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Did Jesus Pay For Our Sins

Does first John 2:1-2 teach that Jesus paid for every person's sins, even paid for the sins of the person who refuses to accept Jesus and that payment?

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 ---mima on 3/2/06
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duane's answer is just excellent!!!
"Yes, we are saved by grace WHEN we have Faith in HIM..We are NOT saved because we have NOT believed. Salvation is not a sin issue but a faith issue. Christ came to do away with sin, all we must do is rely(faith) on HIM, FOR HE IS THE SIN BEARER.
This is a truth some just cant handle. Some are still fighting sin when the battle has already been won."

---Mima on 4/8/08

The "hirelings" have not taught us properly to "enter by the door" (John 10:1). They have not taught us about the "depths of God" (1 Corinthians 2:10) or the "rivers of living water" (John 7:38) that also flowed from Christ's side at the cross. They haven't told us that God's spirit will purify our conscience (Hebrews 9:14) so that we will never thirst (Revelation 7:16). Neither do they encourage us to have the PRESENT heaven in our heart AND MIND (Romans 12:2).
---greg on 4/8/08

There are better/other things that "belong TO salvation" (Hebrews 6:9). Jesus is our foundation (cornerstone) and what He did on the cross was completely sufficient to conquer sin, therefore we should not lay any other foundation by performing "works"/deeds, for when we do that, we commit apostasy. Our efforts to obtain what has already been given must not continue, we must truly REST in The Lord and let His grace be sufficient for us.
---greg on 4/8/08

There has ALWAYS been a "strong delusion" (2 Thessalonians 2:10) for ANYBODY and everybody who chooses not to love (have a passion for) truth (2 Thessalonians 2:10). The Lord wants a personal relationship with the REAL you, not with a copy of someone else, He yearns jealously (James 4:5).
---greg on 4/8/08

To finally reach the "city of God" (Revelation), salvation must not remain simply a FAITH issue, it must become a LOVE issue (LOVE God, not FAITH Him). I have faith in the laws of physics also, but I don't love them. We read the INTRODUCTORY doctrine of Jesus (Hebrews 6:1). It is the "WORD OF TRUTH" (2 Timothy 2:15, Ephesians 1:13, John 14:6). We should "hear" God's word (John 10:27) that PRESENTLY proceeds from God's MOUTH ("sword of the spirit", Ephesians 6:17).
---greg on 4/8/08

His sacrifice loses effect on those WHO Continue to SIN the SAME old SIN,
GOD does'nt ABIDE in SINFUL men.
Do you need the verses?
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/7/08

The world was corrupt. God sent His Son to preach the good news, we are loved!

Jesus touched the lives of many. The violence and civil unrest of the times, fueled in part by Satan's wrath, prompted the High Priests, Kings, and Roman rulers to put Jesus to death.

Jesus knew what He would face. He came anyway...To give us the good news! We are loved by God.
---deb on 4/7/08

Yes, we are saved by grace WHEN we have Faith in HIM..We are NOT saved because we have NOT believed. Salvation is not a sin issue but a faith issue. Christ came to do away with sin, all we must do is rely(faith) on HIM, FOR HE IS THE SIN BEARER.
This is a truth some just cant handle. Some are still fighting sin when the battle has already been won.
---duane on 4/7/08

If Jesus was the 'Passover Lamb', then please show me where the Passover Lamb ever had any sins placed upon it? The one who first sinned (Satan) will ultimatly PAY for what he caused to happen on this earth. After all, what was the 'scapegoat' all about? Yes, Jesus made it possible for us to overcome sin.
---Dr.Rich on 4/7/08

Hi Mima,

To answer your question concerning 1st John 2:1-2 you have to rightly divide the word.

When John speaks of Christ paying for the sins of the whole world, he is speaking of the whole world of God's elect. Christ did not die for the non-elect, (John 17:9, John 8:43,44). Christ died for his called people (Heb 10:14, Jude 1:1). John 3:16 speaks of the same world encompassing all the His children, which he loved before the foundation of the world (Eph 1:4).

---trey on 4/7/08

At times in my life, I would offer people a "GIFT', but because of their intention to make it on their, they would say "I don't take charity", but it's true that everyone on earth has salvation AVAILABLE to them (Luke 3:6).

For those who will graciously accept Jesus's GIFT, we must not make the attempt to "PAY BACK" (as though it were possible) what was a GIFT.

