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I Am Dating A Non-Christian

I am dating a non-Christian man that loves and respects me. We kiss each other at times. Is this all acceptable?

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 ---annet9385 on 2/16/06
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After 25 years helping in singles ministry I have seen nothing but heartache in the people that have done this. And I have met probably 1000 Christian singles at the churches I have attended. Don't do this. It disobeys God and it is not fair to the Christian guys you could be dating.
---obewan on 4/28/09

FRIEND:-Are you testing the water or straining at the leash.The choice however is yours.Blessings.
---Nic on 4/27/09

You are really playing with fire when it comes to this subject. I would know. I married a non-Christian man who hated the things of Christ and the church. He called me a hypocrite for going to church. That's how much he hated the things of in my eyes he hated me too. After 34 years of marriage to this abusive mate I filed for divorce. I know God does not like divorce but on the day of our divorce I felt as though the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. I can only speak from experience as many will tell you the same thing but search your heart, pray..ask God. I wish I had followed the advice I just gave you.
---kandee on 4/27/09

Strawberry, who do you love more Jesus or you muslimguy? dont give an answerr to me, respond in your heart and act upon it
---Andy on 4/27/09

i am dating a muslim guy and i really love him,i want him to get saved so am not lettin go of him,am gonna win his soul for christ........its not gonna be easy but i no ama get through cuz everyting is possible wit god.....
---strawberry on 3/6/09

No it is not acceptable. The bible is very clear on this point. Please read II Cor 6:14-18.
---Bruce5656 on 10/21/07

No..the Bible says do not be yoked with a non-believer. How can light (Christian) and darkness (non-Christian) be united as one? Not by God's standards!
---wes on 3/25/07

# 2 Two further reasons ... suppose if I met her, and there was real animal magnetism, would my Christian resolve be weakened? I hope not, but why risk it? Second, if I loved this person so much as to want to marry her, I would find it too sad to know that she would not be with me in heaven.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/16/06

# 1 Being a widower, I am in the position of hoping to meet a lady to be my second wife. I am a member of some secular dating sites as well as Christian ones. I have met a few good christian ladies on a secular site, so it is not wrong to be there. But, I would not even meet a lady, who said she was not a Christian. I would not want to marry her, and it would be unfair to allow her to think that I would.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/16/06

Different Linda here than below. Take it from one who knows leave this relationship now before it gets anymore serious. You need to be with a Christian one who will support your living out your faith. You'll regret it latter if you don't get out now.
---Linda3 on 2/16/06

What you are doing is not good. Dating is to help you learn about the person. Ask yourself theses questions. Is a nonchristian what I want to love and marry? Is a nonchristian what I want to spend the rest of my life with, and raise my children with? If not, should I waist my time, by stringing someone along by continually dating him even though I don't want to marry him? Only you know the answers to these questions. Pray about it. 2Corinthians 6:14
---Ulrika on 2/16/06

In the deepest part of the believer's heart is the desire for, not just a good marriage, but a Godly marriage to a Godly spouse who loves God Himself more than the person he/she is married to. Why settle for less than your Father's very best for you? Can you hear His heart for you?
---Linda on 2/16/06

The most effective way I have ever heard anybody put this is:

Your Father is God. The father of the unbeliever is the devil. If you marry, you are going to have in-law problems simply because of the difference in who you belong to and which kingdom you are a part of. No matter how much a man respects you, in the long run he simply cannot love you as Christ does the church because he does not contain that love in him as long as he is an unbeliever.
---Linda on 2/16/06

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