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Do I Pull My Kids Out Of School

I am pulling my kids out of Public school, I have had enough! My son came home with a book on science, stating factually the earth is millions of years old. My Daughter came home with a book about "Great women of America." Women are great, as Wives and Mothers, not politicians. Am I wrong?

Moderator - I teach my sons the Word of God and don't expect the school system to help in this process. When my son has to learn that we came from monkeys, he just gets a big laugh out of the non-sense. However, it helps them to defend the faith because they know both sides of the debate.

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 ---MikeM on 2/13/06
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MikeM: Are you a male? I hope not. Women can do more than be wives and mothers. Take a good look around you and read up on your history bub. Your daughter has a good chance of one day becoming a president than ever before in the history of this country.
Women are the backbone of this country.And every other place in this world.
Go ahead and pull your kids from school. I hope you have the cash to pay for private school or the time to homeschool.
---Robyn on 2/20/08

Pull them out.

Science books!!!! Oh please, no, no, no.

And your daughter might grow up thinking she could President.
---matthew on 2/19/08

Basically shows why there should be seperation of Church/state. Spiritual themes should be taught by the parents, not a state paid teacher
---dan on 2/19/08

Nah. There was never another MikeM. It sounds exactly like you, only fishy.

The evolution of MikeM. Highly evolved, involved and revolved around the evolution of MikeM. A guppy that grew up to be the Big Fish in a little pond.
---Bob on 2/19/08

Just because you may not agree with what is being taught in school doesn't mean you should pull your child out. Tell your child what you believe to be right and let him/her explore and discover the truth for him/herself. As far as the book on women, I applaud the teacher for teaching the students about great women in history. Women have played an important role, not just in the homes but all throughout history, look at the women of the Bible.
---Katie on 2/19/08

Was there another MikeM in 06'? My kids are in public school and that question is not something I would ask

'Bob' Misquoted, there was never 'something fishy in Dennmark,' it was 'something rotten in Denmark' as spoke by Hamlet in the first act of the Shakespeare play, Hamlet.
---MikeM on 2/17/08

Either MikeM. changed since the posting of this question, or there's something really fishy in Denmark.
---Bob on 2/16/08

MikeM. Chill dude! I agree with the moderator. If you are giving your kids a good, solid foundation of the Word of God, then they will be able to destinguish between the secular. So you are saying the only great women are barefoot, pregnant, and in front of a stove? You've done it now bro.
---Fred_S. on 2/16/08

I am in the physical sciences at my college. I see no conflict between evolution and my faith. No where have I seen or read that 'man came from monkeys.' Some must explain to me the conflict. What about women as politicians? Can't they be as corrupt as men? My Fathers church says no one has any business being in school, women more so. This at age 20 I reject.

Moderator - Evolution teaches we came from an ape like creature. As I stated, my four year old knows better and laughs at evolution. Niki, keep in mind evolution is a false theory even if there wasn't such a thing as Christianity that had explainations as to our orgin. Make sure you study beyond what you are taught in school or your studies will be very limited.
---Niki on 5/29/07

I believe in home schooling or finding a good Christian School, if you can afford it, most of us can't. Home schooling can be difficult juggling it with work, etc. but, it's well worth it! --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/14/06

The evolution theory is saying humans used to resemble monkeys but evantually evolved into what we are today and its better for him to no both sides of the debate Then he wont seem ignorant and stuipd in debates Put him back in school As for your daughteer women arent made to be wifes and motheres They can do many other things Its pointless wasiting god given intelligence on that when they want to do so many greater things My moms a CEO but it doesnt mean she wasnt a mother and a wife
---Sneha on 8/14/06

We pulled our son out in 4th grade. My wife home schooled him using the Bible for reading, spelling (where possible), history (where applicable), etc. There are excellent h.s. book stores; a mother who can read & study is the best guide. We (& he) decided for him to complete public school 9th grade up. He is well grounded in scripture & faith in God. No one can trick or decieve him in the lies of science/theory. He has won over many who had doubt before. There is NO substitute for good parenting.
---mikefl on 2/26/06

