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Attacking On This Website

I wonder why some people in this site instead of healthy conversation or uplifting one another are attacking other doctrine and beliefs?

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 ---cel on 2/10/06
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Do not ever call an Aussie a Brit or you may indeed get shot.
---lee on 2/26/08

Don't expect to be shot by a British person for calling him "Brit". As private individuals, they are very trustworthy and harmless people.

Their only problem is they don't speak as clearly as Americans do :))
---A_Catholic on 6/16/07

The only "attack weapon" that should be used is the weapon of LOVE. I promise you that it will lay to rest any attitudes that are coming against you. Love NEVER fails.

---Reiter on 11/13/06

moderator .. is it the practice of this site to allow haters of other christians to operate on this site? I am sure it is off putting to some new babes that have just come into the word of God..I like to share my understanding of the word with all and then receive from others of their understanding...not hate statements..thats ungodly and unchristian..God bless
---jana on 8/30/06

The Bible attacks many beliefs and doctrines. So if you believe the Bible you will spread the Word.
---Lynn on 3/13/06

Dear Vernon,
Hi son, it's me. I am not Catholic nor from UK. I just wanted to drop this note to tell you we know Alan well and we have just met you. Alan stands against sin. You see, creditability is the key. Work for some. Now I gotta go. So you get ready for bed now before mummy gets home and finds you up at this late hour. She might make you stand in the corner again if she finds out how you have acted tonight.
Hope your next dream will be real. Alan's friend, Me
---Elder on 2/28/06

Thank you Lupe & Barbara
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/28/06

Alan my brother, I know exactly how you feel. When my only daughter had a baby girl two years ago I thought of the wonderful feelings my wife would have had seeing her born. Since then every time I go to visit her and my two grand daughters we talk about how wonderful it would have been for her to be there. God has given us a longer time Alan and we are to do our best with the time, they didn't have. Let me say, you are not along. I mean that.
---Lupe2618 on 2/28/06

I know it is bitter sweet Alan. No one can replace your girl's Mum, but maybe you will find a new love to share your life, and enjoy Grandchildren with!
---NVBarbara on 2/28/06

Thank you folk for your messages there of support. You can imagine I have been quite upset by what seem to be orchestrated attacks on me on several blogs.
nvB ... I have 4 daughters, with just one married last August ... no grandchildren yet! I will be happy when they do arrive but like the wedding, a slight sadness that her mother will not be there.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/25/06

More than once, I have been digusted with what a person wrote. Thankfully, my response did not get posted. It is not a good witness to say mean things to or about someone.
Psalms 19:14
---Ulrika on 2/25/06

Vernon some of your comments to, and about, Alan are just plain sick. Also do you dislike everyone from the U.K. or just English people?
---M.A. on 2/25/06

'Vernon,' where is such a blog by Alan?
I cannot fathom Alan making any statement of that kind. He is a christian man with children and grandchildren(I think). How could anyone with a concience OK what you claim Alan said? PLEASE point us to this blog, or make an apology to Alan for trying to sully his good name!
For the record, I am NOT RC, nor am I from England. Just WHO are you?
---NVBarbara on 2/25/06

You would defend Alan you are a catholic. Are you from England too?
---vernon on 2/25/06

When you present the Bible, it has a tendency to "set one free or make them flee". Apologetics is defending your faith. Think about it...the pharisees were always attacking Jesus.
---wes on 2/25/06

Vernon, Alan has not defended pedophile priests. Alan tries hard and I know he succeeds in being fair and honest in his comments.
---A_Catholic on 2/25/06

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Vernon - Please quote the blog where I was supporting Catholic paedophile priests. For the record, I think they should be removed from their position of authority and prosecuted.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/25/06

NVBarbara. Alan is right? He started this "joke" to divert us away from the real subject, because he had been caught out as a troublemeker. He says he defends peoples rights to say what they think, but a few weeks ago he was defending pedaphile catholic priests.
---vernon on 2/24/06

Of course you're right Alan. Most conversations begin to take on other subjects and often get completely off the one at hand. Its easier to get back on a subject when actually talking, not writing answers. We can't see facial expressions, or hear the tone in a voice. All the chat that has gone on here would have only been a few minutes of talk, then we'd been back on the main topic.
---NVBarbara on 2/24/06

MP thanks for the information ... I have always got Bovril & Marmite mixed up!! Never liked either!
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/24/06

