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What Are Baptists

What are Baptists? Where do they come from?

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 ---Don_Halle on 3/12/06
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Considering what the Eastern Orthodox beliefs are, I think Adventists would be closer to Biblical truth if they became Orthodox.

If they were to study church history they would find the Orthodox never observed the Jewish Sabbath or heeded the Levitical dietary laws. And they would find that the successors to the Apostles did not teach many things Adventists hold dearly such as observance of the Jewish Sabbath.

E. White apparently believed all Christians prior to the Reformation were Roman Catholics and that those evil popes changed the Sabbath to Sunday - the Lord's Day.
---leej on 11/21/10

"Does that mean that you [Cluny] are nearly a Jew?" (Jerry)

I don't think that is what Cluny meant. However, you follow old Testament dietary laws, Jewish Sabbath, and percepts of the Old Testament covenant. Aren't you a Seventh Day Adventist? At least Cluny is under the New Testament covenant.

Would you like to be save and be a Orthodox Christian, following the Apostolic Faith in it's fullness?

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 11/21/10

Shira3877, we agree on how the baptism should be done as well. My Dad always preaches that the baptism represents the death, burial & resurrection of Christ. The old man is dead to sin, buried(meaning the water to cover over the body because when you bury someone you never just sprinkle a little dirt on them), then you are raised from the water into a new life in Christ, in the name of the Father, The Son & the Holy Ghost(Spirit).
---Reba on 11/21/10

Cluny: Although I don't believe that "Trey" is one of your pseudonyms, you seem to be answering my question to him. But, your answer is not consistent. You said:

"The Bible nowhere uses either the term or concept "remnant church." "Remnant" refers only to believing faithful Jews."

And then you say that Orthodoxy is the closest thing to the "remnant."

Does that mean that you are nearly a Jew?

Further you are wrong about the "Remnant Church". Rev 12:17 identifies the remnant as a "woman" = church. They keep the Commandments of God and have a prophet (Rev 19:10). Does your church?
---jerry6593 on 11/21/10

I am very sorry if I come across in a bad manner. I am just defending my faith, the Holy inspired Word of God and Jesus Christ who died on a cross for ALL sinners. He elected to save ALL men from their sin before the foundation of the world.
---shira3877 on 11/21/10

Cluny, you just keep showing your ignorance. I am a born again believer. The Holy Spirit lives in me. I am saved for all eternity..forever and ever and ever. You pretend you know it all and you are rather ignorant.
---shira3877 on 11/20/10

Reba, my dad was a baptist preacher also. He lived what he preached. My dad would have done the same thing you said your dad would do if someone was speaking in tongues. All you need to know the truth is recorded in Acts on the day of pentacost. Everyone heard preaching in their own tongue. We do believe in emersion baptism. I don't know anywhere in the bible that recorded someone getting sprinled. Cluny, have a great week-end.
---shira3877 on 11/20/10


Nay, Cluny is part of the Pre-Denominational, Holy, and Apostolic Church of God. Only in Orthodoxy will find the Apostolic Faith in it's fullness. We adhere strictly to that which was delivered by the Prophets, Apostles, there Holy Successors, and the God-Bearing Fathers. That which the Holy Spirit delivered to the Church in the first Seven Holy Ecumenical Synods, we follow. That which was delivered by the Holy Spirit in the Ancient Liturgies, we follow. That which the Holy Spirit delivered to the Church in the Scriptures, we follow. We neither add nor subtract from the Holy Faith.

The Baptist religion is simply a offshoot of Protestantism (which is a offshoot of Catholicism), teaching man-made doctrines.

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 11/20/10

What are Baptists? Where do they come from?

Just another denomination that came out of the Reformation, their forerunner was the Anabaptists.

Their main emphasis they have is on the mode of baptism, it has to be by immersion, despite the fact other modes were commonly used in the early church and with the different Jewish sects.

Today there are many different breeds of Baptist with a multitude of diverse belief systems and practices. However, what they all have in common is baptism by immersion.

