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Spirit-Filled Christians Date

Should Spirit-filled christians date or marry christians who are not?

Moderator - It is more important if the Christians are mature Christians. If one or both isn't mature in their walk, it could be a potential problem point.

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 ---Maurice on 2/2/06
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Scripture tells us that when we repent of our sins and make Jesus Lord of our life ... we are immediately "born again" of the Spirit. Spirit-Filled, according to Scripture, is not about Speaking in Tongues, per se, but about the Spirit of Almighty God living within us. A Child-of-God is Spirit-Filled no matter which of the Gifts of the Spirit operate in their lives. It is far more important that we have the "Fruits of the Spirit" operating in our lives.
---Vel on 10/21/07

You might have to define 'spirit filled' to get the answer you seek. If you mean someone who speaks in tongues and that one believes this is a MUST to prove salvation then that person will need to seek someone with identical views to avoid future arguments but I'm not certain that this is what you mean.
---M.P. on 4/18/07

All true Christians should be filled with the Holy Spirit. Is spirit-filled something different?
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/5/06

I agree with the moderator. Maturity is the key here. If one is Spirit-filled and the other isn't & they can be in harmony together then it is fine. I listened to a pastor talk about how when he recieved the baptism in the Holy Spirit his wife didn't believe it. God dealt with him to not try force her to get baptized in the Holy Spirit & let her make her own decision. So it's a agape' factor. Loving the person, Spirit-filled or not.
---Rickey on 2/3/06

Maurice, only you can answer that question. How serious are each of you about your beliefs? How important is ministry to each of you, especially if you expect to minister together? Little things such as agreeing on a church to attend can become a big issue. Just read through some of the blogs on tongues ... those not Baptised in the Holy Spirit have a hard time understanding it. My sister and her hubby are in this situation and doing fine but they each had to make compromises.
---DoryLory on 2/2/06

Thanks Paul, I see what you mean by there being a difference between indwelling and infilling. Probably the questioner is referring to the latter then.
---M.P. on 2/2/06

The indwelling of the Holy Spirit comes when you accept Jesus (see John 20--Jesus breathed on disciples and they received the Holy Spirit). The infilling of the Holy Spirit comes at baptism in Holy Spirit just as it did to the disciples and others at Pentecost. Evidence of the infilling is speaking in tongues.
---Paul on 2/2/06

I agree with you Val - 100%, but I am not sure if that is what Maurice (the one who asked the question) means by 'spirit filled'. Because I do not speak in tongues I have been referred to as not being spirit filled. I don't agree with them but that is the opinion of some Christians, but let's not side-track as that is not what the questioner wanted to know. Maurice, just ensure that you agree on as many points of faith as possible.
---M.P. on 2/2/06

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