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Islamic Demonstrations Known

Have Americans heard about the Islamic demonstrations across Europe following publication in Denmark of cartoons of the Prophet? Police took no action to stop violence and death-calls. But a man is arrested for reading out names of soldiers killed in Iraq, as a protest against the war. Comments?

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 ---alan8869_of_UK on 2/7/06
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I guess it is just what some people consider to be important. I have not heard any out cry on ChristiaNet about nine Baptist churches being burned in Alabama in the last few days (5 on Feb 2nd, and 4 on Feb 7th). The Incident did make an MSNBC Internet new alert, that is how I found out them. All the fires started around the alter areas, one was though to be arson I guess the others are incidents of synchronized spontaneous combustion since they all allegedly started around 4:00 am.
---Phil_the_Elder on 4/14/07

does Islamic'own the world???? it seem like they think they do...we are a God fearing country and would be better of without them...Have mercy Lord...
---jana on 6/17/06

NVBarbara- I'm from Georgetown. I was baptised when I was 8 years old, strayed away from the church when I was older but finally found my way back a few years ago. Felt really stupid that it took me so long to figure out what was missing in my life. I never completely turned away from Jesus but he wasn't first in my life by a long shot. It's amazing the difference that a few words can make.
---wendi on 2/9/06

Alan is right, this could escalate to huge proportions and cause untold problems.

BTW where are you from in S.C. Wendi? I live in Nevada, but I am originally from Greenville.
---NVBarbara on 2/8/06

Wendi ... It has not affected my life directly. But the spread of this world-wide, several months after publication of the cartoon suggest long term planning of these "spontaneous" demonstrations. It seems a thing so small to our eyes (think of all the insulting images there have been of God and Jesus without Christians rioting) can actually escalate the tension already existing in the world.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/8/06

Moderator # 1 You ask "What excuse did the school give the daughter for removing her? That sounds over the top"
Yes over the top. Reason that it could offend children of other faiths. But moderate Muslims and Hindhus and Buddhists and Sikhs say "You have should show symbols of your faith. In fact we regret that you are afraid to. We respect your right to have your faith" But authorities are so over-anxious to avoid being called racist that they ban Christian things.

Moderator - In the USA, that would get a fast lawsuit. I am surprised the same wouldn't happen in the UK.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/8/06

It seems to me like a lot of people aren't concerned about these types of issues on a whole, maybe because it's not directly impacting their lives. I think events concerning Christians on the other side of the world should be as important to me as the things concerning my fellow church members because we are sisters and brothers in Christ. Also the world is not as small of a place anymore and the very thing affecting Alan's life in England today could be impacting my life in S.C. tomorrow or next week.
---wendi on 2/8/06

Phil_the_Elder don't moan about what has not been said on ChristiaNet. If it is an issue you think serious then post it yourself. Don't blame CN. You will notice that they did post your comments. The problem is Christians have rolled over long enough and haven't been able to stand because they have no backbone. We can be meek and still speak and stand for the truth.
---Elder on 2/8/06

Mod: the answers from Phil & Co-ach indicate that perhaps insufficient weight was given to the US reporting. On other issues, it is clear that we in UK know less than we ought about USA matters, and vice versa. Puzzled: not only the Americans ...our own government condemned the cartoons but not the rioting, and as MP says no action was taken to arrest the rioters! .. But a friend's daughter has been excluded from school because she wore a cross.

Moderator - What excuse did the school give the daughter for removing her? That sounds over the top.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/8/06

The Americans chickened out by condemning the cartoons. It was the right time to tell Muslims that they don't own the world.
---Puzzled on 2/8/06

Muslims are now displaying insulting cartoons connected with the holocaust. I thought that muslims taught their children that the holocaust never happened!!! They are also saying that God sent Hitler to get rid of the Jews - again rather hypocritical when they say it never happened anyway. We used to think that persecution of Christians would come from Communism. I think it is obvious now where it is coming from and governments help them.
---M.P. on 2/8/06

Alan I was very pleased to see that the man who dressed up as a suicide bomber at the protest has since been arrested, because it turns out he broke his parole agreement. I havn't heard of any arrests of those carrying signs that were an incitement to murder those who insult allah though. Whilst Christians call 'foolish' a man who tried, peaceably, to stop a musical which insults Jesus this is what we get when someone insults a dead prophet.
---M.P. on 2/8/06

Bro. Alan has been reported in the US but not to the extent that it should be....i didn`t realize how bad it was until i began to look in to it.....more of an outcry should be being made about this.IMO
---co_ach on 2/8/06

Phil ... I understand, but in Europe there has been widespread rioting and looting, and 3 embassies burnt out in Arab countries with apparent approval of the host governments, also rioting in muslim Pacific area countries. I was just wondering if it had been reported in the USA, as it seems to be a major escalation in Islamic hatred of the West.

Moderator - Of course it is reported here. This is a global planet.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/8/06

Islamic people in the U.S. get away with more than any born again christian I know. They have been fighting in the middle east since bible times and it isn't going to stop now no matter if the u.s. helps them. As soon as we leave, it will start all over again. Islams are a mean mean religeon with a dead god.
---shira on 2/7/06

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