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Do Men Want Big Women

Why is it that most men want Barbie doll women and not the full figured, homey type women? I am a Godly woman and I am proud of who I am. Guys full figured women have the same amount of love and etc. that a Barbie doll women has and I still am a women no matter what my body looks like.

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 ---marsa on 2/25/06
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I agree with Francis. BBW see themselves with the good looking and attractive men...the ones with the six-pack abs...and those men are with the Barbie Dolls. So, maybe you should look for one who is attractive and has a good heart. I am a big woman myself and am searching...for the man who loves God with all of his heart and will love me too. Hang in there sister!!!
---Faithful_Heart on 1/26/12

I have a mothern, and three sisters who are a bit volumnuous, very beautifull. still i decided never to mary a full figured hoey type of woman, believe me i know they complain from morning till evening "i'm fat "crying over their condition and so forth. now i have a skinny wife, and guess what she complains that she's "too skinny". basically men like the "barbiedoll for their hideous phantasies, yet any normal guy knows that a good wife has nothing to do with the apparel. its only sad that we live in a physical world. by the way the homey women here in Africa usually are concidered more then the skinny ones
---andy3996 on 9/3/11

From another thread:

Haz, I have very carefully explained my question but you continue to misrepresent me. You seem unable or unwilling to comprehend what I have written. I will leave it at that.
---Warwick on 8/31/11

---John on 8/23/11\\

Whereas, you, John, are open and accepting and always tactful and kind.

No, you're STILL not okay.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 8/27/11

Usually a woman that is grossly overweight is one that lacks discipline, not only in the weight area but other areas of life.

Think of the expense, of changing the mattress every 2 years.
---leej on 8/27/11

We can only guess in answering this post as the chemistry in forming relationships is complex.

As others have pointed out here, maybe you are being too selective yourself.

But, we have all seen examples of relationships between slim men and big women, so beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

In some cultures big women are seen as more attractive than barbies.

We have a lot of Pacific Islanders in Australia and most of their women are big and they have no troubles finding husbands.
But theirs is a close knit family/social culture which helps in finding partners.
Western society is not so close-knit. Maybe thats part of the problem.
---Haz27 on 8/27/11

Men have no issues with BBW.
the problem is this: The BBW do not want the men who are attracted to BBW. they want the men who HAVE the barbie dolls.
---Francis on 8/25/11

well,Interesting..myself,definately a big woman & not ashamed of it! Thankfull. Sad, our society "looks everything"(maybe I am wrong? ) looks overated..It's like if somebody really led by God prayerfull & fast seek God 'n God may have a different choice us! it may not be the clothes you wear or how you do your hair....Pro.31:30 Charm is deceptive,and beauty is fleeting,but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
---ELENA on 8/23/11

Any woman can find a man to love her. The only question is, are you yourself being too selective? I know alot of fat girls that have boyfriends, although the boyfriends are usually fat or ugly also. I'm sure you can find someone out there that will love you, but you may have to overlook some of his faults if you expect him to do the same for you. All guys would rather have Paris Hilton than Rosie O'donnel.
---Jed on 8/23/11

So you're a Heifir and you want everyone else to change and accept your Grossness. All in the name of Christ!
Yet you do nothing but graze all day!
---John on 8/23/11

Wow is all I have to say. You know why because the "SECULAR" forums about this issue where more excepting of "overweight" women than this! We are supposed to be set apart from them and this forum looks worse. This is what an unbelieving world finds unbelievable about christians. NOT ALL "OVERWEIGHT" WOMEN ARE GLUTTONS!
---Tygen on 8/21/11

There are quite a large number of medications that cause a person to gain weight. Dr's are not good about mentioning this to patients because they don't want people to stop taking medications they need.
---Donna66 on 5/8/09

Thanks denise thats a good answerr, however glutony is a sin, it is proven that only a small number of peoples overweight are caused by glutony. and thats exactely what i meant with my last blog. if someone eatsd too much he/she should try to discipline his/her habbits, and for the rest do not mind how you look like, wash yourself dailly, brush your teeth, wear good underwear and leave the rest up to God (and if necessary with a little help of a doctor for the sick).
---Andy on 5/8/09

What amazes me is hearing these terms full figured, heavyset, etc. when talking about a certain size woman. "I saw Julie ,the heavyset girl, at he grocery." No adjectives needed.It is what it is. It is a shell. Obesity in this world is as common as any other hereditary condition. Can a person reverse being born with freckles and red hair? I am a woman that eats well,normal blood sugar,BP, cholesteral, beautiful skin , tons of energy. I'm 41 and weigh over 250 lbs. 235lbs when in high school. I take fish oil and have not had real sugar in over 15 years. I steer clear of fried and fast foods. I eat whole grains and I love fresh vegetables and I only use good fats. I cannot meet a man that does not think he can treat me like a door mat.
---Denise on 4/12/09

