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What Is The Purpose Driven Church

What are some views on the the purpose driven church? Is this movement God honoring or self gratifying?

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 ---douglas on 2/14/06
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The Purpose Driven Peace Church is rollin' on down the tracks, destination...Rome.
---Cindy on 2/13/08

The purpose driven church provides a process for discussion. We miss the point that he makes that "we move from programs to process." Is your church about control or structured for growth? He uses bible verses that challenges us to be ministers and leaders who believe in God and not a building. "God can breathe new life in those dry bones"(Ezekiel 37). Any church can come alive if we "allow the Spirit to infuse us with a new sense of purpose" (Purpose Driven Church p.398)
---Jim on 7/5/07

A false church - any church that does not teach God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, salvation in Jesus only and holiness is a false church because all of these are based on scripture.
---sally on 7/4/07

I can however that alot of churches do twist the word around to make people feel good but they never talk about living holy and consecrated lifes, but when u are in a ministry such as I am and under a prophe
ctic annointing where the word comes and boldly challenge to change,people leave. This comes from religion practice and it will be damnation to many souls. While mega churches have large numbers of members you have to ask how many are truely saved and will inherit the kingdom?
---leand9559 on 7/4/07

I can tell just by the title that it is not of God.
---Helen_5378 on 7/4/07

It is God honoring. Each and everyone of us has a purpose & IT IS NOT JUST GOING TO HEAVEN. Having a purpose driven life will keep folks from being stagnant & sit still.
---Rickey on 7/3/07

What is the purpose of the purpose driven, Rick Warren's church?
---anonymous on 7/3/07

This program is appealing to Mega Churches and those who want to become a Mega Church. It's all part of the New World Order concept. What appeals to so many is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The true Gospel has never been popular and never will be.
---Larry on 3/12/07

After studying Rick Warren's program I must say that it appears to be self-serving, self glorifying, and actually falls in the category of what I referred to as "busy church". Busy church has to do with much activity, a great deal of planning, a special set aside time for study, all to no avail other than "busy church". This to me is truly the feel-good gospel.
---mima on 3/12/07

In Robert's Post he mentions the term 40 days. Which reminds me that when I was on the mission field I knew a man that went 40 days without food. Yes a true 40 day fast. I have since met this man stateside, and although I would call this man very religious, he seems to be searching still.
---mima on 2/15/06

Is it for us to develop blessings? (that would be a personal achievement) or are we called to lead others to Christ ; teach, baptize, disciple, encourage. unfortunately there seems to be too much of self in todays church, ( this is what God will do for you if you believe ) me me me
---douglas on 2/15/06

Judging would be wrong. But if numbers are up in church and the integrity of the word is being manipulated to make that happen (which from all the research I have done so far, that seems to be the case) do the ends (twisting scripture to bring in the numbers) justify the means? What about defending true scripture teaching?
---douglas on 2/15/06

That depends on the purpose. If the purpose is to prepare a people for the coming of the Lord and to show HIS glory as they remove the the saints desires for the things of this world that may become gods before him, it is probably scripturally sound. If it puts the focus on this world and increases the saints desires for the things of this world and it's riches, it's probably a synagodue of satan.
---Delmar on 2/14/06

I'm not so sure I'd be so quick to condemn. (James 4:11-12) Our fellowship did 40 days and it was one of the best things we have done in years - primarily because it focuses everyone and every ministry on the same things - Worship, discipleship, fellowship, evangelism,etc are all basics that we need to continually develop. Blessings
---Robert on 2/14/06

That is twice now that I have asked a question and it is has not been put up complete. I also asked about the Emergent Church
---douglas on 2/14/06

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