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Coming Home From Prison

Husband's son is being released from prison for murder. It was a vicious crime on a woman. I'm scared of the man and don't want him in the house. What do I do?

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 ---Fearful on 2/17/06
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My,my. I am scared for you sister. What does your husband say about all of this?Did you know this about the son before you married your husband? You should have thought about this before marriage. I would not be comfortable with him(son) in the house with me. I don't think I ever would. That's how I feel. Don't know what else to share with you on this.Be safe and seek God on this. God bless.
---Robyn on 10/23/07

If you don't want him in your house don't have him there. If your husband does want him there you might need to remind him that his first loyalty is to his wife not his son.
---M.A. on 10/15/07

If he murdered someone, why is he getting out of prison? I don't blame you for being weary. Hope your husband is man enough to handle him if the need arises.
---shira on 3/25/07

Dee, evenso, was there a driving cause for the murder? Moses who gave us the 10 commandments was a murderer, but his spirit still went to heaven; and King David who gave us the Psalms was guilty of having Uriah murdered, but he repented and was forgiven. Please read Psalm 51:14; Ezekiel 18:21-23.
---Eloy on 2/18/06

Has he repented? What were the circumstance of the murder? Will he re-offend?
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/17/06

Yes, there were two witnesses that walked into the room and saw the murder and...he says he is guilty.
---Dee on 2/17/06

My heart goes out to you. Was there a witness to this murder, to prove that this young man actually committed the crime? God's word says he can be put to death if there are witnesses, so perhaps he is innocent. You need to find out why he was set free. Here is your opportunity now to witness God's love to this young man. Pray honey, pray and ask for God's wisdom and tell your husband how you feel so he'll know what to do. Blessings. Lindy
---Linda_from_Canada on 2/17/06

My husband's son is not innocent of the crime. He plead guilty, and being released on parole for many years. I told my husband I believe the son should go to a long 2-year program before even being considered to come home. Any thoughts on that idea?
---Dee on 2/17/06

It will depend on which country we are referring to here regarding whether he must be innocent or not. Here in U.K. murderers are released when they have served their time. Only very rarely indeed does life mean life. It is often 25 years and a third of that taken off for good behaviour. Sometimes murderers serve only 10 years. If this person has been released because there has been new evidence proving his innocence then no-one should fear him but, otherwise, I would be very wary.
---M.P. on 2/17/06

He must be innocent of that woman's murder if the civilian authorities are releasing him, so you should not be afraid at all of your innocent step son, instead you should welcome him with thanksgiving and be praising God that he was freed from wrongly being imprisoned.
---Eloy on 2/17/06

May the peace of God be with you. Remember the story of the prodigal son. I think it will give you guidance. And, accept that people can change and it is your duty to love him, despite fear.
---Jacob on 2/17/06

Why do you have to let him in your house? He can go to a shelter. Tell your husband that you refuse to stay in the same house because of your fear. If he comes in, I go! (sadly to say). Ask God for the wisdom & courage to face this.
---Fred_S. on 2/17/06

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