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Is Tithing In The New Testament

Is tithing to your local church a New testament command? In the OT the tithe was to support the temple and those that ministered to it (1/10 of the nation of Israel). After the cross, all we see is the commandment to give freely with a willing heart.

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 ---David on 2/19/06
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" do churches receive money to operate?"

Perhaps through the same means we receive everything else from God? FAITH? The very sad truth is that many so-called chrstians have no idea about the tithe as it is defined in the bible, what it was on, who received it, the 48 cities given to the Levites, etc...etc.
---Ryan_Z on 2/25/08

First of all, the old testament is to be an lesson-example for all of us. IF there was an eleventh commandment, it would be tithing!
If you don't have it, God Understands, Do you remember Jesus' comment on "Corban"?

AND... YES, you are right, tithing IS TECHNICALLY, "Old Testament Law", I can't argue with that.
But in the new, we are to give EVERYTHING.
If you truly belong to God, then ALL your money is really his anyway! 10% isn't really that much after all, is it?
---timotheus on 2/25/08

Tithing is not in NT, maybe. But hey we have a much greater gift, Christ. We have been blessed more, should give more. Tithe if you will should be a base line. God has done much more for you than 10%. You should greatfully give much more than His minimum.
---dan on 2/25/08

I agree with Leslie's post do churches receive money to operate? they send panhandlers out to corners, advertise on tv for money, play the lottery? ...without tithes churches wouldn't be able to operate (clearly some are tithing) ...christians who don't tithe are stealing from God and from their fellow christians ..Income is a blessing from God - refusing to tithe (giving back to God) demonstrates today's world - take take take - using church with nothing in return every week is shameful
---Rhonda on 2/24/08

Jesus said "Render unto Ceaser what is Ceaser's (government) and unto God what is God's (tithe).
---Leslie on 2/23/08

Tithing is an insult to God's priceless grace, and all whom are deceived by it are driven out of his presence and thrown out of his Kingdom.
---Eloy on 2/23/08

every so-called pastor whom preaches that saying from the o.t. Malachi book are preaching a lie: for the truth from the Lord Jesus in the New Law says, that all whom require the tithe have turned the Father's house of prayer into a den of robbers, and all whom pay the tithe put themselves under the curse, and the Lord will drive them out of his temple.
---Eloy on 2/23/08

Ministers should be more concerned about the people's souls rather than lining their purses and bank accounts. "But woe to you Ministers, because you all take tithes of the mint and the rue and every plant, and pass by the discernment and the love of God, these befits to do and them not to leave aside." Luke 11:42.
---Eloy on 2/23/08

Tithers, God Almighty the Creator owns everything, he does not need your money. If you want to give to God, give him your whole life: If you have a lot of money, give a lot, if a little, give a little, if you have none, then give none: Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give to the poor and sacrifice yourself for others, visit the prisons and hospitals and the bed ridden. Be a friend to the friendless, a father to the fatherless, and a helper to the helpless. Do the works of Christ and be greatly blessed.
---Eloy on 2/23/08

Tithing is abolished old testament custom, which Christ drove out of the temple. God is not ten percent, and all whom participate it this activity place themselves under the curse.
---Eloy on 2/23/08

The deluded say in their heart, I gave God 10%, now he must bless me back and let me into heaven.
---Eloy on 2/23/08

"Your money perish with you, because you have thought that the gift of God can be bought with money. You have neither part nor lot in this matter: for your heart is not right in the sight of God. Abase therefore of this your wickedness, and pray God, if perhaps the thought of your heart may be forgiven you. For I perceive that you are in the gall of bitterness, and the bondage of sin." Acts 8:20-23. Please Read- Luke 18:9-14.
---Eloy on 2/23/08

My God is not so poor that he needs your tithe, nay, not even a quarter penny does he need. Whom do you think made the metal needed to make the money? Whom do you think made the earth that holds the metal? And whom do you think made all the people who cut metal and print money? My Papa owns the cattle upon a thousand hills, yea the heavens and the earth are all his, and all the fullness thereof.
---Eloy on 2/23/08

I know who you are and you will not get into the kingdom until you repent and you pay back the people whom you robbed. How dare you lavish while your parishoners suffer, and then you lie and say the people are robbing God by not paying you, when you are the robber and not the people whom you rob. Many have left the church because the churches charge the people, and the so-called ministers whom sinfully misapply the scriptures to extort money from the people will be damned by God.
---Eloy on 2/23/08

