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Bible Written By Mere Men

Was the Bible was written by man to suit them?

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 ---doria4944 on 2/14/06
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Peter 1:21, NIV. "For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit." Sometimes it was INTERPRETED by man to suit them. 2 Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.
---wes on 12/27/07

What a loaded question. Yes the bible was written my man, that is why there are differences in the gospels. each book was written for a different reason and purpose, to different people groups. And by different perspectives. But it was inspired by God. It didn't float down from the sky. it wasn't dictated by an Angel it was written by man. But not for their own preferences but for God's glory.
---Jared on 4/29/07

The Bible is a collection of prophecy that is given to certain people by the Spirit of God.In Proverbs 6:23 I read " These commands are a lamp;This teaching is a light.The corrections of Discipline are a way to Life".
The heart of Man will be stubborn and not listen to the voice of God,unless it is changed and renewed in Christ.
---rosem4839 on 4/29/07

greetings,if jesus so desired he would have acquired an angel penman to accompany him here by eliminating the the human factor of of imperfection from the 'beginning' and while upon this earth to record his life and teachings up to his death and through his assention and thereafter even to today but he did not,this was mostly adam and eve's responsibility for if they were with us today we would see much more of the spirit than we do today.
---earl on 9/19/06

No. "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished to all good works." II Timothy 3:16,17. God spoke to his people saying, Write these my words in a book, and so they wrote what God told them to write.
---Eloy on 9/19/06

They'd have to be geniuses to pull it off on their own. There are 40 different authors of the bible from different backgrounds who lived in different time periods. For the events, prophecies and stories to add up, connect and intersect with such accuracy is impossible to do with even 2 authors, much less 40 over a timespan of 1500 years. There are 668 prophecies which have been fulfilled, so far, and none have ever been proven wrong. Man can't do that...such a fete could only be God.
---AlwaysOn on 9/18/06

Phil "The only thing the God wrote were the original copy of the Ten Commandments which Moses saw fit to bust up. All other scripture is written by friable human beings"
But, Phil, it is the "other scripture" which tells us that God gave the laws to Moses. So how can we trust that, either?
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/18/06

The Ten Commandments were used by Moses to teach a savage people about civilization. He learned his lifestyle from the enlightened ones in Kemet (Egypt). He scaled down the 42 Laws of Maat to give the savages a more useable format. In Kemet, the 42 Laws were spoken in the first person, as "I will not murder" at the start of ones day and then repeated in the past tense first person at the end, as "I have not murdered" Moses told them "Thou Shalt Not - because they knew not.
---Heru on 9/18/06

You see, one of the sources I cited was the CATHOLIC Encyclopedia. There is NO legitimate ground for him stating those things. That is why I asked him the source.
It is one thing to say that reliable source A says this or that. It is quite another to say that the "church" says this without making a reference to a legitimate, well-recognized source
---John_T on 3/6/06

John T. I believe Jonathan was saying his sources is the Church. I believe it is the Catholic Church he is talking about where he is getting his information. After studying the church history, "I don't mean the Catholic church," I believe you are correct in your statement John. It is clear that by the time of Jesus the Hebrew Scripture consisted of the thirty-nine books we know today as the Old Testament.
---Lupe2618 on 2/27/06

Johann: Which source(s) do you have that are more accurate than the four major ones I cited? International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Catholic Encycloepdia. Encyclopedia Britannica, and Schaffs History of the Church.

Name them, please.
---John_T on 2/19/06

John I have read your books but prefer to use the best sorce of church history the Church.
---Johann on 2/19/06

Even the prophets writing the Bible did not always understand what they had written--"the prophets have enquired and searched diligently, who prophesied of the grace that should come unto you: Searching what, or what manner of time the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify, when it testified beforehand the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow." 1 Peter 1:10-11. Thus not written to suit them, but instead inspired by God, they wrote as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.
---Wayne87 on 2/18/06

Johan, errs on so many points! I said that canon was established BEFORE 325. Actually it was done by 220 when the works of the Apostles was codified. The Council of 381was at Constantinople, not Rome. There were no ecumenical councils at Hippo (393), Carthage (397, 419) And yes, Trent did add to the established canon, Check International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Catholic Enc. Encyclopedia Britannica, and Schaffs History of the Church. All verify that. You should have checked those before you wrote.
---John_T on 2/16/06

