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Catholic Traditions Hell Bound

It has been said here with regard to Roman Catholics: "Some of the tradition beliefs will send one straight to hell"
Which RCC traditions will do this?

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 ---alan8869_of_UK on 2/12/06
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Thank you Lupe. It does appear to me from what Emcee and Ruben and A Catholic have said here that RCs do believe that one has to have faith in Jesus. But they have add-ons which you and I believe to be unnecessary. Many non-RCs also have add-ons. Do these add-ons send one "straight to hell"? Thank you for making a gentle reply.
---alan8869_of_UK on 5/8/08

I was not born into catholocism, but married into it (did not convert, but wasn't saved at the time either). I go by what I was told by priests and other catholics as well as what I have researched from the catechism. I would not say I am ignorant of their beliefs (i.e. Mary perpetual virgin, praying to Mary, baptism saves, the pope being infallible, etc.).

God Bless!
---Debbie on 2/20/06

Moderator, Charismatic Catholics are also Roman Catholics, we simply worship a bit differently and also differently than some Evangilicals who tend to make lots of "noise".

I'm not into the screaming and dancing that some tend to do and which I find theatrical and/or hypocritical if not fanatic.

Moderator - I wouldn't be into screaming in a church service either :)
---A_Catholic on 2/20/06

Debbie, I was born Catholic, attended other denominations but got turned off and joined a Catholic Charismatic Group. In all honesty, what I read on here is not what we go through our group. At times I suspect some of you are talking about another "RCC" and not the one I belong to.
I can assure you that a lot of what some of you write is due to ignorance of RCC matters.

Moderator - Charimatic Catholics can have VERY different beliefs compared to Roman Catholics. At times they may be even more like the Spirit-Filled Christians than Roman Catholics.
---A_Catholic on 2/20/06

David you refer to "Thus the reason of their mass murders of the early christians" Can you give more information about this ... when, where, who, etc?
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/20/06

A Catholic:

There is no reason to be vindictive on this site. The reason the correlation of RCC and paganism is mentioned is because of the traditions that RCC took from pagan roots. If you would open your eyes and research for yourself (i.e. not accept what you have been taught) -- actually RESEARCH pagan traditions, you too will see what we all can see so clearly.

---Debbie on 2/20/06

I can accept disagreements with the RCC but I find associating the RCC with paganism way out of line. I find such comments as ill motivated and don't give them any importance at all. Be fair, be logical and don't be vindictive.
---A_Catholic on 2/20/06

Alan- Study Baal worship, then a history of RCC. You will see the foundation of RCC is Baal worship,-Babylon. The RCC's motive is to control people. Thus the reason of their mass murders of the early christians and their attempt to keep the bible out of the hands of the world population. The RCC took on a "form" of godliness and consider Mary the queen of heaven. The queen of heaven, Ashtaroth (Jud. 2:13)was part of Baal worship. Read Jer.44 Gods thoughts of the "queen of heaven".
---david on 2/19/06

Catholic, you asked, "How come no one has associated the Muslim "religion" as the great whore?" I said that many times. We must realize that all of the cults will come together somewhere under some name. It may be Catholic, meaning Universal, or it may be something else. When you examine RCC doctrine and the place of the RCC Pope and Fathers in light of Scripture Truth you will understand why some things are said like they are. That was a nice complement you gave Herb.
---Elder on 2/19/06

Jesus is our Priest.
---LT on 2/19/06

Dear Catholic friends, Why do priest not marry yet many abuse boys? Where in the bible does it say a priest should not marry? How can your works save you when the bible clearly teaches we are save by grace?
---Re_v_Herb on 2/19/06

Herb ... How do the ten horns fit in?
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/19/06

How many times has the word "Antichrist" appeared in the Revelation?

Answer: 0 times
---A_Catholic on 2/19/06

The divinely inspired interpretor of the Holy Bible, namely, Herb, has spoken.

How come no one has associated the Muslim "religion" as the great whore?