What do you think Jesus used to drive them out of his church? He beat them with the whip which he made for that purpose. And they never came back. Likewise to all whom fleece the sheep turning God's sanctuary into a den of robbers with their pseudo-gospel, that of requiring tithes and money for ministering, which Christ never commanded the minister to charge. He never said, "You pay me 10% first, and then will I minister to you, pray for you, and heal you." That is sacrilege.
---Eloy on 2/23/08

Your pastor is following a dead old law, which insults God's mercy and lovingkindness, and all who follow this sin will themselves be cast out of his presence, even as he whipped them out of his church when he walked the earth. True Christians base their giving according to the instructions of the New Testament Law, and not upon the abolished Old Testament tithe.
---Eloy on 2/23/08

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Any one who asks for tithes is cursed, and any one who gives tithes is cursed. You can never buy God, and he is insulted by all who try. Tithing is robbery and sacrilege. And the Lord has cursed many because of it.
---Eloy on 2/23/08

Misguided church leaders quote O.T. Malachi to say you're robbing God if not giving a tithe. This is a grave sin very offensive to God, he equates it to "robbing the sheep and turning the Father's house of prayer into a den of robbers." This is where Jesus hit the people, and drove them out of the church. God is not so poor that he needs any money or any thing at all. Please read Hosea 9:15, Mark 11:15-17, John 2:13-16.
---Eloy on 2/23/08

Abel loved his sheep, and wanted to give that to God, but Cain just gave some fruit of the ground which didn't mean much to himself. God accepted Abel's offering, but not Cain's. And the poor widow who gave 2 quarter pennies in the offering, this was everything that she had, but she wanted to give it to God, what a blessing. Take some thing, any thing, that you really love a lot and give it to God, by sharing your heart in this way, God is really blessed, and he will truly love and bless you back.
---Eloy on 2/23/08

the song is true..~money can't buy me love. Tithers wrongly think, "I paid my dues, I gave my tithe, therefore God must be my friend and bless me, he is obligated to do me good, and I will go to heaven." How unfortunate to believe this lie, for noone can buy God's favor. You should give to God because you love him and because you desire too. God's way is that "the haves" are commanded to share with "the have nots", because it is the right thing to do.
---Eloy on 2/23/08

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NO! Tithe was for the Levite tribe. No such thing exists today! EVERYTHING you have now belongs to God!
---Dr._Rich on 2/22/08

Yes, The Commmandment to Tithe to GOD is in the New Testament, but, it's by INFERMENT. Just like the 7th Day Sabbath, it's spelled out clearly as a Commandment in the Old Testament, but, by INFERMENT in the New Testament.
---Gordon on 2/22/08

Friends::I am forced to recall the story of the widows mite in context to almsgiving, support of your pastor & the church.Charity begins at home then spreads abroad.
---Emcee on 2/21/08

Friends::I am forced to recall the story of the widows mite in context to almsgiving, support of your pastor & the church.Charity begins at home then spreads abroad.
---Emcee on 2/21/08

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Rev Herb True. But this is something they did willingly, not out of commandment. I live in the bible belt and it is popular teaching around here that you are robbing God if you dont put a tenth of your income in the offering plate each Sunday morning. It is also taught that robbing God brings with it curses as mentioned in Malachi 3:8-9 but if you give it you receive the blessings of verse 10. Rightly divide the word of truth (2 Tim 2:15), these verses are speaking to the back-slidden nation of Israel.
---David on 2/21/08

If you study the Bible more thouroughly you will discover that tithing was not under the law but was instituted before the law.
---Tsuanne on 5/25/06

One last thought on tithing, maybe. The Levitacle preisthood was the only authority for recieving tithes and right now their not anyone of the preisthood to pay them to. Where does the authority come from today?
---Thomas on 3/23/06

What does the Lord reguire? Micah C.6 V.6-8 I like this one Mr. Moderator.
---Thomas on 3/23/06

