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Was Moses A Great Sinner

Why is Moses the greatest sinner in the bible?

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 ---Michael on 3/10/06
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Once a person has been borned again, they are no longer a sinner, but a child saved by grace. I may sin, but that does not make me a sinner, because I don't willfully sin. If someone sins on purpose, they would be a sinner.
---Rebecca_D on 7/16/07

We are all great sinners. To God sin is sin, it is not the sin that God is measureing it is the act of disobedience. When ever we go outside of the will of God and follow after the flesh we sin against God whether it is disrespecting our parents or robing a mother of her son or daughter by driving drunk.
---Marcia on 7/16/07

Moses murdered a man, but he was not the greatest sinner. The unforgivable sin is the spirit of desecration, which mockingly ascribes the works of the Holy Spirit to Satan. It is calling the good evil, the truth a lie, and the Holy unholy. Please Read- Matthew 12:31,32.
---Eloy on 7/16/07

First of all sin is sin.If one is broken they all have been broken. Second, wasn't it through Moses that the 10 Commandments were brought forth? So how can one be accountable for breaking a law that was not yet instituted. However,pre-law the only sin in existence is disobedience to God which Adam and Eve committed and passed on to all mankind through their offspring.Which means we are all born into sin and naturally will disobey our Creator. But thanks to God and His Son Jesus man has a way out
---Stacie on 7/15/07

Because he broke the Ten Commandments.
---Helen_5378 on 7/15/07

He's not. Lucifer is.
---Michael on 7/15/07

I don't know about the greatest sinner but he did commit sins. We don't have to be perfect for God to use us. That is a great lesson for us Christians to learn. There is no one perfect but Jesus Christ. We all have sinned and fallen short.
---Robyn on 7/15/07

We are all sinners - Moses, Job, Paul, Adam, Eve, Daniel, Elijah, Mary (mother of Jesus), you, me. There was only one man without sin - Jesus. It doesn't matter whether we are the greatest of sinners or perform the littlest of sins, we are all sinners.
---Steveng on 7/15/07

I too have never heard of Moses being the greatest sinner in the bible. why would he be? The greatest sinner in the bible, I believe would be Judas. After all he did betray Jesus and hung himself.
---Rebecca_D on 7/15/07

I was not aware that he was.
---Bruce5656 on 7/15/07

Some of you seem to desire the leprosy that God leashed on Miriam.
---Okebaram on 5/22/06

You know, Bruce.....I think you're absolutely right. Never looked at it that way, but yes, Moses did break all 10 commandments at one time.
---Ann5758 on 3/14/06

I think that the question is not a serious one but a riddle and Eloy had the right answer.
---Bruce5656 on 3/12/06

But this does not prove that Moses was the greastest sinner in the bible. I believe Saul sinned greater than Moses. 1 Chronicles 10:12-13. Saul sinned against the Lord and even the word of the Lord, in which he kept not and he also asked the counsel of one that had a familar spirit so he could inquire it.
---Rebecca_D on 3/12/06

Moses was the first to be the forerunner of Jesus. It was Moses that put the serpent on a stick in the desert to heal the people. It was Aaron who made the golden calf - Ex.33:35 and cause the sons of Levi to slay 3000 men. Moses saw God face to face. Ex. 34:11 In Num 20:8 Moses was commanded to speak to the rock and he struck the rock twice 20:11 and was refused entry into the promised land. Ex.17:1-7 is the same as Num. 20:1-13, read them both and see the difference.
---gregg8944 on 3/11/06

The lesson there for ministers who are leaders is that Jesus, the Rock, need only be smitten once. God did that (Isaiah 53). Now He is spoken to. Don't forget that Jesus is a man, head and body, and when we smite again the members of the body, it is disobedience because His smiting was ours. You'll never get living water out of anybody by beating them up.
---Paulie on 3/11/06

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Rebecca, when the children of Israel began to complain the SECOND TIME that there was no water, God told Moses to SPEAK to the rock. Moses, in his anger toward the people, SMOTE the rock a second time (Numbers 20:1-13). That was disobedience and, though he didn't bring them into the promised land because of it, he did see the land of promise on the Mount of Transfiguration. He is Jesus. Moses was there, remember? Jesus appeared with Moses and Elijah. They were talking with Him.
---Paulie on 3/11/06

Rebecca, that's right, the incident you're referring to in Exodus was just as you said, but look further, at Numbers 20:7-12. This is where God commands Moses to speak to the rock, and it would produce water. Moses disobeyed and struck it. He still got the water, but for that, God said Moses shall not enter into the Promised Land.
---Ann5758 on 3/11/06

No so Sunny, God told Moses to smite the rock and it will bring forth water. Moses did just that. Ex17:6. I honestly don't think he was the greatest sinner, there were more people who disobyed God.
---Rebecca_D on 3/11/06

I have no rights to say so to Moses as he was a grate man but Still.

Yes!Moses Was a grates sinner for He disobeyed God's command. When the isrealite was thirsty and asked him for water, God asked moses to ask for the water from the Rock(Jesus)but Moses hit the rock with his stick, hence God the Father dint allowed him to enter the promised land.
---sunny on 3/11/06

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What Moses did to the tables of stone, was nothing compared to what God wanted to do the Israelites for making a molten calf to worship. Exodus 32:7-15
---Ulrika on 3/11/06

He literally broke all of the commadments which were written in stone, but then he went back up the hill for a second copy.
---Eloy on 3/11/06

Deuteronomy 34:10-12 explains what type of prophet Moses was. It would not be wise for any man to claim he was a sinner. The Lord warns touch not mine anointed. That is a quick way to kindle the wrath of God.
---Shari on 3/11/06

Please show scripture supporting why you think that he is the greatest sinner.
---wes on 3/10/06

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Michael, You should read the book of Exodus. Moses' birth is in chapter 2.
God chose Moses to lead the Children of Israel out of Egypt. God talked to Moses and gave him the law to give to Israel.
---Ulrika on 3/10/06

No, he was no more of a sinner than anyone else. Why do you ask?
---Ann5758 on 3/10/06

I don't believe the Bible says this nor implies it. However I'm not a Bible expert, but I do study the word.
---mima_m on 3/10/06

Moses did murder an Egyptian - but was God's friend, and Paul said he was the chiefest of sinners... or, was it David, the murderer and adulterer - and yet a "man after God's own heart." Personally, I think it was Adam... after all, didn't he start all this? ;o)
---daphn8897 on 3/10/06

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The Bible doesn't say Moses was the greatest sinner does it? If you have a verse for that, I would be happy to see it. It does say Moses was the meekest man that ever lived. That means he was humble and did not have a problem with pride. Of course Moses was a sinner, but not the greatest of them.
---john on 3/10/06

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