John: All three of my children went to public school. I did not do a background check on them to learn of their heathenistic histories. I trusted God Almighty for their care while they were in school. He was faithful in protecting them while allowing them, when they were ready, to be stretched in their beliefs. They were challenged at various times, and they grew as a result of those challenges.
---Madison on 2/19/06

Madison. I'm sorry. I was not referring to you. I didn't say all teachers in the public school system were heathens. I would dare to say most of them are and certainly the curiculum is heathenistic. May I ask you if your kid's Sunday School teacher was a heathen, would you pull him/her out of that Sunday School? Then even more so at 5 days a week and 6 hours a day. There is no Scriptural support to have any heathens teach our little ones.
---john on 2/17/06

John: As a Christian public school teacher, I can assure you that there are many believers teaching in the public schools. To say we are heathens shows great ignorance.
---Madison on 2/16/06

It's hard to believe that Christian grown ups have no problem teaching their older children to be separate from the world because the world is bad but when it comes to our little children, despite what the Bible says, they have no problem sending them to be taught by the heathens 5 days a week for 6 hours a day. Show me Scripturally, how it is God's will for your little ones to be exposed to that.
---john on 2/16/06

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My kids were great at "arguing" respectfully with the teachers who would try to teach them the lies. It made them come home and discuss these things at dinner, where we had great discussions of the TRUTH of God's Word. They would then go back to school strengthen for the battle.
---Madison on 2/16/06

Marva: Your parents prepared you for life as a Christian in a fallen world. To the parents who want to shield their kids from reality, the Christian life is not pretty if it is lived to the fullest. It means making contact with people who disagree with our beliefs and challenge us. Kids need to develop those skills as soon as possible.
---Madison1 on 2/16/06

I do not buy into either/or dogmas. this extend to other areas besides science. In the final analysis the dislike for evolution is emotive. It is the fear of a Newtonian 'billiad ball' universe, not requiring a divine creator that some see as a threat to faith. In no way do I see God deleted from the process.
---Niki on 2/16/06

Niki, Of course there are many similarities in the DNA of humans and other life! Why? Because all life was created by God! Nowhere does Scripture claim humans must be like 'aliens' compared to animals. In fact, the incredible examples of symbiosis we keep discovering between many species provides good evidence against theories of evolution; which we define here as the idea "that all life 'evolved' from non-living matter without the intervention of any intelligent being."
---Daniel on 2/15/06

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That leaves us with the only possible conclusion that life arose as a supernatural creative act of God. I will not accept that philosophy because I do not want to believe in God. Therefore, I choose to believe in that which I know is scientifically impossible: spontaneous generation arising to evolution. - I do believe this is Niki's problem right now. I pray she finds the truth.
---marya4586 on 2/15/06

Harvard biology professor George Wald said: There are only two possibilities as to how life arose. One is spontaneous generation arising to evolution; the other is a supernatural creative act of God. There is no third possibility. Spontaneous generation, that life arose from non-living matter, was scientifically disproved 120 years ago by Louis Pasteur and others.
---marya4586 on 2/15/06

Niki, I highly recommend you procure a copy of "Christianity for Skeptics" by Steve Kumar and read it. And, please, buy yourself a dictionary and use it! Big words are useless unless they make sense!
---marya4586 on 2/15/06

My response to the parents who wish to pull their children out of school. I thank God that my parents did not, but taught me at home to stand strong and firm against these things. And then gave me the resouces through books and magazines to learn the real truth. I am now able to defend my beliefs - isn't that what we are supposed to do - not cower in the corner because we have no backbone or the knowledge of how to use it? That's exactly what the devil wants!
---marya4586 on 2/15/06

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The existence of God and creation cannot be proven through science as God exists above and outside nature; but there are other evidences - cosmological, teleological (design/order), purpose, complexity, conscience, moral, beauty.
---marya4586 on 2/15/06