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Cel: Forgive us for straying so far off topic. Some of these blogs are merciless attacks by some denominations on others. They sometimes seem like "salvation by denomination bashing" cults. If they would stick to Bliblical discussions of doctrine, that would be fine; But they sometimes degenerate into name-calling and use secular rather than scriptural sources to bolster their arguments.
---jerry6593 on 2/24/06

Alan, Marmite has never contained beef. It has always been the vetetarian alternative to Bovril (which incidentally now no longer contains beef either and is just another yeast extract concoction). Vegemite became popular in U.K. probably about 15 years ago as it was mentioned quite regularly (possibly for a fee) in several of the Australian soaps that are so popular in U.K. It's the nicest of the lot I.M.O. but definitely an acquired taste.
---M.P. on 2/24/06

nvB ... But the converation has for several pages now been off the official topic, and I think it went off, because we needed to be diverted away from what had become a rather personal attack. Which is precisely what should not happen (Back on the subject now)
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/24/06

nvB I think it is just part of a conversation. At my home group, in the middle of a serious discussion, someone will make a humourous remark (and note the correct spelling) and that gets followed up for a few minutes, then it is back to the subject. No harm in that. And at Church, we congregate after the service for coffee, and conversationnis on all subjects. No-one says that in the church hall all talk has to be religious discussion.
Same here, I think.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/24/06

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At least Vegemite got some "healthy" comments, even though it has no significant spiritual application,it is made from yeast extract and barley..Promite and Marmite are of NO comparison to the real vegemite.. I will in future, respond spiritually, but this was just a bit of refreshment..laughter is a good medecine.I have the joy of Jesus with in me..Thought a little light humour might be nice in these sometimes dark days...Jesus is coming back, so we should be thrilled.
---karin on 2/24/06

Ann.. *ding* You win the prize... vetavitavegimin is from that I Love Lucy episode... one of my favorites!
---daphn8897 on 2/23/06

NVBarbara, We will be glad to shoot the breeze on those blogs also. Thanks for the invite. GBY Sis.
---Linda on 2/23/06

Many of these posts seem like they should be on the "What's Up" blog! Utilize that blog more! Or the "Humor Blog" in some circumstances!
---NVBarbara on 2/23/06

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Limburger cheese doesn't taste nearly as strong as it smells. Mess up your courage and try it sometime. Same with Vietnamese "nuk mam"..(probably that's mispelled.)
---Donna on 2/23/06

I've eaten vegimite. Yuk! tastes like pulverized multivitamins.It must be an aquired taste. Give me peanut butter anytime.
What did you say the subject of this blog is?
---Donna on 2/23/06

I have a jar of vegimite in my e-friend in Oz sent it to's not too bad if you spread it REALLY thin on toast with lots of butter & cheese, then mash it up real good to dilute it before you swallow it. And that one reference is to an old I LOVE LUCY, isn't it, where she's doing a commercial for a vitamin tonic and has to take a spoonful every take, only to find out it's pure hooch?
---Ann5758 on 2/23/06

Your breakfast menu sounds fine Karin.
SKIP the Vegamite PLEASE, been there--hated it!
---NVBarbara on 2/23/06

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Alan, I don't know if USA has those things, wouldn't be surprised. I am an old timey woman. I am whats called a "scratch cooker" in Texas, which means I use very few mixes,only cake mix once in a while but rarely,then I dress it up with extras,mostly cook using many ingredients to make my meals. Thus cooking from scratch not ready mixed. I don't even take vitamins,guess I'm simply trusting God that all things sanctified by the word of prayer is good to eat and supplies all our needs.
---Darlene_1 on 2/23/06

Alan, I agree. Somebody throw me one of those Barrito's! Praise the Lord!
---JosesIrish_friend on 2/23/06

I'll tell you what's gross but some people like it. It's from Germany. Lindberger cheese! The smell is like the most gross feet that you could imagine!
---Linda on 2/23/06

Alan ,Amen! I think you are right. Seems more people ( not Moderator) try to control our expressing personal opinions, or even those from Bible, than ever before.
---Darlene_1 on 2/23/06

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Darlene, do you have Marmite in USA? If you don't I say you are lucky, but many love it. It is a beef extract spread, and vegimite is an even more horrible vegetarian substitute.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/23/06