John: This is a myth that always comes up but is simple to answer. At the Council of Rome in 382, the Church decided upon a canon of 46 Old Testament books and 27 in the New Testament. This decision was ratified by the councils at Hippo (393), Carthage (397, 419), II Nicea (787), Florence (1442), and Trent (1546)and all it takes is a small amount of study to find this out.
---Johann on 2/16/06

The bible was written by man, who were close to Jesus, was but inspired by the Spirit of God. They didn't write according to their own agenda's but in reference to the needs that they were addressing to a particular group of people. The canonization was just establishing the books already used by the vast majority of churches so that the political leaders could have a book to go to for Christian reference, so that there wouldn't be several different arangments of works.
---Jared on 2/16/06

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NIKI is correct on this one...
The council of Trent 1545- 1643 was called as a response to the Protestant Reformation. In addition to solidifying the Mass as a sacrifice of Jesus, and re defining salvation by grace, it established the Roman Catholic Canon. It added books known as the Apocrapha to the previously-establisbed canon (Nycea in 325)
---John_T on 2/16/06

Did not the Roman Church include, exclude books from the Bible at their Councils based on the politics of the Roman Empire? Constantine had political agendas, as did the Roman Bishops, thats what i learned in history class. It is a complex history, and how books were canonized was very political.

Moderator - If you believe that statement, which books are missing and/or which need to be included.
---Niki on 2/16/06

To Phil. Do you claim to be a Christian? If not, then what do you believe? What does the elder name signify? Are you a church elder or are you older in years?
---Julie on 2/16/06

MP I am glad that you are ready to defend God's Word.
My point is this, Phil said that God only wrote the Ten Commandments. He then said, "All other scripture is written by friable human beings." This statement tells me he thinks the writers cannot be trusted in part or full.
Cond #2-->
---Elder on 2/15/06

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Cond #2-->
If that is so how can he believe that God wrote the Ten Commandment or that Moses broke the tablets? He gets that information from what was written by man (under inspiration of the Holy Ghost). He wants to believe part and not all. What standard does Phil go by to determine Truth? So many people are trying to teach that you cannot trust The Written Word of God. Thanks Moderator. You know me enough to understand my purpose.
---Elder on 2/15/06

All holy scripture written in the original scriptures is spoken by God to man. Every prophecy has come to pass so far, that is 3,268 verses of fulfilled prophecies, including where, how, and why Jesus was born. Also archaeological digs and artifacts prove the historical accuracy of names and places recorded in the Bible. And principles of science recorded in the Bible long before they were confirmed experimentally, that is the earth being round; life in the blood; the earth's gravity; etc.
---Eloy on 2/15/06

Elder I'm really surprised that you had to ask Phil this. You need to read Exodus chapters 31, 32, 33 and 34 and especially 32:19 and 34:1. Here you will read of Moses breaking the first stones and God telling him to hew new ones to replace the ones he broke.

Moderator - I believe Elder was just seeing if Phil knew and then was going to ask him some questions?
---M.P. on 2/15/06

The Holy Bible was written by men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit. Every word is God breathed. If this werent so, then the Bible would be worthless.
---joe on 2/15/06

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Phil wrote, "you have to read and evaluate the credibility of the information "
Have you checked out, and read the Scriptures I cited regarding Jesus' beliefs about the OT, and by extension the NT?

He believed in the historicity of the 6 days creation, and the flood and more.

Therefore there can be no more reliable source than the Son of God. If Jesus events are historical, they are. He did not believe in Graff-Wellhausen.
---John_T on 2/15/06

To Phil the elder; if you need to read and evaluate the credibility of any information the author is trying to convey when reading the Bible. You have just fallen into the trap, of leaning On your own understanding. In fact you're falling into private interpretation of the Scriptures which is forbidden. Second Peter chapter 1 verse 20 speaks about this, it is a no-no.
---mima on 2/15/06

Phil would you please inform us as to where you got the information for your statement? Who said that Moses broke the tablets, ect? There is more to this question when/if you answer me.
---Elder on 2/15/06

The only thing the God wrote were the original copy of the Ten Commandments which Moses saw fit to bust up. All other scripture is written by friable human beings. Biblical writers varied in quality just as writers do currently. Our problem as readers is did the information that God wanted a given writer to convey get the message correctly and and did the writer accurately accomplish the task. So you have to read and evaluate the credibility of the information that any author is trying to convey.

