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I Can't Stop Crying

I am so sad and can't stop crying. Either my dogs got out of my yard or someone stole them. Please pray for me.

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 ---Debbie on 3/3/06
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Man and beast can be very resourceful.
---Mike on 1/7/08

I had a small short hair dog as a boy. I grieve to this day. I know what a friend they can be. I am a big, 6'5 guy, but that little short hair fox terrier was special. They can be resourceful, dont give up on finding them.
---SLCGuy on 5/6/07

I just read the post and that is wonderful.
---willow on 3/6/06

Hello, Debbie: I am so glad that you found your dogs and that they stayed together! I used two of my native dogs (mongrels) to trace the location of Jedi when he ran out of me years ago. "Batoctoy" and "King" traced the location of Jedi by by following Jedi's smell left on the plants and on the path that Jedi took.
---Linda_6546 on 3/6/06

What a big relief! If an animal of mine is missing, I'm like a mother with a lost child.I cry and get frantic. Praise you, Lord, for their safe return. Did you figure how they got out? My yard is next to a path where people walk for exercise. I put a padlock on the gate.
---Donna on 3/6/06

Debbie that's FANTASTIC!!! Thank you Jesus, for keeping Debbie's babies in the palm of your hand and delivering them safely back to her!
YAAAAAAAY JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
---John on 3/6/06

UPDATE: BOTH of my dogs have been FOUND!!! Praise God. They stayed together, they traveled very far, but still within my city and were gone for 3 days. They crossed a VERY busy 4 lane road. They are home now safe and sound. Thank you for your prayers!!!
---Debbie on 3/5/06

Debbie, we sure will (my wife and I) We have no children, and our 3 dogs are our 'kids'. I think one of the most uncaring statements anyone has ever said is "it's JUST a dog!" There have been times when we felt like they were our only and BEST friends. They love you no matter what! We have experienced the loss of a pet and also one of ours that was missing for 3 days, so we definately sympathize. Our prayers are with you, and your doggies.
---John on 3/4/06

Debbie: I hope you will find your dog soon! I had the same problem when JEDI ran out of me several years ago. He dug under the fence and move about the wide campus and even crossed a highway with too many vehicles passing by...When I found him, I was so relieved! I realized then that I move about the University campus looking for my dog with slippres not of the same pair!
---Linda6546 on 3/4/06

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