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Pastors In Clerical Collars

Some pastors don't wear clerical collars, but regarding those who do, do you think these should be just for church and church related meetings etc? I see men in supermarkets wearing their collar. No other profession stays 'in uniform' when off-duty.

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 ---emg on 2/22/06
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I used to wear a tab collar, but now I never wear one. I have found that people tend to respond to me much more favorably when I am NOT wearing one than when I am. We are living in an age, I think, when esteem for clergy is relatively low.
---David on 12/11/07

I didn't know that being a Pastor was a on and off call from God. I think it would help some Pastors to wear them all the time so they would always be aware they need to act like Jesus. You don't need a collar to be on duty, I am ready at all time to meet the needs of those around me, collar or no collar.
---Pastor_Jim_Schroff on 8/31/07

When is a pastor off duty? When is he NOT a pastor.

Most I've known are on-call 24 hours a day.
---Jack on 11/23/06

All through the OT. we see that God told those who ministered in the temple to wear clothng that was recognizable to their commission. Whether levites, priest, or high priest, you could recognize them. So what's the big deal just because some religions have certain kinds of clothing? It's totally Scriptural. No one should have a problem with the minister who wants to wear clothing that distiguishes him/her.
An overseer will never be off duty from shepherdng the flock.That's a 24/7 calling, not a job.
---john on 11/23/06

I've worn a dog collar for years as a vicar. Some people stop me hurl abuse at me for it and others have said that they wished they had as much confidence in their faith as they perceived I have. Maybe I wear it because it provides a way of talking to strangers without them thinking I am some weirdo. It is a tool of the trade for allowing people to talk about spirituality & faith, a tool for allowing people to talk of God & Jesus and the Spirit. Sometimes it is good & sometimes it is hard.
---reuben on 11/23/06

Most clergy that wear collars aren't wearing them out of pride where do you come up with that? Most I know have to have the "uniform" for church, which cost quite a bit, so they wear them all the time because they aren't paid enough to have an extensive wordrobe. some might be proud of their profession but guess what I am proud to be a servant of Jesus too. but I don't wear a collar because our church does not require them. But i do wear polo's quite often Maybe that is prideful.
---Jared on 11/13/06

are pastors ever really off duty????? if they wear their collor out of pride then thast is wrong if they wear it so [people recognise them as someone trhwey trusdt and talk to in a crisis or difficult tme then that is not wrong
---doree4573 on 11/13/06

No other profession stays 'in uniform' when off-duty.

Soldiers do a lot of times. Especially if they are overseas. Or at least it use to be that way - now wearing the uniform makes them a target.

Clergy - should always be expected to be on duty because they are on call 24/7.
---grace3869 on 11/12/06

when is a pastor off duty? they aren't if they are in the super market or at a ball game a pastor is always on duty. the only time they aren't on duty is when they are on vacation, and i'm sure they don't wear the collor to bed, but anytime a pastor is out they are on duty.
---Jared on 11/12/06

mikefl, "I think I find no scripture for a uniform of any type." If that's the case, then you haven't read much of the OT. The Levitical priests had very specific garments they were to wear. So, perhaps not the word "uniform", but what is a uniform but clothing designated for a particular duty/job?
---daphn8897 on 2/28/06

Thanks moderator, I've never heard of them but will look them up on the net and see if I can find out how they differ (in beliefs) from the Pentecostal movement here in U.K.
---M.P. on 2/27/06

Rebecca D, what kind of pentecostal churches do you have where you live? I've never heard of one where the minister wears a long skirt or dress. The long hair you mention could be any denomination these days. Anglicans, Orthodox and Roman Catholics are the only ones I can think of who dress the way you describe.

