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Am I A Big Fat Pig

I think I am a big fat pig, but others don't think I am. What should I do?

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 ---Layken on 2/17/06
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God loves pigs, even fat ones
---Fatty_2x4 on 6/29/19

How many pounds do you weigh?
---Eloy on 7/10/11

3/4 of the country is fat. Why kill yourself because youre just like everyone else?
---CraigA on 7/10/11

I typed in i'm a fat pig and came up with this. I rather die then be fat at this point......
---amy on 7/10/11

To the man who left his wife for a thinner,younger and more attractive woman will be damned. This woman gained weight having your kids! How low-down and insensitive, of you! I hope the new woman, weighs twice what your wife weighed, and sits on you by accident. You would have deserved everything you get, for treating another human being the way you treated your wife. The numbers will change on her and you every year(age) We all lose our looks as we age. Did u know that? Then what ?
---Robyn on 12/2/10

Jed, who do you think your kids will look up to? You, who left them and their mother for a more attractive woman? Or their "fat pig" mother who is raising them?
---Mary on 11/30/10

and that is why I left her [and our 4 children] for a younger, thinner, more attractive woman.

who is really the big, fat pig?
---aka on 11/28/10

Well I have two words for you - JENNY CRAIG. That's it! You need to do this for yourself and others because your friends are lying to you. They're all thinking it too, they're just too "nice" to tell you, but not nice enough to care that everyone is looking at you and going "dang, what a big fat pig!" My ex-wife turned into a big fat pig after giving birth to our 4 children and that is why I left her for a younger, thinner, more attractive woman who was willing to do things my ex-wife wasn't. You need to get a stair-master and get on Jenny Craig because the only thing worse than being a big fat pig is being an old, lonely fat pig!
---Jed on 11/27/10

The bible tells us: so we thinketh in our hearts, so are we. And you do have the power to change whatever it is, that is troubling you. Are you really tired? If not- you will never attempt to change things. Oh you will talk and seek sympathy, but never make any real changes. If you mean you are overweight ,well, you need to start a weight loss/exercise program, right away. But just losing weight will not change your thoughts about yourself. Sounds like you have very low self-esteem issues,too. You need to speak with a therapist/counselor about this. God's blessings.
---Robyn on 11/26/10

Well, what is your problem? I suspect, that you just don't like yourself, very much....Learn.
---catherine on 10/19/10

Amen, Carla, Bob's response was sooo horrible.
---Mary on 10/19/10

//and cut your own throat. Only then will you find the path to heaven.//

---Bob on 10/19/10

Pray tell us Bob where is this answer in the ( Holy Scriptures)The fact that cutting ones throat is suicide, even the spiritual aspect of this cannot be found.

These answers are getting evil!
---Carla on 10/19/10

Proverbs 23:2 proclaims, Put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony.
So if you are a big fat pig, you should be guided by our all knowing god and cut your own throat. Only then will you find the path to heaven.
---Bob on 10/19/10

-- Layken :

I think I am a big fat pig, but others don't think I am.What should I do?

Brethren, You need to tell these other people "Thank You, and that from now on you're no longer going to be conformed to this world,, but are going to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so you may prove what is that Good, Acceptable & Perfect Will of God : through thinking soberly according as God has dealt to every man the measure of Faith." ... and start Patiently Hoping in that substance which you see or think not !! Rom.8:24-25

Grace Unto You & Peace Be Multiplied
---Shawn.M.T on 3/10/10

Others don't think you are a bfp...(I should hope not). Or do they think you aren't overweight? It may not be the case with you, but I've known people who look in the mirror and see "fat" when actually they are average or even slim.
Aim for a healthy weight and don't try to be what someone else is, or thinks you should be.
---Donna66 on 3/9/10

Is it just your weight? If so, the 'pig' word is not necessary. If you are just overweight, or just eat much, it is best to work on that without using words like 'pig' - they can actually damage your ability to deal with it
---peter3594 on 3/9/10

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You are telling yourself the wrong thing.
Ps139:14 I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works, and that my soul knoweth right well.

You are one of a kind. You are the Lord's handywork. When I focus on myself I get down too. The problem is we are looking in the wrong place. We should put our focus on Christ and on serving others.

Mr12:30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.
Mr12:31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

Lord bless you.
---trey on 11/18/09

well, no matter what people say
it is what you believe about yourself that affects you most...sometimes you may think they are just trying to make you feel ok

so if you do not like how you look, it is good to know and work on it..... i think your weight should not be the most important thing in your life though you should work on it.

my sister is thin and no matter what she eats, still stays thin.... others think she should put on some weight at all cost, but she only laughs it off....she is content with her weight and eats a normal diet.
---patie3447 on 11/18/09

stop eating the shop then
---jo on 11/18/09

Dont try to keep up with the joneses.
Make the inside of you be more to you than the outside.Don't overlook the outside.
But don't let it be above your conduct in
life.The body will return to the dust.
But your spirit is eternal.
There is natural ways that you can keep yourself in check without following the
same methods of others.
---Jack_8773 on 1/23/08

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Well,no offence your not THAT big but god will accept you no matter how grosly overwieght you are,he loves you no matter what!
---MATT on 1/22/08

