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Any Thyroids Removed

I am interested to know anyone on this site who has had thyroid removed and lost their voice. My voice is coming back somewhat, but it has been 9 months. shira 5965

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 ---shira on 2/20/06
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Kate, I haven't seen a speech therapist yet, but am considering it. I did see an ear, nose and throad dr who looked at my vocal chords and said they were fine. thanks for your answer.
---shira on 3/6/08

Deputy: Hmmm...are you trying to make a point? LOL!
---Katie/Kate on 7/12/07

Shira, I spoke with someone who was getting ready for the same operation. I told of what I went thru and she cancelled it. Naturopath sorted out her problem thru natural way and it worked. Watch and be careful to all who are thinking of going thru this damaging operation. It is delicate because of the many veins,nerve tissues etc over n around the thyroid itself. It can be successful if doctor is patient absolutely careful. Go the natural way,God's way. He knows every part of us, He created us.
---jana on 5/1/07

I work in Speech Therapy and I haven't seen anything like that as of yet. Are you seeing a speech therapist? Rest you voice until you can see one for further analysis.
---Kate on 4/27/07

Jana, Shira - I'll pray and ask God for your healing. Your voices are needed.
---Rachel on 8/29/06

had 1/2 thyroydectomy 15 years ago. second half taken 7 years later.. nerve to voice box totally severed in the process, paralysing one vocal cord permanently.. when speech isattempted, voice's breathless. no voice for a year. silicone was transplanted behind paralyzed vocal cord to enable the other to close in when I speak. Problem truly was, huge shock and stress to discover something personal I never knew. Didnt need op.I advise anyone not to go a natural way to heal..
---jana on 8/29/06

Praise God Shira! God is still in the healing business! Years ago I had scar tissue from a bad ovary that had grown and was enveloping my kidney. When I went in for surgery, it was all gone! My Dr.was VERY puzzled. I told him friends and I had prayed for my healing, and God answered quickly!
I am also a cancer survivor from Melanoma. AND my husband was healed totally of Prostate cancer! Praise His name!
---NVBarbara on 2/22/06

My mom had her thyroid completely removed. It wasn't cancer. But it did affect her voice for quite a while. It was gravelly for maybe a year or so but gradually went back to normal.
---marya4598 on 2/22/06

Barbara nv: Yes, it was cancer. I had the radiation capsules (5). I did go to surgery yesterday a week ago for removal of mass on the right breast. When they tried to pin point it for the surgeon, it was gone. Praise the Lord for that. Since my mother, all her sisters and brothers, my daughter and my sister, I am at high risk and that is why I was so scared to get a biopsy last monday. God took it away. Oh, my sister is a survivor.
---shira on 2/21/06

My wife and I went to a healing service one night and she was healed right there of a thyroid condition. God is still amazing us! Don't give up.
---John on 2/21/06

I had a walnut sized growth on my Thyroid. My Dr. put me on Synthroid and not only did the lump go away, but it shriveled my gland to nothing. That was proof it was not malignant. I have been on this med for over 20 years and have had no problems. Did they find cancer in yours? Most Endocrinologists only remove the gland as a last resort.
My mother in law had surgery a few months ago, the breathing tube they put down her throat caused her to have problems speaking, she still has trouble due to that.
---NVBarbara on 2/21/06

I just had my thyroid removed. I did not lose my voice but the docter did tell me before the surgery it could happen. Your vocal cords are very close to your thyroid and they can be damaged during the surgery. I lost my voice for 1 hour after one of my biopsies.
---jay on 2/21/06

Shira; My wife had her thyroyd removed (cancerous) 20 years ago. She's been on thyroxen since and does fine altho her beautiful singing voice has paid the price!
---1st_cliff on 2/20/06

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