I like Vegemite, it is much nicer than Marmite. It is a yeast extract spread for those who don't know. Try it, but perhaps you in U.S. are disadvantaged and cannot get it !! Imported to U.K. from Australia.
---M.P. on 2/23/06

Actually, Darlene, to be serious for a moment, we do seem to be losing that freedom to say what we want.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/23/06

Vegemites, Sounds like that little mite-bug that gets on vegetables and chews them all up before you can pick them, or could it be a vitamin that makes you a "mite better" so you get happy. Whatever, everybody "be happy !!!" .
---Darlene_1 on 2/23/06

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Alan, right no needing to retract, it doesn't matter if you were joking or not,we have always said what we want to on this site and I hope we never loose that freedom or privilage here. I know sometimes in my "teachers way" I probably explain in more detail than anyone wants to hear and am more serious than I need to be. I didn't take what you said in any negative(no objection) way but did think it warranted a possible explanation in reasons for differences. Just discussing.
---Darlene_1 on 2/23/06

What in tarnation is vegimite? Is it like vegitate? or vegging out? or vitavitavegimen? (anyone get that reference?)
---daphn8897 on 2/23/06

Hi Karin, never thought I would see the word vegimite on this website. I would just like to say "broughan" which is irish for porridge (please excuse the spelling) God bless.
---thea7478 on 2/23/06

Darlene I was not really needing to back down... Some people seemed to be taking an objection to my comments about the language differences, although if all are read, it should be clear I was joking all the time.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/23/06

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Alan no the only thing I took serously is you began to seemly apologize( or backdown)for something,you said, maybe you "over-reacted",when none was owed. I just think if anything affects us in any way we should mention it. Ha ha maybe that struck a chord in me,awaking the old nurturing "mother"me who wants everyone to be who they are and be ok. Sharing and caring is what this site is about, plus learning more about living and God , ha ha ,if we need to,from oneanother. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 2/23/06

Elder/If I fix breakfast, I would cook a fantastic breakfast/ loaded with spiritual ingredients/ love, joy, peace, we ALL need these things.hope this uplifts, not attacks/lets enjoy , not destroy each other/ attacking solves nothing/ keep Jesus as the centre, and revolve around Him/we are here to love , not devour each other/we will always have differences, but its not about us,but HIM..Jesus gave 2 commandments/ love HIM and then each other..sometimes our focus shifts off Jesus/ to everything BUT Him...
---Karin on 2/23/06

Darlene ... You seem to be treating this seriously! And I thought I was just making a light-hearted comment about the use of the word verbnalise!
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/23/06

Dear Elder and N.V. Barbara.. I am Australian and we have a strange, warped sense of humour, which some don't understand..we laugh a lot at little things, including ourselves.. come and join us and be happy little "vegemites" thing you will wonder what Vegemite is..
---Karin on 2/23/06

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NVBarbara, Now you know very well the eggs are.
---Elder on 2/22/06

Alan, you didn't overreact,each of us are what we are, and there are some things which push our buttons either in a positive, or negative way. We all have come to this time of life molded by everything we have learned up to this point. We also become part of every experience, inside our minds and souls, which determines how we perceive ,receive,and give out in every situation. Still, through Jesus,it is well with our souls. Thats all that counts.
---Darlene_1 on 2/22/06

Darlene, maybe I have over-reacted to something I recently heard an American say "Let me verbalise my thoughts"
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/22/06

Why would Karin need to 'fix' breakfast Elder, is it broken?
---NVBarbara on 2/22/06

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Alan ,didn't know what verbalize meant in dictionary, I looked it up,found it was to speak-write verbosly, which is using more words than necessary. I don't use verbalize or talk, I usually use said or says. Think it may be related to the part of the country we're from. Reckon (think-suspose)? I'm bad about using Texas slang or colloquialisms, do try to watch it on here ,most of time. Ha ha,we're all a little long winded sometimes. Still think USA educational process has lot to do with way words used.
---Darlene_1 on 2/22/06

Darlene ... I agree we alll tend to be verbose!! But I meant that when British talk about something, we use the verb "speak" or "talk", whereas Americans seem to say "verbalise" There are various other words where the Americans seem to use a long word instead of a much shorter one.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/22/06 verbalize with our hands when we speak is because we are emotional, expressive, full of drama and life. How boring some people are when their hands express nothing. Just look at the deaf culture, its a form of art. Anyway, you guys have really gotten off the topic as usual!
---joe on 2/22/06