Dude, don't look at yourself as some monstrosity, over weighted animal. You're perfect the way you are and God knows it. Plus I love huge pigs. Maybe you can be my pet pig and live in my barn.
---Dick on 1/22/08

Man im down by this question. Dont look at yourself as some grosly overweight fat pig. you are perfect the way you are no matter how big and sweaty your are! god will love you no matter what
---bill on 1/22/08

Im grosly overweight myself, you need to embrace being sweaty, big and fat, not reject it! pigs are people to and god knows it and loves us still no matter what
---Overweight_Friend on 1/22/08

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No, you are not a "big fat pig", you are a person.
---daphn8897 on 1/14/08

Who cares what others think??????? I don't believe God judges people for being overweight.
---anoymous on 5/22/07

Go to your doctor and get a complete physical and ask her what she thinks. Then, pray and ask the Lord to reveal your eating and exercise behavior to you.
---Madison on 5/22/07

Read your Bible, and see yourself as God sees you. See the good & beauty within you.
---Leslie on 1/3/07

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Layken: Yes, see a doctor for testing to see if there's a medical reason for your weight, and to keep tabs on your vitals such as blood pressure and cholesterol, but do NOT see one to be put on a diet or worse yet, fall into the multi-billion dollar world of fad diets! All you need to know when it comes to taking better care of YOU, who is precious in the site of your creator, are the instructions he left in his word. Who better to know how to care for you than the one who created you?!
---John on 2/18/06

Layken, Another reason to go a doctor, is sometimes there are physiological reasons for being over weight. Hopothyriodism is one example. Sometimes it is an emotional problems, that cause a person to over eat. It would be a good idea to check out both areas.
---Ulrika on 2/18/06

Layken, Are you saying you eat too much and you are way over weight? If so, I suggest you see a doctor. Ask him to put you on a healthy diet. Start going for walks. Maybe you could find a Christian counselor or minister, who can show you in scripture, how much God loves you, and how worthwile you are to God, and pray with you about your temptation to over eat. You need to get a better self image, and take care of yourself. Psalms 139:1-16
---Ulrika on 2/18/06

Thank you Jeffrey! I believe we ALL needed to read what you wrote! We are perfect in God's sight. Live a life for God and be blessed. Layken, why do you refer to yourself this way, and others don't see you that way? Do you have an eating disorder? May I ask what your weight and height is?
---NVBarbara on 2/18/06

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2 Cor 3:18:
But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, {even} as by the Spirit of the Lord.

When you look at Christ, not at yourself, and remember who you are as a child of God Almighty, then you will be free from those thoughts and their associated actions. And, really, as a child of God Almighty, those thoughts and actions are beneath your dignity - or rather, God's dignity.
---Jeffrey on 2/18/06

He will show the exceeding riches of his grace in kindness toward you. 2:7
You are His workmanship. 2:10
You were created in Christ Jesus unto good works [not running yourself down]. 2:10
You are made near to God Almighty by the blood of Christ. 2:13
You are a fellowcitizen with the saints, and of the household of God. 2:19
You are filled with all the fulness of God. 3:19

God said all those things about you! Did He lie? Shouldn't you say the same things about yourself?
---Jeffrey on 2/18/06

You have redemption which is the forgiveness of sins. 1:7
He has abounded toward you in all wisdom and prudence. 1:8
In Christ, you have obtained an inheritance. 1:11
You are to the praise of His glory. 1:12
You are sealed with the holy spirit. 1:13
You have the love of God within you. 1:15 [Let it out!]
He has made you alive with Christ. 2:5
He raised you up with us and made you sit together with us in the heavenlies in Christ. 2:6
---Jeffrey on 2/18/06

You might consider believing what God says about you.

If you have confessed with your mouth that Jesus is your lord (ruler) and believed in your heart that God has raised him from the dead (Rom 10:9), then you are a child of God Almighty! And no one, not even you, has the right to condemn a child of God Almighty! (Rom 8:1)

Read Ephesians:
He chose you before the foundation of the world. 1:4
You are holy and without blame before Him. 1:4
You are accepted in the beloved. 1:6
---Jeffrey on 2/18/06

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When God looks at you he loves you. While humans look at the outer being, God looks at your heart.
---Peter on 2/18/06

Calling names, even ourselves, demeans a person, and lowers any self esteem that's left. You're wonderously made by God in His own image. God called you by name before you were formed in the womb. He placed His own Spirit of Life within you. The package which contains the "Beautiful You" may not be to your liking but you can work on that. Madison gave excellent advice, along with that,keep a Food-list calories,carbohydrates,fats, and Exercise Journal. Don't give up on you, PRAY, Jesus will help.
---Darlene_1 on 2/18/06

I don't think that we should ever refer to ourselves or others as animals but if you think you have health issues you should get them checked out. From the way you describe yourself you obviously think that there is a problem of some sort so it would be wise to do something now rather than leave it until you become really ill and are forced to take action.
---emg on 2/18/06

There are many who somehow refuse to believe that they are the normal shape, and eating disorders result. Why not believe your friends?
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/18/06

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