.s.3 Please, don't speak ex cathedra.
---Glenn on 4/21/09

--Debbie:"What are Obama's fruits telling us? He denies our nation as being Christian. He supports abortion. He bows to Muslim leaders?---Debbie on 4/11/09 Obama Bows To Muslims"

Sounds like the instigating of "Murmuring" but we'll Pray for the Truth instead! Which is, the Nation isn't made up of just Christians. A bow means nothing to us who worship in Spirit & Truth.

To gain the Wisdom of why President Obama DOESN'T support abortion but isn't up rooting it either, Read Matt.13:24:30. The tares of abortion aren't to be planted in our personal Lives and President Obama doesn't in his own BUT we're also to realize the Wisdom that the evil tares that are already in the world, won't be root up until the Harvest.
---Shawn_M.T. on 4/20/09

The source of all evil has its roots in the heart of Satan. Dawkins is just another little dupe of his father, the devil.
---jerry6593 on 4/20/09

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To Whosoever Has An Ear To Hear?

Does any one here have a relationship with the Spirit and can comprehend the Light of God's Word and realize that It's the "LOVE" of money that's the root of all evil.



IRONIC, an atheist(a militant atheist at that) spending much of his time cursing something which for him doesn't exit....LOL....making him not to good of an atheist.

Maybe he's a sheep in wolfs clothing, cry out for HELP!

Oh Ya....I don't know what my middle name has to do with anything, but it isn't Mich3754. Glenn, That's not even much of a name(not even for a middle name). Do people where you're live at have numbers in their name? Hmmmmmmm....
---Shawn_M.T. on 4/20/09

And Dawkins is wrong on this point of religion being the cause. Money is the root and religion is used by evil men and women to mask the root. We listen to leaders say, "I'm a Christian", and yet they fly their military half-way across the globe to kill the non-Christians. The motive is always money at the root. Money is the root of all evil. You find a war, trace the root. The economy is collapsing: what happened to the money?
---sam7489 on 4/19/09

To me, it seems that Richard Dawkins is another closed minded fool who spends much of his time cursing at a God that he says doesn't exist. Matthew 6:22-23, 12:34-35, Mark 7:21-23 say evil comes from within the heart. Romans 1:18-32 shows that God is wrathful against those "who hold the truth in unrighteousness." Galatians 5:19-21 concerns the work of the flesh. James 1:13 says God does not tempt evil. When reading 1Timothy 6:10 think of all types of evil, rather than all. There is/are some evil that doesn't have money as a root.


p.s. Shawn_M.T. Stop saying "To Whosoever Has An Ear To Hear", since you are neither Jesus, nor prophesying in his name. Does the _M. stand for Misch3754.
---Glenn on 4/18/09

To Whosoever Has An Ear To Hear?

MONEY ISN'T THE ROOT OF EVIL!! It's the "LOVE" of money that's the root of all evil :1Timothy 6:10.

The evil things in this world aren't Perfect, as the Truth of the Word but the fact that nothing else, like religions, are perfect either, isn't what makes them evil.

When we let ourselves covet any religion as being as Perfect as the Truth of the Word and faithfully listen & do everything that that religion dictates for us to do, instead of endeavoring to listen to & grow a relationship with the Holy Spirit, is when that religion has become piercingly & sorrowfully evil to our spiritual walk.

Non-evil thing can become evil unto us, when we covet them over the Truth!!!!!
---Shawn_M.T. on 4/18/09

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"Plausibly religion is the root of all evil". The saying is "MONEY is the root of all evil"The latter is of a cetainty, but the other is open to arguement giving rise to Plausibility."Reason due to diverse religious affiliations" .Not of one Flock.Mix Atheisim into this pot of stew.!!!Mod is partialally right:christianity is the direction, But JESUS is perfectly correct. Matt16:13-19 and HE IS GOD.
---MIC on 3/30/09

One of the individuals that posted before me claimed that the greatest atrocities in the last century were the result of atheism. This is not true, all of the groups were only atheist in that they did not believe in god. They did not hold up the atheist values such as actually thinking before acting, All the groups cited were communist or socialist and dropped rationalism for social extremism. They dropped their former religions and grabbed a hold of a new one.And as for the most atrocious event in the last century look towards the Holocaust. Everyone falsely accuses Hitler of being Atheist but he held the tenets of several religions. Christianity, Norse Mythology, and also worshiped his mother as a diety.
---Joseph on 3/29/09

I dont agree with him...Judging others is the root of all evil..insulting others is the root of all evil, to speak insultingly of others whom are dead is the root of all evil...everything that is against God's way is the root of all evil..there is nothing wrong with religion, its how people use it..
---jana on 6/26/07

catherine, the burden is not on your shoulders.
Matthew 11:30
Jesus says,
For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.