What I found that I particularly disliked about some Baptist groups is that they tend to hide many of their beliefs which others may find offensive in their bylaws = skeletons that fall out of the closet later.
---leej on 11/20/10

I've been a Baptist all my life, 48 yrs now. My Dad has been a Baptist preacher almost 50 years. I've been to all denominations to visit during revivals & other services. I agree with MarkV on the speaking in tongues in a Baptist church. If it's loud enough to attract attention or disrupt the service, it's inconsiderate & rude. And if my Dad is preaching when it happens he'll call them down & tell them they're out of order. Everything should be done decently & in order. And if speaking loud enough to be heard,people should be able to understand what is being said. Other wise there can be confusion. However, one thing I'm sure of.... No denominations are needed in Heaven & we will all agree on everything there.
---Reba on 11/20/10

\\Like I said, I have never prayed to a cloth, rag or whatever you call it.\\

Well, when **I** was a Baptist, before I got saved, we DID say prayers to pieces of cloth.

They were brought up with great solemnity for the veneration of the assembly and got worshipped with ritual gestures executed in unison on command by the leader: "Attenion! Salute! Pledge!"

Funny thing is, both prayers to these pieces of cloth began with the same words: "I pledge allegiance....."

\\ I am baptist inside and out.\\

That's interesting, shira.

I'm Orthodox Christian inside and out. Wouldn't you like to be one, too, and obey the WHOLE counsel of God?
---Cluny on 11/20/10

Catherine, thank you for your vote of confidence. I don't take anything on these blogs for the truth. I know the truth, I try live what I believe. I have forgiven Cluny. I have seen his blogs before and I just dust my feet off and keep going. I don't believe every wind of doctrine.
---shira3877 on 11/20/10

I would like to know if there are any baptist on this site. I appreciate the positive things that have been said concerning baptist. I may have to stand alone and I have done that with some of my family who said it was a cult. Oh, yea, I know what a cult is.
---shira3877 on 11/20/10

Shira>>>Good going. This here cluny, well, he's all wet, anyhow. You have to forgive him, for he is ignorant... Jesus forgave Paul for his ignorance, so I'm right in line with the Bible....And, Hallelujah+
---catherine on 11/20/10

Mima, what is wrong with a prayer list? You say it isn't in the scriptures but the scriptures is full of prayer. How do you remember everyone that you need to pray for? Computers are not in the bible, but we all enjoy them. I enjoy my phone also. Some of my friends make a prayer list and when they are answered, they are taken off the prayer list. My memory isn't what it use to be. You are correct about some suppressing the Holy Spirit. That is evident in lot of churches I have been to.
---shira3877 on 11/20/10

Cluny, you are so far off from what you think is right. Like I said, I have never prayed to a cloth, rag or whatever you call it. I don't pray to them or over them. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. No, we don't think we are the only ones who are right but I will tell you this. I am a baptist because I believe as they. Now if I was a catholic, I would believe as they do. I choose not to be catholic because I don't believe what they believe. I am baptist inside and out.
---shira3877 on 11/20/10

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\\Is that the remnant church mentioned in Rev 12:17?\\

The Bible nowhere uses either the term or concept "remnant church." "Remnant" refers only to believing faithful Jews.

\\ What current denomination do you think that refers to?
---jerry6593 on 11/20/10\\

The closest thing to a "remnant church" is the original one that Jesus founded--Orthodoxy, the pre-denominational Church, founded upon no sectarian principles that feeds only upon Christ, where the worship is offered as is pleasing to God, and the pure Word of God is preached without fear or favor.
---Cluny on 11/20/10

trey: "In my opinion there is only one church in existance today that "continues" to worships in the manner set forth by Christ and the Apostles."

Is that the remnant church mentioned in Rev 12:17? What current denomination do you think that refers to?
---jerry6593 on 11/20/10

\\Mima, I have been a baptist for over 60 years and I have never heard of praying over a cloth.\\

I was a Baptist before I got saved. I distinctly remember that while we didn't pray over pieces of cloth, we did say prayers TO pieces of cloth.

