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I Need A Christian Friend

I need a good Christian friend to talk to, is that possible in here?

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 ---mitzt9989 on 2/24/06
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I would really like some Christian's to talk to and maybe hang out with!!
---Rachel on 2/20/12

---JUDY on 2/16/12

I'm in Australia and would greatly value a Christian friend to talk with and listen to.
---Ingrid on 2/15/12

Any one in Australia that want to be friends and discuss aout life and God.
---Evelyn on 2/5/12

Elena: "just want to say I have a friend He is Jesus," True!
John 15:15 "...I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you." Amazing, really, and I keep thinking Psalm 8:4
"What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?"
---Chria9396 on 10/19/11

just want to say I have a friend He is Jesus,yet, on ChristiaNet... He also,gave Me a largest Family! Thankyou all of you all over the world for share with me,your wisdom,triumphs, yes.... even Reproof,trust,laughter,smiles & ups and downs... Love of Jesus! ELENA
---ELENA on 10/19/11

i need a good christian friend..bcz i need to share my feeling and my lords blessing...
---shankar on 10/10/11

yes it is possible.
---shankar on 10/10/11

Im at home alot and would love to have a Christian friend to talk to.
---Linda on 10/8/11

hi, i' saw what you need, i research to to have friend to talk with me can you?
---sylliah on 9/30/11

So hav i prayed also but am still waiting 4 an answer
---Xtian on 9/29/11

I could use a good Christian friend. Seems like Christian friends are hard to find especially if you're single. I've asked God to bring me at least 1 or 2 Christians in my life to fellowship with, do things together, etc. but really haven't met anyone yet. Gets very lonely. God Bless:)
---Linda on 9/13/11

Can we b? Am also looking 4 a strong christian who is well dedicated to gods work
---Xtian on 9/8/11

yes its possible im a real good christen girl if you wont become friends we can
---Kayla on 7/14/11

i reil need some one to talk with and hang out with as a friend i have body as a friend i guess were i stay to my self but please email me i live in lebonon tn
---kayla on 7/14/11

hey im looking for christian friends too.keep in touch take care
---jayson_simard on 7/2/11

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---ruth on 2/18/11

Am ready chat with you, but i want to know your sex,age,education and where you're. Back to me am a boy with 24years,a form six leaver[2010] and am in Tanzania.
Thank you and stay blessed.
---Petro_Nyanda on 1/22/11

Where are u located? I an in ny
---christina on 12/1/10

If you are seeking a real Christian friend then you must go where they are and get involved in the process. A Christian brother or sister in person will be more of a friend than any on-line relationship. I hope to be friendly to all, but I can not be there when you have questions and problems if I live hundreds or thousands of miles away. Join a church and get involved in the ministries of that church, don't just sit there and expect God's blessings. Work for the night is coming.
---Harold on 10/11/10

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I lost my job about 2 months ago I sometimes think where i can find a friend. I think God wants me to go to this one church but I do not have fancy clothes. But I am going because I think that is why every thing is going crazy in this place. pray for me okay.
---RUTH_L. on 10/8/10

It's possible anywhere, anytime. Matthew 18:20 - "For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." I need good Christian friends ALL the time. People who haven't accepted Christ don't understand how we choose to deal with things, and we need to take the hands of other Christians and not let go. Amos 3:3 - "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" Anytime you need a friend, I'll be here to help you. Worldly wisdom is not the answer to our problems, yet it's easy to fall back into those ways.
---Cale_Johnson on 8/24/10

Jan van & Rebecca. If you both sign on to the Pen Pal you will be able to communicate directly and privstely
---alan8566_of_uk on 7/20/10

Hie Rebecca,

My name is Jan van kondowe,28,male, from Malawi, Central Africa and would like to be your Christian friend as per your request.

I look forward to hearing more from you.


Jan van.
---Jan_van on 7/20/10

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Q, Am a single lady from miami florida usa a christien 24 years of age wishes to meet friends from all over the worldm without racial,religioin or colour discrimination
---Rebecca on 7/12/10

I understand your prayer request perfectly. I prayed for my husband for many years before he had a stroke, followed by two open heart surgeries. Nineteen years later he went to be with the Lord, with a prayer on his lips as we prayed together. I wouldn't take anything for that memory, of holding hands and praying to the Lord. That was something I always craved. The Lord gave it to me at the end of His earthly life. We prayed together just before he went to sleep in the Lord. Don't give up,
---Doris on 7/8/10

Hi Stephanie. I feel you girl. I have been married for 35 years. I prayed so hard for my husband to be saved for so long it was unreal. By the time I just gave up! The marriage seem to go hay wire. I ask him to go to church and he said yes. I couldn't believe my hears. He has been going every since and doesn't like to late. I think once I got out of GOD's way, trying to fix everything GOD moved and changed his heart.
I know the word works and GOD will not fail you.
---Brenda on 7/8/10

I am a married christian woman with a non-christian husband going through a lot of stuff because of that an am really confussed on how to handle stuff and just need someone who love the Lord God to talk to.
---Stephanie on 7/3/10