Moderator - They can be as they are a different religion.
---A_Catholic on 2/19/06

Part 1. If you look at v5 of Rev. It says the MOTHER OF HARLOTS. V7,8,9 tells more. v9 speaps of the seven mountains which the woman sits. Rome sits on 7 hills. V8 says the beast that was and is not and yet is. Roam was a great power and was no more but will rise again.
---Rev_Herb on 2/19/06

Revelation 17:7-8 And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns. The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.
---Rev_Herb on 2/19/06

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part 3
Revelation 17:9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.
---Rev_Herb on 2/19/06

Yes, it is true, Mary played a very important part and now she is no longer needed for our benefit. Get over it and give the glory to only God! Now there is work to be done to bring in the harvest.
---Ex-_catholic on 2/19/06

Once while witnessing to a Catholic, I showed him in the Bible where it says salvation is not by works! The man stopped hesitated and then said," I still believe it is of works" my heart ached for him as it does for Emcee. When a man's heart is blinded he is truly blinded.
---mima on 2/19/06

David "The RCC is the Great Whore" Your accusation ... show the scriptures to support this.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/19/06

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Emcee 'Mary plays a very important part in the redemption of Mankind.' Mary's role in this is over. She was a human being chosen for a purpose (a very special one) and fulfilled that purpose. She lived her life, with husband and other children, and died. Mary was the mother of Jesus' earthly body. Very important yes, but she was not co-redemptress of the world. Jesus is our, Mary's, Joseph's and His siblings' Saviour, Redeemer and Lord.
---M.A. on 2/19/06

Roman Catholicism does not restrict itself to either Scripture or tradition. They feel that their authority given them by God gives them free access to create any doctrine or policy they wish. Take for instance, the belief that a good Hindu, Moslem, etc. can be saved if he is sincere in his religion and is a good moral person. This to the Biblical Christian is a salvation outside of any belief in Christ.
---lee on 2/19/06

Emcee-People who are true Roman Catholics do not believe God's word. The RCC is the Great Whore mentioned in Rev. chapter 17. A study on the history of the RCC church and their persecution of Christians will revel this. And where does Mary, the Pope, or any priest fit into 1Tim 2:5? Study the book of Hebrew. The office of an earthly priest was done away with after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is our High Priest and makes intercession to the Father for us as we pray to HIM and through HIM.
---jdavidg41 on 2/19/06

Emcee "Mary plays a very important part in the redemption of Mankind" The Bible records that Mary PLAYED a very important, and blessed, part in the redemption of mankind by being the mother who bore His earthly form. It is RCC tradition that she PLAYS a redemptive part, and the way the RCC proves that tradition is by quoting the RCC version of Gen 3.15. But the RCC itself says it changed the original to reflect that tradition!
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/19/06

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Emcee ... Have you looked at the Catholic Encyclopaedia and seen what it says about the difference between the CC version of Geb 3.15 and that used by other denominations? It acknowledges that there is no justification for the change from the original, except to justify their tradition about Mary. And yet they call it biblical proof! It seems a little wrong that the RCC should change the prophecy of God, as recorded in holy scriptures, and change its meaning.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/19/06

Alan::There are contradictions its what you make of it. Catholic version as you have yourself stated "she will crush his head" & others say that; the seed of the woman his heel shall strike your head& your head shall strike his heel.This is not the main Point but is part of the prophecy the everlasting ENMITY is the true prophecy.We need to address this if we want to stay on the side of Right by bringing Glory to God.Mary plays a very important part in the redemption of Mankind.
---Emcee on 2/18/06

Emcee ... in friendship I ask again ... please can you state here what you say are the words of the words of Genesis 3.15 Then we might understand each other.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/18/06

A Catholic:

Demonizing RCC? Is that how you see it? I have pointed out that the teaching of RCC is more akin to paganism than to God's Word.

I'm sorry that you don't see any Christian attitude in me. I just see brothers & sisters walking towards a cliff & no matter how much I prove my points with scripture, they will not listen.