I agree with Charity that if someone can do something about it they should.
---Kella8334 on 2/4/09

touchy touchy...

i understand that some people have medical issues that cause them to gain or keep weight. im just saying that if you CAN do something about it, then you should. again, our body is god's temple.
---charity on 1/22/09

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Mohammed:-You show your true colours by your admission of BBW.May I remind you that such thoughts of the flesh are short lived, is that what your faith teaches?
---Mic on 1/21/09

I think that big girls need a man to to have someone to love then too and females are all the same to me
---elizabeth on 1/21/09

"Charity", Not all "fat" or rather obese people are that way because of temptation or gluttony, some like myself actually have medical disoders that cause obesity and NO I am not referring to the old thyroid excuse. I have lived a very active and rewarding life so far and plan to continue that with Jesus in my life and narrow minded people like you out of my life.
---CHRISTINE on 1/21/09

i really love the fat and fat women or BBW women
---Mohammad on 1/21/09

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self-control is a fruit of the spirit, is it not? and that doesnt mean just controlling your anger or lust. it means controlling any temptation. also eating.
and our bodies are suppose to be temples. the way we look also tell alot about who we are.
personally, i dont see a four hundred pound woman as a good christian example.
and overweight people are limited to what they do. my mom lost a lot of weight when she had kids because she wanted to be able to go to the park and play with us.
---charity on 1/16/09

no one can say that men like barbie doll women in absolute terms

lets say most men want women they are attracted to whether slim, cute or huge and fat

personnally.. i like all people but find it difficult eating food cooked by fat women because if you stay with them while they cook..., you will see the clumsiness... i loose my appetite if a fat friend invites me to meals.... sometimes too they are too sweaty... with clothes always wet...etc...
and smelly( of stale sweat)

those who are neat and not clumsy in carrying themslves about lazily are usually my friends because i like to be around those who make me comfortable, and smartness and neatness is definately a factor... happy new year
---patience on 1/14/09

I am attracted to full figuredness as long as there is a female shape and no pot belly or elephant legs. No flab hanging down from the arms either.

I prefer the above full figure to a skinny woman with her bones protruding in her skin.

The thing I notice with the women at church with tons of flab is that they have irresponsible eating habits. I mean, 2 or 3 doughnuts in one sitting, or several desserts at the church potluck? The reason for their shape is obvious in many cases. I realize there may be a few who fight a metabolism problem, so I sympathize with them. I have no sympathy for the overeaters.
---obewan on 1/14/09

Some guys do want a full-figured woman. The Barbie doll-figure is ideal for some men, but, TOO "perfect" for others. And, for some, Barbie's nice to LOOK AT.... but, not a personal favourite. Also, Barbie is seen as more healthy, and more as if she takes better care of herself. And, the Media! We Saints must never forget who the "god of this world" is. It is Satan, and he is in charge of the Media, by-and-large. He wants people to hate themselves, and wants people to compare themselves to other people, to either make them feel "superior" to others, or "inferior" to others. Either way, it's fatal. Just do the BEST with what you have, with the light and knowledge that GOD has made available to you.
---Gordon on 1/14/09

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Man looks at outward appearance, while God looks at the heart...shouldn't we look at the heart of someone first too?
---Anne on 1/14/09

now that is not true.
I prefer a man that is skinny to one that has "done lap". Their belly done lapped over their belt. This is unhealthy and leads to heart attacks.
I am not a small woman and I never will be. But, I can still see my feet and i have a nice shape. I exercise to stay healthy and to look good in my clothes. I certainly don't ever want to be so skinny you can count my ribs this is unhealthy too.
I just want a man that takes care of himself. Our body is the temple of the LORD
---miche3754 on 1/14/09

They don't like you skinny guys because they figure that you must not have any food in the house.
---ralph7477 on 1/14/09

What are BBQ women?
---Nana on 1/14/09

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Hello, not all guys like skinny, barbie doll women. I love BBW women, I think there sexy because they are soft and feminine. I don't like to date women who have no figure or look too skinny. However, I find most BBW women do not like skinny guys (like I am) so it's a double standard.
---Robert on 1/13/09