**Baptist have a strong respect for the individual,**

As long as what the individual believes is exactly the same as everyone else around him.
---Cluny on 11/20/10

Mima, I believe that if you were to walk into our church and spoke in tongues, I would walk you out myself, speak to you outside that there is no gibberish tongues allowed. There is no tongues spoken at our Church, only the Word of God is taught in English, and in the afternoon in spanish. Someone's spiritual experience proofs nothing. If we are having people from Russia and you come to teach in their tongue, in their own language, then you can come and help witness to them in their language. Other then that, you will be no help to anyone, but yourself, for you will be displaying pride, having something that others don't have, gibberish tongues are not allowed.
---Mark_V. on 11/20/10

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Mima, I have been a baptist for over 60 years and I have never heard of praying over a cloth. I've seen some tv preachers want to send you a cloth in the mail. I wouldn't fall for that one. If you go to a dead church, there will not be any Holy Spirit moving and I have been to those too. If you find a church on fire for God, The Holy Spirit sweeps thru every pew.
---shira3877 on 11/19/10

There are several opinions as to the start of the Baptist Church. I will tell you plain out that John the Baptist was NOT a baptist. In the great commission in Matthew Christ promised to be with the church until the end of the age. If he was with it then it must have existed in its true from from the time of Christ. In the writings of Paul and the General Epistles you see the beginning of errors in certain churches which are taught against by the author. Martin Luther nor any other reformer was called to restart the truth in the church. May I recommend you read "The Trail of Blood" by Carrol. You can find this on line. Today's baptist hold closer to the New Testament than any other church I studied.
---Harold on 11/19/10

I am a baptist but there are many kind of baptist. I am an independent baptist. We believe in the KJV. We believe we must be born again. We know there is The Holy Spirit and is manifest in our church everytime we meet. Some independent baptist don't believe in wearing pants but I wear my jeans all the time. My church does not participate in the "new" contemporary music. If it did I would not go.We still love Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound. We support missionaries. We believe the whole bible, not parts of it.
---shira3877 on 11/18/10

The real question that we should ask is this: "Is the church that I am currently attending following the pattern of worship established by Jesus Christ?" If man has added things to the church not found in scripture then we need to start looking for a church that matches up to the pattern set forth by Christ and the Apostles.

In my opinion there is only one church in existance today that "continues" to worships in the manner set forth by Christ and the Apostles.
---trey on 11/17/10

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I believe there is no denomination which is completely clean and correct on all doctrines. The Pentecostal Church that I joined when I was saved, was build by three pastors combining three churches. That had never been done before, I was told. The servival of the Church would depend on all three pastors to not only agree on everything, but also who would lead. Of course pride is a major factor in a persons life so the Church was not guaranteed to last. Pastors prayed for each other all the time to keep the peace. After three years only one pastor stayed, the others left and took many with them. Differences of opinions and doctrines split the Church. That happens everywhere. As long as humans are in charge there will always be divisions.
---Mark_V. on 11/18/10

Second part continued: And that therfore it was not possible, that the controuersies betwene the Greeke Church and Latine Church, should be decided and determined.

Moreover Iohn Foxe's book, The Actes and Monuments of Martyrs 1583, at pg. 1791: "Item, that the place: Pasce oues meas, was not special to Peter alone, but generall to all the Apostles Also that the Greeke Churche did neuer receaue the sayde Bishop of Rome for their vniuersall heade, reade in the same booke, pag. 847. col. 1. pag. 836. col. 2."
---Kev on 11/17/10

The Actes and Monuments of Martyrs 1583 pg. 419-420: Nilus was Archbishop of Thessalonica, & liued much about this time: He wrote a long worke agaynst the Latins that is, agaynst such as tooke part and held with the Church of Rome. His first book being written in Greeke, was after translated into latin, & lately now into english, in this our time. In the first chap. of his book, he layeth all the blame and fault of the dissention & schisme betwene the East and the West Church vpon the Pope. He affirmed that the Pope onely would commaund what him listed, were it neuer so contrary to al the olde & auncient canons. That he would heare and folow no mans aduise: that he would not permit any free councels to be assembled. & c.
---Kev on 11/17/10

Anyway, since the Roman Church went into schism in 1054AD (the Great Schism), her Apostolic Succession has been void.

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 8/31/10

---Ruben on 9/1/10

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"The Baptists claim to go back to John the Baptist as unbroken successors. The Roman Catholics claim to go back to Apostle Peter as unbroken successors. Which one is right?" (Kev)

The only difference is that the former can not validate their claim based solely on Historical documents (i.e., ancient Historians, the writings of the Early Church Fathers, and modern Historians/Scholars) while the latter can.

