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Benny Hinn And Falling

I have been watching TV programs by Benny Hinn and others who keep hands on heads of others and immediately they fall down (claimed as god's power). Can this happen? In the bible, Jesus never demonstrated such things. In fact, he prayed to god in calm manner. Then Why these high volume prayers and songs?

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 ---Francis on 2/20/06
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Jesus said greater than this you will do.Talking about miracles of healing. My sister said to me onlly in the bible the miracles. Because, you do not know you see this as not true. Seek God and really talked to God without being phony and pray from your heart. you must seek God with all you got and you will know he is real and does not changed. He is the same like it says, Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Seek him is the answer to all.
---sue on 1/1/10

There are few examples in scripture of long prayers.
Matthew 6:7, "But when ye the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking."
---Bruce5656 on 3/25/08

Sometimes the presence of God is so powerful you can't stand. Want examples? 1 Sam 19:24, 2 Chronicles 5:13-14, Ezek 1:28, Ezek. 3:23, Daniel 8:17, Daniel 10:9, Matthew 17:6, Mt 28:4, Jn. 18:6, Acts 9:22-26, Acts 10:10, 2 Cor. 12:1-4, Rev 1:17.
---Wes on 5/7/07

it's obvious that many of you in here are victims of the modern day, ear tickling, dont judge others for any reason gospel. Benny Hinn says that we are all little messiahs walking around on earth. are you folks sure that we shouldnt judge this false teacher and warn others of his false teachings?
---r.w. on 11/4/06

If Benny Hinn believes in what he do is truth, then let him be, he has brought so many to God. Are you doing anything to bring anyone to God friend? Be a good christian and dont throw stones at those who are doing their utmost best for our God. Pray for him instead. Jesus said 'Love one another just as I have loved you"
---jana on 9/17/06

It is the Word that must convict/All this hype is a farce, and man made/Jesus says to be wary of wolves in sheeps clothing, wheat and tares will be together until He returns.Other forces are here to thwart the word of God/ Satan is a deceiver, working as if a deliver.Jesus laid hands on people& were healed, not laid on the floor.
---Karin on 3/27/06

Thomas; each person is different. and we all worship God differently.
---Rebecca_D on 3/27/06

To Rebecca D., God probably don't speak to me as much as to you. MY FAITH is enough, I don't need anything else, signs and wonders and the such. Confusion, confusion, confusion!
---Thomas on 3/27/06

God can work through sinners to get a job done. I know this to be true. I don't know alot about Benny Hinn, I never seen him in person. But each of us needs to try his spirit and then decide for ourselves. And whatever we may believe, we shouldn't talk about him, and downing him to others. There are some who whole-heartly believe in Benny Hinn to be true. If God can use Benny Hinn to get through the lost, then so be it. Who are to decide on who God uses?
---Rebecca_D on 3/27/06

This happened to me. At a nondenominational church, I was invited to pray and lay hands on those in a prayer line. People begin to fallout unbelievably, some fell before I could reach them, and one of these persons later produced certifiable x-ray proof of her healing. What do I think? I have no idea, certainly I am not a special individual. I believe the Holy Spirit does what he wants to do when he wants to do it where he wants to it.
---mima on 3/27/06

Moderator, did you hear him say this himself firsthand and witness this yourself on a TV broadcast? or did you hear this secondhandly, where someone said that he said...? If it's secondhand information, then I wouldn't give any creedance to it.

Moderator - Firsthand and in person not TV.
---Eloy on 3/27/06

Moderator, Many born-again Christians have been delivered from witchcraft or magic or practicing the dark arts, that does not mean we are still practicing it after we have been saved from it. Recall in the Bible when the people received the gospel, then they gathered up all their curios and books of magic spells and piled them together and burned them? After you receive Christ and are converted, then it would be foolish to go back and serve sin again. I doubt that Benny is still in bondage to witchcraft.

Moderator - Yes, someone can turn away from witchcraft and become saved. Benny stated he was practicing witchcraft in the mid-1990's. He accepted Christ years before then. Benny then went on to state how he was practicing witchcraft and he is still doing the same things today. It's sad.
---Eloy on 3/26/06

To daphn8897, Well spoken, I wish all people could see through the prosperty preachers before they get their wool torn out!
---Thomas on 3/26/06

When did I say he does witchcraft? I don't recall me saying that.
---Rebecca_D on 3/26/06

Moderator; I beleive you heard what you heard. But for me to believe you is nothing more than hearsay. For I haven't heard Benny Hinn say this. And until I hear something from him, with my own ears, then I will judge him righteously.