Moderator - If that is your understanding, then why should one believe anything in the Bible?
---Phil_the_Elder on 2/15/06

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There is far too much evidence that God wrote the bible for me to believe otherwise. So many prophesies of the O.T. fulfilled in the N.T. so many pieces of information regarding health and hygeine in the O.T. proved to be accurate in the last century and so much about our planet and space now proved accurate by scientists (some of it in our own lifetime). No mere man could have written any of this unless God told him what to write.
---M.P. on 2/15/06

If it was, then my whole reason for existence is fruitless, all my belief would be in vain,God would be a fantasy, Jesus would be a heresy and my life would be a misery..I believe it was written by Godly man, inspired by God's spirit, the holy Ghost; all the different translations have been rewritten to suit some,that is what bothers me,but God speaks to me through all ways, not just through the bible...
---karin on 2/15/06

No, God is the Author of the Holy Bible, and according to PSALM 119 God's word is given to us in order to bless us. Please read Exodus 24:12; 31:18; 32:16,19; 34:27,28; Deuteronomy 6:1-9; 11:26-28.
---Eloy on 2/15/06

While "mere men" were the writers, God was the author. If man was trying to please himself, he would have left some of the facts out. The Bible was written over a period of 1400 years, by men from different "walks" of life and yet when taken in context, you really won't see any contridictions. (2 Tim. 3:16) Another interesting fact is, while the Bible is mainly a book of spiritual matters, where it deals with the non-spiritual, it has never been PROVEN wrong.
---WIVV on 2/14/06

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A question

If the bible were written by mere men then all it says would be a lie. our faith n Christ would be a lie as well.
my question is this what happens to you when you read John 3:16?
now what happens to you when you read the paper?
GOD bless you
---willow on 2/14/06

Jesus confirms the authorship of the most often disputed books, like Moses writings (Mark 710), Isaiah (v. 6), Daniel, and the Psalms. He also refers to the very miracles which critics reject as historical events. He cites the Creation (Luke 11:51), Adam and Eve (Matt. 19:45), Noah and the Flood (24:3739), Sodom and Gomorrah (Luke 10:12), and Jonah and the great fish (Matt. 12:3941). He said, It is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one stroke of the letter of the Law to fail
---John_T on 2/14/06

Jesus taught this about the integrity of the OT, and extending to NT:
1.It is Authoritative Matthew 22:43
2. It is Reliable Matthew 26:54
3. It is Final Matthew 4:4, 7, 10
4. It is Sufficient Luke 16:31
5. It is Indestructible Matthew 5:1718
6. It has Unity Luke 24:27, 44
7. It has Clarity Luke 24:27
8. It is Historically accurate Matthew 12:40
9. It is Inerrant Matthew 22:29; John 3:12; 17:17
10.It is Infallible John 10:35
Written by men, but God's product.
---John_T on 2/14/06

I suppose that to a person who did not believe in God, the "All scripture ..." passage would be meaningless, as would nvB's comment. So if there was no God, He could not have written it or even guided it. It could then have been written by man to suit himself, except the timescale is so long that it would be a masterpeiece of collusion and planning over the centuries to get the history and prophecies to fit each other.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/14/06

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No. Scriptures tell us that it is the inspired word of God.(2Timothy 3:16) The bible is our Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. It teaches us how to live the God-kind of life. Just like in school we need books to study with; in the kingdom of God we need His book to study & walk like Him.
---Rickey on 2/14/06

All scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching,reproving and setting matters straight etc
---David on 2/14/06

If this were so, God would have made sure that the bible never survived to lead us astray. The bible was written by man, yes, but only as led by the Holy Spirit.
---NVBarbara on 2/14/06

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