And BTW, Protestant scholars and historians (such as Philip Schaff) can also attest to the Roman Church' claim of Apostolic Succession.

Anyway, since the Roman Church went into schism in 1054AD (the Great Schism), her Apostolic Succession has been void.

In IC.XC.,
---Ignatius on 8/31/10

The Baptists claim to go back to John the Baptist as unbroken successors. The Roman Catholics claim to go back to Apostle Peter as unbroken successors. Which one is right?

I shall ask this question. Did William Tyndale translate the Bible out of the Hebrew-Greek originals in the most dangerous days possible so that people could have access to the Scriptures? Yes.

I protest before God that William Tyndale was a Protestant. (Study William Tyndale's writings, The Obedience of a Christian man, among others. He was a Protestant). Truly.

The Baptists did not translate the Bible (at all) like the Protestants such as John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, Martin Luther, & c.

And today, Baptists rely on the Anglican's KJV.
---Kev on 8/31/10

While I've never been in a Baptist church that prayed over pieces of cloth there is at least two practices in the Baptist Church that I am at odds with.
1. They have a prayer list, and while the idea of a prayer list is good it is not found anywhere in the Bible.
2. Now the second is a real difference.
Most Baptist churches totally neglect, and suppress the movement of the Holy Spirit in their congregations. Recently a man name Rank was forced to give up his leadership role among the missionaries because he told the ruling body that he had a prayer language(spoke in tongues) this official ruling against tongues is really the official position of the Baptist churches.
---mima on 8/31/10

All religions have their origin to their human founders. Even many so called and claiming to be Christian churches, have their own human founders. But Missionary Baptist was founded by Jesus Christ, both the founder and members were baptized by a missionary Baptist, named John (John 1: 6, Mt.3). Those who charge that Baptist are protestants and came from the Roman Catholic and originated in the 17th century are ignorant of history. They will try to point a human founder such as John Smyth, but they cannot reconcile the fact that there were baptists prior to John Smyth. When testimonies against baptists contradict each other, then they are making false charges.
---edwin_jardinel on 8/30/10

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Mark,Pentecost is more a term for those who follow Acts,including speaking in tongues. Many names are used for those Churches who do follow Apostles teaching in Acts,there are one half billion Pentecostals in the world. When I researched Pentecostal I found its beginning listed in the sweep of the experience in 20th Century. I went further,used tongues throughout history and was able to piece things together to give an unchanged experience from the Apostles to now. Part of what I found was other denominations followers talking against what was done,such as women not being ordained as Priests but doing baptisms,etc.. I found where the manfestions/gifts were in different nonPentescostal denominations,it is an experience more than denomination.
---Darlene_1 on 4/15/10

As far as Pentecostalism is concern, my information tells me they have their roots in early Methodism of the eighteenth century and the revivalism of Charles Finney in the first half of the nineteenth century. No record of them before those times. They do follow the books of Acts. But as we have noticed they have split sects just like Baptist and others. The Second blessing holiness phenomenon was largely Methodist led by Methodists and applealing mainly to them. It was the outgrowth of the dissatifsfaction of many within Methodist churches with the worldliness of the church as a whole and the lack of adherence to the Wesleyan doctrine of perfection.
---MarkV. on 4/15/10

Lawrence, it sounds like you have done some extensive research and study.

That is a good thing!
---Rob on 4/14/10

Samuel, what you said was very good but I would have to mentioned that most of the denominations now are split in some way. So just saying Baptist does not really mean they are all the same. Neither or Pentacostals or Luthern's or any other. Through the times many have become liberal others follow free will again as the RCC.
Our Baptist Church follows the 1689 confessions of Faith. They have their roots firmly in the "Westminster Confessions of Faith of 1647." and are a follow up of the Belgic Confessions of Faith.
But many Baptist Churches now do not follow the Confessions of faith. So we have many other same name but different teachings. As time goes on there is more and more changes.
---MarkV. on 4/14/10

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Since the Penecoastal church cannot show it existed with that name or with any way of showing it was around when the RCC was in charge of Europe I do not believe it came down from the Apostles.