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Yeah sure. hit me up if you want. im from a small town and i know how hard it is sometimes to find real christian teens your own age to talk too.
---Ryan_Williams on 5/29/10

Hello Nancy, I love to talk about the Lord, He is my all, especually when im lonely, and down. right now im being evicted out of my house, because the homeowner forclosed on the house. in 4 daysIm homeless. we have a Job and 3 storage units. Everyware I look their is no decient place to rentin Marion IN. Its sounds horrible, but sincerly. I know that I know the Lord is true and faithful. He has always provided the best for me. at the last momment. I talk to Him when I get up, and through out the day, and when I go to bed. He is my best friend, love of my life and my Holy Father. In whom I so dearly am greatful for. He is with you my friend, and He does answer, we just have to listen intently. And stop and be still. with Love
---Margie on 5/19/10

Hello Nancy, I agree it's difficult to have time & energy to develop friendships.And dedicated Christians r hard to find as well. I'm a member of a small baptist church that my dad pastors. Lots of times the smaller the church the easier it is to get to know the people. And sometimes the people r just as shy about meeting u as u r at the thought of meeting them.They're just waiting for someone to make the first move.The church services seem to be much more fulfilling if u know the members & r comfortable talking with them.. I'm 48yrs old now but when I was younger & still at home, my dad pastored many churches. I know the feeling of trying to make friends with members.
---Reba on 5/17/10

Nancy, just remember that God loves u & He knows ur hearts desire for christian fellowship.Ask Him to send people ur way that will be the friend u need in ur life. And until that takes place, all of us r here,ready to chat....U have a christian friend/sister in me.
---Reba_3347 on 5/17/10

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Hello im a nice christian lady looking for friendship I work as a nurse and have found it difficult to meet other chrisitans for fellowship. I would love to have a friend to share life with and to talk about the Lord. I have always found it diffuclt to become part of a church i do attend but am missng the friendhip of another christian nancy
---nancy on 5/17/10

Maybe! But, not many are on here. Be careful of sheep in wolves clothing, my friend.
---catherine on 5/14/10

Hello Christian Bro. & sis., I'll be happy to be ur friend! I check in on this blog at least once a day(sometimes more). If I don't have the answer I can ask my soon to be 73yr old dad. He's been a bapt. preacher for over 50 yrs. So,lets chat...What's on ur minds?
---Reba on 5/12/10

I am a christian men,single,living in France,Nantes town.I am looking,for someoane very near to Jesus Christ.Much Health and Peace for all, from our Lord Jesus Christ.
---Valy on 5/12/10

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i need a good christian friend to talk to. i sty in kampala. am 19year i have arleady finished senior six & i want to join am happy to find afriend am a christian.and i want to know more word of God .
---uwera on 5/5/10

True friends are a blessing! Hope I can be one for you!
---Debbie on 5/2/10

sorry i don't have a profile yet -- but I am quite sincere // we all need people (hugs) I get mine at church. I am single, white if that matters 54 a mom of 2 and grandma of 2 but 4 by the end of the year. I work 3rd shift and i sing in the choir at church. I live in Lafayette IN we all go thru stuff and i've been told i'm a good listener. tell me about you - what part of the country you live in ... i found after my divorce that a girl can't have too many girl friends and no i'm not queer it's just us girls gotta stick together - write soon
---Juana6553 on 3/30/10

I am 55 white female, single, no family and I just laost my mother and need someone to talk but with the Bible in mind. I struggle depression and dont want to spiral down again and end up in the hospital-this is real
---Victoria on 3/26/10

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Don't we all. The answer to you second question, I don't know.
---catherine on 3/17/10

when i needed a friend i turned to Christ and he led me to those that are more needy
and since then i have more real true internet friends then i ever had in my life.
my charity is full of wonderful christian volunteers who are also my friends.
keep in touch
---nancy on 3/17/10

i also am looking for a christian friend here.i have been on chat but havent had any luck there.i have always been shy so its hard for me to meet new people.maybe i am destiend to be friendless as i have been most of my life.just hoping here
---chip on 3/16/10

Add me to your list of friends.
Though I'm not a babe in Christ there are times when I need lifting.
I feel everyone on this site must have been seeking spiritual help or they would not have joined.
Let us all agree to pray for each other.
You can't get too much prayer.
I don't care what denomination you belong to as long as you believe in Jesus as our savior.
Love you all.
---ashle7439 on 2/4/10

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I too am looking for Christian friends. I would to one day become your friend.
---Tim on 2/4/10

Yea,as Christians, all you need is confidence and encouragement from the Bible. Please read Proverbs 3:5. God will always direct us, just trust him there are many christians friends out there.
---Smart on 11/19/09

Lynie & Klara ... If you want to meet Christian friends worldwide, you can find them on the Chat & Penpals section of this site.

Go to the top of this page and click on "Mall", then click on "Chat & Penpals" in the Christian Mall section.

