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Prove You Can Move Mountains

If the person comes to us and states plainly that they have faith as a mustard seed, would it be unreasonable, blasphemous or acting doubtful for us to ask them to move a mountain? Another words give proof of having that amount of faith.

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 ---mima on 2/13/06
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Jesus said that anyone whose faith was as small as a mustard seed (the smallest seed known to his culture) could command a mountain to move. I have never yet heard of a single case of anyone doing so.

The obvious conclusion is that NOBODY has ever had a faith even approaching that size. So anyone who DOES claim to do so is boasting of having more faith than any Christian who ever lived - so he NEEDS to be put to the test.
---StrongAxe on 11/29/07

It probably would be the words of a heathen. Move mountain scripture only means with God's help, you can do the impossible. Does not mean that you can test God to move a real mountain. Who would want to. What would be the purpose, to move a real mountain? Perhaps to show off which God hates. So therefore, He won't let you move a real mountain. Have a most weonderful day, won't you?
---catherine on 11/28/07

It would be foolish to ask God for anything that was not to help His children or the Kingdom of God. That isn't what faith is for, to try to prove it's outcome or play parlor games of "show me" with faith. We aren't to prove our faith by demanding results, but by being dedicated to the Lord. Faith is to please our Lord, not tease Him, or try Him,or oneanother. Tell the person how nice, and let God take care of the rest.
---Darlene_1 on 11/28/07

God was not talking about us being able to move physical mountains. He was referring to spiritual mountains in our lives. Answer to your question is Yes we can move spiritual mountains. Examples: financial, physcical,emotional etc. Brenda
---Brenda_Allen on 4/30/06

Having "mustard seed" faith is shown by shaking a snake into the fire, being swallowed by a great fish and living, etc. These people were on a task given by God. Not simply tempting Him by their deeds. If God has given you a mission, THAT is where your faith will move those "mountains". WE are not magicians or showmen as some evangelists, showing off is not appropriate with the power of God. (I learned that word [appropriate]from my son's school teacher).
---mikefl on 2/22/06

Thanks Leon. I just had a little laught at your posting as I suddenly had a mental picture of someone who, thinking himself the most spiritual person in a church, moves the biggest mountain in his area and makes sure it relocates in the back garden of the person he's trying to impress. You are so right about God giving us limitations. Whatever would we get up to if He didn't?
---M.P. on 2/15/06

I agree M.P., Rebecca_D & Judit4846. Imagine if mountain moving was literally possible for us Christians. Oh boy! :-D Some of us would be having mountain moving contests just to show others how deep, wonderful & "spiritual" we are. What a disruptive, unsettling mess that would be. :-)

Thanks you Lord for putting limitations on us for our own good!
---Leon on 2/15/06

Tempting God is the enmies domain, and God doesn't perform for selfishness, he's not for entertainment. The mockers asked Jesus for proof, or a sign from God to prove that he had supernatural power, and Jesus said that no sign will be given to this evil generation, except the sign of Jonah. They even blindfolded him, struck him on the face and said prophesy and tell who it is that hit him; and when they crucified him, they said if he was so one with God, let him come down from the cross and save himself.
---Eloy on 2/13/06

A mountain isn't always a physical sand/dirt etc. It is also taken to mean something big that is in your way/stopping you from serving christ etc.. Look at what the word means. It could have been a stack of trouble you where in.. that could be your mountain that through your faith in Christ can be moved. Sometimes you need to look at what something stands for to see it's meaning. Break a word down.. just a thought...
---judit4846 on 2/13/06

Mohammed once asked a mountain to go to him. The mountain didn't, so he walked towards it himself.
---A_Catholic on 2/13/06

Yes. When the bible talks about moving a mountain it is figuraly speaking of problems in your life. Not litterly mountains. It would be foolish because to you, you don't "believe" this person has faith, and for him/her to prove it, it wouldn't be a good idea. Unless there God performed a miracle in front of your eyes, through that person's faith.
---Rebecca_D on 2/13/06

I think that it would be quite a ridiculous thing to suggest, if by 'mountain' you are speaking literally. What would it do to that person's faith when the mountain did not move? God has physical laws which we do not mock. There will be enough 'mountains' which will need much faith to overcome as he/she goes through life without testing faith this way.
---M.P. on 2/13/06

I'm not the person to judge anyone's faith. I struggle with my own enough.
---Fred_S. on 2/13/06

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