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To moderator, Abraham tithed not on his own income but on the spoils of war. Jacob tried to bargain with God, saying bless me first then I'll tithe. People that want to use part of the Old Testament, should also have to use the rest. Tithes were part of the law just as stoning adulters was part of it. Would you use that law also.Ask ten questions on scripture, you may get ten answers different from each other. Jesus came to better mankind.
---Thomas on 3/23/06

To John, BRAVO! A man that reads and understands! You ever saw t.v. preachers try to make people guilty by telling them they rob God by not paying tithes. We all should give to spread the Gospel if we are able. There are those out there that would take the last penny from a poor widow.
---Thomas on 3/22/06

Tommy, you ask me "what reward do you expect for doing what you say you are commanded to do"
Are you sure you are snswering me? I do not recall saying I or we have been commanded to do anything.
---alan_of_uK on 3/18/06

Tommy ... No ... I am not a preacher.
---alan_of_uK on 3/18/06

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Tommy ... you ask me for scripture to defend what I have said. Please tell me what part of what I said you are challenging me on?
---alan_of_uK on 3/18/06

To Alan U.K., A man that's called to preach the Gospel would preach it if he never got payed. Paul said he had to preach. When churchs get enough money, they want to build fine buildings, baseball fields, and basketball courts. Never did Jesus build such. A person should give out of their heart freely, what reward do you expect for doing what you say you are commanded to do. What house you going to build for God. I read that in the early church the Gospel was preached on the streets to sinners.
---Thomas on 3/17/06

To alan of uk, I know the story and I didn't say not to give anything to the church, but to say 10% I don't agree. A person should give as they are able to give. Show me in the gospel the defense you make. Paul said give from the heart not because you had too. Are you a preacher?
---Tommy_D. on 3/15/06

John, when you talk about hebrews 7 you want to talk about the context of the of the Old Testament story that Heb 7 references and not why that Old testament story is even there to begin with. I will ask again why is Abrahams tithe even mentioned in hebrews 7
---Matt on 3/11/06

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TommyD ... Have you read the story of the widow's mite?
Whilst God does own everything, He has given it into our hands ... for Him to use it, we need to give it back.
If no-one gave anything to the churches, or charities, do you think God would manufacture bank notes or gold ingots and dump them on the church doorways?
---alan_of_uK on 3/11/06

Heb. 7 says the tithe was part of the Law and it was for the Levitical priesthood. It says the priesthood changed and of necessity there had to be a change of the Law also. We are not Israelites, we are not in the Levitical priesthood, and we are not under the law to have to do anything. If you want to live up to the law, quit shaving your beard, and eating pork chops and sea foods, go get circumcized and consider a woman unclean for seven days from her period. And go sacrifice an animal.
---john on 3/10/06

Any church that proposes tithing is all the giving you have to do is not biblical. I give over and above the tithe. In other words I base all my giving on the whole bible and not just on the NT as you would propose.

Moderator - I don't propose anything. The scriptures are the authority. The scripture you quoted was an example of a "ONE TIME" tithe. Are you giving and proposing a one time tithe only? If not, you would need locate a scripture to validate your opinion.
---Matt on 3/10/06

Mod, Anytime the NT quotes the Old it gives validity to the topic in question showing that there is support across the bible for it. Yet I give you Hebrews 7 and your still asking for a scripture. If you really want to match your scripture against mine then consider this. Tithing is giving and you can tithe and be cheerful about it. I get the impression that you think that "false teachers" as you call them try to drum out 10% of income by brainwashing. Continued-
---Matt on 3/10/06

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I think Mod that the OT definition of tithing is not what is meant by tithing today. When people here say they approve tithing, they are talking about 10% giving. The OT definition is not really relevant, although it would be better if we had a different name, and we need to understand that the OT tithe was different. 10% does seem to be a good guideline for our giving, some can only give less, and others more.

Moderator - Yep
---alan_of_uK on 3/10/06

Eighty-five words is not enough to cover this topic. In short, what one gives to the church is between that person and God. Don"t be made to feel guilty about tithing ten percent. God knows your heart. Give what you can. There are many poor people in this country that their income is less than $500 per month. Do you think God needs their $50? I personally believe God owns all things and that God has no need of anything.
---Tommy_D. on 3/10/06

Moderator- A tithe is giving. The first 10% of your income/fruits is called tithe (see Websters for definition of is a tenth!). Any giving about the 10% is called an offering.