Moderator - "I beleive you heard what you heard." How is that hearsay if you heard him say he was practicing witchcraft?
---Rebecca_D on 3/23/06

Has anyone here been laid out in the spirit? Has anyone here been spiritual drunk? If so then how can you say such bad things against this man? If not how can you judge something you have not experience?

Moderator - In person with a small gathering of pastors, I have heard Benny Hinn say he was practicing witchcraft. That was enough for me to determine he wasn't biblical.
---Rebecca_D on 3/21/06

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Until I see with my own two eyes and hear with my two ears anything that Benny Hinn has done or said against the bible, then I will judge him righteously, until then anything I read on these posts about Benny Hinn are just hearsay.
---Rebecca_D on 3/21/06

I believe God HAS exposed him. I don't attend his meetings or watch him on TV anymore. Since he has PROVED to be a FALSE prophet, I believe I can caution others about him. Any thing else is up to the Lord.
---Donna2277 on 3/20/06

Isaac, While I agree that only God can judge a man's heart, we are to bring correction to his/her actions if violating scripture, and that includes if they teach false doctrine. So, while I cannot answer if Pastor Hinn is saved and will go to heaven, I can answer that doctrinally he is on very shakey ground.
---daphn8897 on 3/20/06

In my view it is upto God to expose and deal with the the false prophets in our midst.Our duty is to test every spirit and to hold on to that which is true and good.If we feel that a preacher is not a man of God then why not avoid his meetings?
---isaac on 3/20/06

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Thomas, As far as Hinn being a prosperity teacher, I believe you are correct. I do not watch, nor have I kept up with his ministry for several years now. It is unfortunate that so many "ministers" are teaching folks that God is nothing more than a Santa Claus, or a magic Geni that if you "say" the right thing He has to grant you your wish. God forbid....
---daphn8897 on 3/19/06

Even IF 3,000 "give" their heart to Jesus, it doesnt automatically make them christians,the Holy Spirit "seals" christians, then life as such must begin, and continue,huge numbers really dont mean a huge lot... Many are called but few are chosen...
---Karin on 3/19/06

Thomas; How do you know God didn't call this man? Did God tell you? Maybe what you are quoting is just hearsay. Until you know the true facts about this man stop judging him. Judge not, less ye be judged. The reason why people down Benny Hinn is because, they think all Evanglalists are false but this is where the discernment comes in, I have this gift of discernment, and I don't see nothing wrong with Benny Hinn. Do you Thomas have this gift? Oh that's right you say these gifts are needed today.

Moderator - I have heard Benny Hinn himself say that he has practiced witchcraft through his ministry. Not much discernment needed here.
---Rebecca_D on 3/19/06

IMO Benny Hinn has a "gift" of mob psychology. He may have started out with a true message, maybe even a gift of prophesy. But since his prophesies fail and he does not give a clear Gospel message, I now believe he's relying mostly on showmanship. He knows that many Christians are like the Athenians (Acts 17:21) who "spent their time in nothing else but to either tell or hear some new thing". He provides plenty of "new revelations" and over the top antics to talk about!
---Donna2277 on 3/19/06

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To Rebecca D., What has he done wrong? He gives prophsy that does not come to pass. He follows the prosperty gospel. Does he give false hope?
---Thomas on 3/19/06

To Rickey, I don't see it in scripture. Some pastors put on enough pressure they have to fall. There were times in scripture people fell on their faces out of fear. I don't recall any scripture where people fell down backwards and had people catching them. I'll believe it if Jesus told me it was so but he hasn't.
---Thomas on 3/16/06

To Rebecca D., It is good anytime the gospel is preached and people come to Christ, but some are not just fleecing the sheep their tearing the wool right off of them and it's this that I'm against.
---Thomas on 3/16/06

To Rebecca D., How do you know God is using this man for any purpose? Did God tell you he was? The gospel says if a prophet speaks to the future and it comes not to pass then that person is a false prophet. Was not it this man that said fire would come down and consume all homosexuals and he gave the year for this to happen. The year came and went and didn't come to pass, so is he not a false prophet.
---Thomas on 3/15/06

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To daphn8897, The Hinn is just another in the prosperty gospel. We all need to pray that the prosperty gospel would cease.
---Thomas on 3/14/06

I wonder how many of the 3000 that got saved there are now in church or even thinking about God? Modern evangelism creats about 90% false conversions. The people think they are saved but in reality, are going to hell and now it is hard to convert them because they don't believe they need converted. Yet they live a life of sin.
---Rev_Herb on 2/23/06