I experienced RCC myself so whatever I was fed was directly from them.The lies that are taught are offensive and hurtful to the souls of others.
---Debbie on 2/18/06

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People who are true Roman Catholics do not believe God's word. - The RCC is the Great Whore mentioned in Rev. chapter 17. A study on the history of the RCC church and their persecution of Christians will revel this. And where does Mary, the Pope, or any priest fit into 1Tim 2:5? Study the book of Hebrew. The office of an earthly priest was done away with after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is our High Priest and makes intercession to the Father for us as we pray to HIM and through HIM.
---david7477 on 2/18/06

Debbie::What is your concept of a FEW? what ratio would you come up with if all the people of this universe since Geneses.?:1=(2billion)That figure to you seems great but to God is a drop in all the oceans of this universe. We are not learned people by the standard of God, just his children. He does not have to justify Himself to us he says we follow. There is no point in continueing this arguement because we are fanning the flames of one who resides & lives by that code .GODS way is peace & Love.
---Emcee on 2/18/06

ALAN - What is there to answer, since every human transpires to interpret the verses of the written word in different ways. Is a good reason why Jesus said of his church, I shall be with you at all times. He is the shepherd let us follow as sheep & as one flock if we are to defeat satan & his helpers. This is the prophecy. As a friend I speak out of the depths of a heart of a pure love which we all share & serve. If you accept Jesus You have got to accept HIS mother who is HER God.

Moderator - "HIS mother who is HER God" - Are you stating Mary is God.
---Emcee on 2/18/06

Mod: "the Gate is narrow" you think about it how many seconds in 6000 years, assuming it takes 1 second to pass through how long would it take 2 billion. But that is not the point & that is not what the statement reminds us. You are assuming that only your type of Christianity will be saved even disregarding the words of scripture so what Road are you walking the wide or the Narrow; Save your own soul not those of RCC.

Moderator - The scriptures are clear on this matter as the other blogger even quoted the scriptures.
---Emcee on 2/18/06

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Debbie, you will never understand anything the RCC does because you demonize everything it practices.

I don't see any Christian attitude in you whenever you deal with matters relating to the RCC plus I question your knowledge about the RCC except the venom you had been fed.
---A_Catholic on 2/18/06

Emcee ... you have still not addressed my question as to what are the words of Gen 3 15? Maybe we should continue privately and we can understand each other better?
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/18/06

the idolatry.
---Eloy on 2/18/06


Your statement "Deeply religious, dedicated to the Lord, who read the Bible & trust in his word, believe this concept, just about 2 Billion" is troubling. See scripture below:

Matthew 7:13 Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.14 Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it."

See the word FEW who find it?
---Debbie on 2/17/06

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Emcee and Ruben: If you read all of John 6, it explains how this was NOT to be the literal body and blood of Christ. Paul shed even more light on the topic in 1 Corinthians 11 where it is said that the bread and wine is to be taken in REMEMBRANCE of Jesus.

God forbid cannibalism and He would not go against what was taught in Genesis 9:4 and Leviticus 17:12.
---Debbie on 2/17/06

DEBBIE::Deeply religious, dedicated to the Lord, who read the Bible & trust in his word, believe this concept, just about 2 Billion. Jesus gave us a gift of himself & you are ridiculing his love. Then you say you love the Lord ? Which one?the prophecy continues Gen3;V15 You have to trust, try not to figure; This is a Thanksgiving in remembrance of him,who so loved the world he Gave his only son to save us, from our own sins & choices. His love is infinite.

Moderator - The scripture tells us the road to hell is wide, yet the gate to heaven is narrow. Emcee, please think about it in the light of your comment.
---Emcee on 2/17/06

Mod:You are always talking maybe this time you left out the oranges,& misplaced the apples signs of antiquity.sorry or maybe its ME.!!

