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Minister Wants A Non-Christian

With one of my non-christian friends, we got closer - I mean we spend more time together talking and going for trips. He knows I'm Christian working in a ministry field. I know we are unequally yoked but we are in love with each other. What should I do? Is it a sin to continue it?

Moderator - Going for trips? What does that mean? You should immediately stop dating him as you should have never begun the process. What type of ministry field are you in that wouldn't have recommended that you stopped dating him?

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 ---Sue on 3/7/06
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What will you do when your husband finds out?
---buttons on 1/1/08

If your love grows into something more, and you marry, how will you deal with knowing that the one you love will not be in heaven? Don't go any further along the road.
---alan8869_of on 12/27/07

Dear Member of the body of Christ, God loves us so much that He wants to save us from a lot of heartace and pain. The wages of sin is death, this death is sometimes spritually, mentally, emotionally and then physically. The word of God says " NO good thing will God withhold, from those who walk uprightly". Trust God, Believe His Word, BE NOT UNEQUALLY YOKED WITH AN UNBELIVER!!!! ....allow God to care for you, and HE will.
---Marla on 5/15/07

Sue: I understand that you are working in a Christian Ministry. Temptation can come in many forms. It can even come in the form of (that many would want to call it as) "LOVE". Be extra careful. You are in the most dangerous ground.
---Linda_6546 on 3/7/06

Sue: You will find that all of our answers here would be for you to stop such relationship. Have you ever hit your own head by a hard object that you yourself hold? That is, can you picture yourself picking up a stone and hitting your head with it intentionally? That is your situation now. All of us here would say: DO NOT HURT YOURSELF!
---Linda_6546 on 3/7/06

Your confusion is due to listening to your emotions, rather to God's clear, settled word.

God is NOT the author of confussion. Can you guess who is? The ultimate aim of this confusion is to DESTROY you and your ministry. (His name is Apoloyon, meaning Destroyer.)

No good can come of this. Listen to God, and flee ASAP.
---John_T on 3/7/06

You already know the answer. Drop him like a "hot potato". There are no exceptions to what is stated in the Bible about being "unequally yoked." As a Marriage Counlor, take my word for it, it will get worse and never better.
---WIVV on 3/7/06

Sue, Eve was deceived; Adam was not (1 Tim 2:14). When she gave him the fruit, he knew she was going to die!

Perhaps he ate it because he was in love and didn't want to lose her. Perhaps he didn't trust God to make another mate for him.

But look at the destruction, the devastation that one act of his caused! What do you think your relationship will do to your ministry?
---Jeffrey on 3/7/06

Mima ... your comment makes an impertinent assumption.
---alan8869_of on 3/7/06

2Co 6:14 -Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
---Slim_Andrews on 3/7/06

why is he STILL an unbeliever? Have you tried to lead him to the Lord, and if so, what was his answer? If he's not interested, then drop him and run, because you are in for a LOT of unnecesary heartache. You might want to check your own commitment level to God, that you would even be interested in being involved with someone who rejects the God you should love more than anyone.
---John on 3/7/06

Mima, where does the question say they've been intimate with each other?
---Ann5758 on 3/7/06

I believe if your being a good influence and your not allowing your self to be in a ungodly position. I believe that people can learn from each other and if there not a christian around them, how can they learn about God. That goes back to what would Jesus Do.
---Donna on 3/7/06

Fornication is a sin.
---mima on 3/7/06

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