Rev Herb, FYI the word is perverts, not preverts. :o) Sorry, but you brought out the English teacher in me.
---daphn8897 on 2/22/06

Several years ago, I attended three different Hinn crusades. I so hoped to be touched by God. I left feeling that somehow I'd missed it because I didn't fall out of my chair. I thank God that I'm not in that place anymore. I don't look for "signs" anymore, I look for Him. He is good and He is sovereign, and I am amazed daily at His unrelenting love for me. I certainly don't deserve it.
---daphn8897 on 2/22/06

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I once watched Hinn use the same technique, blatantly. He chanted "Je" and the audience chanted back "sus". This went on for some time, and the message at the end was weak on anything but emotion. Is this the anointing of God?
---mike6553 on 2/22/06

I like going to mass meetings to study the people around me, as few of the big ones I have been to have been moved by God. There is a phenomenon you see, called hyperventilation. This is achieved by singing, or chanting, non stop for some time. A by product of this is that the audience looses its ability to be rational, basically freaking out on over oxygenation. A classic usage of this kind is found in the speeches of Hitler, him "Sieg" and the audience shouting "heil".
---mike6553 on 2/22/06

He preverts the word of God so how can he be used by God? How can we judge him? 2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
---Rev_Herb on 2/22/06

I went to Benny's Seattle crusade. There was a picketer that said Benny is a fake. I went in anyways. Benny gave a powerful salvation message. At least 3000 people came forward to give their lives to Christ. Most of them weeping uncontrolably. There were young and old. Some with nose rings and purple hair but they gave their heart to Jesus. When I came out of the meeting the guy with the sign was still there. I asked him how many people he led to Jesus while I was inside.
---john on 2/22/06

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I don't think I understand you Herb, are you saying that if God is using this man to do mighty works for him, then he is called a false prophet? If we are one of God's as well then we can judge this man righteously. What is he doing that is so wrong?
---Rebecca_D on 2/21/06

Mod ... Thank you Mod ... can you suggest something to slow down my fingers, speed up my brain, and sharpen my eyes so that, tired as they are, I notice the typos? Elder, I do not know whether to take that as a compliment, insult, or sympathy! It is odd, because I can very quickly scan a page of close text, without taking in the sense, and spot the spelling errors ... but can't do this for a short bit I have typed myself for a blog! Wow, haven't we gone a long way from the subject?

Moderator - Alan, it's time to go see Benny :)
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/21/06

Moderator pleeeese..... Alan does not have any typos.
What you are seeing is his English accent.

Moderator - I knew there had to be some reason :)
---Elder on 2/21/06

I know God exists, and his power to heal is real. This Benny Hinn I think needs to exposed for what he is. People ignore hard objective facts for feelings, is that faith? This Hinn has said things that are on video and audio that clearly show him a fake, but few want to be inlightened with facts. On my computer I showed someone Hinn's false prophacy about Castro and gays, they blocked the screan with their hands, and walked from the room.
---SLCGuy on 2/21/06

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SLC, are you sure of all your facts? Yes, I agree that the emotions can be roused by a good preacher, or rather a bad one using shady methods, and can produce fals glossalaia, but I have heard peeople, praying in tongues, speaking Italian, when afterwrds it turns out they barely speak English, one of the coming from Yorkshire.
---mike6553 on 2/21/06

Also, having been in several different kinds of churchs... Episcopal, Baptist, Brethren, Mennonite, AoG, 4 Square, Word of Faith, and now a non-denominational family of churches, I've seen much fraud in the portrayal of God's Spirit in action - but I've also witnessed the genuine touch of His hand. I have myself been blessed to sense/feel His presence in a way that I could not move at all... it was just Holy.
---daphn8897 on 2/21/06

Rev Herb, When Jonathan Edwards preached there where times when some in the congregation fell out of their chairs/pews to the ground under the power of God, many weeping under holy conviction and others just because of His presence. I understand that there is much misuse - but that shouldn't lead to disuse. Mr. Hinn is another matter entirely. I believe he is a brother in the Lord, but I cannot recommend his ministry. I believe it's more man and "gift" centered than Christ and Cross centered.
---daphn8897 on 2/21/06

Mima ... I hear yuo have a gadget to type from dictation ... Is it very good?