Moderator - It's pears now.
---Emcee on 2/17/06

Canon Law 1374 denies freedom of choice to Roman Catholic parents in regards to schools, and say that they must send their children to parochial school under pain of mortal sin unless excused from doing so by the bishop (Roman Catholicism, Boettner, 358)
---bubba on 2/17/06

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How about their idolatry....
Creed of Pope Pius IV.
"I most firmly assert, that the images of Christ, of the Mother of God, ever virgin, and also of the other saints, ought to be had and retained, and that due honor and veneration are to be given them."
---Peter on 2/17/06

Debbie-(believe that the bread and wine that Jesus gave at the last supper was actually turned into flesh and blood for them to eat and drink? Read Gospel of John Chapter 6 "MY FLESH is real food and My Blood is real drink." Jesus words, I think I will listen to him. Also read what the Jews and diciples said" How can this man give us his flesh to eat." "This is hard to listen. Who can understand?" You sound like them.
---ruben on 2/17/06

Mod "At this point, you are not talking about apples or oranges, but now pears. You keep changing your comments so much that there is nothing for me to respond to"
I don't think you remember what it was I was saying. Are you able to go back and look? I have not changed my faith, nor does it conflict with yours. I do not know what it is you find difficult to accept about my comments.

Moderator - :)
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/17/06

So do RC's think cannabolism is OK as long as it is Jesus they are eating? Do they believe that the bread and wine that Jesus gave at the last supper was actually turned into flesh and blood for them to eat and drink? How can logical thinking people believe such a thing? Why do they fight about it being in REMEMBRANCE of the Lord -- not actually THE LORD they are eating? I guess I just don't understand how RC's can view these "traditions" as anything more than of Satan trying to confuse.
---Debbie on 2/17/06

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Bruce& mod ::You say MEMORIAL, but actually it is a THANKSGIVING study the words & actions He blessed the bread & gave thanks Matt26;V26-28 Lk22;V 17-19.The trouble here is you are looking at this from a human aspect, you should believe & trust in the validity of Jesus's statement,he is GOD& every thing is possible,yes Linda of Canada by the power of his spoken WORD he can transform himself into Trillions of Christs But still remain as one you have to have Faith like when Peter walked on the water.

Moderator - Please quote me because I have not been talking about memorials.
---Emcee on 2/17/06

Mod ... The anology is illogical? ... surely it is what Jesus is about? The whole reason for Christ coming was to sacrifice Himself to save us from the punishment freom our sins.

Moderator - At this point, you are not talking about apples or oranges, but now pears. You keep changing your comments so much that there is nothing for me to respond to.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/17/06

Mod "This time you talked about apples, but forgot your oranges" What oranges did I forget? I think I believe the same as you, and do not accept the RC idea of eating Jesus.
Where please am I going wrong, to offend you belief?
Or do you think that the Jesus story is an everyday event, explainable by man's common sense, and that there is no need for faith?

Moderator - None of the above. I was just stating that the analogy given was illogical.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/17/06

(Moderator - So they killed Jesus on the spot?) Are you trying to say " How can this man give us his flesh to eat?" or " This teaching is too hard. "Who can listen to it?"

Moderator - So they killed Jesus on the spot?
---ruben on 2/17/06

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Mod "Him dying on the cross is a fact which doesn't even take faith to believe" That is true, but I was referring to the whole Christian faith. What is not common sense, is that superpowerful God sacrificing His only and dearly loved son to save us, when He could do that without putting his son through that. It is not common sense ... but we believe it. That is what faith is about.

Moderator - This time you talked about apples, but forgot your oranges.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/17/06

Mod-(Christ isn't stating eat me, ) Scriptures states."He took the bread broke it and said take this all of you and EAT it, "THIS IS MY BODY" and likewise on his blood,"gave to his disciples and said "drink this all of you "THIS IS MY BLOOD", You take one word REMBRANCE and override other verses, THIS MY BODY and BLOOD and in John Gospel "My flesh is real food and MY blood is real drink." also Jesus said the bread is his flesh in v51.

Moderator - So they killed Jesus on the spot?
---ruben on 2/17/06

To my Roman Catholic friends....if you truly believe in your heart that when you eat the wafer that you are actually eating the body, soul and spirit of Jesus, than your church has millions (billions) of Christ's...and that's not Biblical. The priest has NO power to pull our Saviour out of heaven to be eaten by man,...
---Linda_from_Canada on 2/17/06

Mod "How about a dose of common sense? The apostles didn't eat Jesus that day and kill Him. Christ died on the cross" You should know by now that i do not believe that, I am just showing how it is possible to justify the belief.
But if we apply "common sense" as you suggest, the whole Christian faith would fall apart. It is not "common sense" that a father would sacrifice his son to save others from being punished for disobeying the rules.