Moderator - A tithe is a form of giving which in respect to the OT is a specific type of giving which carried a specific set of rules on how it is to be used. Is your church giving the tithe to the poor every third year, do you eat your tithe, are you giving at the gates of your city for the poor and placing it in the temple in Jerusalem? I don't think so? Bottomline, Wes you are using the wrong word. The word is called "Giving" in the NT.
---wes on 3/10/06

I read the story about Abraham's one time tithe as you put it. Abraham's vow is about the specific tithe and not about tithing as it relates to him in general. However Hebrews 7 as someone else phrased it is an "illustration". The author of Hebrews was making a point about the relationship between the giver and the recipient regarding the tithe not abrahams attitude concerning it.

Moderator - Show a scripture that states we are to be tithing in the NT versus being Cheerful Givers which I have provided the scripture for.
---Matt on 3/10/06

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Here is some info about tithes going to church: 1 Cor. 16-Money collected for Jerusalem was brought to their meeting place (Paul would collect). In Acts 4:34-37 the money was put at "The apostles feet" and then distributed.

Moderator - That is an example of Giving. That wasn't a tithe. You just proved my point.
---wes on 3/9/06

Pardon the rambling here but in the way people go on and on about "grace giving" it's as if it's this new concept original with the New Testament. Grace giving from how I understand it is simply an offering. Malachi 3:10 states that "you have robbed God in you tithes and your Offerings. If Offerings were apart of the Old testament then why did Offerings survive and tithes did not?

Moderator - Offerings in the OT are not the same thing as Giving. There were many different types of offerings in the OT and they weren't always voluteer offerings per say. To run both the government and the temple, the JEWS were required to give Tithes and Offerings which had different uses. Churches today like to use those terms to ask for money, yet they don't use the money in the way the JEWS used the money for THE temple and the government.
---Matt on 3/9/06

So in reference to Hebrews 7 where are the scriptures that refer to that being a one time tithe. That is old testament reference for New Testament purpose. The Old Testament is full of references of a Tenth being given. I am not really understanding the one time tithe. Since you value the authority of the scriptures I must ask for more to support your claim.

Moderator - Abraham gave a tithe one time. He didn't give a tithe ever again. Just look up the scripture and read the story of his tithe in the OT.
---Matt on 3/9/06

Hey Moderator..I attended one of those types of church. I was an usher and collected the givings you spoke of. Many people gave God a tip. I saw a lot of $1 bills laying in the plate. And yes, the church struggled financially.

Moderator - The Bibically based churches I have attended typically have a box at the back of the church so the giving is done in private. They have always had plenty of money. Why, because money isn't the focus, but giving unto God cheerfully is.
---wes on 3/9/06

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Just a quick question. If there are churches out there that don't believe in tithing then how does the pastor and the rest of the paid staff (if there are any) make a budget based upon just random offerings of varied amounts.

Moderator - Projections are made off of the average giving per family. True Christians do support their local church which I know must be hard to believe if one has not attended that type of church.
---Tom on 3/9/06

Part 2 Tithing is more than about giving ten percent of your income. It's about giving your first fruits to God. If God has blessed me with another day then I give the wee hours of the morning to him b/c the day is his. He gave this day to me and so I give back to him the first part of it.
---Tom on 3/9/06

Part 1 You asked for scripture and I gave it to you and it came out of the New Testament. The scripture was showing that abraham's tithe to melchiezeldec was appropriate b/c of melchiezeldec blessing him. The tithe is giving back to God after what he has given to us. and Hebrews 7 is a perfect illustration of that. If scripture the only authority then the New Testament quoting to the old to show how tithing should be looked in light of the New covenant should be enough.

Moderator - That is an example of a ONE time tithe by Abraham which isn't what the false teachers are telling the flock to do today.
---Tom on 3/9/06

So Moderator and others...we all seem to agree God calls us to give. Some of us say a tenth, or tithe, while others don't seem to be able to give an amount. So if we just give $1 is that ok? What about $5? The tenth was given to guide us. So how does your church support itself? Bake sales?

