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Are TV Preachers For Real

Are TV Preachers to be taken seriously? I find them to be silly, insulting, and embarassing to America. Others overseas watch it and think it represents American Christianity. It does not represent me or anyone I know, so who does it represent?

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 ---BigMike on 3/4/06
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TV preachers are nothing more than a two-dimentional figure on your television. If you attend their church, you are nothing more than another face in the crowd. People are attracted by the "show" they give, their performance. The church in the beginning was built upon face-to-face relationships.

Do an online KJV bible search for "one another," "each other," "encourag," and "comfort" because living a christian life is a 24/7 lifestyle not a once a week pep talk dished out by denominational churches.
---Steveng on 8/2/10

I wrote to peter popoff.Ist letter. Send
money to move God. Second letter. Send money
to stir God. Third letter, send money to
prove God. Forth letter God will move through your giving. Double your gift.
on and on and on.
---Michael_Oakley on 8/1/10

Plus he also says that we should not judge anyone unless you to be judge your self. Because if they pastor that are on tv are not who they claim to be the judgement is god not our.

God bless
---Jacquline on 7/31/10

WOW! What Bible did you read?

Christians are obligated to judge as all in scripture did. We are to Judge with righteous judgement and THIS is righteous judgement!

Unless of course you are a Liberal(I'M OKAY/YOU'RE OKAY BELIEF) and subscribe to that False teaching. Liberals love to Neuter Christains with that lie.

Some sadly believe this lie, because they are ignorant of scriptural teachings.


---JOHN on 7/31/10

The bible tell you that their will be many people who come in my name by are not really of me. Plus he also says that we should not judge anyone unless you to be judge your self. Because if they pastor that are on tv are not who they claim to be the judgement is god not our.

God bless
---Jacquline on 7/31/10

Are tv preachers real?, they Are really aft your money & do Not care for peoples souls.
---Lawrence on 7/30/10

Big Mike what do you see as silly,insulting n embarrasing in the Word of God being preached on tv? Yes, I watch it and thats how I got to know God and yes it represents God and all entusiastic preachers of the Word believe in what they preach..U need 2get 2know God mate or else your lost and u have no hope of being raptured to heaven..none whatsoever..
---jana on 7/21/07

If your calling those handling the tithes money etc, then your may have seen this happen in your church but never in the SDA church..all our money go to help the needy and to pay our pastors .. Yes, they too need help 4they have families too to be looked after..these r God's servants 2.
---jana on 7/21/07

I know of people who testified that just as they were about to commit suicide or commit some major offense. They heard a preacher on the Tv speaking directly to the situation that had them in bondage. I wouldn't dare speak against it. With all the negetive and perverse information that comes through the tube today, I am glad there TV preachers. Lazy Christian think the lost is going to come to them, however Jesus told us to take the gospet to the for corners of the world. TV preachers are doing just that.
---Marcia on 7/12/07

Lyn ... do you mean your the money changers in the temple????? how does one become one?
---jana on 7/12/07

The money changers of the Temple.
---Lynn on 7/2/07

dear friend, which evangelist is embarassing you. I pray that you will keep an open heart to the word of God preached by these people. They are doing the work, are you doing anything may I ask? Try getting sky angel satelite tv and you will get to see all churches on it and all with God's messages for the world to see and hear.Thousands have come to the Lord thru this type of evangelising.
---jana on 9/17/06

We live in an age where technology is at the forefront. God allows us to use these sources to reach the lost. TV preaches hopefully are using these resouces for the right reason. Some may be right on other may not. If a person comes to the Lord thru TV thru a preacher praise God.
---alan8778 on 5/6/06

Soometimes the truth comes at a price. The price can sometimes be everything you've got. T.V. earnings are relavent to cost per response. Sometimes we are just merchandise.
---jhonny on 5/6/06

Daniele, what do you make out of those who use God to make a fortune for themselves?

Don't you think we all have the right to protect ourselves from imposters?
---A_Catholic on 3/29/06

The Sword of the Spirit which every believer carries is to cut down our enemy(satan), not to cut down any brother or sister. Anyone who speaks about any child of God insults God, because what they're really saying to God, is that He's made a mistake! Everyone who speaks about his fellow man will have to give an account to God on Judgement Day, for every idle word spoken. When you speak negative about anyone who God created, it's like cancer which decays the Body. Please don't decay the Body of Christ!!
---Daniele on 3/28/06

The word of God as spoken by Apostle Paul, There are many members of the body, some are beautifiul some are not: Nevertheless they are members and they have a Judge, it is not you. It is dangerous to have a critical spirit, it can open a door to the enemy. If you don't like what you hear pray for them. Or turn them off. exzucuh
---exzucuh on 3/28/06

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To me, Billy Graham is a serious, dignified preacher - most of the others are actors or actresses.