Its not the weight that changes how men treat you. It's how you dress. If an overweight woman dresses like a hoochie a man will look and then want to possess her. May not want her permeantly but he will at least,look.And will lay with her if he gets a chance.Its her confidence and how she carries herself also. A big buxom woman can have an advantage over a stick woman.She has larger hips,butt and breasts.But she needs to be well-proportioned in order for everything to come together and be attractive.
---Robyn on 2/7/08

2) ...and it also is proven by the increase of eating disorders among both women and men, now even including teens and preteens. Eating disorders among women in middle age are on the rise, especially anorexia. All this because people have this terrible fear of being fat and unacceptable to others and believing that they are not lovable, attractive or worthy of good things unless they look a certain way. Unfortunately, Ive even met many single men in church who...
---Holly4jc on 1/31/08

3) ...are looking for the Barbie Doll look first and the spiritual/heart part is not even considered as highly important for choosing a mate. Its all about the looks. I personally struggle with my weight, up and down like a yo-yo, yet I still keep on trying to take it off and keep it off. I do notice a huge difference when I am at my low point in my weight as opposed to my high point. When I have the proper look, I get all kinds of attention...
---Holly4jc on 1/31/08

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4) ...freebies, kindness, considerateness, favor by people and so on. The world is mine on a silver platter. But...once I gain some weight, there is a definite shift in the way people treat me. Yet, through it all, I am still the same person inside, nothing has changed as far as who I am as a person. But...that is not what people choose to see, its only the outside. It is very, very sad. And yes, I admit, it also makes me mad.
---Holly4jc on 1/31/08

Some men want any kind of woman. Everyone has a preference for what they like. There are men around who like buxom women. If not--oh well. The Barbie-doll type women are usually shallow,vain and only has eyes for themselves. But not always. If a man chooses this over a down to earth, real buxom woman, well, he deserves, what he gets. Someone is out there for you. Hold on.Be encouraged.
---Robyn on 1/31/08

1) I personally think that showing prejudice against overweight people is the last acceptable prejudice in our society. Sad but true. Putting the health issues aside for a minute, lets be honest. Society (people) on the most part looks down upon overweight people and portrays certain stereotypes regarding them, not because they are unhealthy, but because they are overweight and not considered to be the proper standard of attractiveness. This is very evident everywhere you look...
---Holly4jc on 1/31/08

Since my text they state is too long, I will submit it in sections: Many responses to this question seems to be based on only what some of you heard others say, or assume. I do not even pay attention when doctors makes comments regard being overweight is the cause of heart attacks because they too are bias.
---ann on 1/30/08

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Part 2: I do not feel that it is a fact. I believe There are more smaller people who have heart attacks and other medical conditions. The only reason it appears that a larger person physical condition is associated with all types of illness is because when it does happen, and the person happen to be large, it is a big production, right away, people have the tendency to contribute it to their size, which is not always true.
---ann on 1/30/08

Part 3: I am full-figured I have no problem with self-esteem. I know I am just as much of a catch as any slim person.I get so tired of people indicating if a person is smaller then life would just be fine. They can get a man, PLEASE! The bible states that we are wonderfully made, therefore, I am the way I am surpose to be. We were not made with cookie cutter. I WILL NOT settle for anything just because a group of discrimina-ting people feel otherwise. to the person who states God wants us to be healthy.
---ann on 1/30/08

Part 4: Yes he does, but did you know a person can be large and healthy. HE also does not want YOU judging others. It also states judge not and be not judge. Are you perfect? I doubt it. I am quite sure there are things about you that probably need a lot more changing than weight. I believe those who come down on someone who is fuller does so to make themself feel superior because that is all that they have going for themself, their size.
---ann on 1/30/08

Part 5: I like to say to all full-figured people men and woman, if YOU are comfortable with yourself that is all that matters, society has bainwahed eveyone into what they think we all should look like. And to another responder, sweetie do not feel sorry for me because of my size, because I love my self, you will never find me in a corner crying poor me..
---ann on 1/30/08

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I can pass as a 'Barbie' type. I struggle with men in exactly the same way as other women. Having Barbie looks does NOT attract a better looking, richer,more serious, or classier male. Everyone struggles wondering what on earth men are playing at... no matter what they look like. It makes me rage that average looking women think life is so easy for beautifull women. They face problems as well, some the same, some different.. but life is NOT easier... especially when it comes to men.
---nat on 1/26/08

Enough lambasting those seeking a non-overweight spouse. Sorry but God wants us to control our eating habits and our weight. Both male and female. We men are visual creatures, I never feel threatened from a temptation standpoint around an overweight woman. It's a cop out to say "I have a good heart, that's good enough." we have an obligation to give our very best to our spouse. Yeah, it's hard work to stay fit, but it's not impossible. It's easier and more fun to munch away...
---brad on 9/28/07

