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Sheperding Churches A Cult

I am a College student of physical sciences. My Father is now part if a 'Sheperding Church' which is rabidly against ANY secular education, and me being female more so. Women are to 'submit' without question. Is this 'Sheperding' common among Charismatic Church's now?

Moderator - Sheperding church's are typically associated with cults and mostly went out of style years ago because of abusive practices of attempting to rule over people's lifes.

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 ---Niki on 2/6/06
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I am in total agreement with what the moderator says.

Many years ago now when I first started witnessing many churches sought me out in order to bring me in so to speak. Shepherding churches, nurturing churches, and disciplining churches were by far the most active ones concerning this. The churches insist that I have a covering, I prayed about this and the Lord told me, you do the witnessing and I'll do the shepherding.
---mima on 12/7/10

I found out about shepherding movement the hard way. I joined a church when I was suffering from depression and needed some real help. I confessed my sins to people who I thought were my brothers and sisters in Christ as it turns out they were sent by leadership of the church to go back and tell everything so the shepherd could preach about it as if it were something God Himself had told him. I no longer attend this church. I now find myself being stalked by members of this 'movement' who will not acept the fact that I do not give them authority over my life, so they have decieded to stalk and if possible deceive their way into my life to find ways to try to munipulate me.
---Tracy on 12/7/10

Heavy Sheperding is alive and well in the New Apostolic Reform, which is in a essence the new Heavy Shepereding Movement.
---Mark on 9/2/08

Shepherding churches are cultish and dangerous. This is where you will find false prophets, false teachers, a hotbed of false interpretation and error.
---Cindy on 1/13/08

2. A newcomer will ask advice from one person, who will then ask another who will then ask another until the top man clears it. It seems to rule out anyone personally asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. It also means that many people in these churches know an awful lot about a persons private life that they have no right to know. It is a horrible system of control.
---M.A. on 11/23/07

Certain 'charismatic' churches use what is sometimes called Heavy Shepherding. This works on an identical system to pyramid selling. Newcomers to the church have a 'mentor' but he has someone above him who is his mentor etc. right up to the top man. No-one in these churches can do anything (even in their private lives) without first clearing it with their mentor.
---M.A. on 3/23/07

Be very cautious. Weigh their doctrine on the word of God. Search the Bible and if it's not there, it's not truth. I accept Jesus and the New Testament love of Christ. Even the Apostle Peter got off track and needed loving correction (1 Cor 1,2,3). God placed us here to love Him and love our neighbor. That doesn't include condemning man or their choices on education. God has chosen you for a special annointing to fulfill His plans. Spend quiet time with Him and He will direct you.
---Bobby on 5/13/06

This Church and its approach should not define what the purpose of Sheperding means and can be within any Church regardless of denomination. I do not agree with the Moderator on this, take a look at the Internet and do a search on Shepherding programs.
---John on 4/11/06

I believe our relationship with God should be an individual "personal" matter. I personally would not want to depend on "any man" or "church" when it comes to my OWN decisions about salvation. Too much room for error!
---Fred_S. on 2/7/06

There is nothing wrong with authority Mike M but authority and control are not the same thing. The churches that some contributors have described here sound very similar to cults.
---emg on 2/7/06

Shepherding churches appeal to people who have problem making choices of their own. My brother and his wife goto one, total control, the pastor is right, and when the pastor is wrong, it as you who are wrong.
While not exclusively, the RCC is a form of shepherding, and alot of people I know who went into shepherding, like Bill and his wife, came out of RCC.
---mike6553 on 2/6/06

Since AntiChrist, AntiGod, false teaching, violence, drugs, and illicit drugs have infiltrated public schools, the Christian churches have become adamantly opposed to public education and opted for home schooling. It's been mainstream for quite sometime, moreso since parents are losing their children to damage, diseases and death, and as the secular colleges are becoming more amoral and satanic in nature. BTW women are to submit just as men submit to Christ, which again poses no error.
---Eloy on 2/6/06

Watchman Nee?!?! That mans books were used in my families church when I was a boy, They disowned me years ago, and they were very authoritarian' you question,your out! They were in Walnut Ca. All they ever talked about was 'hurting in your heart'-"we are hurting, your hurting, lets get together so we can all hurt together!" The women were these objects, emotional jellyfish. No, I was glad to get away!
---SLCGuy on 2/6/06

I've never attended a "charismatic" church that is how you describe them M.A.
That sounds more like a LDS rule.
---NVBarbara on 2/6/06

I personally have never heard the term 'shepherding' church. If it is the way described here, then yes, it does sound like a cult. This is NOT the way God intended his church to be. However, everyone needs a shepherd (Pastor), but a TRUE shepherd will love and watch over the flock like HIS authority, Christ the great shepherd does. He will love them, teach, guide, protect, council, and even correct them when neccesary. But all of these things will be done with love, not because he's a control freak
---anonymous on 2/6/06

And what is wrong with authority? Todays church's are 'everybody do what you want' By sheperding if you mean following what Paul says, then I am in such a church. A good book on Authority is by Watchman Nee,'Spiritual Authority.' Nee was in prison in communist China and had good insights into scripture.
---MikeM on 2/6/06

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