Also many histories that I have read show it's founding to be recent. As for it's claim to be like the Apostles. The RCC and the Orthodox make the same claim.

I have two former members of the Penecostals in my Sabbath school class and they were very happy to get rid of some of the behaviour they witnessed growing up in church.
---Samuel on 4/14/10

If you aren't a jew than there was no salvation for you at pentacost, as you should know it was a jewish feast day
Acts 2:5 devout jews (no gentiles)
Acts 2:36 all the house of Israel(no gentiles)
Acts 3:12 men of Israel(no gentiles)
Acts 11:19 jews only
If your not a jew, why go to the apostles
of Israel for salvation?
Paul said I am the apostle to the Gentiles, Follow me as I follow Christ.
---michael_e on 4/14/10

Michael e,I am not a Jew and therefore the Jewish Laws never were God's Laws for me. Acts 15 doesn't show Gentiles practiced circumcision in fact it gives all the things the Gentiles had to do since the Old Covenant didn't apply to them. Acts 15:24 tells the Gentiles the Jews are subverting their souls by saying they must be circumcised and keep the Law,to whom we gave no such commandment. Acts 15:28.29 For it seemed good to the Holy Ghost and to us,to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things. That you abstain from meat offered to idols,from blood,things strangled and from fornication from which if you keep yourselves you shall do well. If Christians stay under the Old Law and its rules,they are not under the Law of Grace.
---Darlene_1 on 4/14/10

Pentacost was a Jewish feast day, under law taken up later in history as a man made denominational church with so much variance, that they have all sorts of denominational names..
Do you worship at a given time of day Acts 3:1
When we were saved did we sell all our possessions? Acts 4
At what point in our life do we quit proclaiming to jews only? Acts 11:19
Jerusalem believers still adhered to circumcision as part of Salvation Acts 15
---michael_e on 4/14/10

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Michael e,the Pentecostal Church isn't a manmade denomination but has come down from the Apostles and followers of Jesus who received HG in the Upper Room. They adhere to,abide by the Book of Acts New Testament Church accepting the Gift of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with tongues, receiving and moving in the Gifts of the Spirit like the Apostles and others. Some will say tongues stopped but it isn't true,they came on down to our time unchanged. When someone gives a gift they don't just let you see it or use it one time and then take it back,neither does God. The only Pentecostal church I know of which came from another denomination is Assembly of God which broke with the Baptist Church when they received the Holy Ghost infilling with tongues.
---Darlene_1 on 4/14/10

Baptists (John)are man made denominations, same as Pentacostal,(Jewish Feast day) Nazarene(from Nazareth)etc. With God you are either under the Blood or you are not.
Denominational church names are usually scriptural, but not necessarily Christian.
---michael_e on 4/11/10

Baptist is a loose title to a group of Christians to who I and the whole world owe a great debt. They helped fight for relgious liberty well before it was even thought of as possible.

They fought and still stand for the right of each person to believe as they think GOD has lead them and to decide for themselves what the Bible teaches without others forcing doctrines of them. Many good Christians have carried the grand title Baptist. They are some of my closest brothers in CHRIST.

Those who put them down and disparage them are myopic, ignorant, unloving and do not appreciate Christian history.
---Samuel on 4/9/10

The bapt are Man-made relig-org-church that Is the offspring from the rcc the first trin-church & their light for such came from here, 2nd.Cor,11 v's 14 - 15. It's The same with the presby, luth, cog, naz, episco, method, aog etc.
---Lawrence on 4/8/10

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Most of them are Christians but with a label. They come from the same place as all Christians do. From the world. Some of them brag about their past but that won't impress God. The Pharisees tried that one too. Lots of them tell me the early church was Baptist and Paul and the disciples were Baptists. Most of them look down on other labels because they think the Baptist label is better. That doesn't impress God either. But they do believe in being born again by the blood of Jesus. That will impress God.
---john on 10/22/08