Moderator - I here hear what you are saying, but from a logic standpoint you are mixing apples with oranges with your example. It is common sense the Apostles didn't start eating Jesus because He died on the cross. Him dying on the cross is a fact which doesn't even take faith to believe.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/17/06

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(Moderator - How about a dose of common sense? The apostles didn't eat Jesus that day and kill Him.No they did not! Christ died on the cross.)Amen, So when Jesus says this is my body, is it not the same thing as Gospel of John " You must eat my flesh or are they totaly different scenario?

Moderator - Cross reference the scriptures and read them in context and one sees Christ isn't stating eat me, but stating this bread and wine eat in REMEMBRANCE of Me.
---ruben on 2/17/06

John 6 53-56 is a powerful support for RC belief that we must eat His flesh. If they take that as a starting point, & regard it as a continuing command to eat the actual flesh, and then other scriptures fit in. Non RCs take other scripture as a starting point, and then the words of John are regarded as metaphorical so can fit in with their different belief.

Moderator - How about a dose of common sense? The apostles didn't eat Jesus that day and kill Him. Christ died on the cross.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/17/06

Praying to the virgin mary and other saints.
---Don on 2/17/06

Mod:: yes I do believe because it is Gods written word, if you don't then explain Jn 6;V53-58 you have avoided this answer long enough He who eats -will have life everlasting. The truth is you cannot because it is the truth, & this will set you free .Blessings.

Moderator - I have no clue what you are responding to? Please quote me and then respond.
---Emcee on 2/16/06

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Mod:: In answer to your remark- Do you think Christ came & gave us ALL these teachings to lead us to hell?? He said "I am the way, the truth, & the life, he who believes in me WILL have life everlasting --no hell in that statement.

Moderator - I never asked that question. Please go back and quote me and answer that question. Thanks.
---Emcee on 2/16/06

Emcee ... I meant that I do not believe that any of the "add-ons" whether of RCC or of other denominations, will send a person to hell.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/16/06

Ralph ::After consecration,the whole christ His body & blood Soul & divinity are contained in the wafer which is distributed. This is made possible by the WORD of Jesus's utterance THIS IS MY Body & this is my Blood, In order to have life everlasting Jn6:V53-58.Can you have body without Blood? He is the living Christ in that holy Viaticum. We say the lords prayer "give us this day our daily bread"
this is the bread to nourish the soul & keep one in sanctifying Grace without which we are lost.

Moderator - Do you really believe eating the pagan IHS wafer and drinking some wine will save your soul?
---Emcee on 2/16/06

For people to say who is going to hell is not their perogative. Only God can decide this. Scripture say that as long as we accept Jesus Christ as our person
al Lord and Savior and believe He died on the cross, then we are saved! Traditional beliefs are between God and the believer.
---Anna_Jo on 2/15/06

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I have always been confused by something...If Roman Catholic doctrine teaches that the bread and wine transform into the actual body and blood of Christ at Communion, and if the parishioners are to partake of these items as an act of obedience, why is it that people only partake of the bread and not the wine? At least that was my experience growing up in the Catholic church. Nobody is partaking of the "blood" except for the priest. Is a half measure good enough according to the RCC?
---ralph7477 on 2/15/06

Alan::I do believe,NO doctrines traditions & practices, which will send people to hell. People make their own choices not churches, as is evident from the number of denominations who switch for various reasons. It is a fact that christ is the head of the RCC ,not my saying but His institution. The sacraments are for your utilisation. The Mass being the main sacrifice of the New law. Heb9:27-28.why did god send his son -love-he left us with a life giving practice, what is meant by give us this day our dailly bread.
---Emcee on 2/15/06

"Bruce::How can you explain Catholic dogma in the new testament with OT traditions.Christ"

That is exactly what the RC does.

