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Easter Play At Church

Anyone putting on an Easter Play at their church this year? If so will it be a different play or the original play that many do?

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 ---Rebecca_D on 3/11/06
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At our church, our play is going to be different. I'm not sure how it is going to be, but my Pastor is using a smoke machine to smoke up our foyer for something. When God gives him visions on how to do something, it is so spiritualy deep. We don't have an easter egg hunt, that isn't what Easter is about.
---Rebecca_D on 5/30/08

The local Penticostal church here has an Easter egg hunt on their lawn, is this not how compromise with paganism begins?

Moderator - Yes that is apostate.
---1st_cliff on 3/19/07

I'm not saying that anyone who hunts for eggs is bowing down to Ishtar, since so many of them are oblivious to Easter's origins. They sin, know not, and it is not sin to them. However, the truth is that Jesus was crucified on Wednesday, before the annual sabbath following Passover, and was resurrected on Saturday evening, at the end of the weekly sabbath. "Good Friday" and "Easter Sunday" align more closely with pagan tradition than with the Bible.
---david8576 on 4/23/06

To answer Rebecca D's previous question, eggs and bunnies are pagan symbols of fertility. And the word "Easter" is derived from "Ishtar," a pagan fertility goddess. The RC church created this celebration to make pagans feel more comfortable with converting, since they wouldn't have to give up their celebrations at the beginning of spring. And thanks to new evidence, we now know it's not even celebrated on the right day (He was resurrected on Saturday evening, just before sundown.)
---david8576 on 4/23/06

Robert; I didn't say that hunting eggs at Easter was wrong. I let my kids do it, at home. What I was referring to is when a church puts on an Easter egg hunt and not have church is wrong. Most of the people will only go to church on two occasions, Easter and Christmas. And they never go the rest of the time. Free food, and to be seen twice a year in their sunday best. Our main focas should be getting as many people saved as possible, and not how many eggs to color.
---Rebecca_D on 3/28/06

It's a shame to me that christian people today are so quick to send everyone to Hell, here you take something harmless like an easter egg hunt for the children, and all of a sudden your going to hell. How about if we just concentrate on souls getting saved, and people making it into the kingdome of Heaven, instead of worrying about how we outside avtivities, if you wanted to say that easter egg hunting is wrong, then so is everything else in this world,like T.V.-shopping-sports-work.

Moderator - Easter eggs hunts are a pagan activity not Christian.
---Robert on 3/28/06

Alot of churches, different demonations have an egg hunt. Who came up with the idea of bunnies and eggs and other things that doesn't have anything to do with Christ at Easter? This doesn't make sense. Too many people will go out and buy their Easter Sunday outfits, and go to church and act like they are the only ones living right and the next day living and acting like hell. What is wrong with these people, am I stupid in trying to understand them?
---Rebecca_D on 3/13/06

We do not celebrate Easter the way others celebrate. We call it Passover w/o the bunnies or Easter egg hunt. We remember Jesus' death & he risen assecending into heaven. We donot allow pagan activities to mix with us celebrating the bible. The church we go to also does not do egg hunts.
---candice on 3/13/06

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