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Marry A Person In Jail

Can you marry a person in jail.

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 ---keyierra on 2/28/06
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I believe it is legal to marry someone in jail.I would either have had known the person for a long time or I wouldn't.Really what is the rush?I would rather wait and have a nice church wedding.
---shirley on 2/2/08

Not everyone in jail is guilty. my husband and i got married there and no were not desperate its called love. who are you to judge? Only GOD can judge. We knew each other 9 years and i was there for him in his hard times and he was there for me. Its all about LOVE people real unconditional love. Thank you GOD for the best husband ever!
---Krissy on 2/2/08

I would not do it. Let this person be released first and see where his/her head is. If they are sincere about marriage you will know. People in jail are usually bored and have time on their hands. They will promise you the sky until they get out! Sometimes they need an address before they can be released. Be careful about that too. They are slickers. Be careful with these jailer/prison personalities. By the way. Are you that desperate to marry?
---Robyn on 7/14/07

This is not wise!!
---Marcia on 7/14/07

Our culture lets us marry over and over and over and if you want to marry someone in jail, you are free to do so....I wouldn't.
---shira on 7/14/07

My grand daughter worked at a prison and met this man she walked a way from her husband and two little boys her and her husband are not married now this man is in prison for 20 years according to him he did not murder the person he was just there he has served 10years he is going before the board in sept just the other day he was tranferred to another prison so it's four hours from her now Im praying he doesn't get out .
---Betty on 8/17/06

If you do get married, can you have access to the "honeymoon cell"? LOL
---John_T on 3/2/06

yes, people have married in jail before, as long as the man and woman are able to get together for the marriage.
---Eloy on 2/28/06

What is the hurry? The person in jail is not going anyplace.
---mima on 2/28/06

There's not enough detail in your question to give you an answer. For example: why is the person in jail? Is the person a Christian? What is your relationship to the person? And there are many more questions that need to be explored before I can give you a detailed answer. But, just based on what you are stating my answer would be you can, but it may be a mistake. If you have a choice, my answer would be, "no".
---WIVV on 2/28/06

Before you marry someone in jail, please pray for insight as to the reason you would consider such a step. Did you know the person be they were incarcerated, or are you a pen-pal acquaintance? Beware of marrying pen-pals. Many people in jail have numerous pen pals and play the game with all of them. They want commissary money many times, and a place to live when released.
---Dee on 2/28/06

Proverb states: Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom and with all thy getting, get understanding. Seek Gods direction and watch as well as pray.
---Marla on 2/28/06

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