Jesus - the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.
---Toby on 6/21/07

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The word religion used to mean worshiping
God but now it means Idolatry
Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
---exzucuh on 6/21/07

1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

So basically it is a heart condition or a spiritual defect not money not religion, Money is Good in the hands of Good people but in the hands of evil people it can start wars.
---exzucuh on 6/21/07

I haven't heard of Dawkins, but he has a good point! I am not a fan of religion at all. It is all about legalism and oppression. I am all about relationship, one with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. That is what the world needs - not religion.
---maryj9396 on 6/20/07

Anti Godness is the root of ALLLLLLLLL evil..remember, satan hates God and he therefore creates all kinds of ugliness thru anything, humans, animals etc..anything to get back at God Almighty..Lord come Jesus
---jana on 6/20/07

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The only thing worse than religion is athiesm. Christians, Muslims and other religious groups have done a lot of damage in the name of God over the centuries, but nothing compares to the atrocities committed in the name of no god - hundreds of millions within a single century by Atheists in Russia, China, North Korea, etc.
---lorra8574 on 6/19/07

Good answer moderator: It is a big responsibilty that God has placed on us, True Believers.
---catherine on 6/19/07

Lupe ...# 3 Now you KNOW what I am going to say ... you cannot all be right. You KNOW that you cannot all be right.
There is the distinct possibility that what some of you KNOW to be the truth is in fact not the truth. So I prefer always to use the word "believe" when it is a matter of faith.
---alan8869_of_UK on 6/19/07

thost that say religion is the root of all evil lump christianity in with them but this isn't always the case, Ideology is the cause of War, when religious people can openly talk they usually work out the problems but when pride comes in that causes conflict. The greatest conflict is from Islam in history, when they started coming into Europe then Christians decided war was better then missions. That was when it broke down. getting back to the Gospel could stop alot of the "evil" present today.
---Jared on 11/14/06

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Elton John wants all religion banned. He agrees with you RachelR.
The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. 2 Cor. 3:6 As ministers of the new covenant, not of the letter but of the Holy Spirit. Religion kills, but Christianity gives life.
---Paul on 11/14/06

The best thing to do with money if it becomes an to put a foot on it. This represents symbolic dominion. FEEL the change in your attitude towards money when you are through. Paper doesn't control you.

---Reiter on 11/14/06 Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil. Because he lacks understanding, he will find much delusion.
---Linda6563 on 11/13/06

In the book of James he is speaking to the twelve tribes scattered among the nation was saying in James 1:37 "Religion that God accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." Any religion that does not practice this is not living according to the Bible. Each religion has their own interpretation of the bible and who are we to judge who is right and who is wrong.
---Norma7374 on 11/13/06

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I have not seen him, he may be wise in his own eyes but my Bible says the LOVE of money is the root of evil, my Bible also says a fool has said in his heart their is no God.
---Jeanne on 11/13/06

religion maybe but NOT the TRUTH followerrs of Jesus who have repented andbeen born again Are NOT THE ROOT OF EVIL it is people who claim to belonmg to a certain religion witjhouit followinmg its terachings
---doree4573 on 11/13/06

Religion is at the root of Very Much evil, but we may be giving it too much credit to say that it is the cause of all evil. We must give lust and greed some credit, too.

---Reiter on 11/13/06

Many confuse formal denominational religion with the true Church of Christ. Over 75% of the people equal they're going to church with salvation. Talk about being blinded. If the blind lead the blind both fall in the ditch.
---mima on 5/11/06

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"poor twisted people"? Looks like someone enjoys pointing fingers and condemning fellow Christians.

Matthew 7:3
And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
Luke 6:37
Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:
Read: Matt. 5:22
---chris on 5/11/06

Your condecension us is noted. However, you trifle with eternity at your own peril.

If you were honest, not interested in appearing smugly superior, you could investigate, and see the MANY proofs of the veracity of Scripture.

Until you look at things, seeing truth, you are in a precarious situation. You are like a spider being held by its silk over a fire. It is merely the good pleasure of God keeping you from it.

