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Christianity Versus Judaism

What is the difference between Christianity and Judaism?

Moderator - Christians believe the Messiah has come through Jesus Christ and the Jews are still looking for the Messiah.

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 ---Nelly on 3/10/06
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Good points about the many different Jewish synagogues and Christian churches. I would add Jews do not accept the New Testament.

They call their Bible the Tanak.
---Samuel on 5/5/08

Nelly; Christianity (or Christendom) is divided into hundereds of differing denominations,as was Judaism 1st century (Scribes,Saduusees,Pharisees,Zealots,Herodians,Essenes etc.) differing in beliefs. So it depends on comparing what to what! FYI(there are 74 sects of Islamic faith)
---1st_cliff on 5/5/08

The moderator is right. Some Jews do believe in Jesus as their saviour, but most do not. God is not finished with his people. Romans 11:1-32 Not all Christian denomations preach that salvation is throught faith in Jesus' death and resurrection. Some believe it is works or faith plus works that save.
---Ulrika on 3/11/06

only in the U.S. It is very anti-clerical, as were gnostics, It sees 'everyone as their own church' as gnostics do. I would suggest Harold Blooms book, "The American Religion" look it up on Amazon. He also wrote the more well known "The Book Of 'J.' Gnostics were never monolithic
---SLCGuy on 3/10/06

SlcG ... How do you support your claim that 90% of protestantism is gnostic?
---alan_of_uK on 3/10/06

I did not know God was so limited. I would never be so self-rightious, so smug as to presume and declare who God will and will not save. He is 'bigger' than me. I wonder if Mother Theresa and Hitler will share the same cell in hell? Nutz.
---SLCGuy on 3/10/06

There is no salvation apart from the Lord Jesus Christ. And since all forms of Judaism deny that Jesus Christ is the son of God and their Messiah, they are lost and undone.
---mima on 3/10/06

The greatest divisions are withen religions, not between them. There are 4 major divisions in Judaism. Orthodox, conservative, liberal, and Hasidic(fundamentalist) American Christianity is divided into 1000 of religions and sects, protestantism is 90% gnostic today. At some time you must consider values as having as much value much as doctrine, as the irony is religions that oppose each other in doctrines will share 90% of the same values,- something to think about.
---SLCGuy on 3/10/06

Also, christians are not bound to the Levital Law. Jesus' atoning work on the cross fulfilled God's requirement for justice and sacrifice. Most christians do not adhere to the dietary restrictions - ie "Kosher" food only. And, most amazingly, we have direct access to the Father, the Jews of the OT did not - they actually told Moses that they did not want to talk to God directly for fear they would die.
---daphn8897 on 3/10/06

As the temple of Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans, how will the Jews be able to recognise their Messiah????
---David on 3/10/06

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