Moderator - Through obeying the scriptures "2 CORINTHIANS 9:7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, [so let him give]; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver." Wes, most churches have their false teachers to teach tithing, however they have to twist the scriptures to do so. Just go to the scriptures instead of today's false teachers.
---wes on 3/9/06

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I think that the tithe has suffered a redefination. It used to be an OT command used to provide for the Levitical priesthood. Nowadays it is simply the ten percent that pastors recommend one give to the support of the church. However, churches that teach grace giving are the ones that bring in the most money; not the legalistic tithing churches.
---lee on 3/9/06

Mod- Why do ask for a scripture to support tithing to support your home church. The Old Testament says that you give your tithe to God. The church is the house of God thus you give to your church. If your looking for a scripture then try Hebrews 7 where Abraham gave Melchisedec a tenth of the enemys spoils. If Jesus is like Melchisedec then how much more should we give our Savior a tenth of what we have been given.

Moderator - That was a ONE time tithe from Abraham. I ask for scripture because the scripture is the authority not people's opinions.
---Tom on 3/9/06

Wes & Mod ... My own choice is to give half of my charitable giving to the local church (and of this they pass on 10%) and the other half is given to various missions and charities of my own choice, being ones which I have special knowledge of, and whose work is of special interest to me. They are not all specifically Christian charities but are for the benefit of less fortunate people at home and abroad. I reckon that is all God's work.
---alan_of_uK on 3/9/06

Wes & Mod ... my own church and the one which I also attend both suggest planned giving, and 10% is suggested as a guideline, but the decision is up to each individual and God. Of that income, the local church passses on to missions 50%.
---alan_of_uK on 3/9/06

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Lee, I can see where you think my church is legalistic if you think you should give just whatever. But as far as I am concerned we are just being obiedient. I would also like to say that I believe in offerings as well lest you thought otherwise. In addition there are church leaders that abuse pretty much everything and it does not add weight to anything we are talking about here.

Moderator - Lee doesn't believe one should give just whatever, but to give cheerfully as the Holy Spirit directs.
---Tom on 3/9/06

Try Hebrews Chapter 7.
---Ephrem on 3/9/06

Lee..there are churches that believe in tithing and also believe that you are free to do things in Christ that are beneficial. Anything above a tithe is called an offering. Offerings can be given to special ministries, missions, or even sowing a seed in another church. Tithes are what God commands to your home church to support its daily operations. As for that severance package, you should ask if the church prayed and received wisdom from God on paying that amount.

Moderator - Please show scriptures that say the tithe goes to support your home church.
---wes on 3/9/06

Tom - maybe your church is one of those legalistic types that does not believe one is free in Christ to do all things that are beneficial?

Churches that teach the truth about giving are generally those that God prospers; howbeit, there is always a problem with too much money. We had a pastor that got a $300K severance package in our area and that is causing some problems with people giving to the Lord's? work.
---lee on 3/9/06

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Mod- The scripture you are refering to concerning the third year is in to ensure the validity of the tithe. In two years the tithe was distrubted to other areas and in the third year it went to the poor under priestly supervision. My church tithes of the tithe every week. Your question does more to pertain to tithing oversight in Deut rather than address the validity of tithing in the New Testament.

Moderator - If the tithe isn't put to proper use according to the tithing law you say Christians are under, than that would be against the scriptures you say we must follow. Christians are required to be cheerful "Givers" in the NT and 10% is a good place to start giving.
---Tom on 3/9/06

Lee, My church believes that when it comes to tithing you must pay your tithe like one would pay taxes (Matt 22:21) But when you get down to it, I along with my church believe that all of God's word is from him. (2 Tim 3:16) So discussing that just b/c tithing is not mentioned by name in the New T is saying one part of the bible rules out the rest. Such thought is contradictory to the inerrancy scripture. If you don't believe that then you can believe whatever you want and no one can tell you your wrong.