It is a fearful thing to fall into the hand of an angry God.
---John_T on 5/11/06

Jake, you say "How you delude yourselves about the inevitibility of death." Who doyou think does this, and how?
---christina on 5/11/06

He lacks understanding. The root of all evil is the love of money. (1 Tim. 6:10)
---josef on 5/11/06

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you poor twisted people. How you delude yourselves about the inevitibility of death. Very primitive of you. Why don't you start worshipping the Harbor Bridge or the Budget.
---Jake on 5/10/06

Alan: You seem to indicate that there are no absolutes that we may really KNOW in the Bible. Do you really believe that? If that were the case, you would be very close to a moral relativist.
---jerry6593 on 3/31/06

James 1:27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. this is the definition of religion. Charity and Holiness. what you are talking about is Idolatry. Idolatrous religion is the tool of satan to bring schisims into the church and defamation of character to christians.exzucuh
---Exzucuh on 3/30/06

Paulie ... Richard Dawkin knows that, but turns the quote round to say "No it is religion that is the root of all evil" And he has a plausible argument, that in the TV broadcast was given extra strength by the arrogant hate-filled ranting of a pastor who would not bother with reason. That was the point of my blog, that it is important that we do not let our side down by the way in which we present our case, as many do ... it happens here.
---alan_of_uK on 3/11/06

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Actually, he is more correct than he knows. "Religion" has caused a lot of people to miss out on Heaven. Religion has deluded millions into thinking that God (or a god) will reward their "goodness". Religion has kept people in bondage to rites and rituals, traditions and laws. They live and die believing that the answers are in religion rather than a relationship...relationship with God through the loving sacrifice of His Son, Jesus.
---Donna on 3/11/06

Funny. Jesus says that the love of money is the root of all evil.
---Paulie on 3/10/06

And gee wiz, I thought animism, pantheism, and other forms of paganism were forms of Creation worship, the deification of Nature. I guess they are under a different definition. I always thought atheists were philosophical materialist. A-without theist-deity. Dummy me!
---slcGuy on 2/6/06

SLCGuy: Not so! :) When people reject God they worship "themselves". Knowingly or unknowingly (based on their unfounded opinions) they choose to ignore the evidence (facts) & place (posture) themselves above God (Ro. 1:28). Don't fool yourself -- SELF worship is indeed CREATION worship.

A dictionary, thesaurus, etc., are excellent tools; but, should not be placed on par with the Bible.
---Leon on 2/6/06

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Mr. Leon; Atheism is not the worship of the 'creation' Worship of the creation is animism, or pantheism. Atheism is a lack of belief in anything, any divinity, I suggest checking the dictionary. Religion, and historical Christianity, be it protestant, or more often Catholic has produced great evils, however, atheistic beliefs, such as communism, have produced the greatest evils in the 20th century.
---SLCGuy on 2/6/06

Alan...: I KNOW what you mean? :)
---Leon on 2/5/06

Leon ...# 5 So many different KNOWs conflicting with each other Now this is all OK, we can argue these different opposing truths. But Dawkins is correct when he says that this leads to evil, because sooner or later the various people who KNOW different things have started to persecute each other, and the fields have run with blood.
Of course atheism can lead to the same thing, as in communist Russia, denial of a divinity was used as a tool to suppress any freedom of thought or belief.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/5/06

Leon ...# 4 or "I KNOW once saved always saved" or "I KNOW that faith without following works will be enough" or "I KNOW that Faith without following works will not get yuo to heaven" or "I KNOW that the Tribulation will last x/y/z years" or "I KNOW that it is wrong to vote Democrat/Republican" or "I KNOW that Creation took 6 days" or "I KNOW that Creation took longer then 6 days"
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/5/06

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Leon ...# 3 But there is still in my mind a similarity between the athiest and his "I know there is no god" and some Christians who say things like "I KNOW there is no free-will" or "I KNOW I accepted Jesus by freewill" or "I KNOW that praying to Mary will get you to Hell" or "I KNOW it is a sin to drink alcohol" or "I KNOW that it is a sin not to worship on the true Saturday Sabbath", or cont ...
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/5/06

Leon ...# 2 I can see the honesty of an AGNOSTIC, who can say anything from "I do not believe there is a God, because He has not been proved to my satisfaction" through to "I am not at all sure about whether there is a God"
But the ATHIEST is not really honest, because he claims something as fact ("I know there is no god") which he cannot prove.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/5/06

