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Blogging On ChristiaNet

How long have you been blogging here, on ChristiaNet, and how did you find this site?

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 ---DoryLory on 2/8/06
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Funny, end up here!Wow!it takes me back, well how I found exciting, to me.I mean,If you were at the hospital, nobody to even share with you, food, conversation.
Love of Jesus!
---Elena9555 on 10/10/14

I just joined 10 minutes ago. I found it when I googled the phrase "how not to hate my husband". God is amazing!
---deb_nbl on 12/8/07

I have been using ChristiaNet for about 3 years. I found it when I typed into Google the words 'Christian Clipart'. I found the clipart but so much more as well.
---M.P. on 11/22/07

i have been here about three months from a friend sending me a card.
---irene7395 on 4/26/07

I'm coming up to my 4th birthday on ChristiaNet, and I found the site when a friend sent me a ChristiaNet ecard. I'm here several times a day, and even tho I get so mad sometimes I feel like giving it up (I did once), I always come back.
---Ann5758 on 4/26/07

Barbara thanks for reminding me of Linda Smith also (although I think she has been here more recently than SuzieQ). I used to look at her postings and think 'not another 9 parter !!! ' and then I would read it and learn so much from her. A very knowledgeable lady.
---M.P. on 2/13/06


pharsees problem that has become my problem at christianet. I've been so busy that I even forgot to call Elder this week and I really need to..GOD bless you sis and tell 'the rascal' I miss him and am praying for him.
---willow on 2/12/06

Elder; Thanks for your words, there's very little I don't know of your beliefs as my wife is Penticostal (we get along very well) coming up on thurs. our 17th aniversary.(2nd marriage for both) It's just that we see things from a different perspective.
---1st_cliff on 2/11/06

Thank you M.P. and Willow for noticing that I'm here and always being there for me. I miss Linda Smith and Becky as well. I miss that rascal Pharisee, I did hear from him a couple of weeks ago, he's just too busy to be on the blogs he says. Keep him in your prayers pls.
---NVBarbara on 2/11/06

Cliff the one thing you must realize is that there are people here who care for you and love you. You just will not let us get close. You are right when you say people should not accept something because of traditions. But, neither should someone accept one verse or verses out of the complete context of Scripture to try to prove an issue and we must understand how certain words are used in the NT and OT to receive clear understanding of what is being said/taught.
---Elder on 2/11/06

So happy you've joined us Beth! God bless you and stay around with us. Visit the "Humor Blod" and the "What's up" blog where we let our hair down!
---NVBarbara on 2/10/06

ChristiaNet and fellow blogers have shown great tolerence in putting up with me for a couple of years now. I think I started in the chat rooms, I don't think I made any converts,'cause it's still the "gospel according to cliff".
---1st_cliff on 2/10/06

I'm not really sure how long I've been coming here but I think about 2 years or so. I know in spite of the fact we all disagree at one time or another I have found some of the nicest and most commited Christian people on here. They and this site have been a true blessing. I feel we all have become a family and friends with a caring heart for one another. The ChristiaNet Staff is very special and I am "soooo" grateful to have found you all. Love in Jesus
---Darlene_1 on 2/9/06

I have been on ChristiaNet since the year 2000. I must be the grandpa of many here. A place called Grapevine closed down and I found ChristiaNet. I have made personal friends here and have been ministered to by the Staff. They have always been near when I needed them. My forum family has been there for me too. I wish I was at liberty to tell you more. But you new folks hang around and watch us "fight" and Love each other. Thanks ChristiaNet and Bill, you know what I mean.
---Elder on 2/9/06

nvBarbara I'm sure you've been here at least 3 years because I have been almost and you were already here, along with names that have disappeared now like SuzieQ, Crystal and many others. I sometimes wonder if they couldn't find us once the Message Board became a Forum and now Blogs. I missed a few weeks when it became blogs thinking that the whole thing had come to a sudden end.
---M.P. on 2/9/06

As I said in the previous message (I forgot to put the numbers behind my name), tonight is the first night that I have messaged. I found the site about a week ago while looking for spiritual gifts tests, and since then have taken some of the blog conversations home every night from work so that I could read what everyone has been talking about and some of the beliefs/personalities in this group as you have all been on here longer than I have. I have about 1000 read out of the approximately 4000 blogs.
---beth6964 on 2/9/06

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I have been surfing the site for about a week now looking at past blogs to see what the blog system is like and something about the perspectives of some of the other bloggers out there. This is my first post.
---Beth on 2/9/06

Around 2 years. I found it by searching for christian e-cards. I found great cards as well as great quizes among other things on this site.
---Rebecca_D on 2/8/06

Well, several years ago I belonged to the WeighDown message board. After that organization fell apart I missed the on-line fellowship but it took me a long time to find ChristiaNet because I didn't know that message boards were now called "blogs." Shortly after I learned what a blog was, I was reading a ChristiaNet newsletter when the word "BLOG" seemed to jump off the page at me. That was last April, so it'll soon be a year that I've been enjoying the company of each one of you.
---DoryLory on 2/8/06

I think over 4 years. I still remember when nvbarabra came in and I think elder pharisee and I mixed her up with another barbara we were counciling thus nvbarbara was born.
GOD bless you sis
---willow on 2/8/06

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I think a bit over 2 years, maybe closer to 3. I don't even remember how I found this sight, but I'm happy I did!
---NVBarbara on 2/8/06

Just past 3rd year last november. i found it by doing a google search under chrisitan messageboards.
---canda3996 on 2/8/06

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