Then click on Sign Up, and you will be able to make you own profile, and see lots of other people. Then you can send them messages, or "cards"

Hope you find some friends there to talk to ... if you get on well with any, you mmay decide to exchange direct email addresses, and that will allow you to send longer messages and photos.
---alan8566_of_uk on 11/12/09

you could contact patie3447

---patie3447 on 11/12/09

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Sure i am available for bible discussions.
---ama9947 on 9/21/09

I too am looking for Christian friends to share fellowship and possible Bible studies. To lift each other up and pray for one another.
I have kids and am looking for Christian Moms to set playdates too.
Located in South Pasadena area of St Petersburg
---Lynny on 9/19/09

dear, i also need someone i can talk to especially on my walk with the lord.Could you please be?
Thank you
i expect to read from you soon.
---klara on 9/10/09

Maria ... If you want to meet Christian friends worldwide, you can find them on the Chat & Penpals section of this site.

Go to the top of this page and click on "Mall", then click on "Chat & Penpals" in the Christian Mall section.

Then click on Sign Up, and you will be able to make you own profile, and see lots of other people. Then you can send them messages, or "cards"

Hope you find some friends there to talk to ... if you get on well with any, you mmay decide to exchange direct email addresses, and that will allow you to send longer messages and photos.

---alan8566_of_uk on 7/6/09

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Probably not here but I think there's a chat room at this site as well. I'm new to this site too.
---Tom on 7/6/09

i'm looking for good christian friends
---maria on 7/5/09

You came to the right place. You can fellowship with your brothers and sisters on here anytime. You can pour your heart out and get good sincere responses. I can't speak for everyone and excuse me for using one of the worlds quotes of "been there done that". You can discuss any issue or problem and not worry about someone telling everyone. You'll get a lot of different replys and advice, but you can sort them out and glean what you feel is appropriate for you. After all, you might say we have our own church, a little unconventional maybe, but very effective. Welcome to the congregation.!
---Bob on 2/17/09

Hi !!! If you want to add me, fell free!

God bless u !
---Bia on 2/17/09

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I admit it is hard to find a friend truly seeking God. I need 1 myself but it shouldn't be a worry you. Just pray and ask God who you should talk to and start relationships with. If you need a friend God will provide.
---chrisH on 12/2/08

I am also looking for a true Christian friend. I am single and alone and need fellowship with people. I can't find a true bible preaching church in my town.

---Dave on 11/17/08

Looking for the same thing. A good christian friend to talk to. Just moved to a new state and I dont know anyone here.
Look forward to talking with you.
---Ferrol on 11/12/08

I need a christian friend myself-bad. I am alone really, can't talk to anyone in my church-desperate myself. I have been looking for about a hour now.
---dana on 8/2/08

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Well, I am available and I love the Lord with all my heart mind and soul. He is definitely first in my life, and I would welcome the opportunity to be a faithful christian friend to you. anytime you would like to chat, write me. I usually sign my post using the name Cynthia, but I started off using cynth9664. That is my number assigned to me when I first started CN. I would welcome anyone who wants a good christian friend to contact me. God Bless you all!
---Cynthia on 9/19/07

hi! i too would love to have a christian friend whom i can relate to. I just need someone whom i can talk to about what God is doing to me!
---anitha on 9/19/07

Rita: If you know God is dealing with your heart for you to rededicate your life, why not give in? What is keeping you from letting Christ in your heart again? We can pray for you to submit to Christ. But you must have that desire to let him in. He has given you a second chance. You may not get another chance from God. Why wait?
---Rebecca_D on 4/14/07

I'm new to this site but like it ! I am a backslidden Baptist and know the Lord is trying to speak to me to rededicate my life.Pray that I will submit to this. Yes,.I'll be your pal! I need one too!! Rita
---Rita on 4/14/07

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hello.. u say u need a christian friend? i will be ur friend...
---william_Lamont on 4/14/07

Yes, it is possible. I will be your friend. You are welcome. Junia 6337
---Junia on 4/14/07

i would think so did you try to send cards to some one , or give them a nice comment.
---irene7395 on 4/13/07

I would be glad to be your friend! I am always looking for people to talk to!

---Chrissy on 4/13/07

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i need a born again christian friend a mature christian. a godly fearing & sripit fillid person
---agnes on 6/27/06

Karen, thanks so much for your reply and interest. I really need a good friend and it sounds like a pastors wife would be a great person to talk to.
---Mitzy9989 on 3/1/06

check me out at mike3966 there you can get my email address
---willow on 2/28/06

pastor's wife looking for someone to share things with and listen to. sometimes you just can't talk with your family, friends and certainly not church members due to one getting jealous because you share too much with the other one.
---karen on 2/27/06

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I also need a Christian friend, I hope you will write me as I have been praying for someone.
---Lynna on 2/24/06

mitzi, I will be glad to talk to you via ChristiaNet e mail. I am shira 5965. Hope to hear from you. Shira
---shira on 2/24/06

l will like to meet good christance friend and people who like to hear God word.
---marion on 2/24/06

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