Leon ... I hope you realise from my previous blogs that I have been stating what the atheist belief is, and that it is not my belief. Yes, it is absurd because they claim there is no God, but do not try to prove it. And how could they prove it, particularly as they claim to be always seeking further information, and are therefore not allknowing??
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/5/06

SlcGuy: The "athesist religion" (belief system, philosophy) is the "religion of fools". (Ps. 14:1 & 53:1)

Man either worships the One True & Living God (the Creator) or he/she worships the creation. (Romans 1:18-32)
---Leon on 2/5/06

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"What is the worst religion?" Reference my comments 2/4/06 regarding 1 Tim 6:3-10. The "religion" of coveting, loving & serving money (Lk. 6:24) is the absolute worst. The Bible says it is the "ROOT" of all evil.
---Leon on 2/5/06

Whats wrong with this picture? Micro; A murderer kills someone. The 'unsaved' victim burns. The murderer goes to prison, gets 'saved' and goes to heaven. Macro; Nazis kill millions of Jews and others in WW2, the Germans, are mostly Catholic or Luthern, they go to heaven, the victims, by the millions go to hell? A Mother Theresa(or someone like her) leads a 'Christlike' life, dies, and burns. A person is evil all their life, make a deathbed confession and goes to heaven.
---SLCguy on 2/5/06

Alan...: I believe you see how looney (absurd, foolish) the athesist position is? On one hand, "they say they're not all-knowing".On the other hand they say there's no God. How do they know that if they don't know everything?

Dawkins' delusion Christians...are "the dangerous people", because in his opinion we're know it alls, is madness (reprobate). Our claim is one of relationship to the One who knows all -- Omniscient God. Sadly, athesist are like dogs chasing their tail.
---Leon on 2/5/06

Peter I know what you mean, but you react too much against the word 'religion'. In my Oxford dictionary, one of the definitions of religion is:
"human recognition of supernatural controlling power and especially of a personal God entitled to obedience"
Now with that definition, or indeed any of those in the dictionary, atheism cannot be a religion.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/5/06

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Being religious means NOTHING! You can be religious and go to HELL! It's just an outside formality. Buddhist monks are very religious and so are catholic priests and nuns but that does not mean that they are saved. Jesus hated religion! If fact He made a point to bring this up to the religious leaders of that day. You don't need religion. You need Jesus! If you can't grasp this profound truth than your soul is in danger of damnation! Take it or leave it. As a child of God, I have to tell you the truth!
---Peter on 2/5/06

SLCGuy The correct quote is "The love of money is ..." which is a totally different thought.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/5/06

Atheistic religion? Is not the concept of a democracy/republic completly atheistic? Atheism historically has been and can be very evil, but religion has been just as evil, history dictates this again and again. An atheist is no more automatically evil than a religious person is automatically good. A person truly Christlike will reflect goodness in his day to day life, not just his rhetoric
---SlcGuy on 2/5/06

"Money is the root of all evil" Well so many religions are based on money, then those would be the most evil religions. Christianity is not a religion? That is essentially a gnostic point of view, rendering 'everyone their own church.'
---SLCGuy on 2/5/06

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Leon ... what is the worst religion?
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/5/06

No Leon ... they say they are not all-knowing ... that's their whole point that they are constantly learning and seeking after more facts for more knowledge. They say that those who know all (which is what he says about Christians and other religions) are the dangerous people.
To them what they say is not absurd, and there would be no point in pointing out scripture to them, because they do not accept the authority of that scripture.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/5/06

The second worst religion is the athestic religion. The claim of people like Dr. Knowlittle (Dawkins), at Oxford, that there is no God is absurdly foolish (Ps. 14:1 & 53:1) . For their statement to have any validity they'd have to be "all knowing" (omniscient) & if they did know everything, they'd be god. Actually, that's really what they postulate themselve to be -- god.
---Leon on 2/4/06

Anon ... Thank you for seeing my point that the way we say the truth we have can actually pass the advantage to our opponent.
Rudy ... I have seen no-one here who would agree with Mr Dawkins.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/4/06

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Sorry Lupe you do not answer, for it again shows you have no answer. You presumably agree that it was right for that southern preacher to spout hate-filled words at Dawkins, thus helping Dawkins cause.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/4/06

Close indeed Moderator. Religion at its worst: "THE LOVE OF MONEY is the 'root of all evil'." (1 Tim 6:3-10)
---Leon on 2/4/06

Alan, thank you for your comments. I will not respond for it will serve no purpose for God in me answering you.
---Lupe2618 on 2/3/06

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