Not all men feel that way! My man loves me because I have a good heart! He doesn't care if I'm a big woman. I love him for that! A real man will love you for you and not for what you look like. Beauty comes from within!!
---Emily on 9/25/07

Good news honey, the right guy is out there I am a full figured woman and God sent me my Christian man, and just be patience and he will send u yours. I know it is hard to wait on the Lord, but sometimes u have to so he can send u the right one.
---ANN on 9/15/07

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I believe that it is not what is on the outside, but what is in the heart.Reguardless if a woman is thin or more on the heavyset side, that should not be the issue. I have been on both sides, so to speak, but until I recieved personally the Lord Jesus Christ in my life it was a matter of what was on the inside.
---Cynthia on 9/14/07

When a person truely comes to Christ, they will find out that God did not make anything ugly. Everything and everyone is beautiful in God's eyes. It is our attitude that gets him fired up. There is nothing wrong with being a full figured woman or man.
---Rebecca_D on 7/18/07

Another point: society has definite ideas of pretty and ugly. Many people have been taught from an early age that to be small and petite is pretty and attractive. Big and gangly is ugly. This does not have to be true. Why do we have to look at things from the pretty and ugly, point of view?Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But we most be honest with ourselves. I would prefer the big,hunky beefcake to the shrimpy, skinny weasel. Sorry.
---Robyn on 7/17/07

I just wanted you to know I am a full figured woman and I married someone who loves me for who I am, and I just wanted you to know be keep hanging in there, I didn't get my man until I gave my love life fully over to Jesus. And Jesus put my Christian man into my path, but only when He was ready and thats the mistake the we all make when we don't let him lead us to the right man. So, again wait and the right one will come along.
---ANN on 7/17/07

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As single christian woman our minds should not be focused on what men are desiring in the fleshly context. If he is a God fearing man size does not matter. If he marrys you for your size then chances are in a couple of years you will find yourself in divorce court.
---Marcia on 7/17/07

Heart attacks aren't shallow, Vernon.
They kill. Loving your large woman to death is not good for her, nor will it be good for you. There's nothing shallow about taking care of your temple.
---Vince on 7/17/07

I am married to a beautiful full figured woman and i cherish her and love her with all my heart . sometimes we as humans can be so shallow because of our own insecerties that are not being dealt with and we hurt each other in the process.
---Vernon on 7/17/07

Four years ago I met a man who seemed to have all the spiritual, intellectual and moral qualities one could want. He was attracted to my personality, wit and humor, talents and spirituality; and thought I would be a great asset to his ministry. He "courted" me daily for 7 months, talking about marriage to his family and mine and then suddenly "dumped" me because he was physically attracted to very petite women and I am tall and overweight. He never loved me.
---2heavy4some on 3/9/07

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the reason is simple!!! society has deemed those women perfect!! by way of magazines and television! There are other ways, but that would be to long to write!! by the way, labeling women as "barbie dolls" is judging and therefore a sin, so please refrain from further judgements! Thank you for your time!
---stevengm on 3/8/07

I like what Sir-Mix-Alot has to say on the issue, "Silicone parts are made for toys." & "When it comes to females, Cosmo ain't got nothin' to do with my selection." That is why I married a gorgeous, lovely, sweet, kind, gentle, full-figured woman.
---Ryan on 3/8/07

marsa, Consider this, perhaps God is still preparing the man He has for you. He will love the way you look because he will love you. Don't worry about all the other guys - what they think or what they like... because the right one is worth waiting for.
---daphn8897 on 3/8/07

"Full figured", I suppose that means different things to different people. Frankly I feel sorry for REALLY big women or men, they are a heart attack waiting to happen. Staying in healthy shape is best, NOT the bags of bones we see on TV! Marilyn Monroe was a size 14 most of her adult life. She was 'rounded'-shaped like a woman! I'm not fat or skinny, size 8, it suits me.
---NVBarbara on 3/8/07

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Men with big bagel bellies are equally a big yawn. Then there are those who think their brains will compensate for whatever else is missing.
Intellectual, homely men have to have loads in the bank because the kind of women they're attracted to, wouldn't give them the time of day.
---Cher on 3/8/07

I like women who are more big than small and buxom (think most men are the same here). And any false / plastic additions are a turn off. Women: don't waste your time wanting to look like the models on the cat walk. Men like women who are cuddly, smiley and funny, and not obsessed by how they look!
---Ed on 3/8/07