"The source is not correct read my concept of the meaning of Mass."

Do you accept the Catholic Encylopedia as authoriative? Are you putting your understanding above the offical stand of the RC?
---Bruce5656 on 2/15/06

I assure you, that in Christian churches of many different denominations, when commuion is taken, there is no concept whatsoever of Christ being resacrificed. It is a memorial. If you have a memorial service for a deceased friend, are you believing that they are dieing over again?
---Bruce5656 on 2/15/06

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If you think the mass is just a time of rememberance, you are sorely mistaken.

If you refer to the "Is Communion Eating and Drinking" blog

You will find an extensive quotation (on 12/13/06) from the Catholic Enclyopedia that deomonstrates clearly that that is not what the RC teaches.

Do you reject the Catholic Encylopedia as being authorative?
---Bruce5656 on 2/15/06

Mimi, Salvation is not determined by what man believes but by what God has said. A belief in a wrong object brings wrong results. God paid the price for sin thereby giving Him the right to set the course of action for sinful man to be Saved. He not only died but He Resurrected. That is the key. It has been said that practice makes perfect but that is not so. Perfect Practice makes Perfect.
If I practice boxing with the wrong training no matter how much I work at it I will never be good at it.
---Elder on 2/15/06

However it is simply a time of remembrance of the sacrifice of Christ. I Cor 11:25 Burce to me it sounds like you are sacrifice Christ all over again too just like the RCC. Just a thought.
---randy on 2/15/06

Bruce::How can you explain Catholic dogma in the new testament with OT traditions.Christ abolished the old jewish traditions of circumcision & other forms of beliefs introduced over time>. He was the new sacrafice the pure Lamb, his act of Obedience gave you & humanity a new life. Now you disclaim & ridicule this act of his .This is being FALSE.who is your God that you love?uphold his teachings.Dont use the catholic church to spread your false doctrine.
---Emcee on 2/14/06

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Bruce ::Again I say you are misinformed & if not then your conclusion is unjustified & False Read my explaination of the Mass & its observance in the blog Of the Eucharist12/2The mass is an adoration of the people to God -Dont spew false doctrine as YOU see it because it it enhances the cause of Beelzebub.
---Emcee on 2/13/06

A lot of traditions in the old testiment were worshiping other god's and making graven images. Do you think that the people who practiced these things did not go to hell?
---Gib on 2/13/06

Alan, I believe that many of the rules that the Catholic church teaches are good but the followers don't practice them and practice their own believes. I know if you ask a priest on some issues they will tell you they don't believe in that but what happens many times is that they allow it to go on. In the latin countries Catholics walk Mary through the streets side by side with a skeleton. Many paganistic things are connected to Mary.
---Lupe2618 on 2/13/06

I did not say that we are not called to practice communion (as we call it in our church." However it is simply a time of remembrance of the sacrifice of Christ. I Cor 11:25

The Catholic Mass is believed to be. It is a litteral sacrifice of Jesus as essential to God's system of salvation as were the OT sacrifices. In fact it is viewed as a continuation of the OT sacrifical system with Jesus as the sacrifice instead of an animal.
---Bruce5656 on 2/13/06

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This is absolutely contrary to the teaching of the NT and a blasphemous act that defames the finished work of Christ.
---Bruce5656 on 2/13/06

Salvation is determined by what people believe and depend on. For example, Mormons believe in Joseph Smith, Orthodox Jews believe in G-D alone not Jesus as the Messiah. Catholics are taught to believe in a multitude of outlandish blasphemous traditions of men. But if a person disregards all of man's ideas and clings strictly to what the Bible says,(whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved". Doing this and depending on it achieves it(salvation).
---mima on 2/13/06

Randy what Bruce said was, "Can there be any doubt that the Catholic Church, with its sacraments which are essential to salvation compares directly to the false gospel?"
As a Christian the sacraments are not essential to our Salvation but only to our Obedience. You are not allowed to partake of them (in obedience) if you are not Saved first.
You don't partake to get Saved but because you are Saved.
---Elder on 2/13/06

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