Moderator - It's the UPC or United Pentacostals that have the long hair and long skirts belief in the USA.
---M.P. on 2/27/06

cont'd.. On the flip side, should we all dress alike? Or what about the license plates/decals on our autos. Is that also vanity? Is a Jesus T-shirt not like that collar? Wow, now we are back to robes and sandals. My pastor prefers to be called Brother. He wears a suit/tie in Church and usually wears an old t'shirt or such when working around the yard. That is what he likes. Doesn't make him better or worse...
---mikefl on 2/26/06

You asked what we THINK... so, I think I find no scripture for a uniform of any type. I find no scripture for any title other than brother or sister. There are offices and callings, some of a higher responsibility than others yet none of a better placement of the body of Christ. We are all the same no matter what we are called or what we wear. cont'd
---mikefl on 2/26/06

Rev Herb, Question, if clerical collars aren't necessary, then is the title of Reverand? Both can be misused to draw attention and to elevate the one using. So, how is you using that title here on these blogs any different than a minister wearing a white clerical collar?
---daphn8897 on 2/23/06

Herb ... you are influenced by where you live and what you see. In UK the number of RC priests is far dwarfed by the number of non-RC clergy wearing dog-collars.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/23/06

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You must remember that this is how they believe. There isn't anything wrong with this. It is no different for a priest to wear a collar than a pentacostal having long hair and wearing a long dress or skirts.
---Rebecca_D on 2/23/06

They should know by the way they live. One does not have to wear a collar. When you talk about clerical collars, I thing of a priest in the Catholic church. The worlds largest cult.
---Rev_Herb on 2/23/06

Actually, I've seen people in uniform in various places who are off duty - but that is not your question. A pastor is really never off duty. I've known of cases where total strangers will talk to a pastor concerning something only because they see the collar being worn in places other than the church. (It's a matter of going to the person who doesn't come to church.)
---WIVV on 2/22/06

I can't help but wonder if brothers Peter and Paul had clerical collars. The only ornaments I recall them wearing were stocks and chains. I guess some have their modern day phylactories like the priests that want to be seen of men. I hope that doesn't sound too judgemental, but when I see a clerical collar I know who I won't try to get spiritual help from.
---Shari on 2/22/06

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Pastors have holidays like everyone else and I know some who even take their clerical collar on holiday with them. That is the one time that I would expect them to wish to be incognito, otherwise they don't really get a holiday.
---M.A. on 2/22/06

I think leaving the collar on acutally denotes availability and calling, not necessarily a status thing. And, some monks and nuns wear their "uniform" whether on or off duty. P.S. There are monks and nuns in the Episcopal church too... folks just don't for some reason know about them.
---daphn8897 on 2/22/06

My pastor is never "off duty". He is on call 24 hours a day when someone is needing him. We all have his cell phone number and he is always available unless he is in a revival where he preaches.
---shira on 2/22/06

Many times clerics are seen in public wearing their collars because they are "on duty" such as visiting hospitals or the homebound, etc. I think there's nothing wrong with wearing a so-called uniform. It just might help a lost soul or other individual in need of help to seek that cleric out.
---joe on 2/22/06

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Mima ... I think you are being judgmental. In days of yore (old English phrase) clergy wore their dog-collar at all times, not for self glorification, for most of them were most humble men. As others here have said, they are never off-duty. Neither are we of course ever off-duty as Christians.
---alan8869_of_UK on 2/22/06

This is an important point, one of the unwritten rules concerning soul winning is to go dressed in everyday clothes. Those that ware clerical collars or engaging in self glorification. They have their reward when they look in the mirror. My father was a ordained pastor, and my statement here is not guesswork
---mima on 2/22/06

I think most cops, fireman, soldiers, etc, who wear uniforms stop by the supermarket when their shift is over instead of going home and back to the supermarket. When exactly is a pastor "off-duty"? Maybe he just left the church, funeral, hospital, counseling, prision, etc.
---Fred_S. on 2/22/06

I know a couple of Catholic priest who are Benedictine Brothers that live in a monastery on the campus of a Catholic college, They are both instructors of biblical languages in the classic department with OMB degrees, where they where the traditional dress of a monk, but when they go off campus it is jeans and sports shorts for them.
---Phil_the_Elder on 2/22/06

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Dear emg, I agree with you. The collar thing must go. Just because a person wears one doesn't prove that they are holy. After all, my dog wears one and he doesn't even have 9 lives!
---Tad on 2/22/06

Maybe they don't feel they are ever off duty. As a Pastor I don't think there is a time clock for quitting and/or taking off. I don't think the collars are ever necessary but it identifies the ones who wear them. Also, I have had some great times with those of whom we don't agree doctrinally though our fellowship is limited.
---Elder on 2/22/06

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