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I Want To Speak In Tongues

I really want to speak in tongues! I believed really it makes your christian life more interesting. In my own opinion, speaking in tonques is ok.

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 ---raji on 2/8/06
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Sure, it's ok to speak in tongues, and you may desire it with all of your heart, but that may not be the gift God has for you. I have never spoken in tongues, but feel none the less for it. I have other gifts & talents I use for His service. Let God choose what He wants to give you, and you'll be all the more blessed by it.
---Ann5758 on 3/1/08

Raji: you already can speak tongues and your using it as a day to day language. That is one of the tongue languages. Tongues is a known language .. not an unintelligible language..remember that brother.
---jana on 4/24/07

Paul said he spoke in other tongues and would desire for us all to do so but we should not desire to speak in other tongues for selfish reasons. I believe it is for all of God's children(saved ones). Ask for it my sister and He wil give it to you. He wil not turn you down . Seek it like the woman in the bible who was looking for that lost coin. Its yours, I pray, in the name of Jesus. Receive it!Now! Oh Jesus you are so wonderful and mighty.
---robyn on 4/24/07

You must desire a closer walk with GOD, not the gift of tongues....your purpose must be to bring GOD glory not obtain something "cool"...a "Christians" focus must be on doing GOD`S will not joining in with the crowd at church.

Now with that said if you will just believe that GOD is in control and continue your walk with HIM,blessings and "GIFTS" will be poured out upon you.
Remember to keep the main thing ...the main thing!!!
---co_ach on 4/23/07

Bles you for wanting to experience this blessed and holy comunication with the Lord. He will bless you with the ability to do so in His own time. You will look up one day and find yourself communicating in the holy spirit when you least expect it.
---lynet on 7/24/06

mima reread my comment not saying Jesus spoke in tongues
---r.w. on 7/24/06

While it is true Speaking in tongues is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit in a person it is not the evidence of being filled with the Spirit, the fruit of the Spirit is the evidence, After a person has recieved a Gift of the Spirit it is given without repentence from God meaning they can use it without the Spirit or what we call in the Flesh. That is why Tongues are getting a bad reputation they talk the talk and don't walk the walk.
---exzucuh on 7/23/06

Cool! I'm so happy for you. Ask and ye shall receive. In his time of course. Just be diligent in seeking it. May God bless you.
---Shari on 7/22/06

Christ wants everyone that is his disciple to receive the Baptism Of the Holy Spirit, as recorded in Acts, and mentioned in other books, for the power to witness. Speaking in tongues is evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. You can be like some Christians and decline it or you can take it. Either way it doesn't affect salvation.
---samuel on 7/22/06

To r.w.; I do not believe that the Lord Jesus Christ spoke in tongues in Luke 11:21-22 as you state in your answer to this question. What is the reasoning behind your statement?
---mima on 7/22/06

Have you ever thought about what Christ might want for you?
---Elder on 7/22/06

many in the Bible were saved and didnt speak in tongues-Elisabeth Lk 1:41, Zachariah Lk 1:67, John the Baptist Lk 1:15-16, the apostle Paul Acts 9:17-18, The Lord Jesus Luke 3:21-22, the early Christians at Jerusalem Acts 2:38-41, Samaritan converts Acts 8:14-17 Today's tongues movement generates disbelief and disorder. Tongues as spoken today---The Spirit or "A"spirit?
---r.w. on 7/22/06

You might enjoy reading Nicky Cruz' autobiography "Run Baby Run". I enjoyed how he shared when he wanted to receive the Holy Spirt...enjoy
---Just_Wondering on 7/10/06

seek GODs sprirtual gifts not the gifts you covet

that is the only advice I will give about that
---willow on 3/1/06

One should always seek the Giver before the gifts. Spiritual gifts are given to build up both the believer and the church.

I would suggest that you continue in prayer by yourself as well as with others. Do not be deceived that someone can take you down front of a church, lay hands on you, tell you to wiggle your tongue and make silly sounds as that is not how the Holy Spirits works. Many have received the gift of tongues simply alone in prayer; even in a car on the way home from a Bible study.
---lee on 2/28/06

Raji there are many examples of tongues being used in the Scriptures. Just as there are many uses for tongues. I do suggest that you prayerfully read Romans chapter 8. Study especially vs 1,4,6,14,15,16,22,23 & 26. Pray to God with all the words you know, then open your spirit for God to guide you in Holy utterance of worship to Him. It can happen if you only believe. May our Lord bless you in your wish to walk closer to Him.
---mikefl on 2/25/06

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Before you want anything, make sure that is what God wants to give you. He disposes the gifts as He wishes. I would suggest to read all of 1 Corinthians 12, for Paul gives a good explanation as to how the gifts were badly been used for their selfish purposes and love was missing through it all. He explains love on chapter 13.
---Lupe2618 on 2/11/06

The bible tells us to repent and be baptise in the name of Jesus for the remission of sin this means we will receive the gilf of the Holy Ghost which is Jesus spirt coming in to our been and his spirt takes control of our tongue and we begain to speak in a nother language that we don't know .Ask the Lord for the holy ghost don't worry about the tongue's because as he fills you with his spirt you will speak in tongues read acts 2:38 Jesus gave Peter the key's to the kindom which is the plan of salvation
---betty on 2/10/06

raji, pray/ask God in Jesus Name for the promised Gift, the Baptism of the Holy Ghost,with that gift comes the evidence of speaking in tongues.Read the Book of Acts and notice the Gift is for everyone who asks.What you want is a prayer language where the HG is praying through you.This isn't the "Gift of Tongues" given to some, not all, but Baptism HG tongues ,"G.o.T." needs interpretation, talks to public. Baptism HG Tongues talks to God. May not happen quickly,don't give up.
---Darlene_1 on 2/8/06

Believe and Receive.
---wes on 2/8/06

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After being saved at the age of 21. I became interested in soul winning at the age of 35. Between weeping and struggling with my message I probably was averaging one soul coming to the Lord a week. After praying for power to witness I received the gift of praying in tongues. Immediately my soul winning took on a different turn within a very short time, working at a county fair, I saw 3500 people pray to accept the Lord Jesus Christ in eight days. I had three other helpers during the 8 days.
---mima on 2/8/06


If you would care to write me, I would be glad to share with you on this matter. I may be able to help you.
---Bruce5656b on 2/8/06

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