Moderator - Please let us all know so we can chip in for Alan to reduce his typos :)
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/21/06

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Mimi you are a 68 year old beauty that just scared me good. I thought you had slipped off your rocker.
God Bless.
---Elder on 2/21/06

Endorphins are endogenous opioid biochemical compounds that are the cause of the powerful 'religious experience' felt by pentacostals. The analgesic effect is enhanced by the clapping and singing found in those church's. This has all been fully studied. I believe God inspires people, but this 'experience' is felt all over the world by different religious groups.
---SLCGuy on 2/21/06

This is called the shekinah glory, the divine presence of God. And yes it is very common during praise, worship, and prayer. It's when God's Holiness overwhelms you. Please read II Chronicles 5:13,14; Daniel 10:8,9. Recall how God's shekinah glory came upon Paul on the road to Damascus. Those with him heard the voice, but they did not hear the Hebrew speech. Please read Acts 9:3-9; 22:6-11; 26:12-18.
---Eloy on 2/21/06

Elder; Thank you for pointing out this mistake I am 68 years old and I do not type. I use one of these speaking gadgets that type for me. The word should have been Your instead of her, my mistake, please do not panic.
---mima on 2/21/06

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mimi you wrote as a prayer, "Dear heavenly Father I am coming to you under the righteousness of her son's blood."
Who is the "her" here? Is that supposed to be Mary?
If it is Mary why would we want to include her in any prayer to the Father?
Why would we include any "her" in any prayer?
---Elder on 2/21/06

Continued; Feeling good isn't it. It is being obedient to God/His Word. God's pattern for the NT Church, the Gift of the HG in Acts, and all experiences that came were Supernatural. Jesus prayed God for that Gift for us,I'm not turning down anything Jesus wanted for me or how God moves through me. Throughout Acts Apostles made sure people received HG in way they did in 1st of Acts. Turning from manifestion of God's Gift because of how someone falls is like gagging at a nat and swallowing a camel.
---Darlene_1 on 2/21/06

Bro.Herb, "don't knock it etc" was nicer way of saying; with respect; how can anyone judge something when they don't believe it's real? The thing about what you say that bothers me is that you sell God short in how He deals with His people. Plus you insinuate all are following Satan who experience that kind of move of HG. They follow the Word of God just as sure as what you quote and frankly more of it because I believe all of it is still in effect. You can't put God in a Box.
---Darlene_1 on 2/21/06

Brother Herb,
The disciples received the Holy Spirit when Jesus breathed on them when. They received a fullness of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came on them like tongues of fire, and they began to speak in other tongues. These are two separate instances.
---Brother_Paul on 2/21/06

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To: Rev. Herb
RE: 2/20 post

My Bible says believers will speak in tongues.

Mark 16:17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

For more info read the book of ACTS!
---Samuel on 2/21/06

john he was killed by David, a rock hit him in the head. He did not fall till he was hit by a rock. Others fell without being hit with a rock.

Rebecca. You say not to judge this man, if he is being used of God then and the bible says he is a false prophet, then should we not judge his actions.Matthew 24:11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.
---Rev_Herb on 2/21/06

Yes this can & does happen today. Jesus spoke and folks fell down.(John 18:6)When Jesus casted out demons He didn't always speak in a calm voice. High volume prayers are stirred up by the Holy Spirit.(James 5:16) High volume songs/praise is powerful too. For instance, in Acts 16:25-26 and Joshua 6 the shouting broke barriers.
---Rickey on 2/20/06

Rev. Herb. It's me again. The X Baptist pastor. I did the study of the ones falling on the face. Goliath fell on his face. You say only godly ones fall on face? Was Goliath godly? This is an old Baptist teaching that I used to teach too and it's false doctrine. Goliath proves this doctrine to be false. Also, in the Bible, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit goes hand in hand with the spirutal gifts and tongues just happens to be one of them. You seem to hate the gifts.
---john on 2/20/06

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Yes this can. Just because it is on T.V. that doesn't mean it is fake. This is called falling out in the spirit or passing out in the spirit. Don't judge this man. We don't know what kind of persucation he has suffered. If people think they can do better than him, than so be it. there have been many people saved and healed by the power of God working through this man. This man is just like me a willing vessal for God to use in a mighty way to see the lost get saved, to see the sick get healed, etc.
---Rebecca_D on 2/20/06

If you study the word of God and believe what it says instead of what you think it says, you will see the only people who fell backwards were ungodly people and the ones who fell forward were the godly people. I have seen people fall but they were having a seizer. Does this mean the Holy Ghost came upon them and it is not a medical problem? Do a study in the bible on who fell forward and who fell backwards and then tell me your falling lines up with scripture.
---Rev_Herb on 2/20/06

