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Evangelist Wife Left Me

I was suprised in coming home and finding my wife (an evangelist) and children gone. Prior despite marital problems I told her we should ask GOD to show us the way. I asked her to return she refuses. I can't make her stay married if she doesn,t want to. I don't know what GOD would want me to do?

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 ---DIVI on 2/6/06
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Robyn, you are reviving another martial blog which is very old. That person is not with us anymore. Useless to answer.
---Mark_V. on 10/15/11

This lady left for a reason(s) From your post I can tell you may be christian. Probably too hard on the wife. We as christians tend to go overboard sometimes with the Word of God. Lighten up. Have fun and enjoy your faithwalk. I have met people( and you may be one of them) that found fault with everything that was not to their pure standards. They were too doggone holy and too evil to go to Hell. Find a balance in your marriage. Its ok to have fun in your marriage and still love the Lord. A christian woman need the same thing a nonchristian woman needs. Especially love and romance. I have a feeling you were not taking care of your wife in these areas. Only you know for sure. Change your ways and she might come home. Might.
---Royn on 10/14/11

If you guys were having marital problems as you say, she had no business 'evangelizing' anyone! What is the reason she left, can she back it up with the word of God? Probably not. She needs to quit searching for the fame and fortune she THINKS being a preacher holds, and take care of her own household/marriage FIRST. She made a promise to you, and if she's broken it without reason, or just because she changed her mind, she needs to repent and make things right with God, AND you!
---anonymous on 8/31/07

I've been in your shoes brother and I know how confused you are. You can't control the actions of your wife so put your main focus on the well-being of your children. Immediately see an attorney and begin to take steps to ensure the best interests of your children. Realize that your wife is only concerned with herself and what she wants. Everything else, including what's best for your kids comes second to her. Your children need to see you as strong, caring and in control during this trauma.
---ralph7477 on 3/19/07

First,let me say I'm sorry for this emotional pain you're going thru.I would fast,pray,seek God,& not rush to a divorce.God can turn her heart.He hates divorce.Take one day at a time & if you can talk to her,show love,be willing to get councel,compromise,negotiate.I'm praying for yall.
---lovable_linda on 2/8/06

Where does DIVI state that his wife was 'seeking fame and fortune'? Anonymous, when you see the word evangelist do you only think of mega-churches and television preachers. This is not what the word evangelist means and is probably not remotely what this lady is. Let's not add words to questions.
---M.P. on 2/7/06

Here we go again, placing most of the blame on the woman.
The questioner has admitted to problems in the marriage, perhaps he did something to make her feel it was unsafe for her & the children to stay. dr David is right, examine yourself as well. It is wrong for us to make any judgment on the wife with the scant detail which has been given.
And who are we to judge her calling as an evangelist?
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/7/06

i think you should take this time to remove all beams from your own eyes and humble yourself before God, so that you may see clearly what you need to do. your post suggests there are many underlying problems in your marriage thus any advice would be useless unless the whole story is given.
---dr._david on 2/7/06

First, you need to remember that God gives us the freedom of choice. And you can not do her choice making. If you search yourself, check your relationship with God (are you where He wants you to be), and let God work on you - all things will work through Him. God will not force a change on your wife just because you want it. Ask God to make changes in you first - take care of your relationship with Him.
---jimi on 2/7/06

pt 2: You are right though, you cant force her to stay married. But, as I said, if she doesn't have an acceptable reason (to GOD) for leaving you, such as you commiting adultry, or abusing her, then let her leave! You're better off. God will bring a woman into your life that will be on equal spiritual ground with you, and you'll be happier than you ever thought possible. Hang in there. (by the way, I'm a woman- we're not ALL feminist man-bashers! :)
---anonymous on 2/6/06

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