Some, who jump and scream and yell seem to have escaped from a mental institution.
---A_Catholic on 3/28/06

Gererally I'm totlally turned off by showmanship TV preachers. But don't lump them all in the same column. Besides Billy Graham....God has raised up another man to declare is WORD. Watch Charles Stanley...IN Touch Ministeries. Tried and true.. no hypocricy or shouting showmanship.. He doesn't ask for money that I've noted...altho I help support this ministry every month.
---lois on 3/28/06

Joel Osteen is good to listen to if you want an easy listening feel good half hour now and then. However he is not a preacher in the real sense of that word and he has nothing to say that is challenging. I liked him the first few times I heard him but soon realised that after listening about 6 times I've probably heard all he has to say. I have nothing BAD to say about him but I cannot imagine anyone being saved through listening to him.
---f.f. on 3/27/06

There is only one TV preacher that I respect... Billy Graham. I'm a pentecostal. He's not. But his message is pure unchanging Gospel, no matter what celebrities he's known. His goal is bringing sinners to Jesus. I meet people everywhere that say they were born again at a BG crusade, maybe years ago. They got follow-up by local churches (something few TV evangelists seem to care about).His life style is not ostentatious and his organization reveals it's finances if requested.
---Donna2277 on 3/26/06

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To Jack, Joel Osteen is the exception. Really, Look closely at what he preaches. Your smarter than that Jack.
---Thomas on 3/26/06

Not all preachers are called to preach. Some go to seminary unsaved, and they come out of seminary still unsaved. And many real preachers have never gone to seminary. The unsaved are blind leaders, and when the blind lead the blind, both fall into the ditch. Some TV Preachers use humor in their preaching, but if they are using insults then simply turn the channel. True Preachers should have the Holy Spirit of Christ and be representatives of God, but clearly many do not and they are completely lost.
---Eloy on 3/26/06

Almost without saying, most TV preachers certainly should not be taken seriously. It is, for most of them, little more than a poorly disguised money maker.

I do, however, strongly feel that there is one exception (sort of proving the rule) and that is Joel Osteen who offers excellent inspiration. He is a gifted speaker.

Moderator - If you believe in the Properity gospel or the Seeker Friendly gospel which is against the Gospel.
---Jack on 3/26/06

To Rebecca, There are many that preach well the gospel, but those you named also preach the prosperty gospel. Just because it is on a christian t.v. station don't mean we should accept anything they say. TRY THE SPIRITS!
---Thomas on 3/16/06

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Moderator, Why do you say they have come to know an antichrist spirit? Are you talking about the preachers who seem to be in it for the money and popularity, and not for sharing the gospel. I was not saved by TV.

Sometimes there are comments here about people not really being saved. I don't understand that either. I don't know when exactly I believed in Jesus as my saviour. Some here seem to think you need to know. I wonder if casting doubt on one's salvation is good.

Moderator - You don't have to remember the hour, day and date you accepted Christ. You know whether you have accepted Him into your heart and if you have a daily walk. 90%+ of the people need to question their salvation as most that think they are saved have never truly accepted Christ into their life. Ulrika, by your comments on the blogs I don't doubt for one minute that you have accepted Christ. Open a blog and ask people why they think they are saved and what their daily walk is like.
---Ulrika on 3/6/06

,they open themselves up more to lies from the devil. I just think its dangerous to tell people that they are not saved just because they accepted Christ through a TV preacher. I was just wondering what your thoughts were. thanks :)

Moderator - It doesn't matter how someone accepts Christ provided they accept the Jesus Christ of the Bible.
---natasha on 3/6/06

Mod:to be saved means to have accepted Christ who died and was resurected as our Saviour.Im not very familiar with american tv preachers but i do know that God says wear the helmet of salvation to protect yourself from the enemy. If people have accepted Christ through a TV preacher and other christians tell them they are in fact not saved and they begin to doubt their salvation, tbc
---natasha on 3/6/06

Many people have come to know Christ through the TV Preachers.

Moderator - But most have come to know an anti-christ spirit and think they are saved when in reality they are not.
---pkay on 3/5/06

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Some are really good, like Joyce Meyers, Paula White, but I can't say that all are good because I don't know all and haven't watched them all.
---Rebecca_D on 3/5/06

I find TV preachers do have entertainment value, they 'scream out' to be made fun of. They represent the 'common denominator' of protestantism. Most protestants I know (and I am not protestant) roll their eyes when you mention TV preachers. TV preachers appeal to the very, very ignorant. One should not broad-brush American religion based on the antics of the televangelist.
---SLCGuy on 3/5/06

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