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Life During Retirement

I would like some feed back from other men and women who are celebrating their life after retirement. Also, finding interest in life at the age of 73.

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 ---Leola on 2/14/06
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It is possible to stay busy and enjoy retirement. Some people adjust well and some do not. Depending on what their jobs involved. if I had a job that I absolutely loved, I would be heartbroken to leave it, in retirement. But I would manage. My husband is retired. He keeps busy some but not nearly enough. He is in good health. He seems to be losing his enthusiasm for life and things that use to make him happy. He is stubborn and does not take suggestions well.
---Robyn on 12/14/10

You are so blessed. It is my wish for my husband and myself to one day when we retire be able to do this. I know of lots of people who travell together for a month or three and enjoy each others company. Also others who are alone and do not have that priviledge. Thanks to our Heavenly Father for what you can share.
---Junia on 3/20/07

my husband and i are both retired and we are enjoying our life. we find things to do together, and just enjoy each other... he likes to do things out side, i like to do crafts be on the computer, read ,sew,.my husband is 74 i am 68 . we have always been active...
---irene7395 on 3/20/07

my husband retired from the Air Force and from the bank. I was a stay at home mom so guess what? I don't get retirement pay...just kidding. My husband is bored and watches tv. I keep busy with church, home, art, computer. I am very very busy.
---shira on 3/16/07

I've been retired for several years. I'm not bored. Don't think I've ever known what boredom many things to learn about and do...I'm now have time to check them out. I know my spiritual gifts; and The Lord has allowed me to use them in new ways. The downside is that my body seems to rebel(actually I've had some serious health problems). I have to watch my finances more carefully. But at this stage in life, I have learned from experience that my Lord will ALWAYS be there when I need Him.
---Donna on 3/11/06

I am far from retirement, but I can tell you about my mom. At 79, she does volunteer work at a Veterans Hospital one day a week, shops at the Salvation Army for bargains for her grandchildren, goes to estate auctions for bargains, and travels with her boyfriend all over the world. She is too busy to sit and watch TV. Not to mention she plays a mean game of Scrabble when she comes to town.
---Madison on 2/14/06

I know many women who are not looking forward to their husband's retirement. They envisage a way of life from which they can never retire whilst hubby sits with feet up, reading the paper, watching T.V. or pottering about doing whatever he pleases, then asks "How about a coffee?" meaning he wants her to make one, or "What's for dinner, I'm starving?" This is the time when some women look for work OUTSIDE the home.
---M.A. on 2/14/06

I haven't gotton there YET! My sister retired at 66, she was bored stiff! She is now 70 and works a 40 hour week, and can collect her full retirement. She never married nor had children, but it definately the Matriarch of the family. All the neices and nephews love her dearly, and she deserves it! She's active in her church, and loves working in her yard, she had a green thumb when it comes to flowers! All I can say is KEEP BUSY!
---NVBarbara on 2/14/06

As a retiree, (at least on paper), life is one adventure after another. Since retiring, I obtain my CDL (Commercial Driver's License), my insurance salesman license, have become a deacon in my church, help the church with the sound and took the training for and now work in a new type of job 40 hours a week. (I'm a retired missionary.)
---WIVV on 2/14/06

Love this question; Here then(retirement) is a time of great great opportunity, in fact it's an opportunity to make your life beneficial to others. HOW ? You ask? By becoming a witness unto the Lord. Look for some books on soul winning. Set out to directly and overtly and with purpose, to win another person to Lord. Don't hold back the Holy Spirit will be your helper and with Him all things are possible
---mima on 2/14/06

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