Prior to Christ's founding of the church, a man was sent from God to prepare a people. (Jn 1:6, Mt.3). His name is John the Baptist. He prepared a people by preaching repentance and baptizing the believers (Jn.3:36). The baptized believers were called out by Christ and assembled them and they became a company of believers (Acts 1: 21-22). That is the origin of the Missionary Baptists. The founder is JESUS CHRIST.
---Edwin_Jardinel on 7/31/07

SLC, do you think you've become a religious fanatic like your ancestors?
Do you think generational troubles/familiars have followed you to your doorstep?
---Scott on 4/9/07

In reality Baptist were fanatics, in their time. Some of their ideas are pre-reformation. They were a threat to both the early protestants and Catholics. They were rabidly-anti-clerical, the organized religions saw this as a threat, and it was, thats why many Baptist came to colonial America. Calvinist killed them, Catholics tortured, then killed them.

Traditional Baptist had a great respect for individual freedom, and influenced the colonies
---MikeM on 4/6/07

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John the Baptizer was a Jew - the first believers were all Jews till Paul took the Gospel to the Goyim (Gentiles) I would suggest you look up Baptist History on the Web. You will find they were Anabaptists and were a breakoff from the Mennonites - Even the Baptists don't agree on their history - but most certainly cannot be traced back to Bible times. Looks like they came into existence somewhere just prior to or in the early 1500's. I was Babtist for many years - my parents were Mennonites.
---Phyllis on 4/2/07

The Baptists developed during the Reformation. I have heard that some modern Baptists try to claim that they came from John the Baptist and have been around since Biblical times but there is no evidence of this. Paul spoke out against early Christians identifying with one Apostle or another and those that followed John the Baptist did join up with those who followed the Apostles.

It may help those to believe that they started early, but there is no historical evidence of this.
---lorra8574 on 4/2/07

Baptists were formerly Protestant. And like all Protestants they were protesting against the Roman Church's turning to tradition rather than Scripture as the source of doctrine. Every founder of every Protesant Denomination referred to the Roman Church as the Beast of Revelation and also as the Harlot riding a "Scralet and Crimson Beast". Ever seen the colors at a Papal coronation? What color are Cardinals?
---TS on 4/2/07

That was one mean joke, SLC.
---Adelle on 4/2/07

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shira is right. Baptists can trace roots back to bible days although not called baptists certainly not Protestants
---r.w. on 7/22/06

As early posts showed, there can be MANY different beliefs in churches labeled "Baptist"; even in the same denominations (e.g., 'Southern Baptists'), many beliefs/practices are up to the individual churches! There are also "elders" in some Baptist churches, and many do believe in Election/Predestination! Generally, "Believer's baptism (after being saved) by immersion" will always be a part of their beliefs as it was for 'Anabaptists' during _and prior to_ Reformation.
---danie9374 on 3/29/06

Baptist joke; 'Put two Baptist in one room with one Bible and you will end up with three opinions."

Shira, sorry, I could not find 'hereic' in the dictionary, I think its a Navaho word for 'I lost my America Express and its overdrawn'

As to cult, look it up in your dictionary, thats the most proper definition I know of.
---SLCGuy on 3/15/06

Ulrika, I was raised a Southern Baptist and I know that unfortunately that that denomination has abandoned most of those precepts. A major reason that I left I guess.
---randy on 3/14/06

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Ulrika- thanks. I remember now..hadn't heard that phrase "priesthood of the believer" for a while. I guess, from MiMa's post, I was thinking it must be something uniquely Baptist.
---Donna on 3/14/06

Priesthood of all believers- states that every christian has direct access to God and the truths found in the Bible, without the help of a aristocracy or hierarchy of priest. 1Peter 2:9
Individual soul libery- The basic concept is that in matters of religion, each person has the liberty to choose what his conscience or soul dictates is right, and is responsible to no one but God for the decision that is made.
Believer's baptism - by full immersion, is preformed after a profession Jesus as Saviour.
---Ulrika on 3/13/06

Here is some info I found on Wikipedia the free Encylopedia.
1 Biblical authority
2 Autonomy of the local church
3 Priesthood of all believers
4 Two ordinances
Believers baptism
communion or Lord's Supper
5 individual soul liberty
6 seration of church and state
7 Two offices
2 Justification by faith
Separatist \ Landmarkist \ Annabaptist
(They may not be sure how it started.
Blog in the archives about Baptist)
---Ulrika on 3/13/06

