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My Husbands Two Year Affair

I've just learned that my husband was having a 2 year affair. He told me that he loved her and cares for her, but he wants to come back to me and restore our marriage. I question if he truly loves me or just doesn't want to loose his lifestyle. Am I biblically bound to restore the marriage?

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 ---Carolyn on 2/12/06
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Hi Denise, why should the poor woman who's been cheated on for 2 years ask forgiveness? Her husband was the one cheating on her, although she has her own sins of course, but ultimately the blame lies with the spouse who sleeps with another person.
---Mary on 9/28/07

Check out the organization called convenant keepers. They have lots of great articles in how to deal with these types of situations.
---Naomi on 9/28/07

you need to go to God yourself. God will forgive you. He hates divorce but it is forgivable. You have to check your heart.
This is your life.
---denise on 9/25/07

If you are questioning whether or not he truly loves you I don't believe that you should take him back unless something happens that makes you absolutely certain that he is sincere. Because of his actions the choice is yours, not his, so there is no need to rush into anything. Take your time, pray about it, give it a lot of thought, don't let him pressure you. He lost his rights when he committed adultery.
---emg on 9/24/07

Thomas: Matthew 19:3-6, He was speaking of Marriage. However, Jesus often used marriage as a metaphor for the type of relationship He has with His Church. Rev. 21:2; 21:9; 19:7-9.
---lorra8574 on 3/24/07

To make things straight, I'm not having problems with my husband and he isn't having an affair. I did with my first husband, that was why we got a divorce. But Louise I can relate what your going through with now, from my past.
---Rebecca_D on 3/23/07

I know what you are going through, I am going through the same thing. Just trying to get some understanding of it all. I keep forgiving and he keeping saying that he is not going to do it again.
---Louise on 3/23/07

You are certainly not obligated biblically to stay married. He may say he loves you but he loves himself more, as do all adulterers. He most likely doesn't want to face the confrontation and expense of divorce. The decision to try to restore your marriage is yours but you will be trying to restore a relationship of trust with somebody who has proven himself untrustworthy.
---ralph7477 on 3/22/07

To Rebecca D., what God has joined together let no man put assunder Could it be Rebecca he's speaking of Jesus and the Church?
---Thomas on 3/14/06

He loves her, does he love you?. Pray and ask the LORD to reveal to you why he wants to come home and have a committed marriage after two years of loving and caring for another woman. Do you know this woman? Continue to pray, GOD is the only one who can provide strength and bring clarity to this situation. A man is supposed to love his wife as Christ loved the church. No where in scripture will you find Christ turning His back on us or loving Himself more than He loves us. I'm praying for you.
---Renee on 3/14/06

J; you can't say this marriage was from God, no one can, for we don't know. So therefore you can't use the scripture "what God has joined together let no man put asunder". And what is the deal with you not spelling out the rest of God's name? Think about it, you leave out the O in God and what do you have? GD.
---Rebecca_D on 2/14/06

If he agress to live totally by himself (give up girlfriend completely) then...maybe he could prove himself worthy of his family. Perhaps new relatinship is shaky and he wants a place with a nice, warm bed!!
---Dee on 2/13/06

sorry, but your knowledge of hebrew customs and language may be not so great. yes, american customs, english churches, allow divorce for many reasons. but not Scripture. the verse U R referring to is for divorce during betrothal, never after marriage(for unbelievers no rules,for believers Life!). shalom in Yeshua.
---j on 2/12/06

The Lord also gives us this biblical relsease in a marriage if they commited adultry.
I would pray about it & personally if this has been going on for 2 years why hasn't he repented anytime sooner? He'd be out if it were my husband.
---candice on 2/12/06

I wouldn't take him back. Do you want to get burned again? You wouldn't be happy, because you couldn't trust him, he wants his cake and eat it too. I wouldn't give him the chance to burn me again. He doesn't love you, if he did he wouldn't have had a 2 yr affair with another woman. I would tell him no and dust off my feet from him.
---Rebecca_D on 2/12/06

Yhwh entrusted the Scriptures to the Jews.
The Jewish Lord Yeshua, Messiah and Saviour,
said in the Gospel that only during engagement,
if the betrothed is found to be unchaste, is a
'divorce' allowed(i.e.BEFORE the actual marriage). After the marriage, both are one, and let no one separate what G_d has made.
---j on 2/12/06

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Do you believe Yeshua ?
---j on 2/12/06

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