Sometimes when I GIVE someone something, they INSIST on doing a favor IN RETURN.
---greg on 4/7/08

A sinner is a sinner because his sins are counted against him and he is held guilty before God if he doesn't believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ. It is only after salvation that a sinner is justified and free from the condemnation of sin. John 3:18 - He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
---Debbie_Jo on 4/6/08

Duane: I am saved by grace, only. My past sins are not counted against me anymore because they are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. A person can't remove their sin before coming to Christ. They come to Christ to have their sin removed. The purpose of Christ's death was so I could live with him for eternal. I am saved by his grace.
---Rebecca_D on 4/6/08

Just because sin is not counted against you, that doesnt make you saved. We are saved through faith. Sin was taken out of the way so mankind could come to God.That was the purpose of HIS death.
He died for the forgiveness of sin.
By HIS life we are saved.(born again of the Spirit)
---duane on 4/5/08

Duane: The sins that a Christian has committed in their past are under the blood and aren't counted against them, I will agree with that. But to say sins aren't counted against anyone is foolish talk. If that were the case then why do we need to go through Jesus to get to heaven? Why does the sinners/backsliders need Jesus if their sins aren't held against them? If that too were the case, Jesus wouldn't tell them to depart from him cause he never knew them.
---Rebecca_D on 4/4/08

Duane said 'not just because we have no sins against us'.

If we had no sins against us we would not need Jesus.....which is clearly not the situation. All sin, and all deserve death. Those that realize this have a chance of repenting and changing for the better, and it is through faith in Jesus that we can reach this. But there is another aspect - that some people are sons of the devil and others are sons of God. God does not want to lose any of His People - others are not his concern.
---frances008 on 4/3/08

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Yes,He paid for everyone's sins but we have to accept the gift of salvation and repent of our sins.
---shirley on 4/3/08

Debbie- Jo has some very good answers to this question.
---Mima on 4/3/08

There is only one way, one way that a lost soul might be saved and that is through God's Blood that was shedd on a cross a long time ago by the hands of wicked men.>>>If you have not experenced this, then you have not been forgiven of your sins and you are lost and on your way to everlasting fires of HELL. That's it!
---catherine on 4/3/08

We are not saved through repentance of sin but by grace through faith. Jesus came to do away with sin, which HE did. HE reconciled the world to the Father, not counting mens sins against them. How else can we come before God but through the Blood.The Blood forgives sin, by HIS LIFE WE ARE SAVED. Salvation(life) comes through faith, not just because we have no sin against us.
---duane on 4/3/08

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Only the elect. We have been redemned yes.
---catherine on 4/2/08

A person won't overcome sin until Christ comes back. We haven't overcome anything yet. The one that overcomes until the end will not be hurt by the second death. And God will not blot out their names out of the book of life, and God he will confess our names before the Father and the angels. Bottom line, those that will be overcomers will join Christ in the New Jerusalem. Those that aren't overcomers won't join Christ.
---Rebecca_D on 4/2/08

Can you read the bible with an open mind and believe that nothing was ever changed?

Do you think God is so mean that he wouldn't forgive us without demanding His Son endure torture? What would the purpose of that be?

Do you believe God is full of wrath?
Do you believe God is unreasonable?
Do you believe God is imperfect?

God does not interfere with free will.
He knew the fate that would befall him.
He came anyway!
He came to give us the good news!
God is Love!
---deb on 4/2/08

That(duane)ain't me!
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 4/1/08

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Duane::"Now we are set free from sin by Christ"Right on DUANE----now we are all going to Heaven.Sir are you not aware of Rampant sin around you read the Papers Gloom and Doom Murder stealing Scams Birth control abortions Rape abuse child abduction just to name a few.WHAT may I ask is this if not sin perpetrated BY MAN."Nothing Defiled enters Heaven"
---Emcee on 4/1/08

We dont overcome sin, Sin was overcome by Christ, HE came to do away with sin. Now we are set free from sin because of Christ, not because we set ourselves free.
---duane on 4/1/08

Let's see. Didn't God say He was sorry He had made man at one time? Did God make an error then? Ok, the sun is how we tell time for days and years. But for months, we use the moon and it does not go into equal time slots for each year. Was this an error? (I can answer that) I find you question to be one that only God could answer.
---Dr.Rich on 4/1/08

rich for God to make anything perfect means that he created it without error. do you think that God's 7 days of creation were perfect.
---evangelistjerry on 3/29/08