Shira, 7th day Baptists keep the Old Testament Sabbath on Saturday. Other Baptists worship on Sunday.
---Donna on 3/13/06

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Mike, no one can show how the baptist were founded. They have been since bible times.
---shira on 3/13/06

MiMa, could you clarify "priesthood of the believer"? I've heard this term, but not sure what it means theologically speaking. Hope you get to speak to the free will Baptists sound like you would be a good speaker!
---Donna on 3/13/06

I heard the Gospel for the very first time at a Baptist church camp and attended for some years after being born again. They tried hard to base everything on Scripture. Actually, strictly interpreted, the beliefs of eternal security and free will are mutually exclusive. But many Baptists claim to believe both ( This is probably why the Free Will Baptist Church was formed)
---Donna on 3/13/06

slc guy, please explain hereic and cult.
---shira on 3/13/06

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I believe in "eternal security" and the "priesthood of the believer" therefore I called myself a Baptist, because these two beliefs are found in many Baptist churches. However I do not believe in "free will" Baptist churches for an example because they do not believe in eternal security. Here is something to ponder, there is a free will Baptist church located about 12 miles from me and they often asked me to speak. Strange huh? By now they will know what I believe.
---mima on 3/13/06

i go to a baptist church. the people there are very genuine.. none of them believe they are better than anybody else... and have made me feel very welcome.. they encourage a personal relationship with Christ and the pastor is always open to hear other opinions and ready to admit when he is wrong. he is a great role model and gives Christ all the glory. And yes they do believe youre only born again once. Baptist churches in other towns here are the same thing. That is baptists in South Africa at least.
---natasha on 3/13/06

Moderator-"The terms don't change if the words are used properly." Who defines the terms? I defer to Mr. Webeter.
---SLCGuy on 3/13/06

I defer to Mr. Webster
---SLCGuy on 3/13/06

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Its plain to see none of the post are baptist. Some baptist mentioned that I have never heard before. What is a 7 day baptist? We, as baptist, don't look down on anyone. We believe anyone who is born again will be in heaven. We believe in being seperate from the world. We are baptist so the world will know what we believe. Today, many baptist churches have dropped "baptist", therefore drawing a crowd, making them believe everything and nothing.
---shira on 3/13/06

They are the ones who don't sing the third stanza of hymns.
---Ashton on 3/13/06

Baptist have a strong respect for the individual, their 'heretical' concepts, as called by the 'orthodox' sects of the reformation had an influence on the constitution. 'Soul liberty' and other Baptist jargon are in the constitution. What was 'heretical' in 1600, became santified in our constitution, circa 1776, funny how fluid terms like heretic and cult change.

Moderator - The terms don't change if the words are used properly.
---SLCGuy on 3/12/06

I grew up as a catholic which I no longer am. As far back as I can remember, there was this baptist church down the street and every Sunday the church doors were always wide open and that black preacher would hollar his sermon and the whole neighborhood got church. Praise God!
---John on 3/12/06

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Baptists? it's hard to generalize. There are American Baptists, Southern Baptists, Independent Baptists, Missionary baptists and even 7th Day Baptists. The American Baptists are more liberal, mainline The others are more "fundamentalist" but by no means alike. They share a belief in adult baptism by emersion and "eternal security" (maybe not AB?)The "once saved always saved" comes from Calvinism..along with "predestination". But many reject the latter.
---Donna on 3/12/06

In reality some of the ideas of Baptist are pre-reformation. The Baptist were a threat to both the protestants and Catholic clergy, (the clergy and goverment were not exactly seperate powers.) They knew the Baptist were a threat, as the Baptist believe in 'priesthood of the believer' a clear threat to clerical control, if the individual could have access to God, they would be out of a job! Thus they were were endlessly persecuted in Europe.
---SLCGuy on 3/12/06

As with most denominations, you will find "Baptist" to be formed from the people who followed John Calvin out of the organized church of his time. He was given new revelation by God on scripture and when he shared it with the church, they were NOT happy with him. We humans generally are animals that do not take easily to change, loving routine and the security it brings.
---mikefl on 3/12/06

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