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Is Kissing Fornication

Is kissing part of fornication since this is where sex begins?

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 ---sebaga on 2/9/06
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Without looking the word up in the Bible, I do not believe that it is the same thing. However, the temptation could come. And then, wammo.
---catherine on 2/20/08

Sebaga:: Your question already indicates you already know the answer.Its what is in your mind at the Time. You can stop at the Closed gate but if you open it, you are in error.why?ask yourself what is the reason?
---Emcee on 2/20/08

The only one who can asnwer this question is you. What does your heart tell you? You can commit fornication in your mind/heart.
---Elder on 2/19/08

No ... I kissed my then girlfriend about a month after we met. As our friendship grew our kisses became more enthusiastic, and after 9 months we became engaged. We went on kissing until we were married after another 9 months. Where was the fornication? By the way, I kissed my Mum qiote a lot.
---alan8869_of_UK on 4/27/07

whatever happened to flee from temptation?
---r.w. on 9/20/06

Ulrika, this time I forgive you. Next time you'll be sent to Hawaii for six months all expenses paid.
---A_Catholic on 2/13/06

Ulrika there is no need to be sorry. I want you, and others, to always feel free to question my answers.
---Elder on 2/13/06

A catholic, I miss understood. Sorry! Elder, I miss understood. I must not be smart enough to follow your meaning. It seemed you were making light of other's answers. Sorry!
---Ulrika on 2/13/06

Ulrika, I did not say I kiss relatives on the lips. I only kissed my fiancee' on the lips and still kiss her now that she is my loving wife.
---A_Catholic on 2/13/06

Elder & Ulrika ... A pity that we cannot know always WHY a question has been asked? Sometimes mischeivous questions are asked, sometimes those that seem mischievous are serious.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/13/06

Wow Ulrika your statement about my answer being sarcastic seems to be sarcastic. So is that wrong to make a point?
Maybe some don't know when they are being "played."
---Elder on 2/12/06

Elder, I took the time to look back, and found t82. All the more reason to tell the truth.
---Ulrika on 2/11/06

nvB Thank you for saying that ... I have just had some, (and earlier some red wine... not that I wish to open up an earlier discussion)
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/11/06

Elder, What does t82 mean? Are you saying the blog question was written by a child. I do not think it is a childish question, even if a young person wrote it. Sometimes your answers seem a bit sarcastic.
---Ulrika on 2/11/06

A man after my own heart---DARK CHOCOLATE...MMMMMM. And actually its good for you!
---NVBarbara on 2/11/06

Elder ...HOW DARE YOU Elder, when we are quietly discussing the temptations introduced by kissing, you try to stop that debate, and introduce a still greater temptation ... CHOCOLATE ... Gimme, gimme ... Especially dark chocolate.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/11/06

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Ulrika we are still batting 1000. I take the questions very serious that I try to answer.
Some of the comments appear to be coming from children and are bound to cause confusion to the questioner.
But, maybe I focused too much on t82.
---Elder on 2/11/06

I think the question of kissing, like all questions, need to refered to the Bible. When we read what the Lord said in Matthew 5:28 (any man that looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery". So, it all boils down to state-of-mind. If the kissers are thinking of 'doing the nasty' while kissing, they are committing fornication or adultery. If they are not thinking of carnalities while embracing, it is not fornication.
---Farah_C._Church on 2/11/06

Elder, This is probably the first time we disagree. If it is important to the person who wrote it, it is important. Teens and preteens should know all the consequences of their actions. I agree that physical activity can happen with or without kissing. Kissing can happen with or without physical activity. Not following God's word, can lead to giving into temptations.
---Ulrika on 2/11/06

This blog appears to be energized by 7 and 8 year olds. This is a very juvenile discussion. (Yea, I'm here too Huckleberry.) I wonder what t82 minis cerebral function will tell his/her children (if they are younger than he/she is.) Adults should understand that physical activity can occur without kissing and kissing can occur without physical activity also. Let's debate something that makes sense like why is earth the only planet that has chocolate on it?
---Elder on 2/11/06

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Police or medical practicioners can take a swab of saliva from inside your mouth and they can tell what your blood type is.
---Irene on 2/10/06