Niki's comment that she deals only with what is empirical would have to preclude a belief in evolution as evolution is not empirical - it is a "philosophy" or system of beliefs outside of pure science and, although micro-biology is not taught in "Phil.", evolution is the basis for humanism and many other belief systems.
---marya4586 on 2/15/06

Alan - my point exactly. Pure science can only bring us to a point of physically understanding certain things; beyond that both evolution and belief in God must turn to faith to believe - evloution because it is scientifically fallacious and creation because God cannot be scientifically measrued.
---marya4586 on 2/15/06

Marva ... Many things are unobserved and unobservable ... but it does not make them impossible. One of these things is Creation as described in Genesis. It was unobserved and unobservable, for there was no-one there to see it, but you would deny that that makes it impossible.
God Himself is unobserved and unobservable, and He is not impossible
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/14/06

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Niki ... What are you trying to say? You make complicated sentences with all sorts of mis-spelled but clever-sounding words, but the meaning is very unclear. I suspect that you are trying to defend evolution ... and I can tell you, you will get nowhere here.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/14/06


Happy Valentines Day! :-)

God loves you, and so do we here. You ask some good questions, some others...

If you want to investigate the claims of Christianity intelligently, go to Amazon and look for Testimony of the Evangelists by Simon Greenleaf.

He wrote the book (still used)for evidence admitted in a FEDERAL court. Then, he set the 4 Gospels against the legal standards to see if the Gospel was credible. The book will help deal with your skepticism
---John_T on 2/14/06

Niki- Is it your viewpoint that science and Christianity are not mutually exclusive? I'm just trying to understand what you are saying, not criticizing.
---wenda7494 on 2/14/06

Mod truncated accurate, but potentially inflaming things I said re middle schools. Suffice it to say that even the good kids are involved against their will. It is often "funny" to say something vulgar to a chaste girl. Get the drift?

Due to not having being able to say "that is wrong" administrators then are not allowed to punish immorality, rather, they teach how to make "good choices"

That is why removal from public schools is good-- until 10th grade, or so.
---John_T on 2/14/06

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"Empiric evidence confirms that evolution is impossible." Micro-biology is not taught in any philosopgy class that I know of in any college, but I could be wrong. Where do you get your infromation? Is Christianity a philosophy? That is also new to me. I see a false polarity between science and faith. Did you know the origens of western science came from Christian sources? I do not think in a box.
---Niki on 2/14/06

Niki, empiric (not emperic) evidence confirms that evolution is impossible. It is unobserved and unobservable. It is as much a "philosophy" as Christianity and takes at least as much or more faith to believe than creation by God.
---marya4598 on 2/14/06

What the public schools are doing to our children is exactly why I homeschool our three boys. I encourage you to homeschool. Your children will learn God's truth through a Christian curriculum, and another benefit is your relationship with your children will become closer.
---Lissa on 2/14/06

To try to truncate 'evolution' from the rest of physical science is like trying to completly extract 'metamorphic strata' from the study of geology. The interactions of the sciences is obvious. One can no more 'laugh' at an early man fossil than a sinple cambrian fossil.

Moderator - Niki, are you Molly or Tina? If you don't answer the question, you will not have any more postings, as I am beginning to question your motive.
---Niki on 2/14/06

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(Lets deal with the issue of the Blog.) As for me, I see the 'conflict' between science and scripture as a false duality. I KNOW evil is real, have seen it, it transcends my reasoned ability to apprehend it. Goodness is not holines, but it can lead to it. There are evil philosophies that man has created, example, Marxism is pure evil, it sounds good on paper, but a 100 year body count proof stamp what it is.
---Niki on 2/14/06

Niki, in U.K. we used to be taught 'i before e except after c'. Have you heard that? That applies only to words where the i and e put together make the sound ee (not the sound eye or I). Examples 'thief' and 'receive' (there are a few exceptions though because of the quirks of English). However the i and e in feisty do not make the sound ee. Right - I've made a few comments on your poor spelling now so will leave the subject alone but please try to improve your own before commenting on that of others.
---M.A. on 2/14/06

