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Crying Over My Daughter

I am crying all the time because I had to leave my daughter to work. Any suggestions?

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 ---rose on 3/6/06
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You are grieving a loss not unlike death; but yours is daily.

There is NO ONE correct answer for you, so do let others lay a guilt trip on you.

Rest assured that Jesus knows your situation, and has an answer. One thing that may help is to turn your sobbing into praying for her, and asking Jesus to bless her.

The prayers of a godly mother are very effective. It may not help to change the circumstances, but it will help you to rely more on Jesus, and that is good for you both.
---John_T on 1/30/08

How young is your daughter and are you confident that her carer is suitable? Are you worrying that she might be unhappy with this carer? Is there a creche at your place of work or nearby so that you could be contacted quickly if necessary? Sorry I'm asking all the questions but it seems that staying home is not an option open to you so I'm wondering what changes could be made so that you can still work but with more peace about the whole situation. I hope that suitable changes can be made soon.
---M.P. on 6/28/07

Thanks everyone for your encouraging answers and advice.i am glad there are people out there who care.This was a great move for me and its almost two years.i onbly talk to her over the phone.
God bless.
---rose on 3/9/06

Rose, Children have angels watching over them. Matthew 18:10
---Ulrika on 3/6/06

I agree with MP in that you need to have full confidence in the caregiver of your daughter to feel comfortable with the situation. The Lord knows how hard it is for a mom to leave her children to go to work. It is a very difficult adjustment at first for every mother! Hang in there, pray it through, and make sure that your daughter is in the right place in order to be happy and healthy.

---Nanci on 3/6/06

OOPS! Thanks for the clarification. (red faced)
---John_T on 3/6/06

i think john T means DONT let others lay a guilt trip on you :)
---natasha on 3/6/06

Rely on the Lord for peace about this. Ask Him daily for guidance. Also, try your best to spend as much time with your daughter when you return home, even if it is just for a short time.
---Lissa on 3/6/06

Here is an opportunity, you now have the opportunity to pray and intercede on the behalf Of your daughter. You can pray about her protection, you can pray that the Lord will give her peace in her heart, and you also, in this matter of separation. Use this time seek the face of the Lord. Pray with intent and purposee.
---mima on 3/6/06

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