Darlene 1, Don't knock it if you haven't tried it? Have you ever jumped out of a plane at 30,000 feet with no chute? What a rush!!! The only problem is that sudden stop at the ground. The same thing applies to the emotional feel good religion. What a rush!!! The problem is when you stand before God and realize you were deceived by Satan.
---Rev_Herb on 2/20/06

Mima, Show me in the bible where speaking in tongues is evidence of the Holy Spirit. Witches speak in tongues, do they have the Holy Spirit? Other false religions speak in tongues, does that mean they have the Holy Spirit? I have the Holy Spirit, received Him at the moment of conversion. For without Him we cannot be saved. You have seen with your own eyes, but what does the bible say? One must weigh what he sees with the bible. If they do not match, one is wrong.
---Rev_Herb on 2/20/06

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Francis. How do you know Jesus never did such things? Is there a verse to prove that? It doesn't say he used a pulpit for His sermon on the mount but that doesn't mean HE didn't. It's not good to come to conclusions just because something isn't mentioned.
---john on 2/20/06

Rev. Herb. You say Scripture says that the ungodly fall on their faces? Goliath fell on his face and he was not gody. I take it that you have never invited the presence of the Lord to come upon you and therefore you don't believe that people fall from the presence of the Lord. People don't have to fall. They just let themselves go. They fell in the Bible many times. It's an absolutely wonderful thing.
---john on 2/20/06

A word of advice!

CHRIST is head of the church the Word states that a false prophets can appear as angels of light.
---willow on 2/20/06

Benny Hinn is anointed. Do not touch the anointed! Look at his 90 wt hair and you will know he is super saved! Glory be!
---Jethro on 2/20/06

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This is from the People's New Testament Commentary on Rev. 1:17
Re 1:17
I fell at his feet as dead. Overcome with awe. No sinful man can stand before God and live; hence the impression made by the appearance of the Lord is that of terror.
---Daniel on 2/20/06

Guage of Minister's service to God isn't people "falling down", getting healed, or delivered. Measure of Ministry is how many souls are won and brought into the Kingdom and Family of God. People walk in their own understanding and how they do anything is based upon how they perceive-believe. Church Music is based on the traditions of the Denomination in which it is used. How it is delivered isn't important, it is the focus-on God, spirit-adoration in which it is delivered which counts.
---Darlene_1 on 2/20/06

Herb:Here is my prayer to the father about you. Dear heavenly Father I am coming to you under the righteousness of her son's blood. My petition is I am asking you to baptize Rev Herb with your Holy Spirit giving evidence to him by the gift of tongues. I asking for this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN
---mima on 2/20/06

Bro. Herb how a person falls doesn't reflect the state of their salvation. I have seen people "fall under the power" of God, on their face, back, sides, the only way I didn't see them fall is standing on their heads. I know you don't accept it's God and thats between you and Him, but as the saying goes"don't knock if you haven't tried it". It is God,try letting a powerful move of the HG of God have full reign through you and see how well one can stand under His mighty move. God Bless
---Darlene_1 on 2/20/06

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If you will notice in scripture, that the godly people fell forward on there face, the ungodly fell backwards as in the case of the arest of Jesus.
---Rev_Herb on 2/20/06

This Benny Hinn has been busted so many times as a false preacher, yet people still send him money. On line you can find audio/video of his more bizarre claims, yet he survives in spite of his whackiness. He claims people should 'prop up' dead family members to watch his TV show. Look up 'endorphine' in a medical dictionary; it will offer a beter understanding of what happens at his revivials. In Peter it speaks about God not being mocked, I understand what that scripture is talking about.
---SLCGuy on 2/20/06

I think that in most cases, the people are hyped up by the "preacher" and once they are touched by him they collapse believing that he has some supernatural power.

It's all psychological.
---A_Catholic on 2/20/06

THANK you for wonderful answer from the WORD, WES!
Most do fall under power of Holy Spirit, and if you will pay MORE attention. The people often are NOT touched! The same happens in church envioronments also, not just on Benny Hinn's ministry! I am an exception, having never really fallen-out under the POWer, I am a MOVER when the POWer hits :) Let us never limit the LORD! YES AMEN
---Cherlynn on 2/20/06

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Wes is correct. I have had prayer lines myself and actually seen people fall without my ever touching them. Proving for certain that I had nothing to do with their falling. Suggestion; go to a church where they have prayer lines, get in one yourself and see what happens.
---mima on 2/20/06

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