Alan, interesting question, in Texas verbosity was fostered through those English classes where we had to have so many paragraphs to make the lesson acceptable. For some of us it is just a love affair with words. I have written poetry, Gospel songs, short stories,made up stories for grandchildren, and Bible lessons/sermons. By some, being wordy is also trying to be sure a person's point is well presented. Frankly,our brother-in-Christ,ha ha, I don't see the British are much different. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 2/22/06

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Talk to the hand.
---John on 2/22/06

Karin, Whatja talkin bout? We have chosen you to fix breakfast.
---Elder on 2/22/06

nvBarbara yes there are many accents in England but there are huge varieties also in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Each of those countries have many accents. I lived in Wales for many years and found that those in Cardiff, Llanelli and Swansea all sound quite different (all South Wales) whilst the accents of those in many parts of North Wales were totally different again. Ireland and Scotland are the same with huge difference noticed as you travel around the countries.
---f.f. on 2/22/06

There seems to be many accents in England and in the US. A New York accent is very different from a Southern accent,or a mid western accent. I've heard beautiful accents in England that seem to roll off the tongue. But a cockney accent I find difficult!
I grew up watching 'Monty Python.'I get one BBC channel I like to watch the nightly news there, along with re runs of "Are you being Served" and "Keeping up Appearances." I love the dry wit the English possess.
---NVBarbara on 2/21/06

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Why do Americans verbalise, and not just speak?
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/21/06

Daphne ... now you are talking about the spolen English, amd I agree that the english are probably the worst for degrading it. The trouble is, we do not ask that those who present and appear on the various shows are cultured or even educated.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/21/06

Then there's us good ol' Canucks who put the "U"s in all the words where they properly belong, and we say "howse" instead of "ha-ouse", but get someone from Ontario together with someone from the Rock (Newfoundland) and you would never guess the two were from the same country....let's not even talk about Quebec...8>)
---Ann5758 on 2/21/06

Us American speak gooder english than the British.
---sLCGuy on 2/21/06

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I have no problem with the missing u in some words but I have noticed that a lot of people use the word 'then' when they mean 'than' and they use 'than' when they mean 'then' - strange. My pet hate though is then people use the word 'of' when they mean 'have'. "I would OF gone if he's asked me" No, No, No, "I would HAVE gone....." Here endeth the English lesson - again.
---M.P. on 2/21/06

Alan, I appreciate your concern over our wonderful language. But, Americans are not the only ones butchering it. Having cable TV, I've access to 3 PBS channels and therefore several BBC shows - what some of your own countrymen do to the language... tisk.. tisk. ;o)
---daphn8897 on 2/21/06

John ... yes color is spelt wrong (as is Savior, spendor, and nmany others) They should have a u after the o. Thats how it has been since before Shakespeare, and you will find the correct spelling in the KJV. But why ... the American spelling is how the words sound ... much easier. God bless
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/21/06

I have to disagree. Sad to say but we Americans did indeed mess up the English language. It doesn't make sense. That's why we sound so funny to them. Example: the word color as we know it should really be spelled colour. This is just one of many things that we changed. The good news is, we can still communicate.
---John on 2/21/06

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No Ken, the Americans did not abuse the English language but fixed it up :))
---A_Catholic on 2/21/06

The worst think the Americans did to the english language was to stop spelling the words correctly. We had this good old system where you never spelt a wod logically ... what fun! Now you have made them spelt like they sound! Sad!!
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/21/06

Why do lots not even answer the original question.. the one here has nothing to do with being called Yank, Pommie or Aussie..just dont call me late for breakfast..
---karin on 2/21/06

A catholic, can you imagine how us Americans sound to them. We really abused the language.
---Ken on 2/20/06

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I saw an old movie today called "The white cliffs of Dover". Great movie and they called all Americans Yanks. This has always been, but if your from the south or southwest you don't want to be called a Yank because it sounds too much like Yankee. All Americans are Yanks to brits and it's OK with me. I like the name and I'm proud of America and I love the Brits, and I don't care who likes it or not! Political correctness is what the left wing liberals thrive on. Let's just enjoy our differences.
---Kevin on 2/20/06

You also will see some anger if you refer to an Aussie as a Kiwi. Save that for the New Zealanders!
---Steve on 2/20/06

Never mind the words Yanks and Brits but woe betide anyone who calls a Welshman 'English' or refers to Wales as being a small part of England!!
---M.A. on 2/20/06

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