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e...j, what do you mean by 'perfect'? God created mankind (all races) to be mortal. They were going to die. So were the plants and animals. God gave man a choice to love Him or not. We still have that same choice. It is up to each of us to 'overcome' sin. In John 8 Jesus said He came here so that we CAN overcome sin. But he who does not overcome sin is a slave to sin.
---Dr.Rich on 3/25/08

rich, would you say that in the beginning everything that God created was perfect?
---evangelistjerry on 3/19/08

All flesh shall have salvation available to them . Whether they truly accept and have their conscience also purified (Hebrews 9:14) and "walk by the spirit" Galatians 5:16 and 25 learning the "depths of God" 1 Corinthians 2:10 and drink of His spirit Rev7:16 is another matter. "And all flesh shall see the salvation of God"Luke 3:6.
---greg on 3/19/08

Eloy, I thought you said you have been born again and have no lies in you. I guess you were wrong. Adam's death was NOT the penalty for eating the fruit, he was mortal and was going to die anyway. Only the tree of life would keep him living. This death was not the '2nd death' that would have happened. God said from one evening to the next was one day. Sorry my friend, but hang in there!
---Dr.Rich on 3/18/08

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Debbie Jo: Just because a person believes in God and confesses that Jesus came in the flesh does not make a person saved. My Father-n-law believes that and he is still a sinner. (as far as I know). Satan believes on and in God and believes that Jesus came in the flesh, but he is not a Christian. There is no forgiveness from God without asking him first. How was it that you became saved, if you haven't ask God to forgive you?
---Rebecca_D on 3/18/08

One day to God is equal to 1000 years to man, Adam died at 930 years, therefore Adam died in the very day that he ate from the forbidden tree exactly as God has said he would.
---Eloy on 3/17/08

If God had killed Adam on the day he ate from the tree of knowledge of G & E, then you would not be here today. To allow Adam to live Jesus said He would pay the penalty which He did. It's like a legal trust. One is a beneficiary of the trust IF they agree to allow Jesus' death to bond them from this penalty. Those living before His death were the beneficiares by a 'constructive' trust, those after by an 'active' trust.
---Dr.Rich on 3/17/08

Everyone in the world will not necessarly accept what it takes to be a beneficiary of this trust even though it is offered to them. In John 15:14-15 Jesus said He would call you His friend BUT there was still a condition for this (therefore still a servant in essence) and that was to to what He commanded. 1st John 2:3 & 4 again shows us what this same condition is. Anyone who says they know Jesus but does not keep the whole covenant (10 commandments) is a liar and can't be a beneficiary to this trust.
---Dr.Rich on 3/17/08

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#1 Rom 5:6,8 - 6 For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly. 8 But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. If Christ died for us while we were yet sinners, then He died for all mankind while they were sinners. Everyone was a sinner before they confessed their belief in Christ.
---Debbie_Jo on 3/17/08

#2 Christ paid the price of redemtion for every living soul from the beginning of time. All the sacrifices made for sin were just rolled ahead every year until Christ came to die for all those sins, and He died for all of sinful mankind that were on the earth at the time of His death and also all the sins of future mankind right up to eternity future. He paid the price for all the souls that He preached to in upper Sheol after His death.
---Debbie_Jo on 3/17/08

#3 By the time He left there, after three days and nights, they were believers because it says "He led the captives captive." Christ died for all sinners past, present and future and is just waiting for a sinner to believe in Him and confess it before men.
---Debbie_Jo on 3/17/08

This passage is speaking of sinners that can be saved through Jesus Christ just as we have been. "My little children, I write this to you that you all not sin. Though if somebody sin, a Counsellor we have by whom Father, righteous Jesus Christ, and he the appeasement is yours for sin: except not for ours only, but even for all the world." I John 2:1,2. Please read I Thessalonians 5:23.
---Eloy on 3/16/08

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This does not read, "if YOU do sin, instead it states, "if SOMEBODY sin, which refers to the unsaved who have not experienced salvation from sin like the born-again saints already have. It is not possible for the good tree to bear bad fruit, for his seed remains in us and we cannot sin. The only way for a saint to sin is if he rejects his salvation, but if he does this then he is no longer saved, but is a sinner separated from God.
---Eloy on 3/16/08