God has created every woman naturally beautiful, if nothing added or reduced, i mean no artificiallity, every woman is loveable. Me i personally like the full figured.
---Ben on 3/8/07

It's what is in the heart that really in the end matters. A person can be beautiful and be very self-righteous. While a person not so pretty, can be very humble. I adviced my sons that when at school or in life, they should always say their hello's to everyone. If a girl is heavy, or not pretty and no one talks to her, and you come to her and say hello, the impact of those words will do wonders for her and you have lost nothing at all.
---Lisas on 3/8/07

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I've noticed that heavier people have a more cheerful personality but it does remain that if a person has a weight problem when they are young it's probably not going to go away as they age. Most people gain weight as the years go by. Maybe the guys sense the great possibility of an obese wife after 10 years and are thus apprehensive of paying attention to to them.
---john on 3/8/07

For Americans, the spin is on. We play down the dangers of obesity. Attraction is only half of the story. Obesity kills you. Slowly, but it is the beginning of disease.
Heart attacks, diabetes; high cholesterol and high blood sugar, put them together, it's called cardiometabolic risk. It's a scary pair. Belly fat causes heart disease.
---Brooke on 3/8/07

No matter how you slice it, it's not really beautiful. Blindness, kidney disease, amputation (diabetes); 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight/obese. Even a 10 lb loss can help to prevent diabetes.
If you take it down to primitive man, he was attracted to health and longevity for continuation of the species.
---Brooke on 3/8/07

I don't know if man has evolved from that type of attraction, health and longevity. :-)

Real men do not care for made-up Barbie Doll types either. They usually can't even see 15 lbs of excess weight. Take it up 50, 75, 100lbs. and beyond, it does cloud visions of beauty, even through rose colored glasses.
---Brooke on 3/8/07

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Well, for me, it's just a matter of attraction, I take into consideration a lot of things. There have been some full figured women I have felt very attracted to, some are the "barbie doll" type, but most of mine have been just average figure. I think the personality of the person has something to do with it as well, ya know? Physically attractive women, by way of personality, can be way more unattractive.
---joshu9579 on 3/8/07

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all need to be wary of focusing too much on external qualities, and also look at the soul and heart, for these reflect the true self. As a side note, it would be great if men were able to see women for more than just cooks and housewifes. These are important, but not the true essence of what a woman is.
---Grace on 6/11/06

To get married you must have some chemisty. If you marry someone because they look like what the media wants everyone to look then what happens when "Barbie" gets old and start "meliting" and the Barbish figure and face is no more. what Next? I think men shouldbe very careful. Ending up with a woman who has nothing to offer. Instead love women because of who they are in Christ. It makes life easier when you marry someone who loves the lord and care about people,a woman who just loves life.
---Becky_n on 6/11/06

Honesty I dont know why? But there can be a lot on the media, presser from Hollywood, if you ever look at them there bones are sticking out and you can see their ribs. If I was a man I would not find that attractive. I would fear breaking her in half or something. But as a full figured woman I just shrug it off, I have learned to do that and its hard at times, but its still something that I have to do. But there is something else I keep in mind, is that back in the what Medieval full was in.
---Amanda on 3/27/06

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Me, I prefer my women to be big and buxom, full of life and enjoying it to the full. Thats not to say that thin girls don't enjoy life, I`m sure they do, but at a basic level, I`ve found the bigger the girl, the better the cook.
---mike6553 on 2/28/06

Because men are visually stimulated.
---Lissa on 2/27/06

Of "all" the women I have seen while shopping for one, I still believe the full of God, homey scripture reading, Godly love sharing, sweet spirited, strong willed in the Lord type are the best. They do come in all shapes and sizes, by the way. ps. Barbie is fiction you know. Flesh is subject to change without notice...
---mikefl on 2/26/06

Skinny ladies are loveable too!!
---Dee on 2/26/06

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Looks can be decieving, It's what in side that counts. A very good and Godly way of thinking is more, and so very important. Also we must keep our self healthy, that is what god would want of us. So big or small, God loves us just the same.
---winna on 2/26/06

I agree with you. It should be what is in people's heart that attracts not what they look like. Looks are only skin deep. I have found that most bigger women have lovely, kind hearts and make very caring homemakers.
---Jeann on 2/26/06

Full figured is an interesting term. Men don't mind when a woman's figure is full. The issue seems to be when the figure gets so full that it's overflowing and starting to run down the sides.
---ralph7477 on 2/26/06

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