Moderator - Does your church give the tithe away every third year? Do they eat their tithe also? I don't think so, therefore they aren't tithing as not even a Jew can follow tithing in the Bible because there is no temple.
---Tom on 3/8/06

Having done an annual audit of my church's financial records, I find that they have a surplus of over 125K. I would ask the question that if one is to give, should it not be to those whom will promote the gospel message as clearly some organizations are simply not very responsible.
---lee on 2/27/06

Tithing was commanded to the Levities, singers, porters, stranger, fatherless, the widow. Numbers 18:21-23, Deut.12, 26:12-13. To meet the needs of the Levities. Nehemiah 10-35-39. 13:12. Matt.23:23; Lk, 11:42;, Heb.7:5-9 refer to the Old Testament current Jewish practice. Tithing was not money.It was goods, animals, grains, herds, fruit. Leviticus 27:30-32. The tithes were collected every 3 years. Animals atoned for their souls. Jesus has already redeemed us.
---rosa6863 on 2/25/06

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Rebecca D; I believe you're absolutely correct, in that once you give the money, the responsibility of what to do with that money now falls on who received it. Once doing public witnessing several different people gave me money. Suddenly I realize that I was going to make money. That is have more money than my actual expenses were. And I immediately refused any more money. We were giving away $500.
---mima on 2/25/06

Alan, those you meet on the soup run come in quite a different category to those I refer to who sit with their dogs and attempt to play an instrument or whatever. Those you see will be happy to have the soup and sandwich. Those I refer to want cash and nothing but cash. If they say they are hungry and homeless and turn down food then I'm sceptical. Where I live there are a lot of these people. However there are churches who do soup runs late at night and they see the ones you refer to.
---M.P. on 2/25/06

We have a situation now with one in the hospital and not expected to live. He will be leaving his wife with a mountain of debts in part because he could not say no to those that asked for money. He had many donations charged to credit cards and he is maxed out on 10 of them. They have once filed for bankruptcy. Instead of directly helping them, I turned them over to Crown Minstries. One should give from what one has, not from what one can borrow.
---lee on 2/25/06

No, the word tithing is NOT in the NT. The OT was the law, thus the 10% requirement, 10 commandments, and many other laws. When Jesus came, He gave us "MANY MORE COMMANDMENTS, WRITTEN ON OUR HEART." It's a free will thing, but we should give & cheerfully! I've been on the receiving end, having to ask for donations, and Christians can be very stingy in "free circles" where the 1O% tithe is NOT practiced. I have my suspicions that churches that do the 10% tithe take the easy way out!
---Lynna on 2/25/06

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But it doesn't matter what they do with the money. If I feel led to give someone money, I give. Once it leaves my hands and goes into theirs it isn't my problem what they do with it. I've done my part. I was leaving wal-mart and I seen this man with a sign, I'm hungry, need of money. I felt the need to give him my tithe money. I held out my hand and gave him money. He thanked me and my conscience was clear, I felt better. What he done with it, was not up to me, but I have done my part. No regrets.
---Rebecca_D on 2/25/06

Just this very day I had a rich person asked me, do you need money? What do you want me to do to help you?
Now I find this very puzzling, other ministries are begging yet my little ministry (witnessing, maybe by giving something away) has people who are more than ready to give me money. Could it be that they have actually seen what the money goes for and have heard what is said during the wirnessing.

Moderator - Yes, because that is the bottomline for true givers.
---mima on 2/25/06

In my area one church has bought a large bus and turned it into a soup kitchen cum counselling centre. They drive around the city late and night speaking to all the down and outs that wish to visit them. They get food, a hot drink and the gospel. Many are on drugs or are alcoholics and they are encouraged to get the appropriate help. Quite a large number have been saved this way. Much better than throwing a few coins into a tin or hat on the street corner.
---emg on 2/25/06

MP from my observation here in Bristol, you are pessimistic about the level, of fraud. I have on occasion gone out on the early morning soup-run and there is no doubt that the majority are genuine.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/25/06

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Rebecca D; This question is much discussed in my home. I believe in giving something (money) to all who ask, verbally Or with a sign. My wife does not like me to do this and she makes her displeasure known. We are more than comfortable financially and it presents no problem. I also have a younger sister who feels the same as I do. My mother felt this way, but my father was very very tight. My father and my wife agreed about this matter. Everybody mentioned is washed in the blood of the lamb.
---mima on 2/25/06

Rebecca, I have head, if someone ask for money for food, it is better to go with them to the restaurant or store and buy it for them. That way they can not spend the money on something else.
---Ulrika on 2/25/06

Not to criticize someone that is in want, but many of those road side pan handlers would refuse a job even if you gave them one. I have worked with one homeless mission, and find that most simply do not want to work. True that there are people that are really down on their luck. Some panhanldlers make really good money; in fact, one college student earned his way through college by such means.
---lee on 2/25/06

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