Frances: Duane believes that a person doesn't need to ask God to forgive them of their sins because he died on the cross. He assumes Christ already forgave us regardless of what we did or said. In other words by his beliefs, people don't need to seek God to forgive them as long as they believe in or upon him. If this were the case hell will be empty and heaven would be really full. He doesn't know the word. He just wants to take the easiest way out, and show no labor.
---Rebecca_D on 3/15/08

We are saved through faith no through lack of sin....think about it..
Christ came to do away with sin
---duane on 3/14/08

Duane, what kind of religion are you preaching? I don't recognize it. If we believe in Jesus and repent and change, we are forgiven. If we don't believe, don't repent and don't change (from sins) then we are not forgiven. Sin is out there ready to devour Christians.
---frances008 on 3/14/08

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The answer is NO and YES.YOUR sin is your own you choose to indulge and break HIS Fathers Law.Therefore He will forgive if you are sorry and if YOU ask.He Died for all mankind by OPENING THE GATES OF Heaven which was closed tight by mans deliberate denial of God by sinning.To be saved Believe seek His mercy for Past present and future sins and follow Him as he says "I am the way the truth and the life HE who follows will be saved"
---Emcee on 3/13/08

If Christ died for all the sins of everyone in the world, and if one person went to hell, then Christ failed, and God would be unjust.

If Christ only paid for some of the sins of all the people, then all the people would still remain in sin, and we would all be hell bound.

If Christ paid for all of the sins of some of the people, and all of these went to heaven, then Christ was successful in his work.

Does this make sense to you?
---trey on 3/13/08

Hey John,
Just keep in mind what seems easy and familiar to you does not mean that everyone that reads these blogs are as "far along" as you seem to be. In all reality, we are all "babies" in Christ.
---Fred_S. on 3/13/08

You must know, jesus died for the whole world, not counting mens sins against them.
Its finished. He took sin away.
All we have to do is believe on Him...period
---duane on 3/6/07

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Mima, do you ask these questions because you don't know, or are you trying to prompt us to think? This question is a total no-brainer. Of course he died for everyone- the bible is very clear on that. But it's up to each individual to accept the price he paid. I don't understand the reasoning for such a question. It's like asking "After reading Genesis, do we really believe that God created the earth and man, or could the big bang theory be true afterall?"
---John on 3/6/07

Once I faced a question.
How can you say that Jesus paid for the sins
of a person born after His death on the cross? Price of sins paid much before they are actually committed?
---satya on 6/21/06

2. have been conditionally propitiated (contingent upon faith and repentance) then we are back to the original question of only the elect satifying the conditions. In the New Testament a frequent contrast is made between the salvation enjoyed by Jews and that enjoyed by none Jews. A crucial point of the gospel is that it is not limited to Jews but is extended to people all over the world, to people from every tribe and nation.
---Lupe2618 on 3/4/06

I believe if you state that Jesus died for everybody's sins, Satan and his angels would also be included. It will also be a proof- text for Universalism. If Christ indeed propitiated or stisfied God's demands for the punishment of the sins of everybody, then clearly everybody would be saved. Also, If God punished sins that were already propitiated then He would be unjust. Now, if the text is understood to mean that everyone's sins
---Lupe2618 on 3/4/06

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john 3:16 teaches Jesus Died for the World.
GOD knows the end and who is saved and who is not, calvin understood this Holy mystery..I do not..My focus is on the unsaved.
---willow on 3/4/06

Mima "Jesus only died from the sins of those that accept him" Did you mean "from"?
---alan8869_of_UK on 3/3/06

Imagine that all readers here were in a room and thirsting mightily for water. I told each person that if they would go through a door there was a water fountain they could drink from. Some would go, some might not. Some would believe I only told the ones who went to drink. Jesus died for our sins then more importantly resurrected to give those who accepted His forgiveness victory over death.
---mikefl on 3/2/06

I ask this question because of a prevailing school of thought. That school of thought (hyper- Calvinism) believes that Jesus only died from the sins of those that accept him.
---mima on 3/2/06

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Fred S. I agree with you. Mimi. Yes jesus died for everybody sins. We dont need to do anything else except accept his death. Thats why he died on the cross. Our sins are clear when we accept him, but everybody got to make the choice. The blood of Jesus christ is able to forgive our sins and save us! Our God is wonder God! Praise the Lord!
---Ramon on 3/2/06

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