Ulrika ... I think HIV & AIDS is passed by body fluid (and I don't know if saliva is regarded as that) coming in contact weith blood. I think.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/10/06

Alan, I heard that on Paul Harvey. He said teens who intimately kiss several different people within two weeks, are more likely to get meningitis. I wonder if one can get HIV by saliva, when open mouth kissing. It is passed on by bodily fluids. a catholic, I would not kiss my son, sibblings, or parents on the lips. It just does not seem right to me.
---Ulrika on 2/10/06

it is interesting that today there is an article in the paper saying they have found that those who kiss "intimately" with multiple friends are more susceptibe to meningitis. Makes you think, but does not I think make kissing wrong.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/10/06

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Alan::You know I agree with you a kiss is a token of friendship & appreciation anything beyond that with evil intent is the work of Satan,who works 24/7/365.I do believe some of these questions on these blogs are not meant for this forum,and some of the answers are way out of bounds.My mother -in law had a saying "Handsome is, as handsome does."A gentleman is always a gentleman,unless he pretends.
---Emcee on 2/10/06

I've kissed my Mom, my sisters, my nieces and women cousins and friends and definitely, I kissed my ex-fiancee who is now my wife many many times. I consider myself as a morally straight person.

I agree with Alan re the grubby thingy.
---A_Catholic on 2/10/06

"Kissing can't go on its own and it needs to be done to the end and thats sex". Well t82 if that is the amount of self restraint you have personally please ensure that you take a chaperone on every date right up the moment you marry.
---emg on 2/10/06

Not really. There has to be some sexual act among single persons for it to be true fornication. (Kissing may lead to fornication, but is not fornication.)
---WIVV on 2/9/06

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Of course Emcee ... and as you say Judas betrayed Jesus.
But kissing a girl ... I was so amazed at what t82 said ... it was just so out of thins world and judgmental of all those well behaved who show affection, and yet still manage to be a virgin at the time of marriage.
Our royal family have as their motto "Evil be to him who evil thinks" And I think we should quote that slightly altered to t82 "If you accuse others of dirt it may be because you are a bit grubby yourself"
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/9/06

t82. What??????? Wow you hit the jackpot!. I kiss my girl all the time. To put it in streets terms, we make out. But we never had sex!. We can't anyway, we need to get marry first. So you can kiss all the way and not have sex. It all depends on the couple.
---Ramon on 2/9/06

ALAN:: Depends what thoughts are in the mind at the time of execution. Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss.
---Emcee on 2/9/06

Kissing by itself is not fornication, but it can lead to fornication.
---Ulrika on 2/9/06

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t82 -WHAT???!!! If that's what you believe, then yes, YOU had better abstain from kissing! Woooooooooo!
---Sissy on 2/9/06

t82 .. "Kissing can't go on its own and it needs to be done to the end and thats sex" Wow ... I wonder how many agree with that?
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/9/06

The Bible says to greet one another with a holy kiss so how can a kiss be fornication? And just becasue you kiss doesn't mean you're going all the way. There are enough kissers out there who were virgins when they got married. But kissing is were it starts, and if it turns you on it may be better for you to abstain.
---john on 2/9/06

Yes Kissing is part of fornication - Kissing can't go on its own and it needs to be done to the end and thats sex.
---t82 on 2/9/06

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Fornication is voluntary sexual intercourse between a man and woman who are not married to each other. Adultery is one type of fornication. Fornication was sternly condemned by the Mosaic law among God's people, the Israelites (Lev. 21:9; 19:29; Deut. 22:20-11, 23-29; 23:18; Ex. 22:16). Fornication in N.T. (Matt. 5:32; 19:9; John 8:41; Acts 15:20, 29; 21:25; Rom. 1:29; 1 Cor 5:1, 6:13, 18, 7:2; 10:8; 2 Cor 12:21; Gal 5:19; Eph 5:3; Col 3:5; 1 Thess. 4:3; Jude 1:7; Rev. 2:14, 20-21; 9:21; 14:8; 17:2,4).
---Hans on 2/9/06

I think we christians we have a special gift of the holy spirit to guide us into the right and not the wrong. If your consience tells you you are doing wrong stop maybe you are kissing the wrong person. If it says yes then you are doing the right thing. So follow the Holy spirits guide.
---annet9385 on 2/9/06

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