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Christian Teens With Ears Pierced

Can Christian teens have their ears pierce?

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 ---Boddy_Smith on 2/12/06
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It is common for people all over the world, male and female to have pierced ears. Israelite men and women had earings and Aaron made a golden calf out of them. Job had earings and or nose rings. A slave that was willing to stay with his master would have his ear pierced to show his status as a servant. The law stated not to have piercings or tattoos. Are you a law person? Ask them if they are willing to have it done to show that they are a servant of the Lord. This way some good can come out of it.

Moderator - As stated it is a sign of slavery not Christianity.
---john on 2/16/08

That is a decision between the child and his/her parents.
---Madison on 6/23/07

they not only can, but they do. Some of them are decorated more like Christmas trees, 3 hanging from each ear, 1 hanging from the lip, 1 on the tongue, 2 from the eye brows, 1 from the nose, and I even seen 'em in their chins...looks painful to me...hope they're well grounded during lightning storms.
---Eloy on 3/11/06

If teens pierce their lips can we pin their mouths shut?
Might work good for some adults also.
---Elder on 3/11/06

John I don't think Madison was saying that jewellery itself isn't biblical. She says that the bible does not state that a women MUST wear jewellery. I think she is just pointing out the difference between choice and enforcement.
---emg on 2/18/06

Jewelry is not Biblical? The Israelites had piles of it that God made the Egyptians give to them. Job had lots. Abraham, David, Solomon. How about the prodigal son? What did his dad give him when he got home? A ring. Look at all the Jewels in heaven. We are even compared to precious jewels.
---john on 2/17/06

Too many people go by their own rules or have a hand me down religion. I got my ears pierced when I was 13. My daughter got her ears pierced at age 3, so what is the sin? No wonder so many people are confused. People can't keep their mouth shut on what is right or what is wrong. There is nothing wrong with it if the parents approve.
---Rebecca_D on 2/14/06

If you are a Christian teen, living at home, and your parent/s are caring for you and giving you shelter, then you should respect their values and not get your ears pierced. When you are on your own, search the Scriptures and if you feel it is OK to pierce your ears, do so then and not before. Ear-piercing has no value for anything so son't make it an issue between you and your parents.
---marya4598 on 2/13/06

In fulfilling the great commission we do a great disservice to God and our fellow man, if we insist on exercising judgment based on dress, color of the skin, perceived mental ability, or temperament displayed towards us. It requires no effort to love the lovely. We all need to judge ourselves in this matter.
---mima on 2/13/06

Linda: Who says a lady must wear jewelry? It certainly is not Biblical. I rarely wear jewelry, and I am a lady.
---Madison on 2/13/06

Why would it be wrong. I have three holes in my ear my pastor's wife has 2 and fixing to get a third one. I see nothing wrong with it. The bible doesn't speak against it. If you feel convicted of it then you shouldn't but just because you feel convicted doesn't mean that others do or that is wrong for them. God says work out your own salvation. What's wrong for you may not be for others.
---dreab on 2/13/06

Mod. Surely there is nothing wrong with being a slave to the Lord is there? The Greek word "doulos" is used 118 time in the N.T. and it means slave.

Moderator - Loving God has nothing to do with being a human slave. Just the opposite.
---john on 2/13/06

Meanings and symbolisms do change as society changes. I know my mother had no "slavery" meanings in her mind when she decided to have my ears pierced when I was a small child. I know that she was trying to prepare me to become a lady. A lady must wear jewelry. As I kid I looked forward to the day that my mom would buy me a pair of earings. It means that I am trustworthy enough to be responsible to care for a piece of jewelry that I could give to the younger members of my family in the future.
---Linda6546 on 2/12/06

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