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Determine Right From Wrong

How do we determine right from wrong?

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 ---douglas on 2/3/06
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Study the 10 Commandments. Read Galations chapter 3:19-25. The word of God is our "instruction mannuel" so to speak on how to live a victorious life IN CHRIST. Our answer to what God says is right and wrong. Study and Pray daily. Cling to God and He will cling to you. Amen!
---Cynthia on 9/29/07

Romans 8:17 let's us know that the Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit. By being sensitive to Him we can determine right from wrong. 2Timothy 2:15 is the #1 way to determine right from wrong. If what we do isn't in line with the Word then it's wrong.
---Rickey on 9/29/07

Begin with the Ten Commandments and learning those issues where the Bible is clear. For those areas where you are not sure, learn to trust the nudges of the holy spirit. An affirmative nudge will be experienced as peace or ease. A negative nude will be felt as discontent, and frustration. When you are feeling pressured, it is an indication that the devil is trying to push you into a hasty decesion. Let peace and ease be your gague. Joy9988
---joy9988 on 3/29/07

Read the Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us.
---wes on 3/29/07

If I think it is okay to do something because I have faith and I am happy in it, what about the next person who has faith that it is wrong. Grace is grace and I know that we have forgiveness in Him, but I am concerned that we have gotten to the point of truth becomming subjective to each persons individual interpretation(out of fear of offending, or we just want what we want ) instead of being based upon the Absolute Word Perfect Word of God. I am getting at moral absolutes.
---douglas on 2/4/06

The most accurate way, at least for me, is to ask myself, "what would Christ do?" Of course, to do this means you have to know Christ and what the Bible states concering Him!
---WIVV on 2/3/06

We must hide the Word of God in our hearts by daily Bible reading and study that when we are tempted we shall have the Word to guide us.Pray and praise God continually. Also, must obey the laws of the land and that tells us right from wrong. Whatever is not done from love is wrong. We must let the Law of Love direct our behavior toward others. Do all of that, and your own heart will condemn you when you start to do wrong.
---Darlene_1 on 2/3/06

Douglas::God gave you a conscience use it with all Honesty.
---Emcee on 2/3/06

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