Niki I had to read this a few times before I understood it "Mom calls me 'fiesty' do to a 'bring it on' attitude." I suddenly realised that the word 'do' meant 'due'. I'm in U.K. so perhaps that's another of the words that we spell differently, or are you being phonetic? You say that some call you angry whilst mum calls you feisty. Whichever word is the more accurate I think you will need to tone it down somewhat before you alienate many people. You are going to need them as you go through life.
---M.A. on 2/14/06

Mike, after reading your description of women, I am glad I am married to a great guy named Dave.
---shira on 2/13/06

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My Father tried to have me put in a religious school at 15. I lasted 6 months. I was told i 'had a bad attitude.' I wrote papers that resulted in me being set to detention, constantly. I at 16 went to live with Mother and went to public school. The irony is the same papers i turned in public school were not a problem. I am told I am angry, but it does animate me to do well in school.

Moderator - Niki, don't let your past destroy your future by going to the other extreme.
---Niki on 2/13/06

Natural selection is not evolution, but a subset? Never heard that before. I only deal with the emperic, not vague philosophical paradigms. My Father says women have no business being in ANY college. My strong drive for education he sees as 'unwomanly.' He ordered me to quit the debate team in high school, saying it made me 'rebellious,' that was it for me. I learned to dispise ignorance, and systems that render individuals as such. The Lord did not endow us with reason and then ask us to suspend its use.

Moderator - Then you should appreciate the wisdom I am passing on to you since you like the highly educated and successful. Don't let your pride pull you down.
---niki on 2/13/06

That's why we are homeschooling.
---craig on 2/13/06

Children are not missionaries to a foreign land, they are not equipped to do it. In EVERY middle school I taught in there were several incidents of in-school sex.
---John_T on 2/13/06

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Schools ain't what they used to be. The superintendent of a local school district in PA had his children in parochial school. What a statement!

It is not about monkeys, evolution, feminazism nor political correctness. It is about doing what is right for our children.

BTW some women make great politicians, like Margaret Thatcher. I have to deal with Senators Schumer and Hillary. ugh!
---John_T on 2/13/06

The empirical evidence I have seen, mitochondrial DNA and structural analysis confirm man and other primates have a common ancester. One can laugh at DNA evidence in the courtroom at any age and be in contempt of court. There is evolutionary law and evolutionary theory. I have found those who oppose evolution do so on emotive grounds ONLY. I read scripture and see no conflict with natural selection. Mom calls me 'fiesty' do to a 'bring it on' attitude. I hope my learning will be eclectic as possible.

Moderator - You will find that as you study in more depth both sides do conflict. Natural selection is not evolution, but rather a subset. I can see your father's concern that if you don't have a proper understanding of either concept you can easily be mislead.
---Niki on 2/13/06

Yes,you're wrong,women should become what they feel in their hearts. Not all women are cut out to be wives or mothers, what a horrible thing to do to some poor husband or children to push those women into a mold that doesn't fit. You are responsible for leading your children,teaching the Bible,if you do your job they won't be led astray. I never was and learned the same things they teach now. Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill. It's only a problem if you make it one. Pray for wisdom.
---Darlene_1 on 2/13/06

Part 2:
Stop trying to make a perfect world for your kids. It "ain't" going to happen. With peer pressure, other kid's family beliefs, media...etc. You might as well lock them in their room and brainwash them. I can understand your reasoning (except the women thingy), but a good foundation of God's Word, will prepare your kids when they are ready to make THEIR OWN decisions about life.
---Fred_S. on 2/13/06

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You are the one who is responsible for teaching your children truth, not the schools. If you do your job as a parent, then they will not be influenced by what they learn at school.

HOwever, I take exception to your insistance that women be only wives and mothers. I am a single woman, and have raised my children. I should be free to pursue whatever career God chooses for me. YOur sexism will only hurt your daughter as she develops into the woman God desires her to be.
---Madison on 2/13/06

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